Survival 101: Time, Traps and Dental Hygiene

Survival 101: Time, Traps and Dental Hygiene

what's your fingers underneath the Sun each finger is 15 minutes so 15 30 45 that's an hour and it's a rough estimate but I mean I'm seeing about two two hours two hours maybe a half off that you know which you know it looks like a full moon tonight that's going to give us some extra light to maybe finish up a shelter that would be starting maybe mess with some friction fire but it's a general rule of thumb literally that's what I tend to go by it works really well who else mean obviously that's your western direction so that pretty easy to tell at night so all right so what I've done here is I've just got a sapling bent over string down to it down to a like a V stick which would be my hook but I've got another stake in the ground which is gonna intercept with that hook holds it in place I've just got my snare tied on there I've got the trail kind of funneled in when this guy comes through here to you know come and get his apples hopefully that'll be my dinner right there hoping for a big old juicy rat the consensus is that four or five dentists recommend using Palmer fibers to brush your teeth so going on now are you feeling about your dental hygiene at this moment pretty good I got my floss and my toothbrush dip it in salt water it's good it's better than nothing all about dental hygiene out here folks we got a little bit of termite mound here I'm just going to put on our fire I'm going to let that smoke I was going to try to dry my feet out the smoke I mean words cannot describe when you and your feet are soaking wet all the time how good it feels is to get that nice dry heat especially somewhere humid like this just let that smoke go through your toes so I mean we don't really have a high risk of getting any kind of trench foot or anything out here so we're not wearing shoes to begin with but your skin starts getting real soft and assault doesn't number on it so I'm finding it really helpful to try to smoke my feet at least twice a day I usually do it at night and then at some point during the day

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20 thoughts on “Survival 101: Time, Traps and Dental Hygiene

  1. Ok so the guy actually does know some survival methods.. The thing with the smoke is also good to kill the bacteria on your feet that could get nasty if they built up. They do the same to preserve meat. The woman? Oh right, she knows how to clean her teeth, definitely gonna help with survival…

  2. why the producer always find some stupid cowrad fat-ass, like this "clint" to join the survival test? act like a skillful survivalist but actually he can do nothing but complain and starving. WTF.

  3. he said "ive got a sapling bent over"….if i was him i would have put a little more effort into bending her over, rather than that sapling…..shes pretty cute.  I mean not crazy hot, but i like her…and if i was chillen around naked with her, i would be working on gettin as close to her as i could

  4. What is with you US and censoring of naked bodies??? You can show a police shooting with deadly casulties .. but not a single bit of a tit?

  5. Cleaning your teeth and got no damn food…lol I guess preparation is key. Gotta have those clean teeth so when food shows up you'll be ready.

  6. Almost the very first thing I'd do if I was them, is make shoes. Nothing is worse than getting a huge cut on your foot by stepping on a rock or something. They think food is most important, you can survive without that for 3 weeks!!

  7. One thing that drove me nuts that almost all contestants didn't do to make water is this. Find a rock and throw it in the fire for 1 hour. Take a coconut shell fill it with water. Throw the rock into the coconut shell and the hot rock will boil the water enough to kill allot of what maybe harmful. You want to size your shell and rock to ratio the water. You can get a number of these fires and shells going to make a decent amount of water.

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