Shazam Movie Review – Early Critic Reviews Have Overhyped This Movie

Shazam Movie Review – Early Critic Reviews Have Overhyped This Movie

for you okay we just got back from the premiere of a
movie called Shazam and for the sake of the children I’m not gonna trash the
movie but James what is missing from this DC poster and this is for all you
DC fanboys that’s where I’m a Marvel fan boy this is a DC poster but what’s
missing right this so there’s an official DC poster and they’ve put the
important heroes and the important villains on it you’ve got Green Lantern
Superman Batman yeah they even have Batgirl damn but no Shazam why would
that be you’re about to find out in this video what’s good YouTube you’re in the
building with y’all northern living out feeling I’ll see y’all powerful damn
wall everything insects exhale post we just got that but my man James y’all
know how my co-host for so long yeah I’m seeing the premiere of Shazam it drops
in two weeks and we have got to talk about that piece of crap but stop I
gotta put on my plus seven glasses of movie reviewing sexy as hell because I’m
working on skill of my craft whenever we have guests I’ll let them start out let
me just give you all what the movie is about it’s about Shazam superhero that’s
owned by DC who gets his powers from a wizard and this particular movie is set
up with him getting his powers learning how to navigate his powers and they go
through his backstory this is his origin story stars Zachary Levi it is directed
by David elf Samberg good little cast and some surprises Jane’s first
reactions I didn’t hate it so it’s I don’t think I was the target audience
that’s a good point and I’m not sure you were either no I’m not definitely but I
got some genuine laughs out of it it was not a waste of two hours I genuinely
laughed at a few moments but I don’t think I was the target audience by any
stretch no and we’re not gonna completely spoil it for you because we
know some people haven’t mostly you haven’t seen it yet because it’s not
released yet but however we are gonna set the groundwork for you to understand
what is going on in this movie as he said this movie was not for anyone who’s
above the age of 15 years under this movie was set for children if you are an
adult that loves comics you’re gonna think that this movie has more of a
after school medley feel to it like it should be something that comes on at
4:30 p.m. before Sesame Street but a little
after Nicktoons that’s what you gonna feel from this movie I was just thinking
that that like I feel like this should be something that Nickelodeon advertises
for two months that on this day tune in with the family to watch this movie and
that’s really what it felt like right that now you will see there’s gonna be a
lot of Easter eggs you heard it on this channel first there’s going to be a
Black Adam Easter egg you’re gonna have a Superman Easter egg in this movie and
there’s a Captain Marvel Easter Egg as they’re uploading Shazam’s powers to
YouTube and you caught that I miss that entirely I there was a lot happening on
the screen sometimes right you know they were kind of rushing through stuff again
it’s it was a movie let’s talk about the fans being taught the pace Nonna’s movie
is terrible very very yeah from the beginning the
all parts drag there were times where I just started adjusting my seat because
it was far more entertaining right there are people that you’re gonna see in
there falling asleep if you above the age of 15 the acting was okay
there wasn’t any Oscar winners that are gonna come from this movie the big
surprise that they don’t show you in the trailers is that Shazam has all these
various powers from the gods strength speed lightning in the end Morse exams
are going to pop up using those individual powers that’s something you
didn’t see in the trailers I’m not gonna spoil all that happens but be on the
lookout for that and speaking of the acting understand that one of the
underlying things with Shazam is he’s a kid who gets these powers becomes an
adult all that so you’re gonna be dealing with a lot of kids kids in
school and all that kids are not great actors so you you have to take a lot of
it with a grain of salt but is you know kids are not great actors and then some
of them were had parts written for them that were awful
the part that stuck out to me the most was the bullies
there are bullies in this movie where and that’s fine every movie with kids
has bullies we’ve seen before but what was the last time you saw a movie with
bullies who hit a kid with a truck yeah man they got out and started beating him
up for being hit by a truck not only did they hit him with a truck but this kid
is crippled he’s using a cane you hit a kid who has a disability with a truck
full speed and you get out and beat them up
there’s no recompense for it other than one little thing that we’re not going to
spoil for you very very disappointed by this as an adult but as he said for your
kids you’ll enjoy it and you know on the upside I got some genuine laughs out of
it I think I’ve said that before but yeah but that leads us into a good point
this felt more like a forced comedy than a comic book man
yes because it did have some funny points but there was a whole lot of
forced comedy in here as well and when you think of DC you typically think of
DC being the more adult comic fashion the more risque common fashion this
movie goes in the complete opposite direction and that’s not to say that
everything was cheesy this movie is full of a lot of cheese wait till you hear
the music they play for the bad guy James do you remember the bad guy’s name
not at all I think they said it once that they’re getting in the movie maybe
but no we left there the universe have any idea who the bad guy was yes the bad
guy got the stanza sylvania whatever his name was
he’s a very unassuming villian he doesn’t create a dynamic between the
villain and a superhero that’s going to enthrall you at all the meet and tables
of your story is Billy Batson or Shazam search you for his real mother which
with that just kind of stopped I mean that was such a letdown of an end of a
major storyline this plays into a lot of what he does as he’s looking for his
mother I mean you can imagine moving where somebody’s looking for their
mother eventually they’re gonna find it I don’t drive it’s even a spoiler at
this right not spoiler but what an anti climactic
ending to that highly so highly saw and I felt like like there should be
something else should happen after they leave that and it never did like yeah no
that was that was grossly underwhelming and then we have to talk about the CGI
they use for the deadly sigh there y’all remember doomsday from Batman vs
Superman picture seven of those remix with four eyes some of them have four
arms and long fingernails you know what it reminds me of I just thought of it
the first Ghostbusters movie yeah yeah yeah dogs yeah the dogs from ghost magic
that’s like that nobody lookin six seven of those yeah and they are one of the
bad guys yeah man or in that’s as nice as it look like it what it looked like
them is what it still looks like now so ladies and gentlemen overall we’re gonna
had to rate this movie James what would you rate it speaking for me yeah I see I
did laughs I did get bored and I don’t know who they were advertising this to
write but you I want to scale I rate my scale from zero to ten tire in the best
I’m gonna give this movie a five point five on the life game scale okay five
point five best I can go for the children
oh oh okay ten-year-old me yeah a – oh yeah yeah they’re old me yeah
oh ten year old me loved this movie and I look forward to taking my son to see
it and I look forward to buying him the Shazam t-shirt afterwards and watching
him pretend to be Shazam ten-year-old me loved it my ten year olds gonna love it
your tenure over left now if it was fifteen year old me I want to love this
movie because I would have took a girl I was trying to hit on there so I could
try to make out whether the whole movie that’s what I would have done for this
movie and that’s gonna do it but this life – Shazam event review if you’ve got
kids take them to see it oh you are a comic book adult please wait just you
– trust me wait have I let y’all down before and can we touch on one more
thing go for it things happen things go wrong I get it
but if you’re going to make a movie that you plan to release at Christmas
oh god you have to release it at Christmas Santa Claus
he doesn’t just appear in this book he is throughout this movie they play
Christmas carols not just one throughout the movie yeah we are in the mall many
times that’s decorated for Christmas they don’t just like reference Christmas
once it is every five minutes there’s a reference to it being Christmas not to
mention there was a point in the movie with Santa Claus steals a microphone and
says a bad word he does so if you’re gonna make it towards Christmas you
can’t release it in April April yeah this was this was distractingly
Christmas it was it was all about Christie and if it had come out in late
November or you know dare I say Christmas Christmas it would have been
fine but it’s gonna be April yeah again take your kids oh yeah take your
grandbabies but or enjoy it when it come out comes out on TBS yeah well not maybe
that late wait wait for the hit on Netflix or your favorite stream either
yes whatever the case may be we might come back and do a spoiler review I
might go ahead and do an easter egg review since I picked out all of them
but in terms of sin is moving out guys just wait that’s gonna do it for this
video don’t forget to like this video comment and subscribe let me know if
you’re going to see it if you’ve seen a permit already let me know how you feel
about it tell me what you think I’m wrong and until the next sex is hell
video we’ll see you Shazaam you

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14 thoughts on “Shazam Movie Review – Early Critic Reviews Have Overhyped This Movie

  1. Shazam Movie Review – Critics have overhyped this movie to a point where your theater expectation is different from what the movie will give you. We discuss all points in this Shazam Movie Review. #LifeGainsShazam!MovieReview

  2. Thanks for sharing brother LAMONT. Not sure if I will go to see this movie or not. Keep the awesome content coming. Will be emailing you with some important information I think. Have an awesome day. Love you brother

  3. Nice review I guess I'll wait for DVD lol By the way did you SEE the movie that feels like Get out called Something ABOUT the Johnsons it's a YOUTUBE movie it is really crazy

  4. Guess you guys never picked up a damn comic book in your life because guess what Shazam is basically a kid in a man's body it's supposed to be fun, humorous, heart, and a bit dark. Educate yourselves before dropping a review, so called critics please lol

  5. I think Billy finding his mom, that was a realistic ending. I mean my friend went looking for her birth mother just to meet her, and she told my pal to go screw herself. She appreciated they didn't go with the saccharine "oh I've missed you darling my precious Billy!" hugs

  6. Hey, good review, guys. I gave you a shout out on mine!

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