Spinach Mango Smoothie with Quinoa, Hemp Hearts

Spinach Mango Smoothie with Quinoa, Hemp Hearts

(“Dio e Zingaro” by La
Municipale Balcanica) – Hey, everyone, I’m Jerry James Stone, and in today’s video I’m
gonna show you how to make a really delicious, slightly
sweet, protein-packed smoothie. Right, it’s that time of
year, New Year, new you. Let’s get to making it. Okay, so this is a really great smoothie for a couple of different reasons. It’s protein-packed, it’s not too sweet, and like I said, it’s
New Year, new you, right. So if you’re looking to eat healthy and you want to do it on-the-go, this is a wonderful smoothie
just sort of out the door, or you could make smoothie cubes to prep it and have it later, but it’s just packed with protein from the hemp hearts and the quinoa, and it’s really from
the mango or the banana. And we’re also gonna put spinach in it, so there’s just a lot going on. Gonna add in some mango chunks. Okay, so now we’re gonna
add in some quinoa, some hemp hearts, some fresh spinach. So one thing that’s really
great about smoothies, they’re delicious, healthy, but making them every
single morning, or whatever, can be a pain in the butt because you’re always doing meal prep or you’re always washing stuff, whatever. So one thing that’s really
wonderful about smoothies is you can meal prep them. You can put them in an ice cube tray, make large batches of them, and then just take the ice cubes out as you want to use them, so you don’t have to necessarily blend and make a smoothie
every single morning, you can also freeze
them in a Popsicle mold, so you have a smoothie on-the-go. So just a couple of different
ways that you can consume them and still get all those health benefits. So I’m just gonna add in
some unsweetened almond milk that’s vanilla flavored. And then just blend. (blender whirring)
(melodic sting) Okay, so now we have our
delicious, healthy green smoothie. Like I said, quinoa, hemp hearts, protein packed, spinach, super delicious, super flavorful. I thing you’re gonna like it. If you like this video,
give me a thumbs-up. If there’s something that you want to see, hey, drop a comment below. And if you like to eat,
drink, and cook like I do, I release new videos every
single week, so subscribe. And I’ll see you guys next time. So this smoothie is a great way to, I forget what I even said,
how I even said it. (laughs)

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