hey guys welcome back to Amanda's favorite today I am sharing with you my two newest planners the happy planner this video has been a long time coming y'all I have been asked so many times to review the happy planner I honestly don't have a good answer for you as to why it took me so long to go out and get a happy planner and review it number one because I don't go out and just spend my own funds on planners unless I think I personally am gonna use them I could go crazy with just buying tons of planners to review obviously I used referral points and companies give me their planners to review that's usually how it worked what the happy planner I knew I was gonna have to go out and purchase it if I wanted to review it my niece had a happy planner last year she would show me her happy planner it was a cute planner it just wasn't really anything that I thought maybe I was excited to use I will confess my nieces planner is the only happy planner that I have ever seen like up close and held in my hands I know you guys are probably thinking that's a little bit weird me being you know the planner lady but honestly I don't get out much you guys and I don't like shopping I really don't enjoy going to stores and shopping I hadn't gone to explore the happy planner after so many requests I finally decided okay I'm just gonna be checking Michaels coupons they had a 50% off coupon one day and I was like okay that's it that's when I went in and bought the first happy planner I think this one's called I'll have to look it up and put it in the video the happy squad this is your 18 month planner that starts in July and we will go fully through it then after really falling in love with this planner at first I bought it I thought okay it's 50% off I'm just buying it to do a review on I'm not gonna use it because I generally don't like to try push myself to use planners I don't want to add more planners to my system than necessary because I feel like that complicates my life and actually stresses out my life and I feel like planners are supposed to be stress relieving or a creative outlet and so I never forced myself to use a planner I thought it was cute picking it up but I fully intended to use it only for my review and not to force myself to use it for anything but many times if I just have planners in my possession I will feel like during the year I want to pick them up and play in them try them out for this plan earning or trying out for that planning though I knew this one would be around and I would probably pick it up at some point but after having it home for only a few days I already decided it was way too cute to let sit on my shelf and I was gonna try to use it from memory keeping I have done a photo journal in an Erin Condren before I will link that video down below so in an Erin Condren horizontal I kept a photo journal for an entire year that got really tiring near the end of the year I'm definitely not committing to a picture a day in this but just happy memory keeping is what I'm gonna try to do in this so we will see what it turns into and of course I will keep you guys updated on Instagram so join me there if you're not on my Instagram yet I'm at Amanda's favorites now how I came to go pick up the wellness planner this is the new wellness planner my happy planner they used to just have the wellness be a what do you call that then gym pack from them they came out with a full wellness planner how I came to run back out and pick this up with a 40% off coupon on another day was definitely Ming who is one of the owners of happy planner I love her Instagram by the way she's very motivational I checked out many of the happy planner YouTube videos and doing research for this because I didn't know anything about happy planner and Stephanie Fleming was keeping a wellness planner this year she has three videos up on the happy planner YouTube channel and I will link I will link their playlists for those three videos down below it's called plan and chair she is sharing her wellness planner as it goes throughout the year she committed to keeping it for a year so this is a wellness planner it actually came with lavender transparent rings and I have changed them out to rose gold medal and this is the last six months so I only have 12 months in here right now we will talk more about that as the review goes on if you're on Instagram then you've already heard some about that now I've kept lots of food and fitness journals before never for an entire year just through periods when I feel like oh I really want to get back on track and then I'm doing fine so I don't need to record things those were completely different those were just for food and fitness tracking really and that is completely different from what this wellness planner is going to be for me and for what it was for Stephanie Fleming so this is going to be just overall wellness how you're feeling that day and how your feelings and emotions are affecting you and your health you know touching on emotional spiritual all those different things not just your physical body health we shall see if I keep this up for a year I loved her video enough that I wanted to share this with you guys I picked it up for that purpose and I didn't know if I would keep it for a year we will see what happens it definitely won't look like her planner she does an amazing job with you know the big stickers and inserting cards and with pictures and even printing out her tracking from her walking every day mine won't be like that at all and I'm not sure if this gets to be too private of a thing I may not even share it on Instagram you know I'll let you guys know if I'm still doing it but I might not be able to share my pages I honestly have no idea how this is going to take shape both of these planners start in July which is great for me it gives me some time to jump into the summer and to have our vacation first and then to jump into these planners I will tell you if any one of these is feeling forced or I'm just not feeling like doing it like it's feeling like a forced thing then I'm not gonna keep up with it it's okay because I mainly just got these to be able to share with you I do realize that was a long introduction to this what do I think of a happy planner now that I have a happy planner some of them you know I love the look of and some of them are just not my taste but that's the really awesome thing about happy planner there are so many designs or is one for everyone so this is the academic year starting in July 18 month planner and of course you could use it for just twelve months and take out the last six months it is 29.99 and Michael's I bought mine with a 50% off coupon many times Michaels is running you just have to look up their website every day a 40% off coupon or a 30% off your entire purchase it's usually 50% off one item or 40% off one item if you're new to that whole world or like sometimes 20% off your entire purchase check the coupons and if you just you want to go in for one item like this planner then that's a perfect day to go in when you have a 40 or 50% off coupon if you're new to the happy planner you can buy everything on the happy planner website online and then they have certain merchandise that goes out to Michael's certain merchandise that goes out to jo-ann and certain merchandise that goes out to lobbie I think Michaels is the biggest carrier and if you get on the happy planner newsletter list so you get their emails then when they have new releases they send you an email and it will tell you what products are going to Michaels what products are going to Joanne what are going to Hobby Lobby and they even have some products in Walmart now and you can find some of their products on Amazon that's kind of confusing to me but if there's one thing you're searching for you can go to their site and find it this is I think called the happy squad I'm not a huge fan of like the colored rings but it goes with the cover really well I may end up switching those out to like gold rings to go with the gold if I end up using this for my memory planning we will see so this planner I've left all the 18 months in for right now you have a name plate page oh and let's talk about their paper really quick I deemed the happy planner because I did not know their paper weight and I could not find it on their site they said we actually don't give out that information but it is very similar to 70 pound paper there is a little secret of fact for y'all they do not give out their paper weight but it is very similar to 75 70 pound paper we will get to a pen test in here I've already written a little bit in this memory keeping one that's with an Erin Condren tool tip marker you can see it really doesn't show through it doesn't have any bleed through it doesn't have any problems but I will show you all the pens in here let's do the pen test right now before I forget because I might forget I wrote on the very backs notes page at the end of your planner it comes with one notes page and this is such a cute notes page I wish it came with more here's all the pins I normally use and a fountain pen and my mild liner so everything paper made flares jewel to premiere on Kandra and pilot precise pilot precise turn this over and you can see there is no bleed through except for a teeny tiny bit from the fountain pen so I mean I wouldn't be using a fountain pen in here but that's the fountain pen and other than that you see nothing this paper handles pen really well I would say it's a smooth paper but not slick at all and not buttery not buttery like plum paper or slick just a smooth paper I would say like inkwell press so it doesn't have to to it feels nice it does not as thick as 80 pound paper when I was texting them my guess was that it was 70 pound paper gesture I'm feeling it nameplate page and then you have a look at 2019 2020 year at a glance I just love the colors in this particular planner and how it flows with the season so well and it literally makes me happy goes right along with the name of it and that's why I thought about using this for just happy memories from everyday basically and every once in a while pop a picture in pop some stickers in which we'll talk about and then I might have a really happy memory planner from this year right before your month you have this dashboard for your month I actually love it they list top events for the month so they're already typed out for you holidays I like that notes monthly goals birthdays and then it's just so cute a look at the month down here currently reading planning watching eating loving feeling listening celebrating which I would never normally fill out of my planner but since this is a happy memory playing her for me then I am gonna try to fill those out I really like how your monthly dashboard is not connected to your monthly tab the tabbed pages are thicker in like a cardstock and each one kind of goes with the month the season that you're in for us here in North America your tabbed page opens right to your monthly spread and since its memory keeping I mean I just thought I'd remember like the doctor appointments that we had I'm not sure how I'm gonna use the monthly spread if I'm just gonna write big appointments and big things we have because I'm gonna already be writing all the daily things inside so we'll see I have put a few stickers in here and they are from they are from the seasonal sticker book I have shared this on Instagram already in some posts and in my Instagram stories I've done flip through so missing stickers are already in here and I will show you I'm not a huge sticker person but I also got this book at 40% off and I thought it was so fun I love holidays I love seasonal things and I thought since this is going to be a happy memory keeping planner this sticker book would be perfect I will just flip through a few pages really quick as you can see it's mainly based on the holidays and seasons now there are some pages with just these kind of like what I call icon stickers and there are some today's into dudes like these I probably won't use at least not in this planner and then a lot of awesome holiday ones so this book is really a fun one it's called their seasonal one it is mainly all seasonal stickers that I would use I do have a post on Instagram where I flip through this entire book there's like a birthday page and a really fun summer page if you are big into like the seasonal stickers this is a great book and it was a 1999 book I had a 40% off coupon so that is gonna be used in here and I have already put some stickers I don't want to sticker it up before I write in it because I'm not sure where I'm gonna stick like a polaroid zip picture or one day I might want to write a lot but another day I might not write anything and I might need to fill in that day with stickers I tried to hold off even though I want to decorate with them here's your weekly layout you have look at your whole month you have a typical Monday start on your monthly calendar you have a typical Sunday start I just like the look of this particular planner it makes me happy up here it's a vertical but you have a shaded box at the top which if I was using it for planning that would be for my go to appointment for the day so if I didn't have to go to anywhere or have any appointments then that would be blank because so that kind of dictates my day that's the way I use my top box in my Erin Condren and then my two do's would just flow down here but since it's gonna be for memory keeping you know we'll see how it ends up panning out I had just taken a paper from my inkwell press I wanted to see if it fit in here and it's a little bit wider than their paper in case you're wondering so inkwell press did make a disc bound system this year and their paper is just like literally a centimeter wider as you can see up top right there then the happy planner paper so it sticks out a little bit more over the tabs every month in this particular planner it changes colors so this is July then you go and every divider is so cute and I love how every monthly dashboard just goes with the next theme of the month so I will just go through and show you all the month August look how cute like there's little ice cream shops here you have a note section with Doc read the whole month then stays in that same color scheme and same shading and then it changes with your next month so that's August this is September there's a few things I want to note now that we've done the flip through on every month and what is so fun about these monthlies and every month they've noted the holidays with just really cute little pictures and some scalloping up top there the first day of winter and Christmas and Christmas Eve and Hanukkah and New Year's Eve I love the way that they've noted that and then when you come to you each week you'll notice you know each month it goes with their different themed little pictures they'll have there here are some of the stickers I placed down which you probably may have already seen as I was flipping through and you guys probably saw me stop for an extra long time on October I mean who would not love this I just love the look of October in here it just screams fall I mean the lettering the coloring it's just beautiful you guys and know all their planners are not like this are all in different color schemes and themes there's Thanksgiving this planner just screamed to me I needed to use it because it was too cute what I think about their quality for their price I think it's amazing for a $30 planner that you can get at Michael's for on sale for 30 to 40 even 50% off sometimes I think for an 18 month planner with 70-pound paper this much color and beauty in it I think it's a spectacular price can also customize this you can take out six months you can put in any kinds of extra pages you want they sell so many different packs of extra pages you can also buy their punch which I have not yet and punch anything that you want to to put in here the customizability of you can buy dividers from them you can anything that you think that you can buy and customize and make for this you can because you can punch anything and put it in yourself the price of this planner plus the customizability factor I think can't really be beat people ask if stays on the Rings even the plastic rings that come with your planner now you can buy the metal ring like I did buy these rose gold metal rings to go on my wellness planner plastic rinks come on your planners and they come in just you know whatever color they put but you can buy the metal rings to go on your planner and rose gold silver and gold you can also buy bigger extender rings if you add so much to your planner that you want to extend it bigger they have all those options then of course you can collect covers and change out your covers as you want to I think that their covers are cute inside now they also sell just notebooks which you can collect covers that way here's what your 18 month planner looks like stacked up again my 12 month wellness planner that I took out the extra six months in now a twelve month planner does kind of seem like it's not enough on these rings I'm gonna be honest you can buy smaller rings people have told me from Levenger you can also buy smaller rings from inkwell press makes a smaller ring so here it is in comparison and like I said happy planner sells the bigger extender rings now they do have a mini planner but they don't sell those smaller rings in a pack of enough to go on your bigger this is called their classic size and then they have what they call the big Cappy planner and then they have a mini this is the classic and it's 7 by 9 so that's inkwell press that's happy planner so you can buy other rings and put them in your planner that's just another customizability factor let's walk through my wellness planner and then we'll go through the extras I did pick up this sticker book to go with my wellness planner on another 40% off coupon yes I've been going to Michael's too much lately and the only reason I've been able to make it there is because we are out of school now our home school we ended with my youngest like a week before real school ended and that's the only reason why I've had extra time in my day to be able to be running to Michael's because I've literally don't drain the school year I wanted some kind of motivational sticker book to go along with this wellness planner if I was gonna give it a go and try to use it and see you know if it changed my life in any way I had looked a couple times before when I'd gone to Michael's and I had not seen a sticker book that I wanted because I was kind of being picky I didn't want to buy a sticker book that had a lot of stickers in it that I wouldn't use as I just felt like that's so wasteful I finally found one in it is called the gold star quotes I shared this on Instagram too and did a complete flip through there a lot of big quotes you guys which I love and just really beautiful ones and motivational they also threw in some holiday pages in here too which you guys know I love holidays so sure I'll put that on my wellness plan or two but they're mainly gold star quotes so they do go through all the holidays in season and then you have all these motivational quotes there's a few pages of really small ones but not many these I'm just I'm really not sure about what I would use those for you guys know I'm brand new to happy planner these are my first happy planners this is my first happy planner sticker book if you're new here and you don't know I plan in an Erin Condren vertical and then I use a simplified for my daily I have used passion planner in the past I've used Toby Nietzsche I have never used a happy planner but like I said I figured even if I wasn't using it for my main planning right now it was about time I got one to review and I had no idea that when I got one to review that I would want to use it I went to the store to buy one to review and I have two happy planners that I want to somehow use you guys what is happening the wellness planner honestly I think the covers beautiful love the cover and I love the rose gold rings with it I don't love I love the dividers in the color on the monthly dashboard is good this is good but the fact that the week is kind of this rust orange color for like the entire planner I'm afraid that might depress me and turn me on we will see maybe if I add enough stickers it won't because the color does not excite me I just wish the inside color of the pages what's happier like the squad planner is really happy to me and then I thought about just you know using the squad cleaner for wellness but the whole point of buying this wellness planner because I have so many planners I can use for wellness and when I usually track my food and fitness I use an inkwell press in their Flex which is their horizontal that's what I usually use but I've also used an Erin Condren horizontal and an Erin Condren vertical before to track food and fitness just because I have access to all these and all of those work well for me I can use any planner like that if it just has the layout I need to track my food and fitness this is going to be wellness and I did not want to just pick up any one of the planners I had and the wheel I like how it already has your exercise habit tracking up here which I always exercise Monday through Friday that's not a huge thing for me and I sometimes take walks on Saturday and Sundays I might actually turn that into a different tracker it might not be exercise for me because I already do that Monday through Friday like it's a habit and that never changes my teenage son and I go to the gym every single morning for school but now it'll be summer but we will still do it and we still go early in the summer just maybe not as early as school school were there at 5:00 a.m. being that I did not want to reinvent the wheel I did not want to draw all this out in a planner and that is why I'm giving the Wellness planner I go even though the colors of the inside pages don't excite me but this dashboard is happier than the weekly pages so let's look at it this is what I mean I didn't want to reinvent I think this is a really good dashboard and I like that it's already made for me for one month I will work on I love the fact of taking one habit and working on it for that month whether that habit is putting my phone down every night at 8:30 whether it's reading every night before bed because that would be easy to make happen in the summer also whether it's making sure I connect with each of my kids and my husband every day maybe a connection I'm excited to think of a different goal for every month and to try to build a new habit around that or at least see how that affects my overall wellness I do like how they have the holiday for the month printed out here and then you can put anybody's birthday or important events or vacation you're taking then you have three main goals to work on for the month then how am i strengthening my mind so what do you want to work on for your mind that month how am i strengthening my body and what am i loving about myself and I think these are hard things like that what I'm loving about myself is hard for us to fill out I think it's good for us to push ourselves to do that I like how this planner focuses on your overall wellness like how I am strengthening my mind and not just this is not a food and fitness planner you can of course record your food and fitness in here and if you want to see how Stephanie used it go and check out those videos I'm gonna link down below from the happy planner YouTube channel I really liked seeing how she used her monthly layout because I probably wouldn't have even thought of using my monthly layout in here at all but I liked how she used it and you have for self-care top priorities for the month and then she used this to record her weight every day know I know some people cannot weigh every day some people can't weigh at all but it works for her and she explained that and I totally get it we all have to do what works for us so do what works for you you might be recording your steps every day here and she recorded some other things here I can't remember and then she would put in she divided up the boxes she got into a flow of how she used it that's what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna see at first like she did by trial and error what kind of worked for her in this layout and then she found a flow that she liked that worked for like up here was tracking her walking miles and she printed that out actually from her phone printout unlike a zip printer I can't remember what these were this was her reflection everyday and then how I spent time unplugged this week my positive word reading listening to feeling and watching I just think reflecting every day on this might be a good thing for me and the big thing of working on one new habit a month for my overall wellness and tracking that will be a good thing to you also have a quote down here at the bottom of each week every single week in this planner is the same color every single monthly dashboard is the same color like I mentioned I really wished it changed with the seasons like the squad planner that I just showed you dividers are beautiful too bad I'm just not going to be staring at the dividers too much the dividers are beautiful and motivational I like some of them better than others I'm not as crazy about this planner as the squad goals one of course but like I said when I think of picking up the squad goals and me having to put all these prompts in here and habit trackers I just don't want to do that work some people enjoy like working and crafting in their planner that way and I don't and I don't have the extra time for that and it's just not something I enjoy at this season in my life I love this divider not something I enjoyed this season in my life that's not to say I never will who knows Never Say Never and I do really love some of these dashboards here for the months so that's only 12 months since I took out the six months but this is an 18 month planner here are your other six months and those were the rings that came with it the Rings actually looked really good with the cover they did not look bad at all in the inside pages when it was open to every week when you saw this color and then all you saw were the purple rings that's an inkwell press ring I stuck in there to show you guys all you saw where the purple rings with the rust color I did not like that so the Rings went great with the cover they just didn't go great with the inside and me looking at that all year I thought no let's go into some of the extras that I got and then we will be done I got back-to-school time they just put these out they put out these I don't know exactly what they're called you know they're half page half page inserts you get 60 of them I think this pack was only $5.99 but I used a discount on everything this is a great little half sheet I feel like I don't know if I will use it in any of my planners but I wanted to have it to show you I mean I don't know if I'll use it in one of these this year but I have a feeling there's more happy planners in my future you guys and the more I look at the inside pages the more I want to change the rings out because while I love the way they look with the cover I kind of have the same feeling as the ring that I had with the Wellness planner that on the inside pages it clashes like with fall with Christmas you know it clashes so although I love it with the cover it just it doesn't do it for me on the inside pages I love these half sheets because I feel like you can use them for so many things these could be used for meal planning they could be used for a gratitude each day they could be used as your go to appointments for the day I was thinking they could use a habit tracker for everyday like you could put a habit tracker or two on here every day of the week and then on the back it's just a list so you could use the backside if you wanted or you could use front sight so this is just one way that a hobby planner is so customizable because you could have your weekly layout like this could be a monthly list that's just right here at the beginning of your month this can go in your wheat and it can be your meal plan like I said or it can be your habit tracker or it could be like your work schedule if you don't want to write it on the day like what are you working every day I feel like this how she insert could be used for so many things and you guys it'll last you a whole year you get sixty pages that's probably my favorite insert thing I picked up and then I saw this cute half sheet insert and I just thought well with my memory keeping planner there might be some weeks that I want to keep like extra notes you know like more happen than could fit on a day and I wanted to write about something or add some extra pictures in and I thought I could stick them on here oh well I would rather the back be a little bit more plain this is just what they had but if you're just planning in here you can use this as like a daily list every day so if you have a weekly planner but if you just want a daily list every day like a fresh start in your week you know me how I just try out all the planners I have kind of off and on I don't switch my planners but I just pick them up and test them and I definitely want to test out how this system feels to me and that's why I say I see more happy planners in my future because I need one to just play in and mess up and I also picked up these but once I got them out of the package I wish I wouldn't have it's 40 pages and I did not know this was at the bottom I really didn't notice it this is how it looks in the package and I should have noticed it but I didn't notice it I was really looking for the plainest paper I could encase in my happy memory planner I wanted to add like a whole page to a week or two a month or something I'm just thinking to having a few extra pages for notes or who knows I don't love how those big words are down there I don't know if I wind up using these this year but definitely keep them for future use and happy planner has so many different page packs you can buy they didn't have exact colors that I would want on these full sheets at Michaels but I know they have a lot more on their website then I picked up these because they were planar I think they're made for the many their mini size planner but I thought it was a good size to stick in here too if I needed to add extra notes this could also be your daily list page it's not a full half sheet but it goes a little bit wider or if you have longer things to write and then it just doesn't go to the bottom of the page but I find it hard to write on the bottom of the page anyway it's just a teeny bit wider than the half sheets as you can see here those are all the inserts that I got to show you guys in the two sticker books and the two planners it's safe to say that I am fully impressed with happy planner thanks for sticking with me I will link those things down below and videos that I told you about I would love to hear if you are a happy planner user if you've used happy planner before if you've never used happy planner before share down in the comments I'd love to hear your thoughts on this happy planner if you want to follow my happy planner journey definitely come catch me on Instagram have a great week happy and we'll see you next time

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  1. Thank you for this video and your thorough review of the Happy Planner. You always mention things I never would have thought about and you have wonderful ideas for how to use pages in the planners. I didn’t think I would ever be using a Happy Planner as my main planner but I am – and I am loving it so much. I am so excited to start my HP wellness planner and my other HP planners beginning in July. Yes. Down the rabbit hole I went – but I have to say that I feel like I have finally found a system that is working well for me and I’ve never felt such contentment about my Planners System. And – they make me HAPPY!!! Lol

  2. I have a weird Planner system. A couple years ago I bought some Discbound stuff from Office Depot, and I fell in love with the whole idea of the Discbound systems. I don't buy a full planner every year now for planning anymore. I buy some different inserts that I like from different Discbound systems from Happy Planner and the TUL system from Office Depot, and I also make my own inserts since you can buy a Disc Hole Punch (Happy Planner has one, but the TUL one is way better quality and I feel will last for years because of how it's made). I do buy a Passion Planner and do memory keeping in there, but I also print out the Passion Planner Months and Weeks on 120gsm paper and punch it out and put it in my Discbound. I've tried many different Discs and while the Inkwell Press Discs are fantastic quality, I prefer metal Happy Planner ones because they are just a bit lighter because of the heart punch out in them. It took me a while to get my planner system down, a lot of trial and error, but I am really happy now because it's completely custom for me. Also, I love the Happy Planner stickers too! I've been able to find the exact same Happy Planner sticker books at Wal-Mart for only $12.99 instead of $19.99 everywhere else. Which is awesome. (Sorry for the long post! lol)

  3. Oh my goodness!!! So happy you tried this. You are so inspiring!!! I would ADORE it if you shared your wellness planner, as I find your morning walks and overall health and fitness very inspiring.

  4. I use a Happy Planner for my everyday planner– I think I love that it's SO customizable! They have so many accessories and fun things to add to it

  5. Appreciate your reviews!!! I hate stores..shopping also. Reviews of different planners and supplies is so appreciated! Have A Great Summer!! Catch ya on next video!!!

  6. I own too many happy planners. Once you start you can’t stop!!! I can hear your excitement! Welcome to the happy planner world. 🌸

  7. I have been using Happy Planners since 2016. Just bought the wellness planner on Sunday. Love the dividers as well. I also wish the weekly spreads rotated colors, but I’m excited to use it. Just ordered the wellness extension pack and wellness sticker book online. The quality for the price
    Is amazing. Thanks for your review. I was eagerly awaiting, “stalking”, 🤣 this video!

  8. I like the Happy Planner. It’s economical and fun. I’ve used them off and on. I got a Recollection one last year for homeschooling and I didn’t like it so I will be going back to Happy Planner this year. I bought my first Happy Notes but haven’t started using it yet. Not sure if I like it. Happy Planner is for everyone in mind. Loved your video and I plan to get the Squad Goals for Homeschool since I saw this video. Thank you.

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this video!! I'm so attracted to this planner this year even though I've never really considered it before. After being super spoiled with Erin Condren and Emily Ley paper, the paper quality was my biggest question, and I couldn't find information anywhere. This review is exactly what I needed!

  10. I’m happy you decided to try The Happy Planner. I bought my first Happy Planner in 2017 at Michaels, I absolutely love it:) I hope you end up enjoying it and exploring all that it has to offer:) Happy Planning:)

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