The Best Diet for Diabetes

The Best Diet for Diabetes

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83 thoughts on “The Best Diet for Diabetes

  1. High carb sucks … high-carb vegans are basically the anti-vaxxers of the vegan world: bunk science, cherry picking, and moronic claims like HCLF "cures diabetes and cancer" loool. Just morons.

  2. I know a diabetic who is puzzled why he just got diagnosed with type 2 . I asked him if he eats animal products and he quipped " carbs cause diabetes , not meat" Yikes. The problem in most diseases is there are medications for them now so people kick their first major crisis down the road and continue their bad habits. If they had immediate life threatening issues and no medication , they'd all have to go plant based.

  3. The bottom line is that the case for using a plant-based diet to reduce the burden of diabetes and improve overall health has never been stronger. For more on diabetes, see

  4. The best diet for diabetics is the one with the least amount of sugar and carbs. It has nothing to do with weather or not you eat meat.

  5. I just love your videos! always makes my day to learn about the newest and best available information on nutrition research <3

  6. I work in a hospital, I see patients every day dying of preventable diseases, it’s heartbreaking.

  7. If you want to understand what is happening with all of these Ex vegans, check out Dr. Zach Bush presentation He advocates a whole foods plant based lifestyle, but he says that mainly 30% to 40% of his patients were getting worse on this lifestyle. Check the full presentation it will blow your mind, and you can possibly help others to stay on the path.

  8. Sorry but I have been vwgan since 2017 and beans and chick peas blow our my blood sugar. This report is a much as I don't want it to be.

  9. So Supplemented Vegan Diet is what exactly??? At the top of the chart it says "amino acid supplementation", so does that include methionine??? If not what is the special concoction so we can extend our life keeping in line with your recommendation of methionine restriction? Also if this study recommends amino acids whats the magic number to take because after 3 cups of beans IGF1 gets signaled from the amino acids and cancer cells become activated?

  10. It makes people so upset that research consistently concludes whole food plant based diets to be the best for health, specifically low fat when you have diabetes/CVD. I mean just look at these comments. Dairy Fairies are very upset.

  11. I don't know what or who to believe anymore. I have uncontrolled type 2 diabetes and my blood sugar goes off the charts when I eat rice, oatmeal, beans and potatoes and fruit etc. You can't live on salad alone. I tried a strict vegan diet for nine months and my A1c went up. The only thing that really works for me is intermittent fasting and keto I learned about from Dr. Jason Fung but I find it hard to stick to it consistently.

  12. 3 ways to reverse Type 2 Diabetes. 1. Bariatric Surgery 2. Low-Carb, Low Fat Diet 3. Ketogenic Diet.
    Virta Health proving a sustained nutritional ketogenic diet sends T2D into remission with a success rate of over 60%. Moreover per the conclusion of the linked study: "A continuous care treatment including nutritional ketosis in patients with T2D improved most biomarkers of CVD risk after 1 year." This is contrary to CVD claims by those clearly not in favor of a ketogenic lifestyle. The Veterans Administration just partnered with Virta Health bringing Keto to 1.5 million vets with diabetes! No affiliation here with Virta but the facts are clear in favor of them and a healthy nutritional ketogenic lifestyle.

  13. I thought of a really simple way to do this…I tried eating only organic apples and organic bananas for two weeks after a 4 day fast (still drinking tea and coffee with sugar though, I'm human). I tried it, and I lost 7kg in the fast, and a further 8kg whilst eating the apples and bananas and feel great. I eat as much as I want. It's a real simple (no cooking), real easy (no cooking), real cheap (less than 10 UK pounds/week), raw food, whole food way to lose a bit of fat very quickly and using whole foods. Never thought anything would work this well…..It's gonna be my fail safe in the future……as no doubt I'll be naughty again some time in the future……as a former vegetarian and former vegan the Western diet of chicken, meats, crisps, chocolate, beers and chips do tempt me back now and then….

  14. If there's a vid on how sex has been proven to help us live longer, not sure how vegans get around that one. Well, if you're trying to have sex with other vegans… unless you have boatloads of money to travel, since we're all spread out across the globe. It's probably easier to beat AI at the game of GO than it is to find other vegans to have sexy time with.

  15. In my experience as a dietitian, every single diabetic person I've ever worked with, who adheres to a lower fat (<15% calories) WFPB diet, gets better control of their blood glucose, and about 65% of them totally cure the disease.

  16. Not in your face, you have to change but educational & inspiring.
    The top two killers are things we’ve been taught to do to ourselves.
    They want you sick & dying, grocery stores have to go.

  17. Thanks for the wonderful videos.
    My mom has stopped her metformin after becoming vegan (she was lactovegetarian for 30 years before becoming vegan)
    My patients are reducing their medication on a plant-based diet

  18. Thanks to a low-fat WFPB diet my mom lost ~40lbs and was able to (almost) reverse her diabetes. "Almost" because she still has to check her blood sugar status from time to time and goes to her doctor for general check ups but other than that she's the healthiest she's been in years and I'm so happy for her!

  19. Wholefood Brown rice is amazing!! Its almost as bad as white rice for dumping suger into a diabetic!

  20. Seems that people have a hard time figuring out just what is a good diet. Vegans and vegetarians make their claim backed up with studies. Keto and paleo people do the same. Then you have the all things in moderation bunch. It's confusing at best.

  21. The first study had a tiny advantage to the plant based vs. the control group. The last study had only 32 participants. I'm a believer but neither of these studies are very convincing. I would rather believe based on the facts which need larger numbers than this.

  22. This doesn't support a plant based diet for treating diabetes at all!
    This simply says a diet which is lower in carbs is far better for diabetics. If you read the control group diet, that is 60 percent carbs, but the so called brown rice diet is actually one in which the group is steered towards low carb foods. If the no carb animal produce was included the numbers would be even better.
    Brown rice dumps suger into a diabetics blood as fast as white btw which is why this high carb low fat plant based treatment of diabetes is nonsense.

  23. *Caution, eating a whole food plant-based diet to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes may reduce obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular mortality, and cancer. Talk to your doctor about whether a longer and healthier life from consuming a plant-based diet is right for you.

  24. It's carbs that cause diabetes in the first place, eliminate carbs, lower insulin and heal.
    It's not rocket science..

  25. Dr. Greger, I switched to a plant based, whole food diet. Now I am hearing and reading articles by well known Doctors who are saying all grains, beans, and tomatoes are not healthy due to high lectin levels.
    What is there left to eat??? Please advise. Thank you!

  26. Please review the Reduce-it trial by sponsor Amarin. The data is overwhelming, could you please break it down for us?

  27. This is totally bullshit! I've been following this guy since 2016 and now I run through really serious health issues . My digestion is completly destroied , I got IBS and have so many skin problems. TO all of you out here be awear Veganism is not that healthly as they try to convinced you! Why do they recomend you to take suplements? Don't be fooled by these all super doctors which don't look healthly at all do they? I think we acctually can thrive on plant based diet but not that plant based diet wich is mainly from the super markets , most of these super healthy veggies aren't healthly anymore . The vegan diet can only be for those who have thier own farmlands and they grow their own veggies and but it is so hard nowadays really ! This is my point of view and I know most of you go through they same issues what I but it's hard to admit it as these super doctors tell you that everything is appsolutly great with you.

  28. Can anyone tell me why the fuck my doctor hasnt told me about a plant based diet for diabetes?? because i believe this 100%

  29. Dr Greger, I have been vegan for almost 1 year now and I want to buy a vitamin b12 suplemment. However, I don`t know if the ingredients that come with the supplement, other than b12, are good or bad. Can you review this one or suggest some, please?

  30. i hate when people deny science and say "Diabetes run in my family .There's no cure." fuck I fucking hate that shit. Willful ignorant choosy suffering.

  31. This guy is hilarious! Beans, fruits, spike insulin. Brown rice is terrible for you and spike insulin and cause inflammation! Humans are designed to eat meat not plants. Our stomachs are very acidic. Plant based diets are a joke. Do not do it.

  32. I need to know what can I do for PCOS I was diagnosed with it last night and I know I need to lose weight again I don’t want to become a diabetic again.
    What do I do?

  33. Telling a diabetic whose body isn't processing carbs/glucose well anymore to keep pumping their body full of whole grains and fruits is the equivalent of telling an alcoholic to increase their alcohol consumption! I think I got that from Dr. Fung who is for low carb and fasting/weight loss for type 2 diabetics. Most of the crap about meats being bad and causing heart disease has now been proven to have been total BS! Saturated fat and cholesterol DO NOT CAUSE HEART DISEASE. High blood sugar will kill you and it's made worse by a high carb diet.

  34. My huasband has diabetes he control his self to much but he is so week and wants to get a bit wight . what ever he eats looks like he eat nothing sorry my writting is not good i hope you understand what i mean.

  35. just a BIG THANX for your time, and for making this information easier and more available… greetings from CHILE !!

  36. This information is in no way universally applicable. I have been eating a WFPB diet for the past 4 years; before then – 20 years before then – I was a vegetarian (eating very close to what is now called the Mediterranian diet). I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 five years ago, during which time I have had to increase my dosage of metformin and other diabetes drugs. Without the drugs, which I hate taking with a passion, my blood sugar numbers skyrocket. I doubt it would be any different for me on the SAD, but to claim, as some of these doctors do, that WFPB is a panacea for diabetes patients is both false and ethically irresponsible. I will never eat meat, out of my refusal to support the slaughter industry…in fact, I'll gladly die of my disease before considering eating meat…but to claim that my diet is some kind of miracle cure is patently misleading. I'm sure that some people will find a WFPB diet helps with their diabetes; for others it will do nothing, or perhaps even worsen their condition.

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