SHOW DAY/ How I placed/ Post competition blues…is it normal?/ Wellness Fitness Division whats next

SHOW DAY/ How I placed/ Post competition it normal?/ Wellness Fitness Division whats next

what's up everybody welcome back to my channel chert Worth and it squeaks if you don't know me yet you guys figure new to my channel I am Hannah Dawson I'm owner and creator of fitness ministry where I inspire women just like you to love the skin you're in through faith fitness and food and I do this by teaching you how to train with purpose eat with a purpose and how to have faith through the whole process you know I did the new category it is called the wellness fitness category it is brand spanking new to Canada they do it a bit in the States but it's mainly European and Brazil from down in Brazil that's what I've kinda I'm not I don't know a hundred percent of all of it yet but it is between bikini and figure I'm gonna show you guys a picture of what what what it is what wellness fitness is so I'm really excited you guys because I'm really starting at a time when it is just new it is just new to CPAs not bringing it until next year so CBB Eddie I believe CBB a or C BBF I don't know but the abbreviations properly they have it that I did a BBA Alberta bodybuilding association I did provincials all in the morning you guys so they're just they're different and then they're not affiliated with the CPA the CPA is a filled with is affiliated with the IFBB which that was the direction I wanted to go in but that's more to come I'm gonna tell you all about that towards the end what did I place my show you guys are going to have to watch to the end to find out women with bigger legs bigger butts and not fat but just more thick and more muscular but not quite figure and so I'm really excited that I'm coming out at a time when it is kind of brand-new I didn't show you guys like you know from my previous vlogs without a coach I how does the guidance a little but I'd ask questions but you know I really just went into it I didn't really prep my bass board that's the total honest truth I just I really struggled you guys with prep the whole time on and off on and off on and off especially with my eating and and I want it like that is why a coach is so important having a coach and I have some exciting news to share with you guys so stay tuned to the end that is what coach is so important they keep you on like the whole time because it mentally gets hard and I didn't have that really so it mentally got really hard but I did it I finished it because you finished something you start and that's something my husband has taught me something I never learned growing up I always seen you know starting things and not finishing them and I did that quite a bit throughout my life and a lot of things and so this thing you know I wanted to give up so many times throughout the whole training process I thought you know I'm just not gonna get my body that condition like I just want to eat this food I just don't care but then you know I just remembered you know you started this you're gonna see it right to the end no matter how or what you place you're just gonna see it to the end so you guys we started the morning off I got up I was wired I was up like at 233 I had coffee I ate my breakfast which was chicken and cucumbers and then I literally washed my face in my hair because I had to be up my makeup artist house at 5:30 in the morning so her name's Kate she's amazing I'm going to show you guys some pictures of her beautiful job on my face she just did such a good job she's amazing so if you're from Edmonton man if you have shows here hit her up she is amazing I'll put all her social links in the in below to her Instagram and stuff so we did makeup and then once we were done that we we went right to the show we had to get her spray tanned again to show you guys on the athletes meeting like there was only I think 60 not even 60 athletes it was a very small show so um yeah it was a small show that I have ever done it's only the third show I've ever done but it was a smallest compared to 300 to 60 so lots of different categories it was lots of fun the athletes meeting we had to do get her suits check at her numbers we had to get spray tan to the night the next day you know I I brought chicken and cucumbers and some water cuz you can't drink a lot of water I had to stop drinking water at noon on Friday and I couldn't you I didn't really drink again until we were finished the show the show was really cool in the in the fact that they did both shows so provincials was done the same so they would judge you for for the whatever it was northerns I I was like started at the bottom and then normally if you placed you'd go to provincials they did provincials the same warning so they judged you for everything so to be honest like the girls that I've seen there's this one girl big shoulders she's in it and I'm just like I just didn't know how I would place these girls all had beautiful bodies and I just I I didn't know you needed to have different posing so when I got called out onto stage first and I just did my bikini posing and I was so nervous I like my when I went to pose my legs were shaking I thought is almost gonna fall over a few times just so nerve-racking and the other girls come up behind me and they walked out to the center to their pose and walk like a cat walk almost I'm like totally ball not so after that my confidence and how is gonna play I just had no idea I wasn't feeling the most confident I was so tired I didn't care my eyelashes my eyes were allergic to the goats so my eyes were like all burning and going red and you can't drink you can barely eat so we're just like just waiting to you know get through it I made lots of friends lots of friends the bikini girls and stuff so how did I do what did they place alright you guys so guys they called me out they called all my height category out and they said third place goes to boom not me then they're like in second place goes to number 24 and the Dawson I got second place you guys so because they did provincials right there I get to go to Nationals so I have some things that I want to share with you guys about that so I got second that was awesome I I really wanted to get first they hand out these like bronze bikini girls and I just I want one of those like I want one of those so bad I wanted one of those bikini girl statues that's okay didn't place first and you know what I that girl that one you know she had awesome shoulders and she was really confident on stage you could tell that she done it before so she's just she rocked that stage with confidence and that's really what it's about you have to be so confident and my posing I didn't know there's different posing for the wellness so it's just a big mess so I'm surprised they even please second would you was good practice but something happened to me my husband placed third in his category so awesome and so when that happened when we are done we are done by 1 o'clock that afternoon and we were so excited and and just to be done and going eat we went in ate at Five Guys Burgers and Fries we had the best lettuce wrapped burger french fries then my girls I promised them when we are done we'd go from marble slabs so we had marble slab ice cream but I was so tired it just wasn't as good as I thought it was gonna be um so after that I just mean my husband felt like we had the competing but we're like okay like we're you know I'm we know that we didn't prep like we should have prepped but I was just mean him like you know so we're like man if we can do that on barely prepping what can we do if we actually have a really good coach so we actually started researching coach as you guys cuz I thought you know what my dream is to go to the Arnold that's just my dream and I want a bikini girl statue I want something that's just my dream I want to see how far I can go I want to do a category that I can just get you know fun in phenomenal shape I want to get to that point where you see those girls on Olympia stage and IFBB pros and you see their bodies condition that's just a personal goldmine I want to attain it I want to work my butt off get my diet on point to the point where I am like that that's just a personal goal personal hobby so me and my husband started researching coaches and we hired one her name is Helen Bouchard she's one of the best in Canada um she's had lots of girls and like clients go IFBB Pro she's been on the Olympia stage she's a bodybuilder so she's awesome and so um yeah she's doing I've signed with a year for her you guys so that's what I'm really excited to share with you guys I'm gonna try to take you through my whole year of really transforming my body and what I'm eating and if this is something that you guys really want to see like the things that you want to see comment in the comment box below don't forget to give me a thumbs up and to subscribe hit that notification bell if there's any other questions that you guys have for me leave them in the comment box section below or anything else is in the show notes as well you guys so we hired her I kinda wanted to go over you know after we competed like where I was at that's really exciting I felt really good with my body you guys seen my last vlog where I was at mentally excited and it was just weird you guys I just hit like this this this like blues I just got the blues um like after having a baby when when you feel like that postpartum blues a little bit the first week that's how I started feeling and I'm slowly coming out of it but I felt really sad all week you guys and cuz I wanted to do this video before but I'm like what's wrong like I feel really sad then he started eating lots of food I should have been eating that I felt worse and it was just the cycle and I'm just trying to have a lot of grace for myself in the moment and just know that it's just post week post you know competition blues and and I think maybe it's normal I'm not sure but this is just me and this is kind of what I've been going through and but meeting with Helen it was really exciting and she's amazing like her meal plans that she's done for me is like based it is like all me and and where she's gonna take me and so I want to show you guys my goal so this is person I kind of I really you know admire she's not a part she's with a WBFF but I just she's closer to my height she doesn't have fake boobs which I admire it's just you see lots of girls in the fitness industry with you know not totally themselves so she's a person I'll show you guys picture Haddie Boyle she's like somebody that like I that body I feel like I could and I know that I love my body how it is but I feel like I have a similar type of body structure that's my goal that is my inspiration you guys that is my goal that is where I want to take my body from now so I'm going to show you guys a picture of me now and then she's my inspiration so if you guys want to see my whole journey of transforming my body to get like that from where it is now give me a thumbs up say yes you want to follow my journey and you guys I'll try to vlog as much as I can I'm hoping that I can vlog and bring you guys with a workout I do with Helen so I can show you Helen she is just she's just one-of-a-kind she's just awesome she's so nice and I've had a few coaches from the last couple of times I've competed and and she's just she knows her stuff that's exciting and like her meal plan I've never had a meal plan like that she's all of the recipes for me and like for my workouts and I get to train with her in the gym it's just unreal I'm just really excited you guys I'm I thank you for following my journey thank you for all your kind words I'm just excited to see where this next this next little bit is gonna bring and I just really wanted to share with you guys what show day was like so stay tuned I will be trying to keep you guys updated on my progress if you haven't signed up to my newsletter sign up to my newsletter cuz I will be sharing stuff in there as well and yeah you guys I'm just really excited let's see where this next year is gonna bring and yeah it's pretty cool all right you guys thank you for watching and have a wonderful day

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8 thoughts on “SHOW DAY/ How I placed/ Post competition blues…is it normal?/ Wellness Fitness Division whats next

  1. Omg Congrats!! Yes I want to follow your journey!! After my surgery I am hoping to get back on stage. Your story are very similar to my. God bless keep up the good work. Love your energy I had to subscribe to your channel.

  2. Omg!! You sooo looked amazing! Those quads 🙌🏼
    For winging it this time, and not knowing your poses, getting second-place is awesome even though you looked number one! Favor of god!

    Yes, full day of eating. The food is the hard part for me.

  3. Congrats!!🎉 I’m so happy for you!! You look amazing & deserved 2nd (or even first!) Awesome job!! I’m not in the industry but my first thought about the blues is that not only have you really stressed your body but I’m certain something does happen to ones hormones with this intense physical/mental transformation. So just go easy on yourself; get lots rest, eat clean but don’t deprive yourself & listen to your body. I bet Helen has feedback on the dip in mood after competition. All the best.. can’t wait to follow your journey through next year!! You can do it❤️

  4. Exciting and very encouraging! I am looking forward to more inspiration from your journey. God will grant you success.

  5. Congratulations you looked amazing on show day! It is always so encouraging watching your videos- don't give up, love how real you are. Keep on shining love!

  6. How exciting!!! Congratulations 🎊 you looked gorgeous. Hannah your such an inspiration!!! Please share your journey.

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