Student Debt, Health Care and America

Student Debt, Health Care and America

the basis of the story I'm about to tell is true I changed some facts and details but it's the point that I want to get across there's this little town in America in the Midwest that's of Swedish origin a lot of Swedish immigrants and the I believe is the 19th century went there and they formed farms and they really had a community it's really strange because there were Americans but they had all their Swedish culture they celebrate all the Swedish holidays a lot of the people still spoke Swedish in the school they had English of course but they also have their Swedish heritage and they were really proud of it and it was small enough so everyone sort of knew each other and they went to the same churches and it was the cohesive community not that it was perfect but a lot of people may hate each other for personal reasons but they all knew each other they're kind of all an extended family you can think of it and in the little town have you ever been these small towns little diners not Starbucks this is just a family-owned business a lot of people would gather in the mornings for coffee and a Danish and how they would do it and I actually went there years ago is it was all on the honor system they would put out the danishes the the owner of the cafe and is like the price was $1 for a Danish but if you couldn't afford it for whatever reasons just take it that yeah this fine I understand some people may be going through hard times don't feel obligated to pay everyone else so the price is $1 but hey if you could pay more maybe help subsidize the people that are going through a bad time and then throw in some more money and that was it no one watched you so I would go up and most people they would actually pay more than a dollar and it was part of they want to help their neighbors you know for example let's say missiles and her her husband died and she's going through a tough time if she doesn't want to pay for a Danish you understand that you're not going to try to be heartless and so you're going to throw in an extra because you know it's an honor system you know people are going to be honourable this is a Christian community everyone has a lot of pride so you're going to do that in fact giving the extra money gives you a sense of satisfaction other people can see it and maybe your spouse or your kids it shows that you're really a good person and so you can pay maybe your two dollars for your Danish and you sit down and you just converse with everyone and the system works fine but what happens if all of a sudden the the changes and Outsiders come in and initially the outsiders they say oh I don't have to pay okay okay I'm not going to pay I'm just going to take my Danish and sit down but no one knows really who these people are they don't really fit into the community they're newcomers and they're making no attempt to fit in I initially you'll probably be good natured and think well you know they probably can't afford it and we want to be Christian charity no worries but then let's say the the weeks go by to keep doing that in fact they're starting to take more than one and then when you go outside you see that they actually have a nicer car than you have it seems like that's going to breed resentment and you're not going to want to put in more than just your dollar because you're gonna say screw it why should I have to pay for these guys that are gaming the system I'm not gonna do that I'm just gonna pay my dollar and sit down I'm not gonna help subsidize these people well when that happens and all of a sudden the owner or they used to run with a surplus or like whoa we're starting to lose money on this what's happening and then they continues and all of a sudden these people that from the outside they get there early and they actually just clear it all out they take all the danishes and they don't leave any money and then you show up with your friends you want to sit down and maybe play some cars to shoot the ball and there's no danishes left because these other people came and took it all and didn't leave anything hey you see the problem and then eventually it's the owner they have to drop the policy they have to just like Starbucks put all the danishes behind glass lock it up and they have to charge people to have to pay a clerk to be there to take the money but they don't want to do that so they still hire anyone they just get rid of the whole program so you no longer have the sense of community where you can come in together and just have the honor system and have coffee and a Danish and it's all lost then corporate chains sprang up and instead you see that's the problem and that's sort of a metaphor of what we're going through the United States is years ago this country was pretty cohesive I mean we were 90 percent of European descent almost everyone was a Christian origin and yeah there's a lot that there's a lot of people you may have hated personally but there's this idea that hey if people are in trouble you're gonna help them out there's nothing wrong with that there's a sense of cohesiveness and I think that could happen and that's the way I am I I know people must see my videos and get confused because this whole student loan debt I just said well how it's going to be abused and how people are gaming the system whereas when I talk about the ideal state if you're living in mostly a homogeneous environment you can't have stuff like state-run medical care or free education paid by the taxpayers because it's sort of like a this a macro version of the the little diner where everyone sort of trust each other that you're not going to take advantage of the system but it's there in case you need it and everyone feels good about it and in fact I think the Scandinavian countries before they became enriched they had a huge and generous welfare system or a safety net and I think they you know they took pride in it they would help people that are poor that they need medical care because I think all of us even if you may personally dislike someone if there's still part of your tribe you you want to do well with them you want to help them out and as they have a sense of pride of not trying to screw the system a sense of honour I think the Japanese really have this – they have that sense of honor not just for themselves but for their family name and how you relate to everyone that that's so important is since the same so if you do something shameful the community will shame you but when you have a community that there's nothing binds you together you're not bound by even language you speak separate languages you go to separate churches different religions and you have you don't have a shared heritage like these Swedish people did coming from Sweden you're just all different in fact a lot of the people coming in they're taught to hate you that you're evil that you're a colonial Iser and they don't give a about your constitution freedom of speech our right to bear arms the whole history behind that how the pilgrims came here to form a land to live in freedom they don't give a about that they just want their free Danish and they're gonna buy it by God they're not gonna pay a dollar for the Danish so it's gonna take your Danish that's what's happened so we're having these record immigration into the United States and everyone's like snatching the danishes of free danishes and a lot of the people that were really paying for others are starting to say wait a minute I'm being screwed why am I doing this this is not this is stupid I'm not going to be taken advantage of and I think that's what's happening to a lot of what I call the heritage Americans we're like why are we funding this like if we're gonna fun is why should I have to pay thousands of dollars a year for health care and it's thousands of dollars of out-of-pocket expense and this is not an exaggeration this is what I do when someone Pedro jumps a border and then he immediately in California gets free healthcare well free his his free health care or his free Danish he expects me to pay for his part meanwhile I'm having to pay for my part she that breeds resentment because I have nothing in common with him in fact he may hate me I'm the evil gringo that stole the the Southwest from echo so desperate all breaks down so I'm not against having a social safety net I'm not even against having national health care and have education and make things sense I'm really not against I'm not like some hardcore libertarian I'm Randy and type person as I'm just myself through everyone else I'm not but you can only have a social system if you basically have a homogeneous population no does it have to be 100% pure I'm not saying that but you to have some basic bonds that bind you together and the United States is just like a tsunami now because the border is like a dirt rush there's rushing it rushing it faster than ever even faster than Obama and all these people they don't give a damn about our just they just want the free Danish a lot of us are saying it we don't want to pay for that free Danish anymore and that's where we are right now

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45 thoughts on “Student Debt, Health Care and America

  1. 7 years of top of the line ivy league education, and I ended up owing $410.
    I tell students if they aren't smart enough to get that kind of a deal, go to City College.

  2. Its close, but to make is the same it would be people with money or in the community paying off peoples debt and no State. Once you invoke the state its no longer an honor system, you are already past that point.

  3. You’re obviously not an AynRandian, with “The Fountainhead” proudly displayed on the bookshelf behind your shoulder. Seriously, no shame in objectivism so no need to shrug it off (pardon my pun).

  4. An honour system only works when the people are honourable. We can learn a lot from Asia. Enterprise, progress, dynamism … yet absolute regard for honour and preservation of culture.

  5. Apartheid is the only solution for peace, the west must follow Israel example and care for our own citizens and build a wall. Israel has a wall and the west can too.

  6. In some passages I found a perfect description of the former way of life in my formerly socialist country: We were all white, we all belonged to one nation, we were all Christians (although some not practicing, even the communists were actually Christians), we did not try to live as parasites on others (in socialism it was even impossible – everybody HAD TO WORK, and the state saw to it that everybody HAD A CHANCE TO FIND A JOB). The whole country BELONGED TO ALL OF US, with all its towns and villages, mountains, rivers, fields, factories. Not everything was perfect, but life was constantly improving for all members of the society, you could see it year by year. Every year you could afford more and better things than the previous year. It was a life full of good perspectives.

    BUT… In a state consisting of dozens of nationalities ethnicities, races, religions, with nothing they have in common… Nothing of that kind is possible. Such a state is doomed to constant hatred, constant fear, constant conflicts, and finally to destruction. That is what all western countries are headed to.

  7. The town you talked about sounds so beautiful. Here in Finland we also have some things done the same way. For example, someone owned a potato field, and they had a table on the side of a road with nobody watching it. On the table there were a lot of potatoes and you could take what you need and then pay what you can into a little jar. Seeing that was heartwarming.
    Overall, I agree with you on the topic. Finland is known for it's generous welfare system, and it really did work pretty well before the third worlders came. Now we even had so somali woman elected as immigrant or woman of the year I cant remember, and she had scammed the system for 30 000+€ by sending the money to Somalia. This is sickening.
    One wall is not enough we need to have walls everywhere.
    I love walls.

  8. as you listen to the story of the danishes, you are picturing the outsiders: they are not Swedish; you, my friend, are a racist!

  9. I can summarize
    1) Catholicism built Europe
    2) Protestant heresy divides Europe
    3) Protestant cancer mutates into “enlightenment” scientist-ism
    4) Remaining Catholics want to “fit in” (circa 1950)
    5) west dies
    You cannot have western nations without the foundation that built Europe in the first place

  10. Basically describing national socialism, “ein volk, ein Reich, ein fürher” one people one country one leader. We need at least one people and one country. And if we can find a leader who will look out for OUR people and foreigners and (((others))) can be kicked out, then we can have all 3.

  11. I stopped paying for the Danish a long time ago. I don't even go to the coffee shop in the first place because all my swedish coffee friends are advocating for the importation of more outsiders. I'd rather get my danishes from the grocery store and stay home

  12. When people are told not to come to a country and they disregard and disrespect your request, and then they come anyway. illegally as well. They have told you something about themselves. They have revealed their character. These are not the qualities I would want in a fellow citizen. i can almost guarantee, these same said people couldn't care less . It is time for the former United States to split up.

  13. While I don't like illegal immigration and would even call for a reduction in legal immigration I never did buy in to the homogeneous argument as to why we cant have a national healthcare system. In addition the danish metaphor does not add up in my mind simply because the funds would end up at the Dr.s office or a hospital not in the patients pockets. Yes there is a benefit to the patient in that he would receive the care but to me that is the whole point of having a healthcare system as opposed to our current disfunction. Will it cost money? Yes. Will it be more than the current system with better outcomes? That is the question I want answered. Problem is who would answer it without bias? Certainly not anyone who benefits from the current system.

  14. 7:56 Hold on RamZPaul, the people of Mexico do not believe that the U.S. "stole the south", it was sold/lost by a moronic president/general named Santa Anna. No one here that I have ever met, blames the U.S. for any of that. If anyone makes that argument, it's a safe bet that they're NOT from Mexico.

  15. Up until the mid 1990's I was able to go to our local gas station/store poke my head in the door and say "Hey, I'm going to fill up on pump two." They would turn on the pump I would fill up and go in and pay. I remember my shock when they stopped doing that, now other than older people no one imagines that could ever have been possible.

  16. Excellent analogy to Swedish Immigrants. Lots of us share this feeling of resentment, especially towards modern immigrants who share nothing in common with in-group white Christian people of European decent.

  17. Some people are saying diversity prevents honor sytems, but a fully Chinese community would also selfishly hoard danishes for relatives. It's not diversity in the literal sense, it's non-north-western Europeans.

  18. Basically, clannishness vs. non-clannishness.

    Clannish society: selfish hoarding of danishes for kin.
    Non-clannish society: no hoarding; more nationwide perspective.

  19. Thanks for another great video with great thoughts 🙂
    I was born in Sweden and I have seen a great homogeneous country turned into
    a multicultural hell hole in only 15 to 20 years……
    Best regards.

  20. not one more danishe shall be taken!!! in fact you can leave the country your nothing but a bunch of grateful people! and do not deserve America!

  21. This reminds me of a few years back when organisers of the London Marathon left packs of water bottles at the side of the marathon route so that the runners could grab a bottle as they ran past. Unfortunately for them, the diversity came along with carts, loaded up the water bottles and made off with them

  22. Now, if Mexico's economy were booming and White People tried to move down South and take advantage of the social programs, do you think the Mexicans would welcome us with open arms? They'd run the Gringo out of Met-e-co.

  23. I'm with Ayn Rand on this one, this welfare state crap is for the weak. Charities can be the welfare state but socializing personal responsibility doesn't really work outside of a small group. I love Europe and Scandinavian countries but let's be honest, they're cucked partly due to relying on government. That is what use to differentiate America from the rest and what created the modern world. I'm still a mono-culture libertarian.

  24. It sounds like Freistatt, Missouri. It's a little german/swedish town that has an Oktoberfest every year.

  25. In the Netherlands we have a lot of trust-based systems like that. They're all being turned around now that these brown people are shamelessly taking advantage.

    We used to have more decency.

  26. The people who really run things don't give a shit.
    A truly homogeneous society may not produce the conditions necessary for them to prosper, they need the strength of diversity to divide and rule.

  27. An exclusive White Homeland is the only solution. Our children deserve a safe, clean place to grow and thrive.

  28. I grew up in such an area in Minnesota. Everyone here is of Swedish origin & retains this communal identity: we all went to Lutheran church, celebrate Midsummer, eat Herring at get-togethers, ice fish, etc. It is a very special region that retains its Swedish-ness. There are two Academy award winning movies & books from Vilhelm Moberg that take place here, called "the Emigrants", a must watch for identitarians.

  29. and then diversity showed up:

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