Stephen Skyvington: Canadians want hybrid healthcare | Sheila Gunn Reid

Stephen Skyvington: Canadians want hybrid healthcare | Sheila Gunn Reid

well and you know you you speak to the dishonesty and it that's one of the things that really irks me about the conversations Canadians have around health care through the NDP here in Alberta they threw more money at health care and wait times got worse and then they fear monger that Jason Kenney is going to come into power and burn down all the hospital's lay off all the nurses fire all the doctors when I suspect he's probably going to do more of the same because it is a political hot potato to address innovating within the system and it's sort of seems like evidence be damned you all you do is look right next door in Saskatchewan where they have you know some private innovations happening in their health care system and they're seeing real tangible results in their wait times but that's just not a conversation most provinces can have and why do you think that is well politicians are motivated by fear I wrote about this recently and you know we had this discussion about touching the third rail and embracing the parallel private health care system the hybrid solution would be touching in third rail and that would be suicide for any politician well I argue that in order for the trains to run at a peak efficiency you have to touch the third rail and I would argue that in order for our health care system to operate at peak efficiency we have to touch the third rail and embrace the hybrid solution and so the irony is that all the polling I've seen shows that 3/4 75 percent of Canadians want choice they want a hybrid solution they don't want what what is being offered and and yet and I think in many ways it's because a lot is being driven by unions a lot of these groups are being backed by unions backed by NDP types so I find this really obscene in in British Columbia where dr. Brian day is having his charter challenge the British Columbia government spent 20 million dollars on 20 lawyers in the first six months of that that a trial and Brian Day was of the mortgages mortgages can be surgery and raise some money through you know private Canadians giving money raise two million dollars for two lawyers they have since I understand the numbers now 30 million and by the way this is not this is not NDP money this is not money out of somebody's pocket this is taxpayer dollars being used to keep people sick and in pain and dying on wait lists and the even better part is they tried to pass a law that no one would know what the number was so of course I went on social media and told what the number was I don't give I don't care if they want to put me in jail and go for it but this is a kind of sick absurd business and you know what's really funny people will say one of two things you want to get rid of the public system and replace it with a private well no one Brian day myself we've never said anything of this sort and of course the other classic is you want a us-style to to know we're number 30 in the u.s. is number 36 why would we want to embrace their system and and then the final one is people say well this is just for the rich this is so the rich could have a second tier well the rich already have a second tier it's called America you know the rich don't need this the middle class the baby boomers and frankly we are the ones that ended up driving this there's no doubt because baby boomer exactly be waiting these crazy amounts of time for hips and eyes and knees and all this stuff they they will want choice and they will force it but the irony is and I've been waiting to see it maybe Mad Max was going to be the guy if a politician a leader a party would come out and say we're embracing this we're going to tell you the truth we're gonna have that adult conversation and here's reality and here's why we have to do this I think they'd win a landslide frankly that's an excerpt from my weekly show the gun show it airs every Wednesday at 7 p.m. Mountain Standard time each week I bring you an informal interview with an interesting news maker or citizen activist you might not have heard of but who is making a big difference in Canadian politics and will talk about issues in a way you'll never see done in the mainstream media to subscribe go to the rebel dot media back slow shows you

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20 thoughts on “Stephen Skyvington: Canadians want hybrid healthcare | Sheila Gunn Reid

  1. I just waited NINE WEEKS for a physio appointment covered by OHIP, I made another one with the same physio for a different body part, guess when my appointment is for….September 24, 2019, three months! a two month wait for an MRI, three months to see most specialists in Toronto now, some specialty clinics are an eight to nine month wait. As you get older this gets really scary. Every new immigrant is in line to see a doctor, and all their ancient grandparents that Chretin let in for votes, all going to the doctor.

  2. As the only person (probably) watching this video without access to basic healthcare and billed by a hospital for emergency care: I would be happy with basic coverage provided by my tax dollars. Illegal immigrants crossing the border and criminals like Clifford Olsen have better healthcare than I.

  3. Only one political party offers to improve our healthcare system and that is the PPC with Mad Max Bernier.

  4. Vote for Maxime Bernier and the People's Party of Canada. Only they will allow provinces to decide for themselves how universal healthcare should be better delivered.

  5. Any Canadian who's seen the clearly superior experience in an American hospital doesn't toot a horn for the shabby Canadian model.

  6. Bad dietary guidelines have caused an epidemic of diabetes, heart disease and and other related chronic illnesses. There is a tidal wave of required treatment coming in. The system will be swamped with ever longer wait times.
    The doctor shortage is also being aggravated with 75% women in medical school. Female doctors just do not put in the hours and years of work.

  7. I remember a time when we did not have health care at all. I am fine with health care as it exists. My family and l have used the system for decades and we have never had a problem. As a senior l cannot afford private health care. We were there at the beginning. The service wasn't better. It was just more expensive. Recently I had issues with my thyroid. I was given an appointment with a surgeon before l even agreed to it. I opted for a more holistic approach. I have had several operations and have never had to wait, and so have my family. Quite possibly those people who go to the States are seeking elective surgery. In any case if they can afford to go they should go. All that a two or three tier system means, is that those who can afford it will pay more for themselves and their families and get superior service, while leaving those who cannot pay it, in the dust. So the rich and almost rich will be more attractive to doctors because they pay more, while the rest will get the leavings. People treat you differently when you are poor. This is the Healthcare "PLAN" they have in the U.S. It is definitely a step backward for Canada. I am sure efficiencies can be found in a fairer and more equitable way, because a three tier system is exactly that.

  8. People, All people want options. Government agencies do not run ANYTHING well. Give citizens options and see how the select their care.

  9. This is a topic that should be addressed in you regular non-subscription videos as it is of great interest in both Canada and the US where Socialists are pushing the 'benefits' of a Canadian style socialized health care system. The answer to both nations just might be a hybrid system.

  10. 100% public really bad … 100% private bad … hybrid really good. Kudos to doctor Day, I waited over 20 months for knee reconstruction, got nowhere but frustrated. Went to visit Dr. Brian Day and had knee surgery with Dr Day 9 days ago. World class facility, world class staff and world class results. Canada needs more Dr Day’s.

  11. The globalist government needs to stick to communist base methods to drive the ultimate agenda , Agenda 21 + 30 will not allow any more privatization . Its over ! Harper and trudeau have signed it away! read the agendas folks , our leaders agreed to global tyranny .

  12. When will politicans take care of the people? In the USA the left is clamering for what Canada has in health care. Some one needs to remember they work for the people. I do not want social medicine or social anything. I think Georgia has tried a new way. Monthy payments to doctors are made and the general care comes out of that money. A type of insurance is used for anything beyond that. Not sure on the details. First state to try something differant.

  13. I don't have a doctor and have no access to a clinic in new Brunswick. My mother in Alberta needs a hip replacement immediately and will wait at least a year and a half. She has to go to Houston and spend 40k for one hip. So yeah, people will go to the states. Socialized medicine is good for car accidents and that is it.

  14. Freedom of healthcare act amendment.

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  15. If we can’t care for one another, as a society, when we are sick or hurt or otherwise suffering then what good is that society? Really? Believing the only way to solve problems or challenges is by introducing the motivation of profit into the equation is just absurd and certainly doesn’t resemble a society one could or should be proud of. Besides, the whole…”who’s going to pay for it?” has been proven invalid to anyone paying attention to how money is created anyways. The only true limitation that might effect spending by a sovereign government is political will. So any government without the political will to support and care of the common good of their people is also invalid.

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