Strikes at school with blue water, teachers call for safety tests

Strikes at school with blue water, teachers call for safety tests

often parents at a school in Scotland and Emani urgent action amid claims the site poses a toxic health risk to both pupils and teachers the Northland extra school built on a landfill dump hit the headlines after blue water began pouring from the taps and four teachers were diagnosed with the same cancer party case shut it was Ashley has this report it's 9:00 a.m. and these teachers have sent Ambrose and Buckhannon high school are on strike and instead of in their classrooms they're on the picket line because they believe that their building is not fit for purpose because it's built on a landfill site they say it's unsafe and they want reassurances from experts and the council's before they go back through the school gates we're not convinced that the site is safe members want that assurance when they have that assurance they will return to work there's a high level of illness not just the cancer that's been reported but mainly teachers are suffering from other conditions that are either undiagnosed or unexplained and we're quite sure that there wouldn't be a connection what we require is the proof that there isn't it comes after four teachers with classrooms on the very same corridor were diagnosed with the same rare blood cancer there's no evidence to say it's anything more than a coincidence but it's a worrying trend so worrying that Scottish hazards an organization dedicated to improving health and safety in the workplace collated their own statistics from parents from 220 responses of the extent of the crisis even extreme issues like loss of eyesight among children have been reported and now parents are speaking out no one can categorically see their skill is see when hasn't been tasty to the state hasn't been looked at since it was built on today they need to listen to us because the the local council who owned the school they had said they never knew about the the water being contaminated for as long as we're back to 2013 and then they had to come out and see recently well actually with that nor Voter they knew about the water that was blue and contaminated for years and dead nothing so we don't have any confidence and them anymore we do it and if they like that slept Wales of they're not gonna it's what the skills been built in a toxic time bomb and usually are here hundreds of cats showing symptoms that's not the extent of it either the school is now facing immediate calls to close early for the summer holidays after blue water began flowing from the taps defenders of the score Brandy's tails fake news arguing there is no proof the discoloration is even harmful now it's unlikely that the blue water in itself is a problem so copper doesn't cause some of the diseases that have been suggested as due to the site but what it may do is indicate that there could have been failures in the maintenance system and the quality of the materials used and so on and we don't know if it's indicative of other failures in the building and possible groundwater and and other contamination so the blue water itself just signal to people visibly that there was something wrong but in itself it doesn't look as if it's going there going to be a particular problem it's not particularly toxic but it may indicate things that you can't see well the old copper pipes which have been linked to the blue water have been replaced the Rao shows no signs of abating more than 16,000 people have signed a petition calling on every pupil and member of staff to be tested for toxins so now the campaign organizers have gone directly to the council who say that while safety is their priority there is no evidence of anything causing illnesses despite the facts being presented about the water being safe at the school campus and evidence demonstrating that it has been since early December and as recently as a 29th of April and that Public Health has stated there is no evidence to support a link between blue water at the school or the site itself in any serious ill health the NA s UW T has decided to take industrial action at Buchanan high school neither the school nor the council would ever take any risks with young people's safety these scores behind me were built back in 2012 but beforehand they were located down the road now former independent councillor Martin McWilliams he led a campaign back in 2010 to stop the renovation of relocation to this potentially dangerous site because he believes they should have been rebuilt where they were where he believes was safe there was three other sites at the time one was to rebuild st. Ambrose on the old site which was later saved where he'll train station and it could have been done because a local high school caught Bridge high well they had vacated that old built that old high school at the time so that building had to complicated and I thought well that's great this was the most controversial say because of its past has Steve been used for tadam industrial waste and extensively coumarine now the Scottish government has said a review will look into these concerns over the summer holidays and is expected to be completed before the start of next term but parents say that's not good enough every extra day in school could be another step towards serious illness or even worse shada Edwards – D RT UK Coatbridge

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26 thoughts on “Strikes at school with blue water, teachers call for safety tests

  1. I see that they're all wearing proper safety vests. I'm thinking the guy holding a cane could go ahead and retire.

  2. How does he know what's toxic or not ? , They will hide any evidence found so they don't get sued ! , Lies lies lies , Chris UK โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

  3. Shocking , yet again money put before health , 4 teachers with the same cancer ๐Ÿคจ, I would say it's pretty obvious myself , Chris UK โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

  4. If the water has not been tested, OF COURSE THERE IS NO EVIDENCE. That sounds like what America would say to its people.

  5. You'll be amazed how many schools still have asbestos and how many teachers have died from asbestosis. They manage the asbestos by painting it to stop it becoming airborn but of course it's a school: things get knocked and smacked and dust breaks free.

  6. The council, so-called experts and all those who claim that the water is safe should be made to use the blue water for drinking, cooking and bathing. Let's see how many of these brave and confident people still stand by their assertions when it comes to them and their families having to drink this 'water'. I don't think there would be many of them lining up in the playground to volunteer for this test never mind sitting in their air-conditioned offices with bottled water on tap or sat at home being smug and condescending.

  7. Brilliant! First we get houses built on old mine shafts now toxic landfills.
    Who ever filled the land should pay for the rebuild and medical/legal costs

  8. What about bring water from home?? Those guys literally drunk blue water and complained for getting cancer? wtf they kinda deserve it…

  9. Why would you drink blue water? Bloody idiots. Buy bottled water for fucks sake. That scientist is an idiot too. Water with enough copper in it to turn it blue is well above safe levels.

  10. So they killing us and our children with cell phones, cellphone towers, wifi routers and now its the water… Its time to move to different country….

  11. All the tap water is poisoned, you cannot trust the processess of water filtration and water distribution by companies you've never visited and procedures and ingredients you don't generally know about, the only way to restore Trust is to personally take over your suppliers and force them to admit their weaknessess!

  12. The council knew what this land was like . Should never have built schools there . Quite right to keep kids away from the schools . They should be knocked down

  13. Flint, Michigan is in Scotland? I guess I won't be winning Jeopardy anytime soon.

    Also, I had some male family members who had similar rare benign bladder cancers due to exposure of Agent Orange in Vietnam which contained dioxin. It also can cause adult-onset type-1 diabetes: uncontrolled low and high blood glucose levels.

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