The 8 Worst Breakfast Foods & Healthy Alternatives For Nutrition & Weight Loss | Dr. Nick Z

In this video I’ll uncover the eight worst
breakfast foods and healthy alternatives for nutrition and weight loss. When you start your day off with things like
a bagel – a huge carb load – essentially it leaves you with cravings all day. You don’t
want to be starting your day off with inflammatory foods that are causing hormone dysregulation,
your brain not to work well. What was found in studies that if you eat a high carb breakfast,
high sugar breakfast, you basically consumed way more calories throughout the entire day.
We went through the era where pretty much everybody was trying to stay away from fat.
Now, we’re back to an era where people are adding fats back in. Now, I can’t think of a better way to set
yourself up for failure than starting a day off with the high sugar, high carb breakfast
that is not only going to leave you with cravings throughout the day, but also leave you with
energy crashes. And that’s why in this video, we’re going to talk about the 8 worst breakfast
foods and healthy alternatives for nutrition and weight loss. So many people are starting
their day off like this and they have no idea how big of an impact it has on them. The way
that they feel, their cognitive function, everything. So, that’s why we’re going to
give you a lot of thought-provoking breakfast ideas in this video so stick around to the
end. But before we get started, I’m Dr. Zyrowski
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of our first worst breakfast foods and this is one that you’re going to find in pretty
much most fast food restaurants, most coffee places everywhere you go, and that’s bagels
and toast. OK. And we start a day off with bagel and toast. This is a great way to set
us up for failure because you don’t want what the research shows us is that when you start
your day off with things like a bagel, a huge carb load, essentially it leaves you with
cravings all day. And I’ll get to more of what it does to your body and your mental
capacity your energy levels in just a moment. So, when we look at bagels and toast and rich
flour – this is a flour where they took like a bleached white flour and then they enriched
it because after they stripped the nutrients out they tried to put some back in and a bunch
of studies show that it really doesn’t work. Even though they you know put all this enriched,
these vitamins within this flour, it really doesn’t make you any more healthier. When
they compared people who got sick versus didn’t get sick when they use enriched flour versus
not using enriched flour, it didn’t seem to make any difference using the enriched flour.
So next here is we’re going to find is high in carbohydrates, high calorie. So, this is
a high calorie breakfast you’re trying to lose weight but yet you’re stopping buying
grabbing a coffee and a bagel not going to work out too well. And then of course nutritionally
deficient. I mean how many nutrients are you getting in a bleached white flour bagel? The
answer is not very many. So, what we want to do is we want to start our day off with
a highly nutritious meal. Let’s talk about an alternative now an alternative,
the better choice is going to be a smoothie. Now, think of this. You start your day off
with some berries, lots of green leafy vegetables. And as a result you’re getting lots of phyto
nutrients, a lot of micronutrients, lots of antioxidants. And once again nutrient dense
it’s going to give you energy for hours to come. So, if you’re going to start your day
off with a breakfast make sure you’re doing it in a healthy way. A nice green smoothie
is a great way to go. Now let’s talk about cereal. When we look
at cereal, I mean this is something many people start their day off with. You go to the grocery
store and there’s just aisles lined with hundreds of different types of cereal on these beautiful
bright colored boxes and they say things like heart healthy and fiber enriched and all this
stuff. I mean this is just all a big marketing ploy. But at the end of the day the cereal
is terrible for you. Most of the cereal is high in sugar, it’s highly processed, it’s
artificially fortified like we just talked about with the bagel you know there’s just
basically just putting some nutrients in it because there was nothing there to start with,
and then of course lots of artificial ingredients. I mean when you look at the cereal label how
many of those ingredients can you not actually pronounce or can you not even understand.
So, lots of artificial ingredients, dyes, you name it. And then when you eat this high
sugar meal, what it’s going to do is activate the parasympathetic. This is a part of your
nervous system that basically just kind of shuts your body down in a way so that you
can rest in digest. And so when you take these high sugar meals first thing in the morning,
what does it do? You have your meal and all of a sudden you’re tired you’re crashing you’re
going through energy withdraws and then of course what you do is you pour on some coffee
to kind of just boost things back up a little bit. But if we actually just have a good healthy
breakfast or in fact make a better choice and have no breakfast at all and do intermittent
fasting this is a great way to start your morning. Now, when we look at intermittent fasting,
because you’re not having that breakfast you’re not having anything at all essentially you’re
able to have energy throughout the entire morning. Like I said that big breakfast, even
if it’s a good healthy breakfast, if you have a really big breakfast it will activate your
parasympathetic. So, we want to make sure that when we’re really looking to boost our
energy levels, we go and do something like intermittent fasting because that way we skip
breakfast and we just have energy all morning and it’s that simple. Fast for 16 hours, basically
skip breakfast go right into lunch in that way you have energy all morning. Try intermittent
fasting instead of breakfast if this is something you’ve never done before it’s very easy to
do. It has an enormous amount of health benefits. And I’ll put a link in the description below
to a video where we’re actually teach on this. Now let’s go and talk about waffles and pancakes.
Another big stable breakfast food that so many people have daily. What are we going
to find in these waffles and pancakes? And by the way this is very reminiscent of my
childhood. We used to eat all these types of foods every single morning for breakfast
and now it’s like when I look at my own kids, I go no they can’t go to school with this
kind of food like this is terrible. And so back then people didn’t really know any better.
The truth is a lot of people still don’t know any better today and that’s why you know this
video none of it is here to judge you but actually give you good, thought-provoking
ideas as to how you can improve your health. Now waffles and pancakes – bleached white
flour topped with a corn syrup. Because the thing is, is that when we look at a lot of
these maple syrups out there they’re not maple syrup at all it’s actually just corn syrup
that has a maple flavor. So, you put some corn syrup on there which is actually even
worse for you than the maple syrup, high glycemic and linked to diabetes. If you’re eating this
kind of stuff that is highly highly linked to diabetes. Now the other thing is that of
course maple syrup is not a great way to start your day off either. But on the same hand
it’s going to be better than the corn syrup. Let’s go ahead talk about some better options
here. The better choice – chaffles. Now if you haven’t heard of chaffles, this is
basically this huge buzz within the keto community and basically what you do is you take some
eggs and you scramble them up into a bowl and you put some cheese in as well. Now a
lot of people are getting fancy with some bacon and sausage some of that kind of stuff
as well. And then you put it into a waffle iron and cook it. Then after that you go ahead
need it and they’re really delicious. And matter of fact I like to make these and then
put a sauce on top of it and it’s really, really good. If you follow a monthly meal
plan you’ll see that we’re including these into your monthly meal plan which are really,
really good. The other option here is almond flour waffles and pancakes. Now, when we look
at like waffles and pancakes, we can make a better option there. Right now a better
choice might be something like chaffles but we also can make some better choices in the
way of just using better ingredients. We can make almond flour pancakes, we can make homemade
flour waffles, we can use coconut flour. We can use better flours instead of, of course,
enriched or bleached white flour. Let’s go ahead and talk about the next topic
and that’s muffins. Now a lot of people once again start their day off with muffins. Go
to these coffee shops fast food places where you can grab breakfast muffins are right on
the top of the list – high in sugar, contain these highly inflammatory hydrogenated oils
which are not good for you, lots of refined flour. And then of course most of the breakfast
muffins are going to have other things in it like many things that are perceived to
be healthy maybe like some dried fruit. Also, they’re going to have things like chocolate
chips in them and then in many cases they’re going to be topped with sugar. When I was
looking at different images for breakfast muffins and muffins, most of them actually
had sugar sprinkled on top, they had they had powdered sugar sprinkled on top. So very,
very staple when it comes to muffins here. And then as I mentioned with the hydrogenated
oils and you put some sugar with that highly, highly inflammatory you don’t want to be starting
your day off with inflammatory foods that are causing hormone dysregulation, your brain
not to work well. That is not a good way to start your day. Let’s talk about a better
choice. A better choice would be something like cloud bread French toast. Now, if you’re
not familiar with cloud bread that’s once again something very popular within the keto
community. It’s taking some eggs making this specific type of bread, you cook that up,
and then of course make some French toast with it, dip it in eggs with some cinnamon
everything really, really good and so cloud bread French toast is a great option. I’ll
put a link below to how you would go about making cloud bread if you’re not familiar
with it. Once again something very popular in the keto community and a very good thought-provoking
breakfast idea because of course you can take this and spin it off into many other things
as well. The next thing is doughnuts and oh my gosh
growing up I mean doughnuts were a very staple thing that I saw people eat and still see
people eat today. Actually, my clinic is right next to a bakery and they make fresh doughnuts
and of course people are grabbing them every single morning. And when you look at a donut,
I mean it’s really terrible. You’re going to get bleached white flour, lots of corn
syrup, lots of artificial everything. I mean there’s really not much in that that is beneficial
in any way. Extremely high in sugar. And when I say like you know there’s not much – maybe
they’re using a fruit filling like a real fruit filling that has some different micronutrients
in it that could be beneficial. Extremely high in sugar. And of course, leaves you hungry
for more. Here’s the thing. When we look at doughnuts or any of these high sugar foods,
we already determine activates parasympathetic. We also are going to determine here that is
going to leave you hungry for more because what was found in study is that if you eat
a high carb breakfast, high sugar breakfast you basically consumed way more calories throughout
the entire day. Really crazy. But however you start your day off with breakfast or your
first meal of the day is how you will continue your day. And it just pushes those cravings.
And then of course you eat more calories, gain more weight, and then you’re more unhappy.
So, we want to make sure that we’re making better options and an omelet is a really great
option. A good quality omelet. Put some avocado on it put some really good quality vegetables
on it – great way to start your day. Now there’s a lot of studies out there that
look at the egg is a perfect food. It’s got a good balanced amino acid profile. Lots of
good healthy fats in it, a low amount of carbohydrates, lots of good nutrients. So starting your day
off with an egg is powerful and the other reason that eggs are good in the morning is
because there are studies that show if you eat eggs for breakfast that you eat less calories
throughout the entire day because you’re getting a good satiating balanced meal – only 77 calories
per egg. Really good way to start your breakfast. Once again I’m trying to give lots of thought
provoking ideas like as in most of the different blogs and things you find out there it’s like
breakfast is just egg, egg, egg, eggs, and we want to have different ideas so that you
don’t get sick of eating the same thing all the time. Now breakfast bars is another major thing
that people get caught up in because this is considered to be healthy. I know so many
people eating breakfast bars as a way to just you know grab breakfast on the go and then
you know make sure they’re choosing the better option, but it’s not so much the better option.
First of all, we look at these things they are loaded with sugar and usually not just
one type of sugar, but multiple types of sugar, high in grains. Also, a lot of artificial
ingredients. Most of them are comparable to candy bars. When we look at sugar content
versus sugar content, I mean yeah you can make the argument that okay well this has
maybe some little more nutrients in it that kind of thing, but when we look at sugar to
sugar, most of them are very comparable to a candy bar is considered a healthy alternative.
But in fact it is not. Let’s look at a better choice here. So, a better choice is going
to be – if you’re looking for something on the go – is going to be something like coffee
or teas with collagen and MCT. This is how I break my fast every single day. I do it
with coffee and MCTs. If you follow me on Instagram then you know that because I talk
about it a lot. There’s a huge amount of benefit to it. So if you’re not a coffee person and
you’re using tea, you put that collagen in there and then you’re getting some really
great proteins which are good for your musculoskeletal health. And then if you put that MCT in there,
you’re getting that great fat which has a lot of benefit for brain function energy physical
performance the whole deal. So, this is a better option versus going in eating a breakfast
bar in the morning. Now let’s go ahead and talk about the next
thing and that’s flavored yogurt. This is a trap that many people get caught up in.
I mean I can remember growing up always having some sort of flavored yogurt and let me tell
you it was really good but not necessarily good for you. Now, many people are going to
choose the non-fat option. Okay so they get the yogurt. They’re trying to be consciously
healthy and they want to make sure that they’re making better choices so they get the non-fat
which is terrible because it’s going to raise your blood sugar more, you’re not going to
get the benefits that those fats have to offer. So, they grab the non-fat, they grab the sugar
stuff the flavored stuff and usually the sugar content is super high in these, and then of
course they’re getting the low-quality dairy right. We also want to make sure that we’re
getting a better option with all of this. Let’s talk about a better option. Choosing
full fat yogurt is going to be the first better choice. We went through the era where pretty
much everybody was trying to stay away from fat. Now we’re back to an era where people
are adding fats back in so we want to get full fat yogurt because it’s very beneficial
for our brain for our entire body. We want to put things like berries and if you want
it sweet, just put some berries in it. It’s that simple -maybe you can sprinkle some monkfruit
or stevia on it something like that, but there’s no reason to go get something that’s loaded
with sugar. So full fat. Put some berries in it. Lots of micronutrients, a lot of antioxidants
here and then choose grass fed whenever possible or organic. We just want to make sure that
we’re staying away from these big factory farms and using more sustainably raised resources
here. So, utilize dairy from sustainably raised cows and sustainably treated cows as well.
Grass fed is a great way to go. Let’s talk about fruit juice. I know this
isn’t a food but this is a big mistake people are making in the morning so I felt like I’d
be doing an injustice to you if I didn’t talk about it. So, when we look at fruit juice,
it has no fiber, extremely high in sugar, small amounts of vitamins, linked to diabetes
and obesity. Now when we talk about fruit juice it’s very similar to these really terrible
sugary drinks that people are drinking today. For example, Coca-Cola – a glass Coca-Cola
140 calories 10 grams of sugar. Apple juice – 165 calories, 39 grams of sugar. Yes, it’s
coming from apples. Yes, it’s a better source. But the thing is it’s still a huge amount
of sugar that you don’t want to be starting your day off with. It’s no way to start your
day and it’s not good for kids either rotting their teeth out it’s making their brains not
function well, it’s causing the crash, and it also is linked to problems like diabetes
and obesity. We don’t want that not only for our children but for ourselves. Now let’s
talk about a better alternative. In the morning it’s best to just start your day off with
water. You’ve been fasting all night because you’ve been in bed. You haven’t drank anything
in eight hours or so. You want to make sure that you’re getting lots of water in the morning
make sure you’re rehydrating yourself properly. It’s incredibly important. If you want something
sweet the morning, go ahead and eat berries. This is going to be something is going to
be loaded with antioxidants, lots of micronutrients like we talked about through this entire video,
and it is going to be a better option. If we’re hydrated properly throughout the entire
day, we tend to eat fewer calories and we’re going to feel so much better. We’re going
to have better cognitive function, more energy, we’re going to just see our weight fall off
if we’re making better breakfast choices – the whole deal. Give this video a thumbs up and put in the
comment section what you have for breakfast or if you have breakfast at all. And then
lastly check out this video over here. I mentioned the ketogenic diet multiple times throughout
this video. This video is going to teach you everything that you need to know about the
ketogenic diet. If you are someone who’s in the state of ketosis
you will promote burning fat off your body.

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