Signs You're At A Bad Buffet

Signs You're At A Bad Buffet

Buffets are a staple of American cuisine. Call it a holdover from our American Revolution
days and desire for independence, or chalk it up to the nostalgia of feeling like we're
in school again, Americans love serving themselves food from tables filled with every last available
option. "I told ya, the buffet, man." "Boy, did we do the wrong thing." "Crab legs, shrimp, potatoes…" But it really doesn't matter why; Americans
just love us some buffets. Unless you wanna go home with a stomach ache,
though, you've gotta know how to spot an all-you-can-eat nightmare. These are the signs you're at a bad buffet. "All you can eat." "All you can eat?" No sneeze guards "Folks back home, they all said, you know
when you get to Vegas, you gotta do the buffet." That annoying piece of glass is designed to
protect the food from, well…you … and everyone else. "God, that smells good. WAUHHH!" The National Sanitation Foundation's guidelines
for self-service food states that the maximum distance between the bottom of a sneeze guard
and the counter below it, should be 13 inches. If the sneeze guards are nonexistent or very
small, you can bet that the food is contaminated pretty regularly. "Ah…ah…" "Take it outside, lady." Sneeze guards are required by law and have
been around since the late '50s according to Smithsonian magazine. So if the buffet you're at doesn't have one,
don't risk it. Tainted tongs Buffet utensils can be pretty gross. Everyone touches all the same tongs and spoons. And don't just assume they all washed their
hands before piling up their plates. "Personally, I could take or leave shrimp. But If I'm being totally honest, I think I'm
a little allergic to it, but today I'm gonna gorge myself on it, do you know why?" "Because you're a f—ing idiot?" Sydney Ross Singer from the Institute for
the Study of Culturogenic Disease told Food Safety News that there are no explicit regulations
on how often serving utensils must be changed out. This means the same tongs could be sitting
in the salad for an entire day. The exception to this is when utensils are
dropped on the floor. In that case they should be replaced immediately. "A buffet. Oh, if I only had my wallet with me." "Um… It's free." "AHOOHHHH!" But how many times have you seen someone wait
patiently for tongs to be replaced at a buffet? Probably zero. Unless you count hands as clean utensils. M.I.A. employees It would seem logical that buffets employ
fewer people than other types of restaurants. After all, how many people does it take to
keep food stocked on a buffet line? "I need a couple of bananas. How much are they?" "Well, the buffet plate is $12.50. You get peaches, plums, oranges and bananas." But not only are there cooks in the back keeping
up with supply, there are also runners who then bring that food out to replace the dwindling
crab legs. "Some of this and all of this and… this'll
do as an appetizer." If during your visit, you don't see a single
employee changing out their offerings, that's a red flag. It means the food is just sitting out on the
buffet for, like, ever. Part-time buffet Some restaurants only offer a buffet on the
weekend. And while this isn't exactly a bad thing,
if a restaurant only hosts a buffet once a week, be on the lookout for recycled food
… that's on the verge of spoiling. "I guess that would be OK to eat. It's been there for months." Of course, the food could still be perfectly
okay … after all, that's the idea behind leftovers. But at a restaurant, you don't know exactly
how close things are to spoiling. "I want a yogurt parfait, spare ribs, a waffle,
four cookies and an egg white omelet." Not making the grade The Food and Drug Administration publishes
a Food Code every four years that outlines best practices for restaurants and other retail
food establishments. But the Code doesn't have to be followed uniformly
and sanitation regulations vary by state. "Well, la-di-da!" "Paper and everything." While many states require restaurants to display
their sanitation scores, this doesn't reflect violations that were discovered and then corrected. "I want the truth!" "You can't handle the truth!" Looking up trends in violations can tell you
whether the place you're frequenting has had any issues. If your favorite buffet isn't always making
the grade, it may be time to find a new one. Mystery loaf Unidentifiable foods are never a good sign
… especially at a buffet. "This doesn't look like chicken." "Oh, you're right. This isn't chicken, THIS is chicken. Want some?" Not all buffets label their offerings for
the day and sometimes it's tough to tell what's what. Is that fish or chicken? Potatoes or pasta? If you're at a buffet and can't identify the
food you're looking at, abandon ship immediately. "Go get em, tiger." Thanks for watching! Click the Mashed icon to subscribe to our
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35 thoughts on “Signs You're At A Bad Buffet

  1. They don't wash the serving PCs either

    Kids go up there and stick their fingers everywhere.
    Ppl lick hands and fingers



  3. You're at a bad buffet when u put your plate down and a six year old kid puts their finger in your plate and you look at the parents and they act as if nothing happened..

  4. When the most appetizing thing is a quarter tray of Mac and cheese and there are some desiccated spare ribs that are 95% bone and gristle.

  5. 6.) Migrant workers, especially if their english is bad. Means they're unqualified, cleaning isn't done properly if at all, inproper food storage, etc.

  6. If you want to know what kind of buffet it is go look. Yes,you are allowed to look at what they are serving. Is it fresh or does it look like it's been sitting there for a long time is it a clean place. Don't be afraid to ask to see what's on the line (meaning food).Lived there 40 years and still do this. If I like what I see then I pay if I don't then I say thank you and leave. And don't try to dine and dash because they will be watching and grow up the cameras behind the bubbles in the ceiling are real and they can zoom in on your face. Unless you want or like being 86's (and for those that don't know what 86's is kicked of the property there discretion). Have a good time and enjoy.

  7. Japanese buffets in Japan are amazing! All the food is fresh and usually come straight from the farm that’s on the property of the buffet. The food is always quality and always changing. My favorite has to be our local farmers market buffet because I love vegetables!

  8. To the several HUNDRED commentators who used the original line "Signs you are at a bad buffet = It's a Buffet" 🙄 Obviously you don't know what goes on in kitchens of restaurants that don't feature buffets. Take a walk through one, chefs/cooks wiping their noses & wiping off sweat from their brows, with their aprons. Then wiping their hands with their aprons. Utensils & food dropped on the floor & picked up and re-used. Raw meat & fish left out on counters for long periods of time, etc. Cross contamination with cooking utensils. Bugs that fall in fryer grease. I could go on & on. The only way to be sure of food safety is to prepare your food at home.

  9. The idea of "All You Can Eat" is repulsive gluttony. Eating until you can't eat anymore is not healthy at all. This video is right about people touching the tongs. When I used to go to buffets, I'd always see people walk in, be seated, the make a mad dash to the buffet. I'd head str8 to the bathroom to wash up. Seems like me and my family were the only ones. Also, seafood plopped on top of ice…is it safe?

  10. Americans love stuffing their faces and eating for entertainment. Is it a mystery then why we are overweight and unhealthy…we spend the most on prescription drugs per capita than any other developed country. So keep hittin' the buffet

  11. No sneeze guards

    They are required. Also, must be at a maximum of 13 inches or less from the top of the counter.

    How I would combat this is that I would have them 12.5 inches from the counter. Also, I would have some attendants standing by to monitor for when customers would be reaching in and or putting their face close to the food and other things that are forms of contamination.

    Tainted Tongs
    Unless they're dropped on floor they aren’t really changed. This has been a major contributing cause towards cross contamination.

    How I would combat this is that I would have the tongs changed out every hour with clean tongs. And I would have a special group of employees selected from the regular hired workforce to check them and scrutinize them for cleanliness once they come out of the dishwasher.

    M.I.A. Employees
    Sometimes they aren’t around all the time when they're supposed to be. There have been reports of employees who were off taking extra breaks too frequently.

    How I would combat this is that I would make it mandatory for the employees to be carrying around a water proof PDA or tablet computer which is how they would be getting their real time communications. And they could use them to communicate to other members of the staff. These small hand held tablet computers would also have GPS tracking so the task masters/supervisors would know where they are at throughout their work shift at all times.
    I would also ensure that all the food would be set on a timer, and the timers would be wirelessly interfaced to the communicators that the employees would be carrying. Those who are assigned to the section which I would have 3 – 4 per shift assigned to the section to ensure freshness of the food.

    Part time buffet
    They're just a buffet on the weekends or some strange part of the week, but they're not really a buffet.

    How I would combat this is that I would make the ultimate decision, is this establishment going to be a full-time buffet to stay a buffet? Or, is this establishment going to not be a buffet and just stay as a order and pay for what you eat type of a restaurant like Applebee’s, Olive Garden, Wingers and Outback steakhouse to name a few?

    Not making the grade
    Sanitization scores are not always achieved. Also, not every buffet or restaurant are following the guidelines and such.

    How I would combat this is that I would bring in a famous chef, Gordon Ramsey to give me and my staff some good pointers, and I would have him give us all written notes and such and have him team up with the federal health department as he is doing this. Anything that they say will be considered gospel law. And therefore, I would institute strict practices so to ensure that this Sanitization code is kept at all times. And that hopefully it will be a shining example to other restaurants of what to be, and this code could have a very good chance to be standardized throughout the entire United States, Canada and Mexico

    Mystery loaf/meat
    Not knowing what the meat is exactly, or sometimes they have the signs mixed around and, in most cases, this has led to cross contamination of food.
    How I would combat this is that I would be sure that before any kind of meat comes in from the food delivery trucks, it would be properly labeled and given a delivery date and everything would be properly sorted into their respective compartments. And before anything is put out in the buffet for the customers to be able to serve/help themselves, I would take steps to make sure that the customers know exactly what they are going to put on their plate. I would also take steps to ensure that any unused portion of the meats that are not used before a certain set time would be disposed of promptly to ensure no meat bound illnesses could have a chance to cause the customers or staff any kind of harm.

  12. once i gone to a buffet and it had pizza, but the pizza had basically no fucking sauce. food was shit there, i wish i remember the name because i wouldve said something about it to others

  13. Being at Buffet is like trusting carnival workers and those that frequent… in themselves, Carnival

    Yep… I wanna sit next to a family of six that all weigh over 500lbs.
    (That includes the toddlers)!

    The bathrooms. Period. I can't ever look at that again.

  14. Eating at AYCE buffets are usually BUYER BEWARE because you can get every kinds of diseases from cholera to strep to e-coli to salmonella to every kinds of food borne illnesses! It's better eating at ala carte restaurants for safety reasons. How much can you really eat anyways!?

  15. I actually went to a culinary school that went over business management as well. They prepared us for buffets. One of the major things about buffets is that they tend to place the items from the cheapest from the most expensive. Hence why buffets usually start off with salad or cheaper items and then go to the most expensive things, like meats and desserts.

    fun tips 🙂

  16. You're supposed to clean tongs and buffet utensils more then once a day? Huh. When I worked in a restaurant, we would just gather up all the buffet forks, tongs and other utensils at the end of the day, wash them then put them back in the buffet the next morning, to be used the entire day. No one seemed to mind.

  17. Buffets are dangerous. You don't know if someone picked their nose, scratched their ass before they touched the food with their hands or the serving spoon. Yes, some idiots touch the food with their hands. Also, the spoon handles lay on the edge of the bins, where hands can easily rub against ,etc

  18. What bugs me here, (Las Vegas),, The fat asses, who are eating, while they are walking, they can't wait till they get back to the table……

  19. We don't always think about it, but those tongs and ladles are covered with all sorts of nasty bugs.  Imagine 100 strangers handling your silverware before you use it to eat.  I'd grab a thick napkin and use it to pick up those things.  Even then, those utensils are sometimes lying atop the food, handle and all.  I'd avoid that tray of food altogether.  Buffets are generally rip-offs.  How many people, besides maybe starving football players or sumo wrestlers, eat their money's worth of food?  People think they are getting a bargain because it's all they can eat.

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