Stolen From at Free Campsite – Safety and RV Security Remote Camping

Stolen From at Free Campsite - Safety and RV Security Remote Camping

we recently had something stolen from us while staying at this BLM camping area not this site specifically but one that we were staying at about a quarter mile up the road we get a lot of comments from you guys asking how we can stay in remote camping locations like this and then leave our trailer behind for hours if not basically all day exploring other areas and still feel that our trailer is safe that it's secure and this happening kind of brings all that to the forefront when we're gonna touch on that later but just know that what was stolen from us didn't have really any financial value to it but unfortunately it did have a lot of sentimental value yes what was stolen from us was one of our dream catchers that I hang on the door if you've watched any of our previous videos especially our adventure videos we typically highlight our dream catchers that we hang on the door the one that was stolen from us was for March which I made that one for st. Patrick's Day so it was all greens and some yellows it was really cute I really liked it actually but now it's gone and I made all of those by hand the month before we hit the road which would have been in June 2017 and I made about ten of them I think one for each holiday or each season sometimes they overlap so that's why it was only ten and I made those because I knew that us hitting the road and becoming full-time reviewers even if it was only for a short period of time was us catching our dreams you know we got to try something new and we had the ability to do so so that's why I like our channel revolves around dream catchers we call our followers dream catchers our logo has a dream catcher and I hang them on the door so the dream catcher has a lot of sentimental value it means so much to us and we create videos to show people out there that not only have we caught our dreams we were able to do it at a pretty young age so we hope that our videos even if your dream isn't full timing or traveling at all in some way inspire you to catch your dream whether that means going back to school for something you really want it to do or maybe starting your own business who knows maybe it's traveling to a different country I don't know something like that so having something like that stolen from us just I don't know it just kind of like ruins your mood for the day or the week or the whole month that that dreamcatcher was supposed to be yeah yeah and it just kind of makes you feel like I don't know like personally attacked almost just because it's something that meant so much to us it was just a decoration though our solution to it though was to just get away from everyone that was near us at all the nearest person was saying about a hundred yards away from us and they had come to our site because their kids were just kind of wandering around and wandered into our site and so then the parents came to get their kids and even though we don't really have any proof or any evidence we do kind of think it was them that took it we I mean we actually think it was a kids that took it but without any evidence we didn't really confront them on it all we did say was we went up to their trailer and said hey if you see it we let us know and we just described what it is hoping that you know maybe they'd return it but that didn't happen so our solution to the problem then was just a head deeper into the BLM land and find a site that was even further away we ended up taking our trailer down some off-road vehicle trails and probably shouldn't have taken it down here because boy was it let's just say let's just say Keystone did not design this trailer to be taken down roads like that but we got so far away from everyone and we're really deep in here and we're just really secluded and hidden amongst all these Palo Verde trees so no one really knows that we're back here anyway we're basically a hundred yards off of the off-road trail even that led back here so we're pretty deep we always try and spin anything that's negative that happens to us in a positive light so I can say that we have learned a lesson here if losing something would make us sad or upset we don't leave it out anymore unless it's locked up so that means our dreamcatchers when we're not here and overnight we'll take it inside lock it inside with us but things that would be cumbersome to put way every night or every time we leave we do leave out but we leave them locked up so our chairs for instance we lock to the rim of our tires with bike locks our our generator is never left out unattended unless it's running but then it's you know attached to us so so that's fine or if it's cooling off just after running otherwise it is locked in the bed of our truck however if you use your generator all the time and you want to leave it out I highly recommend chaining it to something like the frame of your rig now we do leave certain things unlocked outside but it's only things that are completely worthless to us that we don't care if someone were to steal it from us for example our little end table that's outside it's just plastic probably five bucks at Walmart our drying racks we never secure those in any way because they're just plastic you know things that won't cost us much to replace that we wouldn't actually care if they went missing that's all we leave unattended outside otherwise everything is locked up or put away where no one can get to it right right especially you especially you yeah now this happening to us really brought to the forefront what we spoke about earlier and that we get a ton of questions and comments from you guys asking how can we leave our rig behind basically all day while we're out exploring other locations and still feel that it is safe and secure and we made a video about a year ago on RV security so I'm just going to touch on what we talked about in that video real quick and then talk about more things updates to RV security that we plan on implementing to our trailer to further improve its security so the first thing is that we have this hitch lock right here and what it does is it basically locks up the receiver so that no one can just hook up to our trailer and tow it away they would have to get through that lock first and it looks pretty beefy so we feel pretty secure having that on the front the second thing is that we've got a full-blooded Rottweiler that is typically inside the trailer left behind when we leave the trailer and I don't know about you guys but I don't know who in their right mind would break into a home or an RV that has this right here a full-blooded Rottweiler barking very angrily at them while they're stooping around outside sweeties bark is she barks it just about anyone that gets anywhere near the trailer and trust me it does not sound friendly at all another little RV security tip that we advise you do is always leave your storage bay doors locked so you know get into them get what you need out of them and then when you're done lock them back up it's just good practice so that you don't have to worry about or you don't have to remember to check to make sure they're all locked before you either leave or go to sleep because if these are left unlocked and you leave they're just right for the taking and then another tip is that if you have expensive valuable items inside your rig when you leave for an extended period of time just take them with you it's what we do we take all our camera equipment with us we take our drone and we pack our laptops up and we take those with us too so then we know that if someone were to break into our rig then there is anything valuable inside of it for them to steal they could take I don't know my pillow and a toaster I guess but they wouldn't get any expensive electronics now moving on to new RV security upgrades that we plan on implementing in the near future the first one is that we're going to change these locks that are on our storage bay doors this may come as a bit of a shock to some of you guys that own Keystone or Lance Jake oh yeah thank you Forest River all those big name RV companies that just pump a ton of these out they all frightening Lee enough use the exact same storage bay door key right on it it says CH 751 and then II will open up any of these storage bay doors now obviously this is mine so of course it's gonna open it up but scaring lien scarily enough i've tested this on some friends rigs and sure enough they unlock them and open them right up so we are swapping these locks out in the very near future so that we are the only ones that have the lot are the keys that will open the locks to our storage bay doors we are going to be making a video on that so watch for that the next RV security upgrade that we're also going to be doing and we're also going to make a video on is the front door lock we're going to be upgrading that to something else we're not sure if it's going to be like a push-button one where you put in a code or just changing the lock on it to something more robust because rumor has it that these front door keys although they're different than the storage bay door keys are also not unique they aren't as I guess ubiquitous as the storage bay door key we're literally they're all the same but there there is a chance that someone else has your key as well and they can just try on a bunch of other ones and possibly open up your front door so we also want to make it so our front door key is completely unique or it's a code that we can type in and only us know these things will just add peace of mind when we're away and the last security upgrade that we're gonna do to our trailer is arguably the one that gives us the most peace of mind and that is we are going to be installing a solar-powered camera security camera to the outside of our trailer that is gonna look out at the front area of our trailer that's probably going to be mounted somewhere up in this back corner so it can see the front door and have a good view of just that whole front area and the camera that we're gonna be going with is the Argos – by real link will be posting a link to that an amazon link so that you guys can check it out – if you're interested and what's really cool about that that camera is it can connect to a Wi-Fi signal so we have Verizon hotspots that we would just leave on when we're gone and connects to the camera and then while we're out we can view what the camera is seeing from our cell phones and what is the best part about it is that it is motion activated so say someone walks in front of the path of that camera it clicks on starts recording and sends a notification to your phone that it has noticed some motion and then you know you just click that notification and you can see a live feed of what the camera is seeing and recording it also saves the recorded video to an SD card that is on the camera so that you don't have to worry about it being stored on your phone which it also is you can store those clips to your phone but it will also save it to the SD card and it automatically overrides the files on the SD card if the SD card fills up so you don't have to worry about constantly taking the camera down taking the SD card out either moving all those clips somewhere else or deleting them it'll just override them automatically as I mentioned the camera is solar powered it comes with its own solar cell that you can mount anywhere I think the cable that runs from the solar cell to the cameras about 15 feet so you can you have a lot of options on where you the solar panel as well as the camera that it is charging and the battery that is in the camera is pretty big compared to the energy requirements of the camera so I think they say online that it can last the the battery alone can last multiple weeks if you don't have a reliable Wi-Fi signal that you can connect the Argus 2 to they do make a camera that can connect to the cellular network now you may be thinking why wouldn't you just go with that the cellular network one wouldn't that be easier for you and it would however unfortunately right now that camera which is called the real link go can only connect to the t-mobile network and the AT&T network here in the United States we have Verizon so we would prefer that it would be a verizon plan because you actually have to purchase a SIM card that has a plan that you then put into the cam or yeah the camera and it kind of has its own data requirements that it uses so we decided to opt for the Argus to that we can connect to one of our Verizon hotspots that we already have these security cameras by real link also make great home security cameras you can buy multiple cameras so it can just watch all around the outside of your house and you can also put them on the inside which is a funny story my brother actually has a security camera like this that he uses to monitor his cats while he's away at work and that kind of gives Jenny and I a little bit of a laugh but we are really excited about this security camera we think it's going to give us a lot of peace of mind knowing that there is something that is always watching while we're away that will send us a notification when if it notices motion and we can just watch that live feed when were away and if we see someone that is a potential intruder we can immediately head back home and also notify the police so that maybe they can get there before we can we're going to be making a video on the install of the Argus 2 that's going to be coming very soon and also like I said there's going to be a link to that camera in the description below it'll take you to Amazon and if you're interested in as well and make that purchase it will help support the channel which is a big help now despite not having these security upgrades down to our RV Jenny and I don't have any fear of leaving the trailer behind when we leave to go explore or head into town while it's out in these remote boondocking locations on BLM land or the national forest now we actually believe that you have a greater risk of having your trailer or RV broken into or having something stolen from you staying in the city in an RV part just because there's more people around and when there's more people around you have a higher possibility of some of them being thieves now when we're staying out here in these areas we just feel that the majority of the people that come out here they're just out here to have a good time they're looking to enjoy nature too they're out here camping and enjoying themselves they're not coming miles and miles from the city looking for things to steal that would just be insane because odds are first of all they're not going to find anything and second of all if they do find trailer out here odds are it's probably occupied so we don't have any fear leaving our trailer behind we fully feel that it is safe and secure out here and to prove it we're actually gonna head into town right now we have quite a few errands to run we're going to be gone for about three or four hours and like we mentioned before we're taking all of our expensive equipment with us into town to make us feel a little bit safer we are not going to be afraid about our RV getting broken into or anybody stealing anything because we have secured it how we like to secure it so we'll catch you guys later bye

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  2. That’s the luck of the Irish for you.
    Shame that something you made or anything at all was stolen.

  3. You both remind me SO MUCH of the WYNNS- gone with the wynns- I think they moved from their RV to a sail boat yacht now-YOUR THE YOUNGER VERSION:) Sorry about the THEFT issue, when in doubt lock it up! MOST thieves are VERY lazy!

  4. Jayco doesn't use those identical locks. Each trailer has its own (mostly unique) door key which also opens the storage bays.

  5. Security is always important to think about. We just bought our trailer and while doing our walk through, the guy doing ours told us that he has the master key to every trailer on their lot and there wasn't a trailer he couldn't get in with those keys unless the owner changed out the locks (doors and hatches). This information scared me, so we are definitely going to be changing all our locks to a lock that doesn't have a master key and we will be the only ones with a key. We will also be getting security cameras due to the fact that we can't always take everything with us when we leave the trailer (such as my desktop).

  6. I'm sorry for this happening .don't let it stop you, keep going guys. I love you , good luck just don't forget to have fun enjoy you are days enjoy your exploring and have fun

  7. There's an app called "Alfred" that lets you use an old cell phone as a video monitor. I've only used it once but it looks like it would be an excellent way to monitor your rig while you are away. I will be experimenting with it on my travels this year.

  8. Whats to stop a would be theif from stealing the camera from the roof or smashing it off with the SD card inside it with all the evidence, Dont get the logic, you might be better off just getting fake or even real stickers for your windows saying camera surveilence in use,

  9. Or I could just STEAL your camera, and and that point I have stolen all the evidence as well. I would like to point out I'M NOT A THIEF! But I see security cameras like this worthless! So the one that notifies you, is worth every penny. I don't advertise my cameras. Almost no one knows they are here. "WARNING YOU ARE UNDER SURVEILLANCE"! No signs like that here!

  10. Could be an animal that grabbed it. Always check the vegetation in surrounding areas. I learn this! Damn raccoons…

  11. I subscribed last night because you two are helping me prepare for my road trip. The security camera idea is great, changing the locks, tire pressures, etc. I'm watching everything! – Clinton in Maine

  12. Little known fact, dogs often do not deter burglars. They are a false sense of security for the owner. An officer told me that after a neighbor was robbed and their German Shepherd’s teeth had been caved in with a flashlight.

  13. Security cameras bring well earned closure, even though it's brutal to see something that you have worked hard on just get taken, you get to see how and that actually helps a bit. Xx

  14. Thanks for the great tips! I use a nest drop cam inside, besides a notification and recording I can talk to them through the camera. We love your dream catchers.

  15. I sometimes think of installing a few small motion activated cameras on the outside of my camper to catch people like that.

  16. Set up trail cameras in many locations, carry big hand gun, a 4570 rifle, 12 gauge double barrel

  17. I had my fishing pole stolen and I mentioned it in a video. I got a lot of crap from people cause they thought if I own and travel in a rv I am rich. That who ever stole my pole needed it to feed their family. Which is bull S Cause it was a fishing resort 50 miles from anything. Any way . Sometimes some people stink.
    Rottweilers are loud and scary and wonderful dogs.

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