SPICY STREET FOOD Tour in Jakarta, Indonesia!! BEST MUD Crabs, BBQ Ribs, and PAINFUL Spice!

SPICY STREET FOOD Tour in Jakarta, Indonesia!! BEST MUD Crabs, BBQ Ribs, and PAINFUL Spice!

– All right, so check it out. It’s Trevor James. We’re in Jakarta, Indonesia, and we’re going deep
for street food today. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. So click that subscribe button
and the little bell button down below because we’ve got
a ton of street food tours coming up for you guys. Let’s go check it out. (upbeat music) Jakarta is a food heaven. Everywhere you turn, there’s new street food
around every corner. We came here specifically to eat as much delicious street food as possible. And in this Jakarta
street food tour part two, you can discover along
with us a ton of unique and mouthwatering Indonesian street foods. Make sure to watch until
the end because these five Indonesian street foods
are incredibly good. Let’s eat. Right up here, I think
there’s a little warteg stall, rice with mixed dishes. Enter your typical Indonesian
street food warteg. Here, these little hole in the walls have the best mixed dishes with rice. You can find a ton of
addictive specialties ranging from classics like
fried coconut chicken, fried ikan bilis anchovies with peanuts, spicy stinky jengkol beans,
and spicy stinky petai beans. It’s all here with different
stews, soups, vegetable dishes, and spicy curries that you
could spend months trying. This is truly heaven, and
you won’t wanna stop eating. Whoa. Wow! – Good morning. Wow, you have a lot here. – Want to eat? – [Trevor] Yes, please. – Rice? – [Trevor] Yes, please. Wow, look at all these dishes. There’s so much here. – Please come here often. Jengkol? – [Trevor] Jengkol, okay, jengkol. Jengkol bean? – Beef, jengkol. – [Trevor] Some jengkol bean. – [Man] A little. – [Trevor] A little, yeah,
a little jengkol bean. So much food here. Okay, just a little. I’m gonna get a few things. Awesome sauce. Maybe petai, petai, petai. Oh, yeah, petai for breakfast. Stink beans. This is what’s beautiful. There’s just so much here. Oh, eggplant, eggplant. – [Man] Eggplant, okay. – Thank you. There’s just so much here,
different spiced dishes like spiced curry eggplant,
all this chicken and beef, veg. Ikan, ikan. Oh, yes, please. Oh, wow. That looks amazing. Oh, yeah, that looks so good. And then some chicken, chicken. – [Man] Chicken, chicken coconut? – Oh, chicken coconut, really? Oh, yeah. Look at that. Okay, good. – [Man] Here, please. – Okay, thank you. Whoa, this looks awesome. Look at this, guys. We are in a warteg in Jakarta,
and I just chose a few of the many different
dishes that they serve here. – [Man] Chili, sir? – [Trevor] Chili, sambal? – [Man] Yes, sambal. – Oh, wow. This is gonna be a great
way to start the day. We got fresh, spicy sambal. We’ve got anchovies with peanut. We got stink beans. We got jengkol beans. And we got eggplant and chili. Oh, this just looks amazing. Oh, yeah. I’m gonna start out with
a bite of those anchovies and petai stink beans with
all of that chili curry sauce that he’s put on there. It’s all mixed together. Mmm, oh. Wow! That is incredibly delicious. Oh! Oh, wow! All of those sauces
mix together perfectly. They’re spicy and sweet. Oh, with the stink bean,
it’s a definite stinky odor. Oh, and the anchovies and peanut, that is such a strong
flavor concoction there. And it’ll fill you right up. I’m gonna go asking for some more sauce, some more curry sauce,
because that is just magic. Oh, yeah. Beef rendang? – [Man] Yes, rendang. – Rendang sauce on top. Thank you. He just put a ton of that
beef rendang sauce on there. Indonesia is just blowing me away. These flavors, these
spices, these chili sambals, this curry, this paste, oh, and
the boldness of it all mixed over rice, you’re gonna fall
in love on your first bite. So I don’t really wanna
bother them too much in here, but they invited me in
quickly to take a quick look, and it is just full on
infiltrating the senses here. We’re gonna get out of
their busy workstation, but this is something you
have to see to believe. Next up, just down the street, we found a huge cart selling
the famous Jakarta ketoprak. As soon as you walk up and you see all the action of the dish
being made, you get curious, and you know that you just gotta eat it. The main flavor comes
from a hand-mixed paste of ground peanuts, palm sugar, garlic, chili, salt, and sweet soy sauce. Nice, and then he’s mixing it up. So it’s a sweet dish, very sweet. – [Man] Peanuts, peanuts. – Peanuts. Whoa! Then fried tofu, steamed
rice cake, rice noodle, bean sprouts, fried shallots, and fried crackers are all added on top. It’s a super sweet and
enjoyable backstreet snack that you have to try. So we got the ketoprak here. Look at that. What a concoction. All those peanuts were chopped up finely. He’s put this sweet manis sauce on top. There’s bean sprouts. There’s fried shallots, cucumbers, and the garlic and the chili
were mixed right in there. – [Woman] Everything. – Wow, everything. It looks amazing. It just looks so fresh and flavorful. All right, let’s try that out. Mmm. Wow! That is like a super,
super sweet, slightly spicy peanut sauce over top of
rice noodles and tofu. And there’s a definite
fried shallot flavor in there as well. Wow. And we were just walking down
the street, and we saw this. And everyone was eating it, and we thought we would
try it, and it’s so nice. – [Woman] Yeah. – Yeah. – [Woman] You have to try it. – Yeah. Jakarta’s specialty. – [Woman] Jakarta is amazing. – Yeah. Mmm. Next up, we went for some
pre-lunch beef ribs delight. We found a spot that
serves amazingly fresh grilled beef ribs
covered in a peanut sauce and beef ribs in a rich beef soup. When you walk up and you see
these huge stacks of beef ribs waiting to be served with the peanut sauce and the grill beside,
and then these huge pots of rich beef broth, and all
the families and friends around enjoying these
succulent caveman-style ribs, you know you’re in the right place. These are good. That really looks intense. And they’re just covering
it in a peanut sauce. Wow! Oh, wow, that looks unbelievably tender. Oh, I can’t believe this. That looks like caveman
delight right there. Wow! Look at that monster beef
rib he just pulled out. That is totally thick and juicy. Wow. You can smell that peanut aroma
on all of these beef ribs. Oh, it’s such a smooth,
smooth peanuty goodness. Wow! Unbelievable. Wow, they’ve got one that’s just grilled, and then they’ve got one that’s in a light soup
with fried shallots on top. And I am getting the grilled one. Thank you. Look at that thick peanut
sauce they put on top. Oh, that meat is just
falling, falling off the bone. Wow! That is so, so tender looking. And then they give you that
soup that they cook it in with lots of fried shallots. I got some rice. And here, these are steamed
rice flour packets, I believe. And you can dip that into this soup here. But you know, come on, we’re
gonna go right in for these caveman beef ribs here in
that peanut satay sauce. Mmm, oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. It just melts in your mouth. It just melts in your
mouth with that peanut, that sweet satay peanut sauce. There’s definitely some slight
spices put in there as well. That is caveman delight right there. Next up, we went for a meal of a lifetime seafood feast that was
worth the trip to Indonesia. You won’t believe the
beauty you’re about to see. So we just found the most
amazing seafood joint here grilling all different
types of fish and prawns over these burning hot coals. Just standing here is burning, but you can smell the curry
sauce, the curry paste that he’s putting over top of these fish. They’re blackened. They’re charred, and I’m
really hungry looking at this. Let’s go inside and try it out. If there’s a seafood
heaven, this is where it is. You get not only grilled
fresh fish and prawns but the most amazing
selection of mud crab as well. There’s so many flavors to choose from. And walking into the back kitchen gives you a great look at how it’s done. Flavors like black pepper crab,
chili crab, salted egg crab, and the ultimate smoked crab,
which is first fried in a wok with red onion, ginger, garlic,
bay leaves, a salted egg, herbs and spices, and a special
Padang hot and sweet sauce, is truly to die for. After it’s fried, it’s
wrapped in a banana leaf and put on the grill while
the smoky banana flavor infuses into the flesh. This here is gonna make
you wanna move to Jakarta. Wow, look at this, guys. The smoked crab has arrived. You gotta stand up to open this. Everything is on the table now. Oh, it’s in a big banana leaf. Crazy! Oh, the smoked crab is here, guys. Whoa, look at this! Oh, that banana flavor,
that banana fragrance. Oh, wow! (laughs) Doesn’t that look insane? Look at these big, fat crab legs. It’s all here, guys. It’s all here. We got these smoked crab legs
wrapped in a banana leaf. We have the crab with salted
egg yolks, salted egg, fresh chilies, and a nice,
creamy, light curry sauce. We have the grilled grouper right here. That’s what’s making
all the smoke outside. And then we also have the grilled prawns. We’re just gonna go right in for that. Oh, it’s hot. Mmm, oh! That flavor! That flavor has the
distinct banana leaf flavor infused into there, and it’s quite spicy. Mmm, it’s quite smoky, quite peppery. The next flavor to try here, the salted egg light curry crab. And I’m just gonna suck on that to get that first flavor impression. Oh! That is the most creamy,
spicy, oh, melt in your mouth, light curry aroma of joy,
salty, salty egg yolks there. Mmm, oh, yeah. This is honestly some of the
best seafood you’ll ever eat. It’s like bite after bite of joy. After a quick rest from eating, we made our way to finish
off the day with a classic street food meal, the nasi
uduk, aka coconut rice. There’s lots of people here. Okay, here we go. We walked into a classic
night street food tent offering seafood, and chicken, and classic Indonesian stir fried dishes. This is normal everyday
life food in Jakarta, and I was so excited to try it out. What I didn’t know is I was about to try one of the spiciest
things I’ve ever eaten. Oh! Jengkol? Jengkol, nasi uduk, petai. Awesome. Oh. wow, wow. Hot. All the food just got here. We have the nasi uduk, coconut rice, look at this, covered
in those fried shallots. Fried shallots are everywhere here. And we’ve got fried
chicken, a little lettuce. Oh, I ordered some stir
fried jengkol beans covered in a ton of chili paste. And then I’ve got fried stink beans. Oh, wow. Look at them just bursting out. Let’s try that to start. Oh, yeah. – [Man] That’s good. – Very good. Oh, it’s stinky. Oh, yeah. Guys, stink bean stench, mmm. But we came here to
try the nasi uduk here. So they cook it with coconut milk. It gives it a lot of flavor. And I’m just gonna try that
rice as is, see what it’s like. Mmm, that is a rich coconut flavor. And they gave me some fried chicken. As I tried the delicious fried chicken, enjoying that nice, fragrant coconut rice, and moved my way on to
taste the sambal sauce. I didn’t know what was about to hit me. Wow! Spicy. – Spicy crazy. – Spicy crazy? – Of course. – (laughs) Oh, man. I am burning right now. Oh, spicy crazy. – Read the label, king spicy crazy. – [Trevor] Oh, spicy crazy. – Yes. – Okay, we came to the spicy crazy place. I did not know that’s what it said. Oh, I don’t know why
I’m going more for this. It’s just so burning. Despite the burn, this was
somehow really enjoyable. From the fried stinky
petai beans that taste like stinky mushrooms, to
the coconut packed rice, and the stinky jengkol
beans covered in sambal, these are filling and strong
flavors that leave you with a lasting impression,
one that makes you happy to have taste buds because
you really feel alive. Man, people are so
friendly here in Indonesia. This whole time in
Jakarta has been amazing, witnessing all of this delicious
street food everywhere, tasting all these flavors. It’s been the time of my life. I wanna remind you to
click that subscribe button and the little bell button
down below so you don’t miss any of these deep street food
tours because we have a ton of awesome content, street
food videos coming your way. Thank you so much for watching
these food and travel videos. And I wanna give a huge thank
you to everybody in Indonesia that help me create this big food map that I’m putting in the description below. Thank you for your recommendations. I’ve put pins for a lot of
different places in Indonesia. So if you’re coming to Indonesia and you’re looking for some
awesome street food locations, you can check that out. Thank you so much, guys. It has been amazing in Jakarta.

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