back to my channel I'm free and in today's video I'm going to be doing a Walmart hygiene haul so excuse like the lighting and the quality I'm filming on my phone so basically like my camera ran out of space on my SD card so that's why I'm filming on my phone because I just want to get this video out there and stuff like that so I'm just gonna be feeling filming on my phone today and I also apologize in advance because I have been kind of slacking with video uploads and it's because I've been having technical difficulties with my laptop so I have to send it in to get fixed so that's why I've kind of been kind of m.i.a on my channel it's because of my laptop but once it gets fixed I have so many videos that I have just waiting on standby to show you guys so hopefully this video gets up soon and then my laptop gets fixed but yeah so I just want to get right into the hall um so yeah I went to Walmart yesterday and I got a lot of stuff and I'm just gonna show you guys everything that I got so the first thing that I got is this dial marula oil Body Wash nourishing body wash so this smells really good I've gone into Walmart a few times and I said I just go in and I smell this and I wanted to pick it up but one of the things that like held me back from buying this was because of the price like even though this is dial and this bottle was like 398 so it was like 4 bucks for this body wash but honestly it smells so good and I put it on my body today when I took a shower and it just feels so like silky on your skin like it feels so good it just smells so good it says clean rinsing micro oil so it feels like you're putting like oil but it cleans you and it just feels very like fancy for whatever reason oh and by the way my hair is air drying so that's why you guys still see some white spots but yeah so this smells really good it is the dial body wash with marullo oil smells so good I love this stuff they showered with that today another thing that I got is this Garnier skin active moisture rescue this is a refreshing gel cream so this is for normal and combo skin and it says it interest instantly blocks in 24 hour moisture and blocks out drying dryness so this is a moisturizing gel cream so I ran out of my moisturizer like last week for my face so I wanted to try something new so this is gonna be like my night this is gonna be like my night moisturizer I'm going to do I'm gonna go out and buy like a lot of skincare price because I'm running out of a lot of my other stuff and I do want to buy like a face moisturizer with SPF and I already have an idea of which one I want to buy but that one's gonna be for a night time just because you don't need SPF we're inside and sleeping so the next thing that I got was this tree hut shea sugar scrub with marula and jasmine they have so many of these sugar scrubs and Walmart this is the one that I got smells really good and I realized after I picked this one up that both of these have marula in it marula oil so I think I have a thing for marula oil but this just smells really good like I can't really explain the smell but it's a very like light fresh clean fancy smell so I got that so I'm just going to be using that obviously to exfoliate my body I'm gonna try to use this at least once a week every time I shave and then the next thing that I got was this sweet sunrise body body mist by body fantasies you guys can see so this is just a small little body sling its 288 I saw this on Pinterest and I heard a lot of people talking about it and saying that it smells really good on Pinterest so it kind of made me want to pick it up and it actually does smell ear it smell really good it's like it's fresh it's clean its fruity and it's just a really nice spring and summer scent to me um the next thing that I got is this Jurgens hydrating coconut lotion I have mentioned this in a haul before but I am running out of the last one that I bought like six months ago and this one is 26.5 fluid ounces it's really big and so this should last me another six months or so so um this was about seven dollars pretty expensive for lotion but it does last you like half a year so I can't really complain um I forgot to say you guys the prices so yeah I said this was four dollars the body wash is four dollars this was like 288 this was like six to seven dollars for the face cream Judis you're moving in the background that's my dog he's in here and then the sugar scrub was about six to seven dollars the other thing that I got is this Elm a hypoallergenic for sensitive skin deodorant and this is the antiperspirant deodorant it's the clear gel so I usually use the secret one but the reason why I decided to go ahead and get the almay one is because the secret spray at won't not the secret spray the streak is deodorant out Walmart their prices went up one was usually like under four dollars like three something and now one is like almost six dollars and I used to get the pack for six dollars so when their prices are going up on the secret deodorant and so I'm not about it so I went and just got o me and I'm gonna try this out as a deodorant so hopefully this works good and does the trick and I have really sensitive underarm so I can only use gel deodorants that's it I've tried like a lot of different stick deodorants and it just makes me break out and makes my armpits really itchy so yeah I can't do that um another thing that I bought is this room spray this is the mainstays odor neutralizing room spray and this is in the scent fresh cotton so I bought this just to give my room a nice like spray a nice scent when you know sometimes you just want your room to smell good so I just got bad and it's just a fresh and clean scent another product that I got was this oddly 3 minute miracle moist this is the deep conditioner that you leave in for 3 minutes and it has avocado and Australian hobo oil I've been using this for years and this deep conditioner is extremely moisturizing and it's literally under $3 so that's why I love this stuff so if you're looking for a cheap deep conditioner I highly recommend my nails look green on camera but they're actually neon yellow so weird um anyway what else did I get um I did buy a white nail polish because I want to paint my toes wait so that was about 98 cents this was under $3 this was under $3 and then the last thing that I got from Walmart was the hello hydration deep moisture conditioner this is the coconut one this one works really good I talk about this all the time on my channel but I ran out so I got the big bottle of this this is 23 ounces and it's under $6 again the prices and Walmart are going up like crazy so the one that I usually like to get is like the leader size and now what that one's almost $7 and before it was almost $6 so they really hike it up the price of that warmer and they need to stop stop it please because I'm just like no so I think that's all I got how Walmart so I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little hygiene haul I'm give this but this video a thumbs up and if you do like hiding hauls I a few of them on my channel so go ahead and check out my other ones I'll leave a link to the playlist somewhere over here so that you guys can go ahead and watch all the hydrogen hauls that I've done on my channel and please be patient with me while I'm waiting for my laptop to get fixed I do have so much content waiting to go out for you guys it's just because of my laptop so yes thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you guys in my next video bye [Applause] [Applause]

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