Summer Hygiene Routine 2019 (highly requested) | Anaiya Forever

Summer Hygiene Routine 2019 (highly requested) | Anaiya Forever

hey guys welcome and welcome back to my channel today's video as you can see by the title is gonna be an updated summer 2019 hygiene routine this video was highly highly highly requested since I made my last when your guys weighing and updating one so here it is for you before we get started with this video make sure you guys hit that like button and hit the notification button if you haven't already and most importantly make sure that you're subscribed also before we get started with this video I want to tell you guys that I have some really exciting videos coming pretty soon probably within the next week or so but just build a little for that I'm pushing out about five videos within this next week hopefully we're gonna keep keep hope alive that I can do it but I'm really gonna try and I got some exciting stuff for y'all so y'all might want to stay tuned but starting off with my hygiene routine the new toothpaste that I have been using for about a month or so is Sensodyne and this is an extra whitening toothpaste I really like this toothpaste because I was having trouble with sensitivity and my teeth up here and it's like whenever I would drink ice cold water or eat something really really hot or drink something really hot it would like give me sensitivity so I once said this is an intense it's was like full charge I'm sad I'm so I went to the store and I bought this incident and I really really do like it and it's like a whitening toothpaste as well so it helps you from getting cavities it prevents cavities and whitens your teeth it doesn't break down any Anam or anything like that that's really like all you need in one and I'm so happy he recommended this for me and I really will recommend this to you guys as well now onto the body washes that I used I have been alternating between these two body washes for the past two months probably so the first body wash that I use it's a dove sensitive skin nourishing body wash this is like my all-time favorite I've always been using this one but I've also been using this other body wash by death and this is the micellar water to anti-stress anti-stress anti-stress my soul of water the body wash and I bought this because I was just in the store and I felt like I was going through this period in my life where I was just said I'm so stressed I'm depressed whatever I got something's going off with school and working missing that so I'll just really trying to find anything that would like help me be stress-free or whatever but honestly this really does work and whatever I put in here is the most super super good it doesn't irritate my skin it says ultra Magan gentle on it and I do have super sensitive skin and excellent as well so it's a really good and it also says dermatologists recommend it so I was like yeah I'm buying it and I really do like you're like if you um use this body wash take a hot shower before bed it really does something to your body that like calms it down and like helps you fall asleep faster as well like you know how people say like using like lavender things whatever like help you calm down or it's like really soothing and relaxing things like that whatever they put in here they're my solar water girl eyes or anything that if you stressed out if you're going through something look try this at my help you will work for me so yeah another thing I want to talk about is the kind of rags that I use to wash my body with you know I don't mind that's just bleach – right it's not dirt or nothing this is just bleach but the kind of rags I use are the like baby soft 100% cotton rice I only like to use these soft cotton rice because I feel like everything else is just like super rough and thick and just like I don't like that stuff so I wash with these rides they're super soft by made for babies and make sure it's 100% cotton make sure it's 100% cotton I feel like that's the most important because cotton is just like the way to go and there now they don't want to exfoliate in my skin I do use this Dove exfoliating body polish with crushed macadamia and rice milk they are probably gonna think that I'm a dove freak because all of my hygiene products most of them are dove like I really really love this though I've been using this for about a month now before shaving and exfoliate in my body and it just smells so good like I don't know I wish I can smell it but it smells so good oh my practice ii would i look like i can't see it but yes yeah i love it so much I got this from Target for about 5 bucks and I'm gonna keep buying it because I love it and it makes your skin super super smooth when I used to lift my loofah all I do is where's my loofah on with some hot steaming hot water I take the exfoliator I'll wipe it wherever on my body that I'm gonna shave or once they exfoliate and once I do that I get my loofah with the hot water on it and I'll just scrub scrub scrub and then I rinse it off and then my legs are like super smooth no lie they are so smooth okay getting down to what I used to shave when I shave I only use these razors these are the Venus gel Gillette Venus embrace instead of razors and make I really love these racers because these raisins have five plates on it and that's clutch because who's going to be in the shower all day and all night trying to shave with that – blade raise their baby eating all cut it it's gonna take forever so I really love these also I do not use shaving creams hair conditioners I know some people use that to shave I have been using an aloe vera gel I use I'm started using this back in October because I was finding that my skin was getting irritated from the shea butter that I was using and it was causing like razor bumps and all this extra stuff that I was just in not needing and so I looked up online like what can I use that's like not gonna irritate me and a lot of people have been using it I love their in child so I got my friend Walmart they also have a clear one this is like the sunscreen one and you want to make sure that you get the one that says contains no alcohol on it I don't know if I can see that right there but that's what it says right there contains no alcohol you do not want outlaw in it because if you put alcohol on your private area to shave it ain't gonna be cute it ain't gonna be funny you're gonna be screaming and you're gonna be crying so yeah I just get like a lot of this I find it easier to use too so I just get like a whole bunch and I just wipe it whoever I'm gonna shave and shave really good that's pretty much it okay to moisturize my skin like lotions and things like that I use detergents original scent lotion yeah that's totally upstairs buying pretty much I'm pretty sure you guys know what that lotion is if not like I said everything will be linked in the description box down below so you don't have to worry about trying to find things or whatever I'm gonna link everything down below for you guys but yeah I use detergents original scent lotion or if I want to be extra fancy or whatever I'll use my since it lotion just over a lotion this is the pink warm and cozy scent from Victoria's Secret Pink obviously yeah so I'll just get a few pumps and put that over me the next track for the deodorant that I use could you guys here is the I used a dove carrying coconut for a our deodorant I really don't recommend this for like the summertime but I'm not really like a huge sweater but during the summertime I like to use like a stronger deodorant just in case because you rather be safe than sorry but I use the degree women's deodorant I recommend you guys use that well like I said I'll link that in the description box down below but I find that to hold way way way better like when I say 48 hours on that they like main line like that deodorant is gonna stand and it kind of smells like a men's cologne so you know that's lit too so yeah that's pretty much it for this hygiene routine I hope you guys enjoyed it I'll get that like button and subscribe hit the notification bell follow me on my social medias which will be in the description box down below this was pretty quick to do let me know anything else you don't want me to make or any more advice on this topic I'm here for y'all and hey I'll see you guys next time peace do to put a Russian Pony Nick August get a ticket for me I got it this ball

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