She Healed Hodgkins Lymphoma with Nutrition! Cortney Campbell & Chris Wark (Chris Beat Cancer)

She Healed Hodgkins Lymphoma with Nutrition! Cortney Campbell & Chris Wark (Chris Beat Cancer)

hey what's up it's Chris from crispy cancer and today I'm sitting with the Campbells Courtney and Kevin anybody that has been with me for a couple years may remember Courtney Campbell because Courtney was the first person I ever interviewed that was a natural cancer survivor and so if you go to the natural survivors section of my site you scroll all the way down to the bottom she's the first story so Courtney yes great I have you are you sitting on the same couch with Courtney this is amazing we're at the healing strong conference in Atlanta today is Sunday it's the last day and I'm kind of sad because it's really flown by but it's been really fun and so Courtney and Kevin uh we're very nice enough were nice enough to sit down on the couch and and she's gonna tell account of her story if you don't know it and how she's doing now and then we're going to talk to Kevin – so can you give us a quick version of your story and so people can see you know ya hear it well five years ago I was diagnosed with nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin's lymphoma watch – I know yeah what was I really gotten good at saying that um and I you know like any person diagnosed with cancer I just wanted it out of me that was my mantra I just wanted out of me and after the doctors told us you know you need chemo you need radiation some other stuff you know I did we did although conventional testing to confirm it we basically really Kevin did not have a piece about any of that and where I kept running up against a wall like time after time again was when they told us there was a 30 to 70% chance of infertility mmm yeah I just no matter how much I wanted the cancer out of me and Hodgkin's is a really good you know cure rate really successful at least you know to their numbers we know about that I just that infertility wall every time just ran up against it so I was Kevin who really was though he just was it was a great a god thing for us that he did not believe that chemotherapy was what was for us we there was something else out there so he started investigating that which led us down the world into the world of alternative treatments well so let me interrupt you so Kevin you know that's pretty unusual for a spouse to you know be thinking outside the box for lack of a better word you know I mean mm-hmm most spouses are like oh you got to do the chemo you got to do her you know so I mean what's going on with you at that time well first of all we had been married three months and any couple who's newly newly married that gets a prognosis of infertility is going to have some reservations about the treatment so for me it began as there's kind of two parts to this for lack of a better way to describe this I had a an unshakable impression come into my mind while we were getting a tour of the chemo facilities at the hospital that basically just said and it was perpendicular to the thought I was currently having as we were listening to the sort of tour guide showing us all the amenities of where everything you know our nice plush recliner and all these things and it just said this is not for you and I you know we're freaking out and trying to like just figure out where we are and what is going on because things move so rapidly the conveyor belt you say just starts immediately and you you're just still trying to process all that's happened and just this unshakable impression voice clarity of thought something I just feel like it was to me just a calming presence of God saying it's gonna be okay and it was very clear I was in my left ear and it said this is not for you so and from there yeah yeah we left the hospital that was it and I was like I don't know what it was but i I've heard this I felt it was this thought and Courtney is of course just she's going she's the one that's literally going through this we're going through it as a couple and and yet I could not let that thought go and for me I felt like my job is now kick Ana's husband provider protector the leader of our family to pursue other options and so for me that began with okay what other kind of maybe non-toxic therapies are there in terms of in conventional therapies on angle try clinical trials pills anything and I looked all over we had the church I worked at at the time was offering to pay for us to go to MD Anderson and to cover our airfare and things and that's like one of the best places you could want to go suppose and I had no peace about yes and I had no peace about that and this still and I just felt I just was supposed to keep looking for something else and you know I was raised with the worldview of you know always seek his peace which surpasses all understanding and I didn't have that yet and yet what I felt like I was getting closer and closer to it is as we went down this road and pursued other ok well if there's no answers in the United States what is Germany doing what is Spain or Japan or you know what are other countries around the world how do they approach this and then eventually this led to you know from step by step you know to us finding out about some other people who didn't do any of these things and I could go into that but it's a long story well and here but the the takeaway is that you you sort of you listen to your instincts in your gut and you're consciously like God speaking to you the Holy Spirit speaking to you and that still small voice really and you didn't ignore it that's neither did I right that's my big story and for me you guys were very clear on it from the beginning but for me who was still in that state of fear and that just get it out of me mentality you have to really wait for that to settle right and then make your decision and that's so and so for Kourtney and I we came to an agreement that we would give it three months because this was not an easy decision and especially as newlyweds her family doesn't understand our decision and thinks that I'm gonna basically you know lead her daughter down and lead their daughter down a path which is going to have a very bad conclusion and so there's all kinds of pressure and advice coming in from all areas and we just had to hold tightly to what we believed in for Kourtney and I that was not immediately a consensus so there was arguing there was fighting there was crying there was just some tough it's things to work out and through love we were able to come together and say okay at the very least we're gonna give this three months so Courtney were resistant to it in the beginning oh my gosh yeah so but let me try to paint the picture just soso he was like no you can heal you know better try something that we go yeah just you know these people they look at these other people and you were like you know I don't know what to do is it they kind of like that totally like that and you know we hadn't quite figured out communication yet I think that's always like as far as being new probably 12 years we're still trying to figure that out okay right so for me and I totally recommend this well it's a must for anyone who's but he was the person in debt who's diagnosed you have to inform yourself you have to at least read one book I read bill Henderson's book because I am so free and so free your guide to gentle non-toxic healing because it was just easy it was an easy read and he laid out a protocol and that's how I said I'm going to start here and that's what I did is I became more informed I became more confident I could speak to the people that were sort of you know coming in from all angles telling me that hell it's a good decision and I weren't you afraid and I had some confidence there to speak out to them and to explain and to teach about what I was doing you got to start reading and learning you have to educate yourself that's like the step number one and a lot of people are intimidated by that because you know it's it is intimidating to relearn and to take control of your health when you know nothing right you don't know anything now you're like I gotta figure out how to heal myself like where do I start right but when you when you when you step out in faith and you rely on God to lead you he will bring you people you put people in your life you will bring information to you that you need and that you can use and that's what happened right so at what point in the process did you find me I found I can't remember I think I was I was googling something I was talking to my fourth-grade students about always teaching about nutrition constantly and that's one of the parents I get that that's one some of the feedback I get Moses thank you so much and I was talking to them about if you juice um you know if you eat and juice tons of carrots you can turn they thought that was so cool and so I that during my planning time that day I went and I'm like I wonder if I can find somebody online that's juiced and turn but not only was it and I in at that time I didn't know that you never told me this great you are an orange example for children so um I don't know it must have been I have we'd have to go back and look at that interview maybe six six months a years you seemed like it was in that within the first year if I remember right right after being diagnosed as opposed to my site called I juiced to beat cancer and turned orange so obviously that's the post that she found and then so she reached out to me and sent me an email and said hey you know thanks for the side or whatever and uh and I just started this is what I'm doing I just started a blog too and I was like great let's do an interview and so anyway you can read her interview it's very long very detailed and that was when we realized we had a lot of parallels we were both 26 you're both being pretty newly married that's right so yeah now okay so how long has it been it's been five years – in two weeks or next week no no one days or shuttle I know no no that's great so it's in we've in five years no surgery no chemo no radiation biopsy surgery and the IRSA sir a tire knee is it this cancer was one that we were told is supposed to be one of the easiest to beat with chemotherapy radiation right and in my mind if it's so easy to beat with chemo and radiation uh it must be even easier to beat with that was our nutrition and you know my sensations I – I mean the other I mean just a little simple logical deduction right right well and you're right Hodgkin's a cancer is not something to be afraid of and neither is Hodgkins the body created it the body can heal it we don't always know why but but the truth is that you can heal it and in most cases cancer as a result from a body that's starving for nutrition nutritionally deficient because of a modern processed food diet and stress is a huge component and if your life if you're under a lot of stress like getting married is stressful right and maybe you know teaching or having a new job or whatever was going on in your life but I was stressed when I was diagnosed anyway that can bottom out your immune system and if you're in a prolonged situation where you're under a lot of stress or you have a catastrophic stressful event in your life that can be the trigger that's like the straw that breaks the camel's back in health and so a lot of people are unhealthy and then they had this really traumatic event or their find themselves in a really difficult stressful situation like going through a divorce or something and that just puts send them over the edge so anyway I'm Robert Riley oh no that's a huge part of mine that's one of the there's two reasons I believe I got cancer at 20 yes tell us and I struggle with the doctors label at general anxiety disorder where you're just anxious in your honor all the time our body of this cortisol and adrenaline you know rushing through your body for a year and a half and I was actually before I was believer and it brought me to the point where I just I experienced God in a way I never had before and and that was how I became a Christian and you can your fears right and I did and I and I got better but my diet continued to be well awful yes standard American diet like diet coke teachers love diet coke we were in school I I think I didn't get that I graduated got clasper in books it comes yeah yeah and I mean I everything you could think I'm sure many American women can identify with how I ate but that continued and so gradually the cancer progressed to the point that it did and yeah again the stress connection is huge people all right so will you run down we've got about two and a half minutes before we hit the 15-minute mark or really less enough but anyway um can you run down your quick just nutritional protocol sure well I did I bill Henderson's really laid out that protocol and then I we added to it as we saw fit specifically for what we read and researched and over time not all at once I started adding different protocols that we felt were going to be good for healing from hotchkins from lymphoma so be a beta glucan from we buy from ancient elements which is a but we believe the best source of the babe Luca that's for immune immune support and the Budwig protocol yes seven days a week okay chi Chi's flaxseed jobs a day one I did one sit in the morning from 864 800 XE started out eating like this what I did and I couldn't keep weight on it was this alliteration I did two-thirds cup cottage cheese to six tablespoons flaxseed oil and I still do blended up in a hand blender blender blender and nowadays for the taste I add a little chocolate stevia now or you can add nuts you know but after you mix it um and let's see raw vegan other than that raw vegan diet organic raw vegan diet yeah tons and tons of green smoothies for me because I did not eat salad 64 ounces a day minimum he knows the greens man I say sanjana super super nutrient dense vegetables meat week juicing wheatgrass juice vegetables vegetables vegetables and Courtney's his website is green drink Diaries calm so she's got a lot of stuff on there about her green smoothies about supplements she took and just personal stuff about you know kind of how she was feeling what it was like going through the process it's a great site so um dr. Williams multivitamin was one Tara barley greens um we have probiotics and vitamin C vitamin C we get Essiac tea yes there's there's so many ways to approach cancer alternatively and we were just looking at it like hey we were researching everything and then pulling the common denominators from different protocols and putting them all into ours and then saying hey let's give the body everything it needs from a 360 degree approach to healing to do what it needs to do to heal I mean that's it and rebounding yeah that's the active you said that okay there's so many you know listen go to our site check it out plenty of good stuff on there subscribe to my youtube channel and i'm chris from crispy cancer com thanks for watching

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26 thoughts on “She Healed Hodgkins Lymphoma with Nutrition! Cortney Campbell & Chris Wark (Chris Beat Cancer)

  1. I'm about to face the difficult decision of going with chemo vs using a natural method. I have a inner desire to go with the latter and not put chemicals in the body to cure myself. But there is so much pressure to do chemo that I am struggling to have the courage to say no and use a natural method. What made you so certain that natural method will definitely work vs chemo.

  2. A fruit in Papua / New Guinea called "Buah Merah", which literally means Red Fruit, that helped a friends friend get rid of Non Hodgkins Lympoma. Look it up online.

  3. I wish you wouldn't bring fictional characters like god into this.. makes you look dumb and not be taken seriously. I believe in the nutrition aspect of it but the whole god stuff is unnecessary.

  4. Sounds like a great nutritional plan. Except for the cottage cheese. Diary in general is cancer-promoting because of the IGF-1 hormone.

    Great video!

  5. Universalmusac you're absolutely right. No different than the conventional approach. Maybe you like the idea of dying in pieces; I don't. We'll all die whether vegan, vegetarian, raw foodist, or heavy meat eater. No different.
    But if nothing else, at least I know I learned something through the struggle.
    Something the meek people who let the doctor decide can never say if he or she makes it.
    Keep on opposing the reality of life. We need some resistance to make us even stronger.

  6. hi I would like to share this link with you, I am raising funds to make a show relating my story with cancer, please check it out and any support is very appreciated.

  7. Not shown in the video the thousands of "natural" cancer patients that die at 10x the rate of medically treated patients including Steve Jobs

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