Sweet Cookie Wash And Cookie Restore Review | Feminine Hygiene

Sweet Cookie Wash And Cookie Restore Review | Feminine Hygiene

video you know pretty much we're gonna talk about vaginal hygiene that's women young women let's get into this company on Instagram I believe it was in my explore page when I originally saw the page I was like oh cookies won't come to cookies they got some cooking's you know my granny so so let me show you guys the Instagram page so I came across the page and then when I actually went through the page I'm like okay wait no this is not no cookies today you know regular cookies they talking about so it's called sweet cookie wash and it says hi in vagina products and it says a bakery for high-end vaginas so I went ahead I ordered I ordered the cookie burst or move move oh you know wait let's talk about this package in though so this came through with the package I'm like this is cute like it's called a cookie verse or move out yeast in certain vagina what's better than milk and cookies well this isn't really milk but there's almost nothing better for an irritated cookie like yeah look at the packaging it's open I'm closing it because it came with a tape here but I'm closing it so you can actually see like how it came like yeah I came for it it's cute so and then I also got the sweet cookies they sweet with a natural feminine wash I'm gonna talk about this one first first let me talk about you know my personal experience I always heard well I learned about pH balance as a teenager but I've never experienced my ph balance being off until i became pregnant with cayenne so pretty much within the midst of my pregnancy um I was having symptoms of pretty much a yeast infection and when I went to my OB you know they confirmed that it was a yeast infection so it was itchy um and also it had a little smell to it in the discharge was it like the pure white discharge so they prescribed me Monistat that joke a word I really wish I had this during that's all I don't even I don't even think it's I don't know if it's safe during pregnancy but they put up anyways so they prescribed me one is that I did it but my yeast infection kept coming I kept coming back and I was not sexually active throughout that time of my pregnancy because Cayennes um dad was away at college so I was just having you some better just to have it anyways so let's get into this though so um on each side on each side it has something so on this side it has instructions on this side it gives you it says about a survey and like pretty much what women said about it when they start the women and then this side isn't this but like it's so cute um it gives you supplement facts so you know when you buy a product like um a food product and he gives you the nutritional facts she can she really did this it's their supplement effects soul shins it says insert one in your vagina every 24 hours for seven days to get rid of itchy smelly yeast infection and BV symptoms news after sex or after period to balance pH and added freshness caution extreme freshness may occur he will want to drink you up like milk okay so the next um the next side here which I believe it's the back because this is the front so the back it says we've surveyed three hundred women about their experience with this product and here are the results so 96% said it removes order after using once 99% said yeast infection symptoms went away a hundred percent said they felt more confident about having sex 98% said they felt extra fresh when they used after their period and then a hundred percent said it treated the after sex odor so then on the opposite side of the instructions it says supplement facts and it says boric acid capsules 600 milligrams and the serving size is one capsule so each capsule is 600 milligrams and do not swallow wait 24 hours after using no but wait 24 hours after use before intercourse these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent disease and it is manufactured exclusively for sweet cookie jar LLC Sunrise Florida 3 3 5 1 and it says 20 boric acid capsules in certain vagina so it comes with 20 capsules let me tell you up I am NOT gonna review anything that I have not tried out at all I use this for two months after my men show because it seems like after my metro my pH balance is thrown off and that's never happened until after I had cayenne so therefore I used it comes when you take it out it comes in a plastic baggie like this and here are the capsules and then in here's our clean so the capsule looks like this you guys and it seems like as if the I guess support for but the boric acid um it seems like it has like a powder inside so I use this I used at least four so two times so it used it to every I know it said it says to use for seven days but I only have to use it for two days and which is you have to use it every 24 hours so we use it for I would only use two so for the past two months I've used it twice and I used two capsules um each day each time yeah so forth so when I read online um it said that you're supposed to use a liner which is very true I would highly recommend if you're gonna if you're gonna use the cookie restore use a liner so what I would do is I'll take the capsule of like this and I will put it in the opening hold of the vagina and then I'll use one finger and stick it up I know that's TMI but I'm just telling you guys how to answer day um and I push it as far as where it's not out that makes them so pretty much like how you do a tampon um and then you know it'll be a little discharge but immediately I see results like I'm like I mean everything is like back to normal how it should be so after I use it twice i like my discharge everything is perfect like perfect so i this product right here is bomb okay now let's talk about dis right Chum so my best friend she gave it to me and this is called the sweet cookies stay sweet with a natural feminine wash pump it rub it and wash it off maybe with olive oil coconut oil sunflower oil and all other all natural ingredients to keep your cookies moist and fresh so in its own five ounces so 150 milliliters and then let's redo what's on the back so it says sweet cookies unscented feminine wash cookie wash is a gentle foaming cleanser designed to moisturize and freshen the most intimate and sensitive parts of your body for external use only press foam pump to dispense wash apply wash on vulva and rub thoroughly rinse off with water and pat dry maybe use daily discontinued if irritation occurs so it does have a pump so you just press the pump it does say unscented but our thing isn't so they have a I see that they have a lavender scented one or a lavender one I have to try that one but this one it just smells like soap this one just smells like soap and then it has like oh I know how oil looks like it has a yellow to it you like a yellow tint to it this has a yellow a light yellow tint to it so if you guys are wondering what color it is I don't know you can feel like the color on the inside you can kind of tell I don't know if you can kind of tell them the color on the inside but let's read the ingredients it says seven saponified organic olive coconut and sunflower oils organic aloe vera organic shea butter natural rosemary extract and citrus it's a jerk acid so when I post I posted a toll on Instagram and I said did you guys want me to review this product and 85 percent um 85 percent said yes 70 percent said no so um you know when I posted that some girl damn to me she's like hey I got the wash and it you know it irritated me does it irritate you and I'm gonna be honest here like I said when I used it the first three times it did not irritate me but I realized the fourth time I used it the little team CMI again it got too far down and like within the opening of the vagina and I kind of felt like a burning sensation so i hurry up the washing up but the way that I use it I'm use it after and what I do is I just you know wash the vulva and all of that stuff on top and just rinse it out quick so it doesn't like the soap doesn't run down you know down in that area other than that this is fine I don't there's like it's fresh so that is the end of this video if you guys want to try out the product I do have a coupon code for you guys know this was not a paid advertisement I just had a link for you guys to get a little discount ocher so therefore just click the link down below if you guys want to purchase these items and get you a guy this count so let me know what you guys think if you guys have the product comment down below your experience with them also why come and subscribe I have a lot of reviews in store for you guys okay peace y'all

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