Student Loan Forgiveness Is Welfare For The Rich | The Michael Knowles Show Ep. 371

Student Loan Forgiveness Is Welfare For The Rich | The Michael Knowles Show Ep. 371

Bernie Sanders proposes a taxpayer bailout for all student loans in the United States but what the left won't admit is that student loan forgiveness is nothing but welfare for the rich we will analyze the numbers then Iran keeps provoking us to war will president Trump take the bait that crazy lady who's accusing Trump of rape says more crazy things on television and the White House name is a new press secretary who isn't me that's okay though I'm not I was just actually cutting some onions before this it's great great news all that and more I'm Michael Knowles this is the Michael Knowles show great news I almost almost couldn't do the show today but no it's it's okay it's well analyse who she is a little bit later she actually does seem to be a very good candidate for it though a lot of big shoes to fill after Sarah Sanders but first support for the Michael Knowles show comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans finding the right house isn't easy but finding the right 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home of your dreams they can help you too when you work with them you get more than just alone because rocket mortgage is more than just a lender get started online at rocket mortgage comm slash Knolls kano wles Equal Housing lender license for all 50 states nmls consumer accessed at organ number 30 30 rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans push button get mortgage we're gonna be talking about loans a whole lot today because Bernie Sanders has a new plan to cancel all of the student loan debt in the country not just some of it not just for people who can't pay it not just for poor people not just for people who don't get a job one point six trillion dollars of student loans currently owed by 45 million people 40 million of whom are college graduates that 40 41 million who are college graduates about 4 million of whom are dropouts so they're really having trouble paying their loans this is the most radical proposal we've seen yet and they've all been talking about this for a while the Democrat candidates have been building up to this so previously Bernie had proposed making community colleges and four-year public colleges tuition free for people who make less than one hundred twenty five thousand dollars per year so that's a lot of money you know 20 125 grand that would cover a lot of people still not nearly as radical as this Elizabeth Warren had taken it a step further and talked about forgiving student loan debt what her proposal would have done was giving all Americans who have student loans up to 50 grand even that is nowhere near what we're seeing now from Bernie Sanders some people have student loans upwards of $200,000 or more Harris Booker Gillibrand all the Senate Democrats running for president they endorse something called the debt free college act still not even close to this this would wipe out all of the student loan debt currently owed in the country would do nothing for the people who already paid off their student loans ostensibly wouldn't do anything for the people who are about to take out student loans for the people who currently have them it would wipe them away Democrats love this idea here's aoc embracing it at a her own press conference because the Sun can't rise in the morning without AOC holding a press conference and she is totally owning this issue I will be completely honest I will disclose my my personal stake in this fight because I have student loans too and I think it's so funny a year ago I was waiting tables in a restaurant and it was literally easier for me to become the youngest woman in American history elected to Congress than it is to pay off my student loan debt so that should tell you everything about the state of this of this of our economy and the state of quality of life for working people it doesn't it doesn't tell you about the state of our economy or the state of the quality of life of working people it tells you about the state of education of education nationally and specifically about AOC education she got a very expensive education she went to a college called Boston University it's a private college it costs today about seventy thousand per year seventy thousand dollars per year to go there and that education wasn't worth it I'm not saying Boston University is never worth it I'm saying AOC didn't get a whole lot out of it it's funny she majored in economics she knows nothing about economics but if she went there hoping that it would help get her a job she took out $200,000 I don't know how much she took out in student loans but she could have taken up a two hundred thousand dollars she did not learn enough in that university to pay it off with the job she got after college because the job she got after college she says she was waiting tables she was a bartender so either because of what she studied or how she applied it or what she learned from it her education did not translate into lots of money afterward now being a bartender is a fine job some of my favorite people are bartenders but it's it's not a fine job if you've got $200,000 in student debt you don't need to go to college to be a bartender you're not really supposed to get a liberal education to get a job anyway the purpose of a liberal education is education for itself you only study things like literature history mathematics things that don't have direct applicability it's not pre professional training it's it's the arts of Liberty it's the arts to understand your liberty and to understand your role as a free citizen and to understand your own civilization so it's fine to be a bartender but if you're saddling yourself with $200,000 of debt and you think that that's gonna get you a very high-paying job afterward then being a bartender isn't gonna cut it now she says it's it's so crazy she did something so much harder she became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress that's so much harder than being a bartender no it isn't no it isn't being a bartender is much harder than being a congressman it requires much more in in terms of social intelligence it requires probably requires a higher IQ the job of being a congressman offers an inflated salary and much higher future earnings potential for mediocrities most people who are in Congress are not terribly intelligent they're not terribly serious people they're just glad handing grifters who make a bunch of money on taxpayer dollar and then they leave and they become lobbyists and they make even more money there are some good people in Congress I have some friends in Congress I like Dan Crenshaw that he's a terrific guy super smart loves this country most people in Congress are not Dan Crenshaw so I'm not at all surprised AOC graduates college he hasn't learned anything she's saddled herself with debt for what is basically a worthless degree and she realizes gosh in the private sector I'm never gonna make anything I'm not gonna make any money out here and I'm gonna just be waiting tables or being a bartender for the rest of my life and never be able to pay off this debt but I can run for Congress this is the path forward for mediocrities coast-to-coast this is a very ironic proposal though because what the left doesn't want to admit is that student loan forgiveness is not a way to help out poor people it's not a way to help out the oppressed underclass student loan forgiveness is welfare for the rich as always it's the left pretending that they're sticking up for the little guy when really they are sticking up for the elites Bernie and AOC say this is going to help the average the working American the average working American doesn't have a college degree one-third of Americans graduate from college two-thirds of Americans don't graduate from college Americans who do graduate from college statistically speaking can expect to make a lot more money the median American college graduate makes about 75 percent more per year than the average American who only has high school diploma okay that's you you do get a pay off if you go to college statistically speaking the median person who goes to college is going to make significantly more money that comes with a cost you have to pay the tuition you have to pay off your student loans it's not as though Bernie Sanders in a OCR like paying off these people's student loans out of charity the taxpayers are paying so you now have a system being proposed by Bernie and AOC where the majority of Americans who make comparatively less money than college graduates will be paying off the reckless financial decisions will be bailing out the minority of Americans who choose to go to college and get that education who will statistically make significantly more money than the majority over the course of their lives this is a bailout from the comparatively poor to the comparatively rich now the leftist is trying to avoid this criticism Bernie has not acknowledged aoc has not acknowledged it Ilhan Omar to her credit has sort of alluded to this issue that it's it's the minority of people who were going to college in the first place who are graduating from college it's people who have much higher future earnings potential and people who don't go to college why is the rest of America going to bail them out for something that's going to make them more money in the long run ilan omar sort of alludes to this generation many of them played by the rules follow the advice of our parents our leaders and got an education we are told going to college opens a world of opportunity but far too many it's accompanied by a world of anxiety stress and never-ending that we are told by some politicians that this debt is our fault that if we want to achieve the American dream we have to lift ourselves up by our bootstraps well we're here today to say student debt it's not the result of pad choices or behavior it is the result of a system that tells the students to get an education and go to college in order to have a stable life but then does not provide the resources to afford that education you see that they're not the elites they're not the ones who are gonna make more money they're the victims they were tricked into it by their parents by society they're their victims they have this debt it's not their choices it's not their benefit it's not their future likely elite lifestyle no no they're the real victims and the majority of Americans who don't have a college degree who they're now telling to bail out the minority who will they they're it's incumbent on them because they haven't had such awful oppression as the people who spend four years at very expensive private colleges totally outrageous speaking of making money big tech companies make gobs and gobs of money because you and I give all of them our data and if you want to keep giving them your data that's fine there's no big deal but here's what I recommend you should make a little money on that too and you can do that finally with big token this is so great here's how 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of leftism here is they want to get something with no cost and with no risk it's true you can take out a hundred thousand dollars in loans go to college graduate not having learned anything not having studied very hard not having been appropriate for college maybe there was a better path for you but you did go to college now you got a lot of debt you're not making a lot of money that's risk life involves risk you don't you don't have perfect security little babies have perfect security and even little babies frankly don't have a perfect security certainly grown adults tone you've got to take some responsibility and there's cost so for the median and everyone else you're gonna make a lot of money after you graduate from college that doesn't just come for free not just because you're so pretty not just because you're so privileged and wonderful and beautiful people are going to give this to you for free you incur that cost and then you get a reward for that in the long run according to a new survey just came out 2/3 of employees in America are reporting having regrets when it comes to their degrees they wish they didn't get it according to a pay scale survey of about 250 thousand respondents this past spring they have regrets because I don't think they have regrets because they don't want to make the extra money which statistically they are they are making significantly more money than if they hadn't gone to college they regret that they have to pay for it sorry buddy there's no such thing as a free lunch if you want something in this life you've got to pay for it so the other question on this is why are we only going to pay off student loans if the if the minority of people are the ones who are getting the student loans why are we privileged annette also are we gonna reimburse people who already paid off their loans or are we going to give a bonus to people who were able to get scholarships to college so they didn't need as much in student loans or any student loans are we going to give anything to the majority of Americans who don't have student loans why not car forgiveness why not car loan forgiveness the average car payment in America is significantly higher than the average student loan payment and way more people have car payments than have student loan payments why are we gonna bet mortgage payments are we gonna do that now that the left would say this is the Democrat response they say College helps the economy sort of a common good because you're more educated people you have the more they're going to make a lot of money and that wealth is going to trickle down ironically they're making a sort of trickle-down argument from the left say it's great it's a common good there's gonna be more businesses it's helpful to the community when people get educated okay car ownership helps the economy – car ownership helps the economy way more than most college degrees car driving also should be encouraged by society it's how people get to work it's how people pick up the kids from school that's how they keep the economy moving if we pay off student debt why aren't we gonna pay off car loan debt if we pay off student and car loan debt why are we gonna pay off mortgage debt people need a place to live don't they people need a place to live way more than they need to study lesbian dance therapy at Palookaville University don't they if we're gonna pay off all those debts certainly we should pay off homeowner debt now what is debt people also don't know what debt is why do people have debt people have debt because they are borrowing against their future earnings you need some money today the money today is more valuable than waiting and having the money in 20 years so you're gonna pay a little bit of an interest rate on that because there's a time value of money and you're gonna use that money now it's gonna help you it's gonna propel you ideally and that's how modern economies work if you know that you're gonna make 75 percent more per year by going to college then you're definitely going to borrow the money now because you're gonna have 60 years of earning all that more money you're gonna pay it off it's gonna be a good deal that allows for economic growth but if there's never any consequence to debt then the system of credit is gonna collapse because no one's gonna have faith in the system right the way that credit works is you have to have people believe that there's gonna be a consequence to not paying it off otherwise why would anyone pay off their debts if we forgive 1.6 trillion in student loan debt why would anyone ever again make a student loan payment it actually wouldn't be fair for them to do it it already wouldn't be fair for the people who paid off their debt so why would they ever make that pit we're just gonna have to bail out student loans all the time if we forgive all the student loans we are creating a federal entitlement to free college and free private college for that matter but once the government gets involved I guess it becomes a public college no one will pay off their debts the big question politicians need to solve here is not why but not all of the oppression not all of the victimhood not all the terrible reasons why people want to College they need to figure out why is college so expensive why is it because the federal government guarantees loans so it's an that's a blank check to colleges to raise their tuition which is skyrocketed over the last 2025 years why else because more students are going so you're flooding the market you're telling people they need to get a college degree and so the colleges have the opportunity to just raise the prices in 2016 nearly 70 percent of high school graduates enrolled in college a lot of those people are not going to graduate for a lot of them it was a terrible idea to enroll in college very expensive mistake but 70 percent almost in the 1940s do you know how many people got a college degree 5 percent 4 or 5 percent even in the 1950s 5 6 percent of people so now we got 70 percent of people going to college back in the 40s and 50s we had like 5 percent do we really think that people today are much better educated than our grandparents were no of course not if anything we're less educated today we have more degrees were more credentialed but we're less educated in the 1950s universities required knowledge of Latin as a prerequisite do you know Latin has your Latin not great has my Latin terrible high schools taught Latin because of this requirement today even top universities don't require Latin some universities don't even offer Latin in the 1950s education made sense I mean getting a good education always makes sense but I'm saying the education that was being offered actually was coherent it was based around a common curriculum was based around the Western Canon it's based around our civilization so you'd read the ancients through the Middle Ages through modernity you would understand how Aristotle and Homer relate to lucid –'tis relate to the Bible relate to Dante then relate to Boccaccio relate to Shakespeare then how all of those people relate to the moderns how they relate to Thomas Aquinas so Thomas Aquinas takes Aristotle he makes him Christian and you get to Machiavelli and modernity then you get to Hobbes and Rousseau and TS Eliot and it makes sense you have a picture of how ideas have progressed how we got to where we are it used to make sense in and of itself now it doesn't now you just pick random subjects okay I'm going to take modern French film and I'm going to take math for English majors and that's supposed to be an education but it's not and that's what almost everyone has now education always so used to make sense for students so if you want it in a lead education you've got a liberal education if you want it to be an electrician you apprenticed under an electrician or you got a trade education if you wanted to be an entrepreneur sometimes you got a liberal education sometimes you didn't get any education you just started building things you just started doing stuff right out of high school if you even finished high school now education doesn't make sense for students the problem is not that the cost is too high or that people have too much debt or that that it's too hard to get in or whatever the problem is that we have devalued education by saying that everyone needs to go and that the government will basically create an entitlement to it we have devalued it okay I personally I paid very little for college because I got a lot of scholarships and I actually know who gave my know the guy who had the name scholarship who then I received his scholarship I got to meet him I went to the Opera with him great guy that creates a feeling of gratitude that creates a debt I understand that even though I didn't have to pay a lot for college barely had to pay anything I know that it wasn't free somebody worked very hard to allow me to go that create some responsibilities if the government is just gonna forgive all the debts there's no feeling of gratitude that's just a that creates an entitlement it creates a feeling of entitlement of all of these AOC and Ilhan Omar these bratty little girls who are saying I want something for free why and where it's not my fault that I have to pay something for the great benefits that I've had that's what it creates free college only exacerbates the problem we need to make it clear once again that not everyone needs the same schooling because when everybody has the same government-run schooling then you have a lot of schooling you don't have a whole lot of education unfortunately the problem seems to be worse and you see that lack of education every time a OC opens our mouth moving on from the 2020 race we have to talk about war because Iran keeps threatening us with war and this is creating a lot of consternation in the White House and on the right especially so what is Iran doing Iran looks like they set a few oil tank couple oil tankers on fire last week looks like they shot a missile at one they also then shot down our 130 million dollar drone which is very frustrating no Americans killed but 130 million dollars a lot of money so the question is are we going to war with Iran it looked like the United States was going to launch some strikes on Iranian targets and President Trump called it off at the last minute according to White House reports which he alluded to why did he say he doesn't want to go to war why did he call off the strikes because he said it's not worth killing people for a drone which is an amazing statement from the president they call this guy Hitler they call him an authoritarian war monger he's like the most peaceful president I've ever seen certainly in my lifetime they call him bloodthirsty I think he's certainly the most peaceful president since Ronald Reagan he heard that it would about 150 people would be killed in Iran if if they struck those targets and he said no I'm not gonna do that for a drum not gonna kill those people it's not their fault you know Barack Obama loved invading Muslim countries they said they said if I voted for John McCain then we'd go to war with another Muslim country and obviously that was correct because I voted for McCain and we went to war with more Muslim countries George W Bush responded to 9/11 by invading Afghanistan and Iraq Bill Clinton bombed a medicine factory in Sudan just to get Lewinsky out of the news that's how little it took for Bill Clinton to go to war Bush 41 obviously led the gulf war Ronald Reagan actually was also fairly double he didn't really like going to war very much a lot of similarities with Trump or Ronald Reagan sent forces into Lebanon and then you had the Beirut bombing and over 200 Americans were killed and he pulled those forces out pretty quick so what does president Trump gonna do his supporters don't want to go to war with Iran generally but there is sort of a split here there's a split in the conservative mind on this on the one hand we say Iran is awful they're terrible they're a terrible government they're ruining a world order I don't care about them at all blow up the whole country that's one idea the other one is I don't care about Iran I don't care about Iran at all I don't want to send American soldiers to fight because it doesn't seem to really affect me that's the other idea they're both kind of views of going to war that have a kind of machismo to them their boat they have a conservatism to them but we're debating now which one to do what does president Trump gonna do he finally made his announcement yesterday sanctions imposed through the executive order that I'm about to sign will deny the Supreme Leader and the Supreme Leader's office and those closely affiliated with him and the office access to key financial resources and support the assets of Ayatollah Khomeini and his office will not be spared from the sanctions okay so I have to stop it right there because the left was attacking Trump yesterday they were all making fun of him because he referred to the Ayatollah Khomeini who died in 1989 what a total idiot can't you what a what a nincompoop he talked about Ayatollah Khomeini like Ayatollah Khomeini is still alive so I asked a few of these people on Twitter I said okay yeah Ayatollah Khomeini is dead what's the new guy's name none of them knew because they don't know anything they make these jokes like guffawing buffoons but they don't they don't know the punchline the new guys name is Ayatollah Khamenei okay so he mispronounced the name it's pretty close it's not like he he he confused him with John Smith or something it's Khomeini and Khamenei give me a break he's reading on the paper he doesn't know no it's not it's not like the biggest deal in the world he goes on to the actual meat of what he's talking about these measures represent a strong and proportionate response to Iran's increasingly provocative actions we will continue to increase pressure on terror until the regime abandons its dangerous activities and his aspirations including the pursuit of nuclear weapons increased enrichment of uranium development of ballistic missiles engagement in and support for terrorism fueling of foreign conflicts and belligerent acts directed against the United States and its allies okay so he's talking tough he's getting tough as a diplomatic measure but he isn't saying the bombs are gonna fly in five minutes what is going on with Iran the friend of the show foreign policy expert Mike Duran has an interesting take on this we'll get to in a second then we'll get to that crazy lady who's accusing Trump of rape and a whole lot more but first I've got to say goodbye to Facebook and YouTube go over to daily wire comm ten bucks a month $100 for an annual membership you get me you at the end of clayvin show you at the ben shapiro show you get them at wall show you get to ask questions in the mailbag which is coming up on Thursday get them in you get to ask questions backstage you get the leftist here's tumblr mmm oh yes that's very good yeah that sounds like it sounds like we're not going to forgive your 1.6 trillion dollars in loans if they think that payout payouts 1.6 trillion dollar payouts for the minority of Americans who are these elite effete generally left wingers that's gonna rally people to go vote for them in 2020 probably not a great look head over to Daly we'll be back with a lot more okay what's Iran really up to Mike Duran one of my go-to guys when it comes to especially Iran policy he has a piece out at mosaic magazine and it's the most coherent and compelling argument I've heard yet the title of the article is what Iran is really up to and then the byline or the the sub header is desperate to preserve the nuclear deal Iran with the help of its Western friends is creating just enough turmoil to make America and not it appear eager for war and that seems to be about right so what's going on all of the American allies in Europe and the g20 nations they're all fearful we're told because Donald Trump is a populist and he's upsetting the established order of decaying liberalism they're afraid in Europe they're afraid of their own right-wing populism and so specifically on the Europeans Khamenei wants to scare them about the threat of war with Iran and they want to to scare them about the threat to the international order and then this is what Mike Duran thinks they're going to offer a multilateral diplomatic way to avoid that war and you know what that way is it's the Iran deal the Iran deal had President Trump campaigned against and ripped up when he got into office so it turns out we never fully pulled out of the Iran deal we ripped up most of it but we crucially are still issuing waivers to our European allies to allow them to cooperate with Iran on certain projects that are permitted under the deal so we didn't totally pull out of it and what this means is it actually does give us a little bit of leverage so one of the arguments against pulling out of the Iran deal is it takes away our leverage we actually still have a little bit of leverage President Trump could reinstate all sanctions every punishment against Iran with the snap of his fingers he could completely end the Iran deal and this is the worst case scenario for Iran so what Iran wants to do is present President Trump as the enemy of a rules-based international order this is very high Larry because Iran since the Iranian Revolution has been the chief international opponent of the international order they're worse than North Korea in this regard because at least North Korea doesn't pretend to be a part of the international order and system Iran does Iran puts one foot in the international order they show up and they give their speeches at Columbia University and the UN and they they wear suits and ties or whatever version of that they wear they try to pretend to be serious participants in the international world order then they fund terrorism all around the world there the chief exporter of terrorism they undermine the international order left and right one foot in one foot out so Iran announces in keeping with how they behave they announced on June 17th that their nuclear stockpiles are about to exceed the limit of the Iran deal but the Iran deal is over right now why did they announce that on June 17th but just in time for the g20 summit right around the corner so Mike Duran writes quote Iran's policy of strategic pressure then is made up of three separate but interlocking lines of effort a struggle to gain relief from the oil and banking sanctions a campaign to tarnish Trump as an agent of chaos and an initiative aimed at keeping its nuclear waivers in place among these the third is by far the most urgent to understand why we need to examine the function of the waivers and why they are exceptionally valuable to Ali Khamenei so this is all about the Iran deal all about getting those waivers to keep building up their nuclear program so Shinzo Abe a the Japanese leader kate went over to iran this past month and right around the time he was there iran blew up a partially japanese owned oil tanker they said this doesn't make any sense they're trying to threaten everyone else and scare them about president Trump's role in the international order so according to reports President Trump sent a message with Shinzo Abe a for Ayatollah Khamenei and Khamenei responded to obey and said I have no message for Trump I have no message at all I'm not going to dignify him with a response but of course he's sending a message to Trump a message with missiles he's trying to get and more importantly sending a message to Europe what does this show us it shows us one Obama got bungled Iran completely Obama assumed wrongly that he could diplomatically stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon can't be done that is not going to happen ever and Obama tried it and it didn't work and other people have tried it too you can only stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon with force that's the hard reality now as as Mike Duran says that's not doesn't necessarily mean war though it very possibly could mean war but ultimately you will need coercion you will need coercive measures that are not just people singing Kumbaya ironically what what does this mean an eternal rule of statecraft is that if you want to avoid war you need to be totally ready to go to war if you want to avoid war you need to be able to credibly threaten going to war and that is the line that President Trump is walking now so people are saying sending mixed messages he is an anti-war candidate and John Bolton is his national security adviser John Bolton has been in Iran hawkers entire life on the one hand he says I don't want war on the other hand there's a military operation in place to strike Iran but then he calls it off what is happening he's trying to show that we have the credible threat of force and we will do it he's actually using against Iran the very thing that Iran is trying to use against America which is the president Trump is a madman you can't predict what he's going to do I genuinely can't predict what he's gonna do on Iran neither can come in it so what Trump is saying is you can't predict what I'm gonna do cut it out and don't make a nuclear weapon because we will go to war we will force you not to have that nuclear weapon what Khamenei is saying is look at that madman over in America we need the Iran nuclear deal we need we need to force America back into this deal because he's a madman he'll blow up the whole world order that's the standoff right now it's it's over the question of how mad is Donald Trump and which side is he going to come down on when that charade is over I have no prediction because his strategy is working speaking of mad people and crazy people a couple days ago you you know there was a few days ago now there was that woman II Jean Carol the New York advice columnist who accused Trump of raping her 23 years ago in Bergdorf Goodman dressing room and we saw that interview that she did with Allison Cammarata and it was really weird and it wasn't terribly credible and the story was falling apart so she did another interview she did an interview on MSNBC and she was discussing what she should have done in that moment what was going through her mind what she could have changed about that moment you know not going in not being raped by Donald Trump not coming out with this before 23 years later do you know what she says she would have done if she could change anything about the event while Donald Trump was in the room with her bad to raper she would have asked for his tax returns so I just Lawrence I wish I had said I wish I said I'll tell you my age if you show me your tax returns okay all right well that's a little odd isn't it so she has these lines she keeps evading the question and saying all these crazy things she then says it wasn't rape so she's saying but before she was calling the referring to this is rape and this was her rape in there now she's avoided those direct questions when she's done these interviews now she's saying it wasn't rape and she explains why it wasn't rape in an interview on CNN with Anderson Cooper it did not last long and that's why I don't use the word you just used I use the word fight you don't use the word rape sexual violence is in every country in every strata of society and I just feel that so many women are undergoing sexual violence and mine was short I got out I'm happy now I'm moving on and I think of all the women who are enduring constant sexual violence so this one instant this one what three minutes in this little dressing room I just say it's a fight that way I'm not the victim okay hold it there for just a second she says she's not using the word rape because she doesn't want to offend less-fortunate women who were raped that doesn't make any sense just because you are relatively better off than someone else doesn't mean that a crime can't be committed against you when a rich guy gets burglarized he doesn't refuse to call the police or say he wasn't burglarized because poor people are also burglarized so when women experience rape but there are sort of relatively wealthier or better known or better-off it's still rape it's not not rape because some poor woman also can be raped now the reason she's not trying not to use the term rape I suspect is because she wasn't raped by Donald Trump because her story's completely falling apart but the interview then takes the craziest turn of all when she tells people when she tells Anderson Cooper though another reason that she won't refer to the the event that took place as rape is because rape is sexy you don't feel like a victim I was not throwing on the ground and ravish which the word rape carries so many sexual connotations this was not this was not sexual but just it hurt it just what it just you know I think most people think of rape as a I mean it is a violent assault it is not I think most people think of rape as being sexy let's take a short break of the fantasies we've gotta take a quick break if you can stick around we'll talk more on the other side you're fascinating to talk to oh man that does not look great we'll take a quick break please please cut the cameras so now this woman has no credibility the left is saying we'll forget about her but think of all the other women who have accused Trump we're told a lot of women have accused Trump I haven't seen a lot of them but they were told that all these women accused Trump of rape even on the right even David French said this he said look when this first came out and he believed her before he saw the video I suspect he said look at this we have to come to grips with the fact that President Trump is very likely a rapist no we don't well they're credible accusations or their credit are they credible is that woman credible if all the women are as credible as that woman then none of the accusations are credible at all then there's no reason to believe them this is the same line the left always uses they say well you know forget about this particular claim you know whenever they're they're hysterical claims get disproven by the facts they say well forget about this one instance that okay maybe that one wasn't true but it gets to a greater truth okay if it gets to a greater truth show me the actual examples of it well no we can't show you these but just know a five million women accused Trump of rape so look one of them has to be right right one of them has to be telling the truth no they could all be lying or you could actually more likely you could be lying even in your presentation of that narrative this this woman is the most prolific astronomer for to come out and accuse president Trump of raping her her story has no credibility now this is about the narrative this is about the left pushing the one their narrative and us trying to refute it with facts we have a new person who's going to be doing that from the White House unfortunately it's not going to be me it's okay I'm not crying no big deal I'm not crying milania's spokesman Stephanie Grisham is gonna be the new White House press secretary this news just broke about an hour ago we don't know a ton about her you know she she works for a lot of Arizona politicians worked on the Romney campaign's coordinated press for the Pope's visit to Philly and she was a press aide to the Trump campaign she has a great reputation doesn't seem to have a lot of dirt on her the one claim there they're throwing at her is that she violated the Hatch Act which prevents people in government from from using their government offices for political and campaign purposes and the one violation they say she made us use the phrase make America great again from her official account okay I guess you're not allowed to say make America great again now if you work for the government tells you a lot about our government she seems pretty good seems like a solid candidate it's most thankless job in DC a very big shoes to fill after Sarah Sanders who was just terrific in that role I just mentioned this and I give my condolences to her for getting the toughest job in DC because we are battling right now the battle that we're in is a battle of language and the press secretary plays a tremendous role in this you know actually bringing it all together getting back to school the issue of Education College in high school there was an amazing exchange in Scotland just happened that highlights this battle of language that we're in there was a student who was kicked out of class because he said that there are only two genders there are only two sexes and his teacher said no there are more than two sexes and the kids said no they're not you can't that that isn't true and you can't make me say that something that's not true is true he got kicked out of class for it then he secretly recorded his conversation with the teacher who was yelling at him for it this tells you everything you need to know you all the way in Scotland tells you everything you need to know about what's coming this way in the United States if we don't stop it around then why would you kick male class it's not very inclusive or connected in a sentence please not very inclusive no I'm sorry but you were saying was not very inclusive and this is an inclusive school yeah what house biasing is everything that the home website agenda is my opinion and that is an opinion which is acceptable in the school I'm afraid yours which you have seen that there's no such thing as anyone other than male or female it's I'm familiar just two genders depending on what I get I guess then you are choosing to make an issue of this because I said are you really going to you that was your opportunity just to keep quiet you made the issues that on the website you said all this website doesn't have more than money you were clearly given an opportunity not to pursue it you choose to do so yeah because I think it's you chose to do so yes that's the key question you chose to do so I think it's silly to have anything other than two genders so that okay anything else please keep that opinion – you're going house thank you no so you get to put your opinion out in classroom I know I am NOT my minion house of states I'm not putting my opinion I'm not putting my opinion out I am stating what is national school Authority policy okay not scientific whatsoever not every policy is scientific blank it's sorry not every side not every policy is scientific muddy not every policy is scientific Marie when you've got to choose between scientific reality and political politically correct ideological dogma Marie you've got to pick the politically correct ideological dogma forget reality I mean this is what George war will predicted said there will be no true or false there will be no history there will be no facts there will just be the eternal present where whatever the party says is right Marie the party says that 2+2 doesn't equal 4 so 2 plus 2 does not equal 4 keep your opinion to yourself you hear what he said to him he said you had the opportunity to keep quiet and the kid says right but you're telling me that there's more than two sexes I know there aren't so I just said there are two sexes he says you make you brought this on yourself Marie it's not that we tried to teach you something that is obviously not true you brought it on yourself because you could have shut up you had the opportunity to shut up and because you didn't shut up you brought your own punishment on yourself you were able not to pursue this but you pursued the truth and now we're going to punish you he says keep your own opinion to your own house I almost feel bad for this teacher I mean not really because he's he is the instrument of the most obvious example of tyranny that I've seen in modern politics he is the instrument of that but he says you keep your opinion about reality in your own house so I have to keep my I have to I can't state basic facts in a school it's like that scene out of dr. Strangelove there's no fighting here gentlemen this is the war room there is no education here Murray this is a schoolhouse and so the kid says well it just seems crazy that to say there's more than two sexes when there aren't well that's your opinion keep your opinion in your house and the kid says well you're going to me your opinion and he says the most telling thing he says that's not necessarily my opinion but that is what the authorities have told us to say he says well what the authorities have told you to say isn't true he uses the word scientific but the word science just means knowledge as it isn't true knowledge it isn't true and the teacher says policy isn't always scientific it isn't always true and you'll go along with it we will use the coercive power of the state to make you believe lies and state lies and if you ever say the truth we're gonna use the power of the state to punish you now the Democratic Party in the left wants a full government takeover of our education system the government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have they call it loan forgiveness we're going to forgive your loans that means that they are going to control 100 percent the education system in this country not just the public universities the private ones too the mechanism by which students go to these universities the the money the payment is now going to be controlled by the government and I wonder what that education system is going to look like I wonder if that's gonna help the education system or if it's gonna hurt it something tells me it's gonna look a lot like this classroom that's our show come back tomorrow for a lot more in the meantime I'm Michael Knowles this is the Michael Nolt show the Michael Noel's show is produced by Rebecca dabka watts and directed by Mike joiner executive producer Jeremy boring senior producer Jonathan hey our supervising producer is Mathis Glover and our technical producer is Austin Stevens edited by Dani D'Amico Audio is mixed by Dylan case hair and makeup is by Jeshua alvera and our production assistant is Nick Sheehan the Michael Noel's show is a daily wire production copyright daily wire 20 19 today on the Ben Shapiro show Joe Biden comes under attack again bernie offers free college and pete Budaj edges following apart that's today on the Ben Shapiro show

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36 thoughts on “Student Loan Forgiveness Is Welfare For The Rich | The Michael Knowles Show Ep. 371

  1. "But Europe has free college and healthcare!"

    Europe taxes their middle class at 40-50% and upper income earners at 60%, has a 25% VAT on everything, strictly filters students by academic ability to cap college enrollment and steers the rest into trade schools

  2. If predatory student loans are really such an issue, why doesn't Congress first repeal the law that protects student loans from regular debt mediation processes (like bankruptcy)?

  3. How's this for an idea, if someone else must pay the bill for students of higher education, let it be the ones who talked them into it. The majority of people who would pay would be Dems.

  4. It tells me about AoC's lack of economic understanding: she doesn't have any. I mean, is she not living in a big fancy loft? And it tells me it's too easy to become a politician.

  5. The Circular Logic on this Channel is terrifying…… I suppose when the entire video is, the comments need to be as well.

  6. Hmm this guy agrees with everything thing about college that andrew yang says and he is on the right and Andrew yang is a democrat.

  7. We’re paying off student loans because the Starbucks Marxists have discovered that their grievance studies degrees have no value whatsoever and they think they are the center of the universe.

  8. what about the people like me who avoided college to avoid said debt?

    do we get a free ride too or is our tax dollars going to subsidize people who can flaunt their degrees for higher paying jobs?….this idea is utter insanity and nothing more than vote grabbing

  9. Student loan forgiveness would hurt the economy greatly, even if we only made the rich pay for this. That money could be going to the workers that sell, ship, and produce the products the rich buy. It would hurt the working class far more than most realize.

  10. Ilhan Omar is right and I'd clap for her speech. She is partly right because the people are brainwashed into going to college but this doesn't mean it isn't their fault as well. People must take self responsibility for their finances yet can't ignore the corruption of the system and realize that it is a system of welfare for the college industrial complex. The students are at fault and the institutions as well as the loan companies. Nobody is wrong.

  11. It is sadly nothing but Welfare for the Rich. At only 20 years of age I understood this the very second I heard it.

  12. Anyone that has to borrow government guarenteed money for college should not be allowed to attend anything but a state school in their state.

  13. Does anyone really believe that the nihilistic progressive democrats will actually do anything that they promise? Did Obama's "If you like your doctor…" or did Bill Clinton actually put people first as he failed to get healthcare reform with a majority in both the house and senate, or protect LGBT rights as he instituted "don't ask, don't tell "? Or when he eliminated the law banning cancer causing agents from being used in the "people's" food? And so on…

  14. I paid off all my loans, and I'm far from rich. Get off your ass, get to work. Also, don't go to a university that costs an arm and a leg.

  15. According to what I've read she got a scholarship to Boston College…I wonder how much her alleged student debt really is? And who goes to college to become a bartender? I'll bet Boston College is not proud of her.

  16. buying taxpayer votes using taxpayer money. Why are we surprised by this?? We've allowed this government to do that since 1935 and no one has cared before.


  18. This guy is full of sh#t. Student loan relief is needed to educate and bring back up the economy and education of this population…otherwise this nation is f#cked. "Greatest country in the world" with NO free college? It's bullsh#t.

  19. I'm trying it!
    My referral code is G6MOPGPP2
    Website for the the app store link 😊

    If you use my referral code then we both make money instead of The rest of the companies using our data for Free

  20. 24:49 [Record Scratch] Someone forgetting Iran Contra? Or the chemical weapons we and the Europeans provided to Sadam Hussein?

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