SUPERFOOD Fermented Honey and Garlic

SUPERFOOD Fermented Honey and Garlic

Hey! Welcome back to Better Done Yourself! Today, on Better Done Yourself I’m going to make something that’s gonna
blow your socks off. I’ve got something great I just got back from the farmers
market and I found some superfoods that they were selling there they weren’t
even advertising as superfoods, but they had them right there! And they didn’t
even cost a lot of money. But, no, seriously. First one is honey. Raw, natural,
local honey is an amazing thing to look for at your local farmers market by
ingesting raw honey you do your body a world of good it’s packed with
antioxidants packed with nutrition it’s yes yes sweetener it but it’s natural
its natural sugar it’s not going to you know give you that that sugar boost that
you take that you’ll get from white sugar and then crash later in the
afternoon your body can actually digest this stuff and it does your body do it
by eating this they say that I’m athletes when they take this it performs
on a par with something like glucose those little those little gel packs that
you see the athletes using this stuff’s better and it’s natural another thing
that’s really great about honey is as if you have supper from allergies and from
the pollen from the flowers from you know grasses all the different pollens
well bees collect all that pollen too and basically kind of pre digest it and
store it in the honey and by eating the honey you’re helping your body to
basically you’re looking at it’s immunotherapy right here in this little
jar brown stuff by taking that by doing this immunotherapy by eating those
things that you’re allergic to your body is slowly building up a resistance to
the pollens from the flowers and the grasses and the trees and with a daily
dose of honey you can start to get rid of some of those some of those allergy
effects the watery eye is the runny nose the sneezing the coughing the scratchy
throat the post nasal drip I know I suffer and I’ve been taking my honey and
I think it’s really starting to help you know it helps you sleep one of the
reasons why people wake wake up in the middle that they can’t sleep is because
they’re hungry that maybe they’re dieting or maybe you know they’re not
getting the right proper levels of of different foods because of the dietary a
little shot of honey before you go to bed at night and you know you
got enough to kind of go on and you’re not going to wake up in the middle of
the night in starvation mode looking you know for some animal to kill so you can
so you can feed your body honey is amazing for its healing
properties people used to make their some clinics in India that actually make
a compress like a bandage rip the honey and put it on a wound or sore or
something like that and it actually will heal because of the properties within
the honey used superficially used topically and in that same vein thinking
about as a healer makes great coughs er thinking about the way honey works that
just all of that intense nutrition all those antioxidants
there’s enzymes that the bees secrete and storing the honey to preserve it and
all of that works in concert with your body and you can actually use this as a
cough syrup but wait I know you said you said wait what’s the other superfood garlic garlic is an awesome food the
garlic is a member of the Allium family like onions leeks garlic scallions you
know think about like when you cut into an onion and you you know you get that
it’s basically a blast of sulfuric acid it’s the it’s the onions natural
defenses coming into play too like when a tendon gets attacked in the wild it’s
going to blast whatever is eating it with that sulfuric acid in your eyes
water your head clogs up but now in garlic that same defense trigger takes
place but instead of that blast of sulfuric acid that really doesn’t have
much health benefit with garlic you get Alison Alison is amazing health benefits
its dad a great cold cure great cold remedy great um that they say that
there’s been a lot of people are doing Studies on it and it lowers your heart
rate lowers your heart or your blood pressure in lowering your cholesterol um
you know don’t don’t believe the stuff for me do your research
take a look at it you’ll see that just the copious amount of research being
done on garlic I mentioned that antioxidant properties
of honey same with garlic ton of antioxidants if you’re looking to get
the flush the heavy metals out of your system you know from the from the from
the water sources from you know the UH nettle in facts
get all the heavy metals in your body hit you’re hit you’re garlicky you know
eat a bunch of garlic and that will help to absorb the the toxic metals out of
your system and you can flush them but we run into a quandary you know you’re
saying eat eat honey eat garlic um don’t worry I have a solution we can fix this
fermentation what better thing to ferment take some garlic cover it with
honey let it form n reduce the the sugar content the carbohydrate content of the
honey take that Allison flavor that you know it is tough to eat raw you know you
have to eat these things rotted I mentioned that raw honey fresh garlic
both from a farmers market take those raw products those organic products let
them ferment for a week two weeks the honey will kind of thin out and give you
something that you know doesn’t stick to the roof of your mouth the garlic will
lose that intense bitter harsh acrid bite and become a nice you know tender
soft delicious kind of almost like a pickle like a dill pickle flavor so
super simple to make enough talk let’s get into the preparation of this and
we’ll make something delicious let me show you how simple this is to put
together use the cloves kind of get in there and
break it up a little bit different than cleaning a dried garlic just in that you
don’t have all those papers kind of separating things the division still
exists but it’s just a little tougher to get to but you can see they come apart
nicely these are beautiful nice big cloves now remember I said about the
onions and the garlic defense mechanism that the onions you cut into them and
they create the sulfuric acid spray in your face the allison’s released when
you know they get bruised so we got a little bit there but otherwise we want
to kind of break them up like that and then we’ll start loading up our jar so
we’ll just kind of give them a little smash get that extra paper off or what
will be paper I suppose you can kind of tell the the skins from the the meat of
the garlic here all right and we’ll just go through and process our our garlic’s just a simple crush that first one might
have been a little dramatic but there you go see just a nice break in them and
that will kind of release the paper as well so we’ll go ahead and just work
through these kind of smash them with the ball of your hand and then you can
get the the meat out now if you can’t get fresh garlic like
this yeah of course you can you can get some garlic at the supermarket has the
same properties garlic is garlic you know it’s not going to be awesome like
this is going to be but you can you can approximate the the health benefit with
what you can find in the supermarket the with the raw honey you know try like I
said try to find something local and you’ll really get all the benefits but
again honey is honey so you know find what you can find the best honey you can
and use that I was pretty excited to find this this I asked the girl that was
selling it at the market this morning and she said that the hives are actually
I looked it up on Google Maps it’s actually eight miles from here so I
think I’ve definitely got the most local honey I can find let me let me work on
these I’ll pause the camera and I’ll come back once I get my jar full of
garlic okay I’m going to save these stocks
these are awesome I’m going to put these in the freezer and pull them out when
the next time I make chicken broth I think we got some awesome veg here so
these are definitely going in the freezer with the with the chicken broth
making ingredients you all right next ingredient is our local
honey that’s good there’s you can see all kinds of interesting things in there
you can tell they haven’t pasteurized this or cooked it or process this to
death this is going to be delicious and you’ll want to go ahead and just pour it
in there it’ll sink on its own or you can help it along get the air bubbles out and it’ll fall
right into place and you can use it just like this but it’s not going to be
delicious its raw garlic and and honey I don’t know each to their own I’m going
to make it better I’m going to ferment it so I’ve got my pickle pebbles you see
my pickle pebbles the other videos there’s a link down below if you want to
pick some of these up for yourself but they come in a standard size and a
widemouth jar size they’re nice you can just kind of push slightly and get that
started and just a plastic lid and here we go let’s let this sit for about a
week or two and we’ll come back and have a nice taste test and I think we’ll be
pleasantly surprised see in a couple weeks and there’s the finished product so this
is your this is your health elixir this stuff you’ll never get sick if you eat
this just take a yup a clove out of there with a little bit of the fermented
honey hmm which rule ago that sweet still there’s still a lot of sugar and
there a lot of the honey but the honey is almost like soaked into the the
garlic and that that Alison we I talked about that’s gone that attacked on your
tongue that attacked on your face or that raw garlic is completely gone it’s
nice and sweet now so this is the SUP I described a teaspoon of garlic and honey
like this once they give it a chew and this is delicious this is this is your
superfood from asyou you won’t get sick there’s no way
this stuff’s delicious it’s real good I’m spread it on pizza brush it on some
pizza put it on vegetables anything like that
anything that you’d basically use honey for anything use garlic for you
basically just doubled your opportunities for I use in this stuff
but me I just like to eat it plain because it’s well it’s delicious and it
makes me healthy and obviously gives me a lot of energy whoo hey thanks for
watching everybody

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100 thoughts on “SUPERFOOD Fermented Honey and Garlic

  1. This is awesome great. In that period of fermentation do you preserve the tinned mixture in the fridge or just in a room temperature area.

  2. "A little shot of honey before you go to bed at night and you got enough to go on and you're not gonna wake up in the middle of the night in starvation mode looking for some animal to kill so you can feed your body."

    WHAT? 😂

  3. Is this the same method people are using for fat burning? I appreciate any info back, as I started a similar process already.

  4. Hi Sir, been diagnose with 3 polyps in my Gallbladder the other one with.05cm. I jst want to ask is it ok to have these garlic and a honey with a Polyps in my gallbladder. Pls enlighten me. MORE POWER !!!

  5. Very important that the garlic you use is certified organic. A very high percentage of garlic in this country is imported from China, and without being graphic, they do horrible, gross stuff to it, and I would NOT suggest putting it into your temple.

  6. Saw another video and it was recommended that one warm the honey before pouring it in. Voile"! The bottle will drain more completely.

  7. I love raw garlic & raw honey. Hubby thinks I'm nuts & pokes fun, at times. Actually made this about 10 mths ago, for cold symptoms & a cough my mom had. It was supposed to have included onions also. I was in a hurry & completely missed that step.
    I also have thin lemon & ginger slices (ratio 3:1) steeped, infused in honey for the same ailments. Great in teas too.

  8. Hello from Vienna, Austria,
    Thank you so much for your work. Really helpful. I am relearning how to fix healthy food and fermenting. I happened to be very skeptical about store bought food. Now, I can do many things at home. After watching many videos, I decided to start with a 5 liter sauerkraut. The table broke after a few days of fermenting, half of the brine was gone so I decided to cook a meet with it. It was delicious. I have made a brand new one…. and many other stuff like the onions (crispy), the garlic and honey (1 week to go), carrotten are so delicious and crispy. I did brocoly. Red beans were nice, smelling good after 8 days but I was afraid of consuming them because I read that they could be poisonous (I didn´t cook them before fermenting. I cooked them after fermentation and they turn very hard). I did banana for desert. Kefir is just super. I did the hot sauce (its a hit), the mustard is delicious (my husband spread mustard on everything). Thank you so much!

    You mentioned in one video that we can write what we would like to ferment.
    I was trying to do carob (Johannisbrot) because it contains lots of calcium and is sweet but am not sure if it is the same as the red beans process and I haven´t been able to find any carob fermenting video on YouTube.

    Thanks again and tell me if I can do anything beside thumbs up.

  9. I like your Videos.
    At least Honey is sugar.There enzymes and vitamin in,but you need a lot of honey to get al te ingredients the body need.
    Btw your house and your kitchen is great.
    Greeting from Germany

  10. I grind garlic up with a shredder put it in honey take a teaspoon every morning before I eat breakfast it’s working so good my wife is doing it now wohooo!

  11. When I was a child this was kept in the fridge and a spoon would be fed to me in the mornings. Today no allergies, headaches and I rarely get the flu……please stay away from flu shots (side note)

  12. This guys funny just don't let him breath on you after he eats one of those cloves of garlic personally I buy the minced in a glass jar that smell on the hands takes for ever to wash off

  13. Is it normal that my fermented garlic are completely green/blue ? The taste and the smell are normal, I put garlic, basil, black pepper, sugar and brine (4 % salt)

  14. If you cannot find raw honey, would you need to inoculate the honey with some brine from a prior ferment? All I can find is pasteurized honey.

  15. I tried it and loved it. Mine was sitting for a two weeks. I was surprised how good it tastes! Great recipe. Love fermentation since I added it in my daily diet my stomach problems are gone. Thank you for all your inspirational videos.

  16. Always find yourself a local bee keeper, any honey you get commercially has most likely been adulterated in some way. I love bees!! Also everything I’ve read so far says you should crush the garlic, is this as effective? And I only have access to garlic that’s dried, is it okay to use?

  17. Yes it's true. I'm a nurse and we're using honey to a gangrenous diabetic foot for dressing… and it really cures …

  18. I was thinking I've seen garlic/honey vids before and this one is really good. But Dude!! You forgot to tell us about burping the jars to keep them from blowing up!!!

  19. Today I am making my third half gallon batch of fermented garlic and honey. Even my grandkids are eating it now. Next month I'm going to make a whole gallon so there will be plenty for the whole family but I'm going to use the peeled garlic from Costco because it is a lot of work to make it with fresh garlic from the Farmers Market. Thanks John…05/02/2019.

  20. Should I put the jar of honey and garlic in the fridge at some point, or just leave it sit out the whole time?

  21. I make mine the same way yet I add onion to it. I love it! It ends up being a little sweet from the honey but one would never know there was onion and garlic in it. I add a teaspoon to my tea.

  22. Hey, Thank you for all your great videos!
    A few questions please 🙂

    So no need to add salt in this just to be safe the right bacteria will grow?

    Can I ferment in honey as a anaerobic brine medium with other things?

    Can I add honey and other "Honeys" to other ferments? Like adding a few spoons just for taste of Date/Grape syrup to sauerkraut..

    Can this create some alcohol by accident?

    Thank you!!

  23. I tried the honey and the garlic and put it in my pantry for a few days. i came back to check on it and the lid was puffed way up and it was kind of strong smelling? Is this still good or do I need to just throw it out?

  24. Are you a meatatarian😠😤😬😈😱😷😋😕😬😮😴😵😖😨👹👶👺👸😑😏👱👺👶👹🙊🙉🙈👋👊👀👅😔

  25. I raise bees and as much as I would love for you to be correct about allergies, there is not a single study that supports honey helping with your allergies folks. Don't believe everything you hear on the interwebs. Do your research please.

  26. You have infused the honey with garlic flavor. This is not fermented honey. You would have to increase the moisture of the honey or it will never ferment.

  27. Once you open that jar up to eat a few,, can you seal the jar back up & use some garlic later, or do u throw away what’s not used ? I’m going to try this honey garlic

  28. I'm 77 and glad you finally woke up to what the Egyptian told us ,6000 yrs ago ,
    Iv been doing this 5 yrs
    Wiped out my leg , motor cycle wreck in Cambodia , smeared heavy with raw local honey then kept it covered with coconut oil ,no scar no pain ,
    I put 2 table spoon in my coffee 2-3 times aday
    Every day gets better
    Plan to live to 150,
    I would like to make a suggestion put all in a blender make it easier ,50-50 mix blended ,set in cool dark place 7 days

  29. Would you prefer local or organic? I would probably go for organic to avoid the harsh pesticides. I know ppl say the pesticides get fermented out but I am still not 100% sold on that.

  30. Excuse my ignorance, but do you leave it out on counter or refrigerate after this process? Also, once fermented does it go in the fridge?

  31. I add chilli to mine for an extra hit. I don’t get the flu and no way am I ever getting a waste-of-time flu vaccine. I should be really sick since my immune system has been compromised by prophylactic antibiotics, but I have always had fermented garlic.

  32. Trouble shooting help please…all the raw honey I come into contact with is not liquid…is that just temperature or do I need a special honey?

  33. So is there any safety issues doing this? I have some in the kitchen under a box. I burp it and flip it daily. Can it become poisonous or toxic? I've heard botulism being thrown around a bit.

  34. The bees of the world are priceless! Honey is the only food that cannot be man made, to top that off it’s a miracle in itself. Also has many beauty properties

  35. Honey… not so great. Honey is heavy in fructose without the fiber to buffer the sugar high.
    The worst part of fructose is the liver is tasked to process the fructose and in our modern society where our livers are over-taxed detoxing our bodies of pesticides and other toxic materials. We need to give our livers a break.

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