Summer 2019 Total Wellness Series Part 1

Summer 2019 Total Wellness Series Part 1

hi I'm sha and thank you for tuning into shaping your world with sha today I will be discussing three factors that affect mental and physical health during the summer this will be the first video in a series and I hope that you will stick around to hear all of the different topics that we will be discussing in this series thank you for tuning in if you like what you hear please give this video a thumbs up and I hope that you will subscribe so that you will be a part of the journey to shaping your world with sha thank you from shaping your world with sha thank you so much for tuning in today I wanted to talk to you about summer 2019 total wellness its Saturday June 22nd happy summer so glad that the summer is here but we know the summer comes with challenges and the first challenges I experienced and maybe you do too is shortness of breath I am someone who suffers with asthma and with the change in the weather comes the change in the climate and on the body so I go from the haha humidity of outside to the cold cold cold indoor air conditioning so I want you to know some people think might think they have a cold some people might attribute it just allergies but if you're someone that experiences shortness of breath when they when the weather changes you might want to talk to your doctor to find out if maybe you have asthma or some type of asthma related condition and that is it's totally treatable talk with your doctor my doctor prescribes a two step regimen for me so I take a pill at night before I go to bed and then I have an inhaler that I take in the morning and in the night so first things first shortness of breath another thing that comes with the summer is stress and stress can come in many forms first of all everybody wants to be outside everybody's doing things there's invitations coming out you left the Writing Center I want to let you know it is okay to say no just say no do not do not do not overextend yourself you know that's the the quickest way to burn yourself out is by overextending yourself it's great you know we all want to be out there enjoying the beautiful beautiful weather getting together with everyone and having a good time nothing wrong with that absolutely nothing wrong with that all I'm saying is don't overextend yourself if you find that you have too many invitations just say no and it's okay it's okay it's all about self-protection self-preservation we're not burning ourselves out this summer okay another thing that can cause stress is sometimes single people can feel a little lonely they can feel like oh no you know the summer's here everyone's going out with their significant other and I don't have a significant other or everyone's getting married because we know how the summer comes with an influx of weddings and you know it can kind of if someone's already feeling a little sad in their singlehood they could feel even more Saturday and even fall into depression by all of the summer wedding started taking place I want you to know being single is not a bad thing you know it just means more time for you to focus on you and becoming a better you and that's what it's all about you want to be the best you that you can be whether you're single or married or you know have a significant other whatever the case may be whatever your status with a single married or other you the bottom line is just be the best you that's all that matters don't let you know all this other stuff get to you so we are going to be talking about all of the different things that affect total wellness particularly in the summertime and this these are just the first three that I want to start with this will be a series and I do hope that you will tune in to the series if you've enjoyed anything that you've heard here today please give this video a thumbs up and if you're interested in following the series please subscribe and make sure you click the notification bell thanks so much I hope to see you next time bye bye

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