Seven Challenges Facing Today’s Health Care Leaders

Seven Challenges Facing Today’s Health Care Leaders

one of the things we've been thinking about here AJ recently is how complex as to be a leader in healthcare right now and we've identified seven challenges that all healthcare leaders are facing all over the world they go something like this so the first is a self political challenges health care is probably the dominant political issue in most of the countries in which we currently work secondly there's a set of financial challenges the economics of healthcare are tough thirdly there are some demographic issues especially around the aging of the population and that in turn causes the fourth of our challenges which is a changing epidemiology five customer expectations are changing people expect different things of healthcare today than the ustah sexed there are new technologies and the impact on healthcare in a range of ways and 7 our workforce is also changing and laying with those demographic changes here's the kicker the real difficulty is the fact that we do not face any of these challenges individually rather we face them all together in a confluence every day in healthcare and so we can't pick them off individually let's deal with the political challenges today and next year we'll get round to dealing with the demographics it's a situation that demands a set of complex solutions to a set of complex problems I believe that HL Mencken was right when he said every complex problem has an answer which is simple and wrong and so what we're going to try and do here H is paint some of the solutions to those seven complex problems and so along with the two other CEOs H I has had in this history Don Berwick and Maureen Pizarro we will be exploring these seven categories with an eye towards improvement that is after all one of the things that I chose based so I hope you'll join us in October our fall change conference come learn with us come share your ideas with us come lead with us these challenges aren't easy to solve but together we can make great progress

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