another element that comes into play when we're talking about stress management is the nutritional aspect now it's really important to use a nutritional strategy that goes with your profile your nature because otherwise it creates a stress response and of course different type of dietary approach will cause different kind of problems in different kind of people now for example let's say you're dieting down and you're cutting carbs a lot and you already are not good at ending stress you're someone who's naturally anxious you always worry about details your mood is up and down now when you diet down and you cut your carbs completely or at a very low level what happens is that you will actually become worse handling stress why because you have two neurotransmitters that are responsible for angling stress these are the inhibitory neurotransmitters those that will calm down neuronal activity so when you calm your brain down you stop worrying you're more mellow you're more relaxed and you can Endel stress more if your brain is constantly in overdrive then the stress response is magnified so you want to bring your brain down to avoid over stress and you have two neurotransmitters that do that you have gaba and you have sir toning now gaba if you're a person that's naturally anxious if you worry a lot even if you have like panic attacks or if you have bad insulin resistance or sensitivity and if you have bad digestion yeah constipated or diarrhea often I just not – not once a while but almost all the time then these are symptoms are of low GABA now if GABA is low you only have one neurotransmitter to help you cope with stress and anxiety and it's a serotonin now serotonin will be brought down significantly if you are on the low carbs diet so if you cut down carbs too much and you are an anxious personality you run the risk of creating more problems because now you don't have any neurotransmitter that allow you to manage stress as such every single element in your life will create a drastic stress response and the valine cortisol leading to all the problems we've seen in the first capsule in this series so that's why even though low carbs for I love low carbs I'll function really well on low carbs I get lean I maintain a muscle mass and I still keep training hard and my mood doesn't change well to be honest I'm an asshole pretty much all the time so I doesn't really change when I go low carbs but but honestly I function well on low carbs but some people you put them on low carbs and boom they can't handle stress they can actually get fatter water retention all over the place so the nutritional strategy you use how many carbs you're using in your diet will depend on your natural capacity to Endel stress remember it's all about stress management so a diet is not just about creating a calorie deficit although it's it's a big part of it it's also about optimizing your neurological state don't don't get me wrong hormones are important but the nervous system overrides everything because the balance in your hormones depends on how you are responding to stress and the type of diet are using will play a big role in modulating your stress response

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