Technology Outlook 2025 – Healthcare

Technology Outlook 2025 - Healthcare

technology has always played a central role in healthcare from diagnosis and treatment to prevention and healthcare management and by 2025 technology will have empowered targeted and personalized healthcare this will deliver medical treatments tailored to patient needs with the best responses and highest safety margins to ensure better patient care technology will support us in making healthier choices monitoring our health optimizing exercise sleep and nutrition patterns and it will redefine the patient and doctor interaction through self-assessment coaching and intervention wearable sensors will only increase in their capability and will be used to collect information about the physical and chemical properties of our bodies genomic technologies will have successfully transferred from research environments into the clinic's the molecular basis for all monogenic rare diseases will have been discovered advanced clinical research will be able to link patient records to genomic sequence and treatment regimens will be more adaptive to the individual patient resulting in a higher treatment success rate additive manufacturing and biotechnology will create opportunities for cellular repairs and prosthetics and production of medical devices that are tailored to a patient body and lifestyle as we look beyond 2025 technology will continue to unlock new frontiers and drive personalized safe sustainable health care

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