hey everybody welcome back to my channel or no longer a eh hey so for today's video I will be doing summer veggie 101 I'll be telling you guys tips tricks my routine and what you could do to keep your you know your whole hygiene and I'm gonna talk about here I'm gonna be talking about oral care bodies in my dream like care removal literally whatever I'll be talking about you know exfoliating everything so if you ever struggling in any of those categories don't worry because I got you okay so anyways let's just get straight to the video all right so I'm gonna talk about hair first basically you want to keep your hair protective styles you know if you african-american but if you're you know Caucasian you don't really have to do that just make sure you wash your hair as much as you need to because the expressionist should know what their hair needs because everybody's hair is different from African right cuz you should wash your hair once a week if you have protective style I say once a month because most people do leave the protective sizing for like months and months or three weeks or whatever but make sure to write and take those protective styles now you wash your hair and condition to get that moisture back in um yeah if you just want your hair natural you know make sure you wash it good make sure you keep it moisturized make sure you keep it looking good make sure your curls will pop you oughta so yeah and now I'm gonna tell you what I use for my hair I'm gonna get into my whole hair routine if you got do want to watch the routine make sure you comment down below sorry I'm talking fancy or just you know I'm not trying to make this among video because I'll ramble the last so anyways let me show you what I use I use carrot whoa I use Carol's Daughter okay and this is the same black vanilla this is just a shampoo and conditioner do you make my hair is so soft I feel like the other shampoos would never make my hair and soft as these so these are the one a pricey side but again I use this if you think of my hair and I use this to you know what I'm gonna be going on to the face so if you guys I know I had sensitive skin I can't really use so my face no more because it will mess my face all the way up in my face is still recovering I still have a little scars whatever but anyways so yeah I use just cold water in a washed out I'm pretty sure everybody owns wash towels in their house he says you know that's what everybody uses to you know wash your body but yeah basically I just get the water on the washcloth I've even a release soaked in it and then I like this now just wash my face with this cold water because I feel like it makes my face cleaner now move on to oral hygiene make sure you're brushing your teeth this is a toothbrush in two ways that I use that just means it's two birds from Walmart and then this Colgate toothpaste is how it looks these are really good make sure when you take the morning and night and make sure you floss – it's a floss every night because you know who can get chunk of your teeth and if you have any problems with order with your breath that's probably because you're not scrubbing your tongue or you're not flossing to get the old food out of your teeth and once you have old food nerds and we come right in and gross and then you mouth closing like old food and it's not cute so the I use Orbeez loss and then these to wash to brush my teeth and then on if you guys didn't know the back is actually a tongue scraper so I'm glad this and it gets everything on the tongue and I use mouthwash this is just anti septic mouth words in the flavor of blue mints it was really good yeah okay so I'll talk about hair world care face now I move on to my whole body so there's a lot of things you do you need to do to keep your body it needs a showering so it's bully and you need to get rid of the hair so I hope you started on my reading the shower routine that I do everyday I always wash up with an exfoliating wash cloth we could get these from Target Walmart Big Lots where wherever it could even get them from like African stores cuz they're called African sponges but the one that I bought is cotton it's fully washcloths but I'm pretty sure they're the same things and yeah they just they just give me really clean is how it looks it gives me really clean you know makes me really nice and it makes my skin like it got rid all the scars my body I recommend these cuz they really work and then I wash upwind of y'all no license my skin just dove sensitive skin and it smells like very clean it has a little fragrance a little same but it's not too overpowering because you know people will sense of decay and can't really use eye a lot of fragrant things so you know I always use this my body wash nothing oh okay so gives you some done they also have different scents on but yeah sensitive skin the really really really good and then I have a whole separate receipt for my armpits because I do have dark armpits and I'm trying to like lighting them up so I've been having so you know do extra things to make sure they're sleep I'll take my exfoliant up bro this is the body polish is crushed macadamia and rice milk this Howell is only how I'm gonna be left but basically I'm gonna take this while I'm gonna shower in rub it on my armpits and leave it alone so then I take my washcloth get it wet and I'll take this which is this body scrub body wash it's in a brand soft soap and it's called body scrub coconut butter coconut butter exfoliating body wash and it has a little exfoliant visa which help like get rid of the dead skin cells on your body so basically I open it and I pour it on mmm the exfoliating the adult exfoliator is still my armpits so then I will take my wrinkles and of soap that I use and pour it on it and then I'll get it really Sophie and lather it up and then I will just clean my underarms yeah plus my underarm care routine and now we'll be talking more about it's both waiting basically I use this stuff from my whole body not every day you don't have to use every day I say once a week sometimes I really feel like the moon because I'm lazy sometimes but make sure you exfoliate because that leads to lonely skin and helps get the discs you know like literally I'm an exfoliating and my skin is literally like there's literally nothing wrong with my skin because I've been exfoliating and taking care of it see I don't have no well my back is hairy waste you know I don't have like go back acne or nothing I never did it but still and yes so I tape this so yeah basically I take my body scrub put it all over my body not even like to put him up but I don't know it makes then I'll take this bad boy right here this is exfoliating gloves you can get that from the dollar store trying to do one more effort like where if you could find hygiene products and like washcloths and movies and stuff you can find this so basically I take this put it on my hand and then while the body scrub is still on me I take my dog and pour it under and I scrubbed my whole body with this thing I'm scrub scrub scrub my back everything does that really helps get off the dead skin off remember you're not supposed to do this every day because that can be too harshly skin make sure you're doing it at least once a week to make sure that your skin is pumping and then before I shave I also do that exfoliant II and for my dowsing area I take that smoking and I use my duck cuz I use the dove bar soldier down there it doesn't really matter this ain't for me because honestly down there to take anything I don't really swimming in washes but I like those and I was just a gentle brand of soap in general so like it really doesn't matter what kind of so I use for down there but it's just my like my body doesn't you know so I said I take this and I put it in the it's for leading pub and I like the exfoliant clock exploding glove the spring book and I mean I scrub down there not in the whole yard I'll scrub I squared like the lips in the outside in the top instead so yeah I talked about it's funny and my body care I want to talk my opinion Hajji now I don't really have a lot my job so this is shea butter it smells like vanilla and I will take this and lather in my hands first clean down there now always see my dad says area less because like I feel like washing your body all that body wash and stuff he's gonna get down there and get trapped so you make sure you wash all of that out you know so get in my needs money and make sure you use very gentle washcloth down there this is a baby washcloth now get in there and I clean in our ways is not that complicated you don't have to do so much from down there because down there is mainly a self-cleaning area so you don't have to do so much I have to do it's getting rid of so be washing it Chris and you're good that's all you have to do you don't have to be extra with it okay um so now I'm gonna talk about hair removal so I would just say something you don't have to shave if you don't want to is totally optional but I just feel like it's more hygienic to shame especially in the summer because you know you're sweating and then with that once that sweat mixes in with the hair it's gonna make it smell worse I recommend you shave I say do shipped under said want anything they can get away with it like come on you cliche – but Charlotte razor knees for ten dollars and as you can see since it is for sensitive skin sensitive skin game um you should not use the cheap braids you want to get in the shade this firm is razor bumps like you should definitely invest in just one good razor you'll be good it also has a different hey you can buy the different heads too but you could keep like the actual thing a hand tool but yeah because I used to use so many bumps and I would get you're taking out walls bleach cuz I've using them cheap dollar store razors and like it just wasn't working from the icing I was doing something but I wasn't so then my grandma got me a razor and this is really good and I also got the shaving cream to go with it I feel like soldiers to thing I need something big like a thick layer to really shave everything and me personally I got a mixture on here is a lot of markets I've never the larvas get hairy I just don't make sure y'all slowly approaching so I only shave my armpits am an ounce and area for my legs I use the beat it also uses for my stomach hair because I know I'm not the only girl who works here on my stomach I know everybody else does don't wanna admit it I tried to somebody else's here it was not cute it was burning and didn't get rid of the hair so all these is for my legs because I feel like when I shamed I'm late I don't get all the hair this gets rid of all the air so I use this I leave and I let it sit on my stomach in my legs for 10 minutes and I was gone again shown and I'm literally hairless and the hair actually doesn't come back for a while so my after shower routine this lotion on jizz my arms and legs for the smells with its coconut scent it along with this because I can't just use lotion on my body because I have to dry skin so just looking back on clinic so I have to use this this smells really good this is Johnson Johnson shake cocoa butter oil gel it's basically a big little Joey peas they go to any oil I mean oil it don't matter but yeah it smells good any locks in the moisture so I use these from our daily living moisturizing it works and but I have excellent flare-ups like right here and once I use these two they went away in a few days so these actually getting where you just have to be consistent like you have to put it on before you go to bed too and we make up good morning so yeah I use these for those areas and also what I'm done shame in it I like to put this on my downstairs area does amazing really smooth and soft so you gotta use – I use stinky odor and spurn your clothes regularly works along with the sticky let's pray you know really like locks in everything so it could be fresh all day this is just secret invisible solid and this is swab tuned for our protection you do someone eat is you never have like problem with sweat especially in the summer I recommend these to make sure you wear some Bhagyam is honestly to me is hot to wear perfumes hasn't really been high but our nose to be hotter so I'm just prepping for when he gets hot honestly you don't need to wear it for a few me because it's too hot for that so just where somebody missed this is pink all the dream and it's also coconut I really hope I could help you guys and yeah make sure you give a thumbs up subscribe come down below okay bye

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