Texas Getting Universal Healthcare?

Texas Getting Universal Healthcare?

the healthcare situation in Texas as with many states perhaps all states is pretty rough at this point with continued Republican leadership in certain areas including women's reproductive rights it's only getting worse recently but there are attempts to rectify that situation and we're going to be joined now by guests to break down the healthy Texas act that aims to do massive improvement in that area in Texas is Clayton Tucker statewide coordinator in Texas for our evolution Clayton welcome to the show thanks for having me I glad to have you on so describe for us the healthy Texas act what is it about and at what stage in the progress of this bill are we currently at so the healthy Texas act or as we like to call it Medicare for y'all and y'all means all is a it's a single-payer is a statewide single-payer bill as crafted by the National Nurses United and it does basically everything we need a health care system to do at least on the state level until we can get the real deal solution on the national level so it covers pre post natal it covers emergence of transportation and really just everything we need we where we're at in the bill now the Texas session has ended which is both a blessing and a curse because they can't do any more damage but we also can't get the bill to go any further this session we did go pretty far this session there are several bills like this throughout the states there's California Illinois Maine Maryland Iowa Florida and Texas and so far to my knowledge Texas is one of the few if not the only does gotten a hearing on the bill in committee now what we are doing currently because this is a long haul fight we are going to County Commissioners and County judges we have calculated with the Center for Public Policy Priorities a think-tank here in Texas about how much Medicare for y'all will save counties the county budget for instance so you know I long roads are crumbling all bridges are crumbling and a law school there under finance so we're going to County Commissioners and County judges like look this will help you all and we've got a really big endorsement just oh I think last Wednesday from the South Texas County Judge and County Commissioner Association represent about forty five counties both Democrat Republicans and they chose to unanimously endorse our Medicare for y'all plan ok well that that's certainly good for the future of the bill and really fasted if you could just remind me I'm I lived for quite a while in Texas but I'm trying to remember you said that the session the legislative session had just ended they only serve for a small percentage of the time correct correct is about 60 to 90 days that's the normal session so basically at a very start of the year till end of May essentially yeah and and and the only really important business that government has to deal with is generally in the first quarter so that should be fine that's son shoo it off possibly go wrong but that gives you quite a bit of time to organize around the bill and I am curious yeah you mentioned how there's state level action like what you're pursuing and there's federal action we've had a lot of conversation in the past year about Medicare for all as a possible nationwide plan has that conversation nationally helped your state-level effort to get people in Texas to sign onto this plan yes well as recent polling has showed I believe it's 82 percent of Democrats about two-thirds a Republican 2/3 of independents and about 50% of Republicans support Medicare for all so that's one of the reasons we frame healthy Texas as Medicare for y'all and we're pushing into the state level to popularize it and we do tie it very closely to the national legislation and we kind of help each other both the national and the state legislation kind of help each other boost each other up okay so you've got polls there and you've talked about going to different counties and talking to people there in terms of actual legislators on the Democratic side and the Republican side has there been much interest in in pushing for this during the next session there is growing interest in this so the bill was led by representative Gina Hannah Xhosa fabulous representative and we also have I believe there are three other co-sponsors for the bill this time around though we had a lot of people who are interested but we can get to commit this time around which is fine we'll get them next time and basically we are going to be using this as a way to like look these representatives did or did not support they were not supportive this time around health care is one of the most popular issues at least in state of Texas I believe probably nationally so as well so gonna use this to push our representatives like hey if you want to be reelected you really should focus on this and look how far we've come and look how popular these ideas are and you mentioned the the money that can be saved for for governments in the county level I imagine overall in Texas it would be significant but for individuals if this plan were put into effect what sort of economic impact would it have on people in Texas it would be pretty drastic in a very very good way so I if I remember right a lot of folks well let me let me actually use my my I have a friend I don't want to name them but they voted for Trump they are a Trump supporter and they recently had had a shotgun wedding not because pregnancy or anything like that but because he had health insurance she did not and she's too sick to work so she can't get health insurance % you can't work you know that all that the kind of downward spiral so I was telling them about healthy Texas and they're supportive of it because I was explaining to them is like look what you're paying now chances are you're paying 25 percent of your income towards health care or through deductibles or co-pays or premiums or whatever have you we can eliminate all that mm-hmm also during the hearing we had it was kind of advantageous for us so we were supposed to be one of the first bills heard we end up being like a tenth and all the bills before us or all the speakers before if we're talking about how health insurance companies really royally screwed them over so there's his lady who got cancer she wanted some of her eggs to be frozen so she could have it for a child of her own later on health insurance and cover mhm and I'm imagining is all those procedures that the bills would be quite high so incredibly important in Texas obviously a big state very important politically for the future of the US and so you know best of luck and pushing for the bill and and then trying to get as much support for it as possible before the next session Clayton Tucker of our revolution Texas thank you so much for joining us thank you for having me thank you for watching this clip from the damage report for more content from the show and access to TYT Network members only exclusives go to T y-t-dot-com slash Brooke 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41 thoughts on “Texas Getting Universal Healthcare?

  1. Life History
    1972 started full employment paying into a Social Welfare System. 2001 Angioplasty one stint
    Cost of Surgery "0" Nada NOTHING ,my week in one of the best hospitals in the Republic of Ireland "0"
    Tablets per month since then :-
    Aspirin 75 Nu-Seal
    High blood pressure tablets and a host of other meds 7 in total cost € 55:00 per month , if I didn't own my own home mortgage free I would get totally free health care for my wife and child
    Irish citizen.

  2. Most wealthy, progressive, European nations have had universal health care since WWII, or before it. Even Spain, which isn't as rich as Germany or the US, say, has one of the BEST health care systems in the world.! It is funded by a 1.5% tax on income for most. Wealthier folks pay more. It is currently rated by WHO, the World Health Organization, as #3 in efficiency and cost. Spain has a Socialist government. It has, after Japan, the highest life expectancy in the world.! Compare that to the US's @ 27th.!

  3. Trouble is that this is a RED state. They deserve NOTHING good until they realise that voting in shit like Cruze and his ilk is so far wrong that if it was put on a graph, they would have to change the scale to make it fit. THEY DESERVE NOTHING oops well strike that, they deserve all of the shit brought about by extreme weather, lousy food production, more imported diseases due to migration of new bugs and beasties into new areas due to climate change. And of course, bigger and worse flooding. Throw all of the shit at them until they literally "turn blue" (and not due to holding their breath but due to realising that tge filthy GOP are destroying the country and actually, the planet due to their greed). One more time ……………………. they deserve NOTHING GOOD

  4. TX is not as deep red as it used to be. Every cycle turns lil more and more blue. If the med4all can get shoved thru my fellow Texans thick skulls ppl will see DemSo is not as ba as Fox had claimed. If they was wrong about med4all what else hv they bn willingly wrong about.

  5. So what is stopping the democrats in California doing this at state level?

    Guess they are only good at virtue signaling.

  6. $14 Trillion for wars but no money for Universal Healthcare. 65 countries around the world have had Universal Healthcare for years.

  7. Here’s a very specific example of how screwed up medical insurance is here in Texas. Last year, my brother’s ACL tore at work. He has insurance through the state university employee program. As he could not put any weight on his leg or make it across campus to his car, he used an ambulance to go to a hospital (less than 10 minutes away). He received a bill for over $1500 for that little trip. When he called the insurance company (a national well know one), he was told that he was responsible in full because the ambulance company used was not on their pre-approved provider list. He asked who in the area is authorized – for future possible use. The agent paused, and then said “at this time there are no approved providers for emergency transport in the entire state of Texas.” That about sums it up.

  8. Interesting…wonder if they would still keep voting in Repugnantcan’s who will take it away after it’s been implemented.

    Probably, stupid is as stupid does…gotta stop dose ‘bortions at’tallllll costs! 🙄
    N guns n gawd!!! Yeehawww😂

    Damn shame how 37% of this country is stuck on stupid. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. I don't know about that but Rick Perry decided not to get the medicaid expansion when it was rolling out for ACA so they may just accept then bill then defund the program and say see it doesn't work

  10. As a Texan and knowing our legislators this will never happen. Unless a bunch of seats are flipped blue of course. This won't get beyond the current stage bc of ppl like Tes Cruz.

  11. That would be hilarious if Texas was the first state to have Medicare for all; the heart of republican territory would be the first to pass a disgusting socialist agenda.

  12. Ted Cruz is having a nervous breakdown, these crazy socialist ideas are moving too fast for him to keep up……………..poor Ted fled the socialist hellhole of Canada 🇨🇦 as a young refugee.

  13. On a more realistic approach. If Medicare can be expanded to cover more people in that the eligibly would be lowered 5 years to 60 and again 5 years lower 3 years later. The financial burden wouldn’t sting as much

  14. People, this will never work in Texas for a very important reason, there is no Texas state income tax. Where is the money supposed to come from? This program would have to be initiated on the federal level to succeed. Why do leftists have such problems with basic math?

  15. 1:18 Illinoise? I got sick in 2006. Fortunately I'd worked for 40 years so I had some 'insurance' saved up. Then I tried going back to work. Couldn't afford the pills and the blood tests on the "great union health plan' we had. So I sit at home rotting on disability, waiting to die instead of working another 10 years. FUck BIG health!!

  16. That would be awesome if Texas did this. I live in Texas and delayed going back to the doctor for my headaches. The reasons were I was too busy at work, could not afford my copays. I later lost my job and insurance. Now that I had the time to go to the doctor I still did not have the money. A couple months later I started going blind and the headaches got worse. I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with brain cancer. They would of found it almost a year sooner if I did not have money issue.

  17. I have to watch this again, because its sounds like it's Not the working class. It sound more for the privilege. (Someone wanting to save their eggs, was the example. And Why would I want my Hard earned money pay for that? I would rather it pay for my daughter who needs back surgery, because she can't afford the current Enormous Co-pay nor cost for the surgery. Have look into this, because this does seem, just from listening here that's it for the "challenged" incomes. My my money, I decide.

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