the best feminine hygiene products | products for your vagina

the best feminine hygiene products | products for your vagina

hey y'all today we are talking about a completely different topic I am a beauty channel but I think that there are a lot of different things that can fall under that category not just makeup of course my channel is predominantly makeup tips tricks tutorials reviews all that but I wanted to talk about something that a lot of people don't really talk about which is feminine products feminine care products things like that um I call a vagina a hoo-hoo so that's what we're gonna call it in this and unfortunately my hoo-hoo is the most complicated sassiest just high-maintenance out there even when I was younger I had to use Dawn dish soap if I wanted to take a bubble bath it was that extreme you guys so I totally know how complicated who can be and like I said mine is so high-maintenance so it is really trial and error what works and what works for me may not work for you but just start trying them out it's really about the pH and you don't want to get your levels off too much so we're gonna talk about some awesome products and a few things you shouldn't do and we're going to get into this don't forget to subscribe and click that bell and let's get into it so our first topic is going to be washes you're not supposed to use your regular body wash and you're never supposed to put or clean anything inside your hoo-hoo think of it as a self-cleaning oven the inside cleans itself like douching you should never ever do that is going to throw your pH off unbelievably so you never want to do that and I have honestly went through a thousand different washes to try to find a good one and even my gynecologist said don't wash with anything wash with water and that does work for me but I don't feel clean it's like I have to have a wash an actual wash to feel clean so the best one that I have found this is called Queen V and on the back it says hashtag maintain your V so fresh so Queen so this is a general pH balance shower gel that cleanses your hoo-hoo and your body without causing irritation it's cruelty free gynecologists recommended paraben and dye free and pH balanced so this smells a little bit like tea tree to me it's not heavily fragranced at all but this works for me I can use this there is no weird odor trust me I unfortunately can get that if I use different washes tampons this that the other um so I highly recommend this I get this at Walmart the only downside to this is the packaging but I think they have changed that so the cap is like that but clearly you're keeping this in your shower so all of this gets wet your hands are wet you cannot open this I have to unscrew it and pour it in my hand I only use this on my hoo-hoo area I don't use this all over my body but like I said this really really does work for me and now we're going to talk about panties I love super pretty silky panties well let me tell you we sweat a lot down there and I didn't believe that for quite some time but you do 100% there's no way around it everyone sweats down there so the main thing that you have to wear is cotton these are from Victoria's Secret but you can get any type of cotton panty you want to make sure that this part right here is cotton because what cotton does is it absorbs the sweat which in turn keeps your pH balanced again you're going to hear pH a lot but that is the main thing with a hoo-hoo and these will help absorb that sweat keep it all good and all fresh and honestly I don't wear panties all the time but when I do I make sure I wear cotton and it 100% helps now on to some true feminine care products we're gonna talk about pads and tampons these are I cannot say this it's oh I I don't know if there's a way to say that or if it's like that I don't know I get these at Walmart as well all of these products I do these are organic cotton easy to use biodegradable applicators you get 16 in this pack and let's see the difference I'm going to show you between the two is this is a cardboard applicator but they with both of these types of tampons I'm going to show you they do have different flow levels so I have regular and both of these and then the other is just called just a period I love this so this has no ties no fragrances no chlorine bleaching and it's a hundred percent cotton core tampons they're unscented of course this is what these look like I also have pads by this same brand but let's compare tampons first honestly I like these better because they are a plastic applicator so here's this one with your cardboard it looks just like this but I have a really hard time getting this to push up to get the tampon inserted for some reason cardboard and I just don't mix that well but if you can use cardboard I would recommend these now these are what I prefer there are more traditional plastic applicator this is what the outside packaging Oh looks like open and it looks just like this these are really easy to insert plastic applicator and then of course no bleach no dyes and fragrance all of that I highly highly recommend these because we want to know what we're putting into our bodies and the diva cups and things like that do not work for me at all at all I know so I do stick to tampons these also come in different flow levels they're very comfortable I highly highly recommend these and then like I said that just a period brand also makes pads I don't know if they have different flow levels in this but the only thing because like I wear tampons all day but at night of course you don't want to sleep in a tampon so sometimes I will try to just be a rebel and not use anything but a lot of times I do have to put a pad on there's no way I can wear a pad during the day it does not work for me I can't I cannot do that but these are very very long they're not the typical size of a normal pad so I do enjoy this because at night you never know which way it's gonna go so I like this and it is a very very thin because I could not stand to have on a thick pad I don't see how people do it but to each their own again these are fragrance free dye free 100% cotton I thoroughly enjoy these so those are all of my feminine care products that I absolutely love like I said you don't ever want to put anything in there no douches none of that stuff watch what kind of wash you are using of course your tampons should not be fragranced I don't even know why so have fragrance and tampons your body is absorbing that same with pads they ain't their fragrance like okay that's gonna smell good when you put it on but it's gonna mess up all your pH and your hoo hoo is not gonna smell good at the end of that period so that is all I have for today I hope you guys enjoy this different interesting video if you guys want more like this let me know make sure to LIKE subscribe and click that Bell and I hope to see you guys in my next one bye guys

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  1. Right on Girl….I been.using the
    V-Bar .. sold at Wal-Mart…Works a charm for me…cause I get BVD usually after intercourse.. from an off balanced PH Level when mine is mixed with my partners throws off the PH level of my Hoo Hah ..Great sharing ..Every woman should have this knowledge…Thank you

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