The Best Natural Toothpaste | Holistic Oral Hygiene

The Best Natural Toothpaste | Holistic Oral Hygiene

welcome back to my channel today I'm going to teach you how to make natural toothpaste and the reason why I'm doing this because there's so many horrible ingredients in this conditional tooth they tell you that I just can't have y'all doing that anymore I made a video about this a year ago but I add one ingredient that I really love but before I get into it I'm going to go through each of the ingredients that are used until your eye you should use a bit as well so the first thing I use it for the base is coconut oil and coconut oil is great for your teeth because it gets all that bacteria out of your gums in between your teeth and it's just like an antibacterial that's why a lot of people use this to do oil pulling so I use this as a base of the toothpaste if you want to make sure that you get cold-pressed coconut oil nothing that's refined or heated or anything like that get 100% virgin coconut oil and make sure it's cold-pressed so that's going to be the best type you ticket I also use clove oil if y'all checked out my essential oils videos you know I rave about Cove oil clove oil is a natural anesthetic so if you have any any irritation or your two different bags oil whip that up right away but it's also antibacterial as well and it freshens your breath so if your website is basically clear that so I put about ten drops in there to make sure my breath is fresh and another thing I used to keep the breath and I said fresh is peppermint oil easy spearmint oil as well as and this just keeps the bacteria a bay and if use your breath feeling fresh as well as you smell the scent of the peppermint when you're putting it into your Tuesday so I usually put about 20-30 drops of this so make sure it's super fresh and everything is did I use baking soda baking soda is a bit abrasive that's why it helps get all that plaque buildup out of there and it helps whiten your teeth over time another thing I use in which is the ingredients that I add it is this activated charcoal and so basically beings can come in a powder form but they also could come as peels where the power is inside and what I do is I usually just cut it open and put about three of these into my toothpaste and the thing about activated charcoal is that it absorbs the natural absorbent so will absorb all that nasty bacteria and the stains off your teeth so that's why I added this into my toothpaste because I want to make sure that my kids are super super white my friends are using did it her toothpaste microscopes idea from her and her people are so white and I was like what are you doing if you told me activated charcoal so I use this it's my secret ingredient and you know cut your evite secret ingredient nowadays but now you know and now my favorite is mean powder and this actually is a brand new tooth and gum powder there's a whole bunch of other ingredients in there like peppermint leaves and to do that nature and seesaw this is just amazing and actually prevents am is not such ilk I've even though that people don't think that's true but since I've been using this I have not had a cavity it helps with your gum help them flourish make sure your teeth are clean combat bad breath as well as this is so this is a real base because I put the whole bottle the whole bottle of this into the toothpaste it's just a main zing it's also known for healing gum disease so if you'll have that right here right here right yeah all these ingredients mixed together to make a power house toothpaste and so much better than the chemicals the conditional two-faced and the chemicals that they put it into the toothpaste now that can actually lead to cancer cognitive dysfunction and things of that nature so let me know in the comments below actually if y'all want me to go into those ingredients or why you should stay away I hope you guys will love this video make sure y'all subscribe and I will you guys so much you

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  1. Just got Clove oil and noticed it says I might die if it will get in my throat. Its regular Clove essential oil. And lady said there no no other kind of Clove oil other than essential one.

  2. Awe, you have such a great personality! I'm going to try this recipe. Was the last thing you put in Neem powder?

  3. Can you write down in the description box all the engredients you mentioned please? Thnak you for the video 🙂

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