So you've got your first oils, now what? LRP, Wellness Consult and Other Products

So you've got your first oils, now what? LRP, Wellness Consult and Other Products

hey guys I'm sorry about that I forgot to press record so this webinar is going to be about what to do once you've got your first kit and I'm going to take you through how to do a wellness consult so whether you're brand new to deuteron want to do one for yourself so you know kind of you know what to do and where to go from here or whether you're going to be someone that's going to be sharing doTERRA with other people and want to show them how to get the most out of their oils and support them to take advantage of the loyalty rewards program if you're anything like me you see the absolute immense value of that program how much money that saves you and the points you can receive for more free products basically how much glow even the wholesale price you can get the free product of the month but basically paying for stuff that you're already having to buy the toxic synthetic version of anyway to support the health of yourself and your family just to get rid of toxins in the home yeah lots of stuff that you're already going to have to pay for but you can basically get wholesale through your own account or even for free and paid for with Commission so I'm just going to share my screen and teach you a little bit more about delicious sorry about what I'll up he actually is as well so I just want to go to this little image actually we'll start with this one first hopefully you can all see that and so basically lrp a lot of people get confused and think you have to put in 100 PV order every month so that's only if you're wanting to earn referral bonuses or commissions for people that you enrolled yeah so that's to earn fast that and all of those other bonuses if you're helping if you're sharing to share with other people of course if you're just using for person news and you want to order that much every month you definitely can do that and you'll get more and walter rewards for doing that if you order above 125 point value so that's the product value before between the second in our country because the first will still be last month in in america and the 15th of the month if you order above 125 PV you'll get the free product of the month so this month I believe it's fennel often we also have 200 PV specials as well like we did recently with the Sally Bell so in those 200 PV months you'll also get just the free product of a month whether that's fennel or another essential oil plus the free Sally Bell for ordering that 200 PV order but to actually earn rewards points and increase your percentage which I'll cover in a little minute how increasing the percentage works you actually only need to put 50 PV order in every month so 50 point value so around I don't know 60 or 70 dollars depending on what you order but to actually maintain your lrp rewards points and percentage to keep any previously and unspent points you actually just need to order like one thing so even if you order a lip balm or like a lemon essential oil you can actually maintain your position in terms of your points and everything so just one second I've got a question okay um so basically yet to maintain it maintain your position in the program just one point um but you you can obviously cancel you all up here at any time as well you just need to ring customer service to do that but you can also create a USL RP as well as an australian RP if you're wanting to earn order the supplements and other things and then cancel that so that you don't get both the following month and just maintain your Australian RP long term so a lot of people think it's like this huge lock in contracting it isn't you can cancel an or you can just order one thing if you want to maintain your position it's really really incredible value but basically how the percentages work so as you know when you get a wholesale account you get 25% off everything off retail price so 25% off but what's really really actually incredible is that the following month after you've enrolled if you start placing a 50 PV or more lrp order from one months one through to three you'll start getting 10% of that water back in walter woods points which means you can then save those points up I generally save them until I have like more than 100 points and then I spend them on whatever products I want so I might want to get like Gila chrism or frankincense or P Sox and so you know some of those more kind of expensive oils or passion or whisper and I can use my points to order them so it's totally free products and so from ones months one through two three after the month after you roll you start on 10% and it goes all the way up to 30% after you've been enrolled for 13 plus months so that's a total saving of 55 cents it's pretty awesome if you do open an account with say like an oil sharing kit you actually automatically start on 20 percent wealth rewards so if you place 100 PV order the months after you enroll all sharing kit you'll also get 200 free product points but you'll start on that 20 percent loyalty rewards which means it only takes you six months to get up to 30 percent instead of 13 months so that's pretty awesome so I'm going to open the wellness consult hopefully that's working so basically if you go to share success calm and then you go to the library page on that website so WWC success com I think it's slash library I'll just go to the library tab under the tools or forms area you can find what we call a wellness console so we're not doctors we're not prescribing we're not kind of telling people you know what they should do with their health anything like that if you want to call it like I don't know well this info session or wellness chat or something super informal go for it it's just to help people prioritize the most important areas of their health so that they can look at what they want to put an L RP and what they want to start implementing to create a really grounded wellness lifestyle you know habit in their life so the first questions are basically match your products to your health priorities so if you're speaking with someone new and maybe they're speaking to about you know their top priorities being this son really struggles to concentrate in school gets quite agitated and struggles with getting to sleep at night so that's a really top priority for them because it's quite stressful and it creates you know family tension they're really worried about their child so obviously that's top priority so products they have maybe they only have these home essentials kit which is great in terms of like frankincense for granting climbing and you know peppermint chopping focus and stuff but the products they might want or need might be the ensuring focus blend so they can roll it on the back of their son's neck before school might be the balance grounding blend so they can put on the soles of feet and down the spine it might be the peace blend from the emotional aromatherapy kit where you can actually buy that separately now to put on the heart chakra to keep them really calm and grounded and you know open that heart space and help them really breathe and you know support them with the anxious feelings and that kind of thing it might be lavender peace to help them sleep yeah so that's a top health priority products they have products they need also you know the second priority maybe um they're struggling with their menstrual cycle or they're they're quite anxious of work or they're wanting to really support they've got health so products they have again the home essentials kit maybe they want to add in the lifelong vitality pack to support them on that internal level so they might want to do a u.s. lrp order that month and order the lifelong vitality pack then the digestive soft gels and maybe the cleanse products if you're wanting to do to cleanse with us by the way we're starting an event on the 15th this month so just go into the group and find the event and it shows you how to order the products and grow through the cleanse with its so if that's a priority for them you know clearing up the skin having more energy and vitality and yeah maybe that's the second priority and you can list out the products they need for that third priority maybe they're wanting to really support their skin or they're really wanting to look at getting rid of a lot of toxins in terms of cleaning products and that kind of thing so going toxin-free is their next priority products I have in the home essentials kit so they've got lemon to help clean those kinds of things but they might want to look at things like the cleaner concentrate on the next RP and the foaming hand wash and the truth case so they're not using fluoride and toxic ingredients in their toothpaste on the garden through phases an amazing product um yeah it's got that on guard actual essential oil in there and it doesn't have fluoride or any of those other nasty things so you can use that and the barrage skincare collection if they're wanting to you know stop using whatever generic skincare brand they use and start using something really beautiful natural cruelty-free that actually really works and has amazing results the variety skincare collection it comes with all four products it's comes in this box so it's got the cleanser the toner the cellular belt hydrating serum which is different to the oil you can also use the oil as well um a lot of people just put a little tiny bit of hydrating serum mix it with some moisturizer for night and today they just use the oil around their eyes and the moisturizer so they're really really beautiful products and it's actually only 100 dollars wholesale for all four products if you get it in the pack so you want to get the Verizon as a pack and you save hundreds and hundreds of dollars under 20 women that are buying so I'm just putting it down buying toxic versions of skincare and they pay you know three for even several hundred more dollars for for products like that no any of the quality so they can start again swapping those things out money they're already spending but investing in toxin free versions that work far better for them so the next thing I really really encourage everyone to do is get essential oil resource books or apps it really frustrates me when people are investing money in essentials which is fantastic but you know what happens if the internet goes down or you cannot get in contact with the person who enrolled you and unfortunately they don't have time you know they've got kids often they've got other jobs that you know try and do a lot of things they can't be your personal guru or resource to ask every single question about you know what do I do if I have a insect bite or how do I get my kid to sleep all those kinds of things it's really important that you actually take the time to educate empower yourself and have resources available to you to use these ores properly so one simple method is getting the modern essentials app on your you know smartphone or device or whatever um it's about ten dollars to pay for that up really really worthwhile investment because you've always got on hand but I strongly strongly encourage I'm a you dot aroma have free shipping at the moment till the six so you've got like another one or three days to order from around tools and I'll show you the books that I highly recommend getting my favorite book is emotions and essential oils by Daniel McDonald and it goes through all the emotional energetic properties of every single arm blend so it's really really fascinating you'll notice that I often share on my page you know the physical benefits of the walls but then I also go into the emotional and energetic I really really love that side often when you first start with oils you'll just be interested in physical stuff that's okay the most are the essentials are very very sneaky and they'll work on that emotional energetic level anyway for you and but often a really fun way to use this book is actually just to hold it against your heart then just feel into it and then choose left or right so you know which page you're going to do and then just flip the book open on any random page so I pick left and that's the calming blend oil of forgiveness which definitely resonates for me so then you can kind of see automatically which oil you're needing to work with at that time another thing you can do is just get your box in the central oils and just shut your eyes and intuitively key cabinet or from the box and then you can open your emotions book and read up on you know why pitch that all in why you need it so it's pretty cool can they CL are PC alright um just give me one second I'm going to see if I can share this again on its console sorry guys I'm not very good at this whole situation so this is the ones console guys for those who couldn't see it I hope you can see it now so it's got at the top the top health priorities I'm just at the second bit so the resource box on the apps um yeah so that's a really cool book then this is the awesome book as well modern essentials the seventh edition is the most recent edition and that includes information on oil supplements or your skincare every single oil every single blend now will have generic names to the blends um but if you just look on the bottle like citrus bliss is are degrading blends so just look at the name below the actual name and that's the naming your modern essentials books ok so then you can go down further to number three and you can go through this with people or go through yourself and look at placing your solutions into your schedule yeah and it's just got some recommended daily health basics just one second there's a cool everyone's all going out no worse and so recommend a daily health basic so for example in the morning to use balance every day you could use the life form vitality pack which is available from the us warehouse and if you watch my webinar from the other day I go into the life on by tardy pack and debts incredible products you can use on guard especially through winter so diffusing it or putting it on the soles of your feet you could diffuse you know limit or other citrus oils to create that uplifting effect in the morning you know cheer or motivate from the emotional aromatherapy kit a great options in the afternoon for example you could use Tara's I'm digestive enzyme you could use suggestion on your stomach you could use some swimming sauce in some water to assist with cravings and you know sugar cravings and that kind of thing just give you a bit more energy and help with um yeah maintaining your appetite between meals sorry for some reason not everyone is muted not very good at this whole soon thing hey it's like I'm really bad at second ology so if I can deal with this you guys consider trust me yes oh sorry did someone ask a question just unmute yourself again hi I'm Jessie sorry uh what did she say with good for sugar cravings this is an advanced smartandsassy is uh yeah on Australia or it's called swimmin sassy in America it's called the metabolic blend so you can take a drop or two in I use always use glass never use plastic in filtered water just mix that around and drink that it's awesome so I'm just going to talk a bit I'm mute again she is okay so we'll keep going down so to get the natural solutions you need and this really helps you go through 90 days of lrp and once people get on that loyalty rewards program they basically don't come off because they realize how much money they saving they realize that implementing such incredible products that are working film so much better than other stuff they've been using in the past and you just really become addicted to oil so um you know I get really excited when my delivery comes every month and what you might want to do especially if you're building a notary business is gift yourself when you reach a certain goal a beautiful wooden box from a company called wild oils on Facebook w IL d IL s and get you know a big hundred box that will fit everything and then just slowly start to get every single oil blend and fill up your collection with everything you need to support your health and wellness physically emotionally spiritually all of those ways so you can create the 9-day wellness plan month one lrp what you're going to order the total PV and the date you want to set it and then the second page it's just got a quick product guide so it literally has every all every blend all spiced are for the living stuff and can take you through all of those options as well so it's pretty cool it just gives people a really quick breakdown of all the stuff they could be using in their life and they can just get heaps of ideas about all the cool stuff they can use so I'm going to jump back on the zoom um stop the share hopefully you guys can see me again hmm okay and just talk about some of the other products so it's a really good idea always to have fractionated coconut oil on here because that's how you want to dilute your essential oils as I mentioned before a you go to room tools calm you can get them on the Central's book and the emotions and essential oils book great idea to get some roller bottles from there or from somewhere else online as well so you can dilute your essentials proprietary blends that kind of thing so general dilution rate is for children so small children you just need one drop of essential to 10 mils of coconut oil so basically one drop in and 10 mill roller fill the rest up with coconut oil for older children it's generally two drops to 10 mils of all and for adults five to ten drops to 10 mils of oil so you can work with that general dilution everyone freaks out about dilution it's just a general guide for perfumes I use much stronger dilution you know for different things I just work with what my body is okay with and work on that level you know things like Oregon oh very hot and caustic so stick to the general dilution things like lavender and frankincense much more gentle on the skin so you can be a bit more liberal with them but just feel into it start to getting to know your oil stop working with them have confidence with them with them and don't freak out about dilution it's not that scary Clary calm is another one a lot of women should definitely have a little RP it really helps with menstrual pain with with what's the words that I refer to it I was wanting to know everything and everyone before my period PMS so really good for that so you can roll that on your abdomen over your ovaries that kind of thing is going to risk use it on your neck and pulse points and it really helps to balance your hormones just has a really calming effect and really helps period pain it's great for peri and postmenopausal women as well hot flashes all those kinds of things because it balances hormones so that one's absolutely fantastic to have when you're lrp um if you have a partner or you into exercise where you get any pain and the ice-blue rub is a really fantastic one as well really user-friendly you don't have to muck around with the dilution and using oil and stuff it's just get really especially we ferment if they don't want to stuff round with that kind of thing they generally love that the breeze drops have just become available available in Australian warehouse these are like really great in winter as well so really soothing for throat really opens up the Airways and there's natural ingredients the haircare is awesome as well shampoo and conditioner and this is my favorite product of all time the root tip serum I get like super ever excited about the root tip serum if you tend to get flyaways and stuff I had a nuts afternoon so I haven't done my hand nicely but I run I just do use a drop I put that in my hand rub my hands together and just run it through my hair and it's just beautiful and shiny grows really well and doesn't have a little messy flyaways and stuff I love it you can blow dry your hair and straighten it after using it as well and it'll just kind of protect your hair as well so DDR Prime is another one that's really really valued and respected as well dr. hill talks about as constantly as like a must-have basic for health it's got things like frankincense and thyme and summer savoring clove and wild orange lemongrass no leaves are really powerful antioxidants and really powerful cellular support and just really oxygenating the cells supporting them in to some pretty amazing stuff what else was I going to talk about getting a keychain so you can order these little keychains from your doTERRA back office either a black one or a purple one and basically they come with eight little files so these ones are already filled up there's one missing some always giving away samples and stuff but yeah eight little vials and this one is actually because that's not the proper size of the original ones that's a one mill one you can order them from our image tools as well the samples for people but the April valves comes with two mill so the keychain comes with two mill eight vials so you can fill them up and then you can always have this on your hand by proudly carrying around you know massive 50 ml bottles you've always got your essentials on hand you know if you want to use them in your water in a cafe or you just need to apply balance in the car when you want to get into road rage or you know a little drop of peppermint in your mouth as a breath freshener or digest sending your water when you're out if you need that under on hand so you can deal with any you know bites or stings or burns or anything like that and it's a great way to have samples on here when you're talking to people and you want to share the essentials if you're interested in doing that as well so I always recommend having a keychain lots of us have several of them I know I have several on the go all the time and the purple ones are really cute as well so that's more about that everyone's a little bit yeah sweet what else that I want to share about just give me one sec yeah so we've got a spoke about a lap for me hand wash cleaning concentrate there are so many products so also if you want to learn how to place it all up your in your back office the best way to do that I'll just share my screen again screen so if you go to hopefully that's working can yeah so if you go to WWE em and you go to our advocates doTERRA University is under our advocate so there's videos like tutorial videos on living sharing and building if you go to the building section I think it's in they just recently changed everything so just bear with me if you scroll down to back office under building you'll have little tutorial videos on dashboard I'm sharp on team on business groups so if you go if you just go to shop click on shop it shows you a little tutorial video of placing an RP order of editing and deleting an LLP template of how to redeem your elapids using the l RP widget edit shipping and billing address pretty much everything you need to know how to update your credit card how to use the live chat feature all of those things have really really quick videos are only a couple minutes and they just physically show you exactly how to do that if you're struggling with that as well um so yeah go on there for sure and it's also got on that on that website wwm it's got stuff about the company so about our story executive science headquarters fact sheet all that stuff the fact sheet is really thing it's got what is in essential why doTERRA safe uses there's lots and lots of information it's got information on every single product we have so if you're wanting to learn more about single oils or any of our blends or you know the digestion products or personal care supplements it's all on that website with detailed information about every single product and then you can learn more about healing hands so if you're wanting to donate to healing hands you can do that every month for your lrp if you jus LRP order the rose healing cancellation it's amazing and 100% of proceeds go to the Healing Hands foundation so you can learn more about our humanitarian partnerships call impact sourcing projects etc but under our advocates there's lots of cool stuff so the doTERRA blog has loads of recipes and information on products business and science doTERRA tools has flyers forms images that you can use on social media umm.yeah presentations Q&A social media assets etc you can also learn more about events and stuff and learn more about Diamond Club etc um also about aroma touch so the hand technique aroma touch technique all of those cogs things remember touch events and then yeah you can learn more about leaders the free gift program which I'm going to do a webinar on shortly and teach more about that but the dirt our University is the main thing living sharing and building you can learn heaps heaps more about all of our oils there's also another fantastic app called the daily drop and that will show you quick little videos and quick little tips about a different essential blend or product all the time so you can just be learning more about our products all the time it's really cool um but under living there's essentials 101 how do I use essentials safely why doTERRA all of that kind of stuff is so much information available that website you can spend literally months on there but don't get it wrong with it just slowly start exploring more information about the products and just yeah getting into it and seeing what you can learn it's pretty awesome stuff so how I stopped sorry yeah so I think that I'm pretty much it for tonight guys I hope that was helpful and informative too um yeah let me know if you have any questions and have a great evening I'm just going to start recording hold on

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