The Best Cheap Food in NYC’s Chinatown || 5 Buck Lunch

The Best Cheap Food in NYC’s Chinatown || 5 Buck Lunch

[Lively Music] – My name is Prez and I work at Thrillist. Around these parts I’m known as the $5 lunch guy. ‘Cause in a city where money goes fast, you gotta make every penny count. Every episode, I’m gonna put you guys onto the very finest New York grub for $5 or less. Here we go. Let’s see. The mission’s in, and it is Chinatown. Chinatown? That’s it? Just Chinatown? One word, no hints, no nothing? There’s like 5,000 joints in Chinatown alone I could go to. What am I gonna do? How do I decide? I know. I’m gonna phone a friend. I’m gonna hit up my homegirl Khushbu, who’s the senior editor at Thrillist. [Phone Ringing] Yo Khushbu. – Hey, what’s up? You gotta make it quick, ’cause I got another meeting to get to. – So, my mission is in and I am going to Chinatown today, and I only got five bucks,
where should I be eating? – There’s a place called
Wah Fung No. 1 and for $3.75 you can get a giant order of pork over rice. – Oh yeah. – There’s a line, but
it’s totally worth it. All right, see you soon, bye! – Thanks. So the thing about Wah Fung No. 1 is it’s actually pretty well known, but I’ve never been there. So I’m pretty excited to try the food. So these are the rules of Operation Five Buck Lunch: Its gotta be good, ’cause nobody wants bad food for lunch. No big chains, ’cause that’s just too easy. It’s gotta be $5 or less. And whatever I don’t use today, rolls over into the next episode. Got it? Good. [Lively Music] Where would you go for $5 food? Like if you have to eat something for $5, where would you go? – I’d probably go to a West Indian joint. – West Indian joint. – Yeah [Laughs]. – Where’s the best West Indian joint? I need one, I’ve been living in Brooklyn, I can’t find one. – Rogers Avenue, man. – Where’s that? – Rogers Avenue. – Rogers Avenue? – Yeah. – So it’s called Rogers Avenue? – No, it’s called– – It’s Rogers Avenue, what’s it called? – It’s called Mary’s. – Mary’s – Yeah. – OK and then like are they Jamaican are they Trinidadian, or– – I don’t know the island,
they’re West Indian. – West Indian. What do you usually get? – Stewed chicken. – Stewed chicken, ah yeah. – Oxtail. – There ya go, that’s my guy right there. Guys we have to transfer one more stop; we are about to get on the B train, and we are out. We are in pork food heaven. [Lively Music] Chinatown, Grand Street, but not just anywhere in Chinatown. Sara D. Roosevelt Park, which is my favorite place in the entire joint. You come here on any given day you gonna get your ass busted. Some of the best players you’ve never heard of come here. Internationals fly here
to come play games. Steve Nash has charities here. I once played a game here against the Chinatown Soccer Club and they got this guy named Kang. He’s about 70 years old, no lie. Look him up, Google him, whatever, Kang, Chinatown Soccer Club. Yo. Dude is old. Dude is a beast. But the craziest thing about that is, that’s probably an upgrade from anything that the US
National team has right now. I mean, you been under a rock, you probably know we didn’t qualify for the World Cup ’cause we lost to Trinidad and Tobago. Like, what? [Lively Music] Look at this. A line. Out the door. A line out the door. Look, right here, world-famous roast pork over rice. Four bucks. All day. Every day. With vegetables or noodles, bang. Can’t go wrong. Like, what else are you gonna ask for? Why is this place so popular? – Because of the roast pork. – The roast pork, what
about the roast pork? Is it like homemade or does it taste like something familiar or – It’s professionally made, it tastes like your regular roast pork, but it’s like a little sweeter, and they have a little bit more fat on it. – OK and like if you didn’t get that, what else would you
get, what else could you get here for like under five bucks? – I would start with the duck or the roasted pig like
you see the pig that’s hanging up there with the crispy skin. – That’s some good stuff, that roast pig. I got it. – That roast pig, that’s what
you would cop? – I came all the way from Prince – Yo what? – I walked my half an hour meal, yes! – But that’s the thing, though. Good food– – I walk here, yes – Good food is good food, don’t matter where you gotta walk from. – I don’t care. – I don’t care. Exactly. – Especially when you
have a line here, too. – Exactly. That’s the thing though. – It’s worth it, man. – Yo, it’s worth it, yo. – It’s not the price, it’s the taste. – Exactly. They cosign, we goin’ in son. [Lively Music] This is the moment of truth. Operation Five Buck Lunch, we’re gonna find out if it’s really worth it. Can I please have a pork over rice, small? – Three? – Pork over rice, No. 1, yeah. Have you ever fallen in love before? I think this is what it feels like. Look at it. Look at that. [Background Noise] Steaming. Beautiful. Look at the chops, bro. Boom, boom, boom. Sorted. [Banging] Thick pieces of pork, bro. They don’t mess around here guys. Look at that. They pack it. [Background Music] [Banging] [Background music] Aw and that sauce. Yes, yes. [Background Noise] There it goes, five bucks gone. One buck back — thank you. – Thank you. So Operation Five Buck Lunch is a success. Gave him a five, got $1 back, which I can use on the next episode. What a lucky guy I am. Six bucks on the next episode. Who gets that? There it is. Oh my God look at this food. Oh, this is like four or five pounds of food for like four bucks. You can’t beat it. Look at this meat, it’s marbled it’s together, it’s
not like falling apart. The sauce seems to stick to the meat. I mean, they have like
nice little smoke rings. It’s beautiful, dude. This is quality food, dude. And here we go, first bite. Yeah, damn. Gimme one second, let me think about this. OK, here we go, here’s
what I got for you guys. This meat is so damn good. It’s sweet, it’s a little bit savory. It kinda has this little bit salty. And it gives you a hint of smoke, which is really good. And this rice, is cooked perfectly. Like it’s, I don’t know, can you use al dente for rice? I don’t know it just feels like perfectly cooked rice, like you can’t really complain about it. Now, the thing that brings this whole piece together is the cabbage. Now you wouldn’t expect
cabbage to bring a meal together, but the steamed
cabbage is actually — it works like a kinda
like a palate cleanser. You know what I mean? But it’s also a bit smoky as well, which is a little bit weird. And the cabbage like sauce kind of falls into the rice which kinda brings this whole trifecta of food together. This is really well made, simple food from two guys across the street who are kicking ass in the cheap food game. It’s damn good. Everybody we spoke to said the same thing. I 100% cosign on this meal. Guys, definitely get it. Damn. Here we go. [Lively Music] – I can’t say it enough. Today has been a success. Wah Fung No. 1,
Operation Five Buck Lunch, a match made in heaven. Now, when I first got this mission this morning, I only got one
word in that message. Chinatown. Didn’t know what to do,
didn’t know where to go. Thank God I had Khushbu. She laid me with this
gem, and I am so pleased. Guess what we get to do next time guys. We get to eat more cheap food. Where should I go? Let me know in the comments below. #5bucklunch — comment,
like, follow, subscribe. Peace. [Lively Music] What’s up guys? It is Prez, the Five Buck Lunch guy. If you like what you see below and you wanna see more
of my gross eating face, comment, like, follow, subscribe, and I’ll see you guys next time. Peace.

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100 thoughts on “The Best Cheap Food in NYC’s Chinatown || 5 Buck Lunch

  1. I have a BIG CHALLENGE for yo, try to get Dominican food 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴 for USD $ 5 good luck bro

  2. Thank you, thank you! I can't thank you enought for this adress.
    We stayed one week in NY and we ate 3 times here (yup, it was this good).
    Also, little advice : try the dumping at the restaurant just on the left… delicious and cheap as well <3
    I'm going to miss this lunch so much though lol

  3. If you wanna skip the line go to the back and get the steam rice rolls or stir fried noodles and ask for the roast pork over rice as well saves you about 15 mins. I skip the line all the time and the look on peoples faces when I go right past them is hilarious. If you speak to them in cantonese while ordering in the back it looks better too

  4. This place is a CLASSIC … and the cafe on the corner that was in background when you got of the train with the yellow awning has some great tasty cheap eats….. all of Chinatown has some great cheap eats

  5. Black people are the world's greatest suckers…
    Putting money in other races pockets but our own
    How many Asians do you see walking 5 miles to eat Caribbean food?
    How many White people do you see travelling across a city to eat African?
    How many Latinos you see making YouTube videos that took a whole day to make reviewing African American food?

    Damn the curses of the most high G-D on his chosen people are indeed real and active.

  6. It's not really a line out the door. The place is so small and those 2 guys are so fat, they don't fit in the place

  7. This guy really didn't seem like the right guy for the job. Something about him really pissed me off, really felt him acting the whole time.

  8. When he called that women to get an advice on where to get good food. It felt like a scene from the movie the Room it felt so abrupt and awkward 😆

  9. Bro do u really wanna know why that meal was only $4…… that's bc it wasn't pork…..that was USD prime choice NYC rat meat, imported straight from the back alleys of Boogie Down Bronx NY! 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  10. Try this jamaican caribbean restaurant in brooklyn on nostrand and church. Its less than $5. And her food is amazing you get rice choice of meat,a veg or plaintain. Its on the same side as the donut shop and across the street from 2 other jamaican restaurants.

  11. Don't miss season 2 of InstaChef here:

  12. OMFG this looks so damn good. when i am rich im gonna move into one of those apts upstairs and grow fat and eat this for every meal :p

    cool video! thanks for the fun content and giving us non-NYC folk awesome insight into cool foods and the NYC culture. brb gonna binge another thrillist series LOL

  13. Say WHAT!!! $4.00 for that much meat w/ cabbage and rice and Subways have the nerve to charge $9.00 for two thin slices of ham, Subway's you better up your game or you going out of business.

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