Street Food Tour of Tokyo-IKEBUKURO

Street Food Tour of Tokyo-IKEBUKURO

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100 thoughts on “Street Food Tour of Tokyo-IKEBUKURO

  1. I love your streetfood tours! OMG! loved the cheese tart, you made it look so yummy that now I have to figure out what to eat to satisfy that craving, Lol! Thank you for taking us along I really do love these videos, love the both of you it's so much fun walking with you, I look forward to your next video.

  2. Great video guys nice to see you are getting more adventures with spicy food 🥵 😆🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  3. Thanks for this guys – i always find it hard to spot street food in tokyo 😆🙏🙏! Ringo! Reminds me of fuji apple them delicious crunchy and flavourful apple in nagano 😍! I wish i contacted you guys when i was in tokyo like dennis and time from stuffr, you guys are really humble youtuber and eater 👍😍, always inspiring delicious food that gets me drooling hehe

  4. Those Bake cheese tart's must truly be amazing! I have seen so many people raving about them on numerous food vlogs. Also anyone else here in the US we now have a bake cheese tart here in the states in San Francisco, CA!

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  7. Notice at 1:44 to 1:55 how locals caught him walking and eating. In Japan it is considered extremely rude to walk and eat at the same time. I like his videos and wont stop watching but that was just funny how I caught it and didnt expect it to happen.

  8. @1:40 Waoow, first time I see a local walking and eating. :p Is it more accepted (I did not dare to do it last time I was in Japan/Tokyo)?

  9. April 29th is right around the corner!!!!! 🇧🇷🇯🇵🇧🇷🇯🇵

    JAPAN HERE I COME! I’ll see you for the first timeeeee!! 😍

  10. Pro tips on neighborhood navigation, picking random and popular items to eat and close-ups and descriptions of the food make for a fantastic food tour video. Nice editing of the real life experiences you had with the food, for example, when the dumpling soup was too hot you left your reaction in. It makes for a lively scenario for the viewer. I like the spontaneity of this tour and would love to see more like it in the future.

  11. You guys are so adorable and it's truly a delight to watch you "take us" on your tours with you! Seriously though! Every time I watch you,I just want to give you both a hug! Well,and Justin too. Lol.

  12. Anybody else pull up Google Maps and look up these places while watching the video, to feel like they're actually there with them?? No? Just me? OK…

  13. I'm gonna have to go to Saikyo no Butter Coffee when I go stay at Ikebukuro this summer. I have to do low carb and it's a little bit hard in Japan. I looked online and they have such delicious looking food and coffee and sit down area in Ikebukuro. Also is located very close to where I will stay.
    Thank you Satoshi and Shinichi!

  14. I discovered these guys by mistake while researching my summer trip to Japan. I am so addicted, because they are too loveable. You guys are so comforting to listen to after a crazy day at work.

  15. I just visited Ikebukuro in February <3 I had an amazing time there, lots of fun things to do especially if you're fond of anime/video game. Definitely went to Sunshine City just for the Pokemon Center. Definitely tried the apple pie and tarts which were so good. Food expenses in Tokyo are surprisingly affordable (generally) when you compare them to other less urban places that may charge the same price.

  16. omg! at this time looking at this I just had to go to the kombini to find something to eat… LOL serious! (マジ!)
    unfortunately there where nothing like bake cheese tart, not even any tart (I like orange tart…) but no… nothing there for me… 😿

  17. I tried the Saikyou no Butter Coffee last time I was in Tokyo (the one in Yoyogi) and as a coffee lover, it was terrible lol. Also, massively overpriced 🙁

    I also tried the Bake cheese tarts in Ikebukuro, and those were fantastic 😀

  18. I 💚 your Videos guys ,you are still the best! 🤩👍
    …just the PLASTIC cups are a nogo , cos our earth has more than enough plastic trash. 😿

  19. I am going to visit my daughter in Tokyo and she has told us to stay in Ikebukuro so thank you for the video coming from Ireland it gave us an insight into Japanese food x

  20. Have a safe trip to HK, have fun, make fun videos! Can't wait to watch them! Just watched your Sakura video. Glad to see how comfortable you and Satoshi have become. Less tense, more relaxed and accepting. I am wishing you the best! Take care!

  21. Nostalgic. The Chinese dumplings are super popular in my hometown. My friends and I always used to go to a local shop after cram school to eat them… like everyday….

  22. If you try putting those cheese tarts in the fridge for 30 min or so and then eat it the texture completely changes and I personally think it makes it taste even better!

  23. Oh my gosh, I just realised you guys went to Ikebukuro whilst I was holidaying there! XD What a coincidence!

  24. I'm watching this and your other videos to get ideas of where to go and eat when I'm in Japan this summer! But Shinichi–I thought it was not appropriate to eat while walking in Japan?!

  25. here I am eating, watching you 2 tear into those sweets.  i'm drowning here.  those sweets caused a flood.  try to encourage that tea here in America, the closest we get here is milk or cream and sugar.  1 in 1000 Asian restarants here in this country.  I question authenticity.  that spicy stuff on a stick started the river flooding down my throat.  lol

  26. Wow ur drink was expensive 7.50 but heck if it’s good I hope better then keto coffee ( butter coffee)

  27. Dude for extra cash u should food tour for fan set a date charge 400 buck each person an take all good places to eat lol

  28. I'm going to Japan in October and I'm hoping to eat a lot of street food but I don't eat pork and I'm allergic to shellfish and octopus/squid. Do you think you can recommend some shops to me? Thank you

  29. 海外在住ライターをしています。

  30. Another great video. Shinichi better watch out sampling all those goodies and not saving any good parts for zatoshi,specially if there is any chocolate involved!
    Thank you guys for showing us the beauty of Japan.

  31. LOL, Please tell me I'm not the only one who saw that sign @16:58 and thought it said "Chocolate Cheese Fart" instead "Chocolate Cheese Tart"…

    I had to admit I was kind of disappointed when I finally realize I just misread it. It would've been a truly epic and hilarious mistake if it did!

  32. Can you review Mutekiya Ramen in Ikebukuro? Personally went there 3 times and each time my friends and I queued for 2 hours+. It was worth it! and we think it's better than Ichiran. We discovered it by accident by searching for food nearby during our stay in Ikebukuro when we were visiting Japan for the first time. Since then, our Ramen expectation became really high.

    Love your videos btw, you have a new fan from Singapore! You two are really relaxing and cute to watch!

  33. All these goodies especially the cheese tart. How are people keeping their slim build in Japan? Is it walking, tea, or the rice?

  34. Too much "Beautify Filter," your faces look fake almost like Voldemort. You may want to go easy on the filter. In one of your videos, you guys mentioned that this channel is all about being real, that should include how your faces should look in the video.

  35. Always so hungry after you do your food tours. Perhaps you could put the names of the foods/beverages that you're trying in the video or above the comments.

  36. Just love watching you guys sampling food. I’ll be in Japan at the end of Oct … biggest fear is not being able to suss out the food on offer – I’m gonna be one of those irritating tourists asking “what’s this?” ALL the time!

  37. You guys are helping me plan my upcoming trip so much. I was in Tokyo earlier this year, but on medications that killed my appetite so I couldn't eat much at all. I'm going back next March and it's turning into a food trip to make up for what I missed first time round! Thank you for these videos!

  38. Wooow guys thank you very much for sharing us your city snacks exploration 😍 i wouldnt have known these places … now i know 🥰🌺 i love how you do the review, very relaxing and detailed info 🥰🌸 Arigato gozaimasu 🌸

  39. I saw you guys on a talk show once and I didn't know you had a channel! Now I'm hooked. You're such a cute couple and your videos are so comforting and relaxing.

  40. This video is the realest! It's so easy to get turned-around in Ikebukuro. There are so many great little shops and big shops in the station. Best ramen nearby, even Nepali spicy fusion ramen! So glad you guys had fun. I miss food in Japan every time I'm away.

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