The Best Way to Cook Sweet Potatoes

The Best Way to Cook Sweet Potatoes

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100 thoughts on “The Best Way to Cook Sweet Potatoes

  1. I'm scratching my head. He mentioned baking and microwaving separately once. Is microwaving not the same as baking? Does that mean it doesn't drain the Vit A like baking? I want to get one a day in by microwaving it (only daily option) and would like further elaboration.

  2. would "baking" them in a slow cooker be better? i usually throw in a few in the slow cooker before work and come home to them

  3. I came here hoping to watch a video on how to boil yams. Started fucking studying chemistry just to understand what this video is saying, but somehow i was still intrigued!

  4. potatos or starch give sme a huge skin reaction. gut mucus and since cutting it I feel much much better. most potatoes are hybrid and plays havoc with human stomachs. avoid sweet potato!

  5. Now I know why I had to retire, what would I do? Study Dr. Greger and spread the news with my family, friends & anyone else who will listen. I am amazed & grateful 🙏

  6. Lol when I was a babby I was such a fussy eater that I only ate carrots and I turned orang completely orang !

  7. There's nothing more revolting on God's earth than a boiled sweet potato. ROAST YOUR SWEET POTATOES DR. MICHAEL AND LOSE THAT SMIRK.

  8. Es una gran contribución para todas las personas de habla hispana contar con esta página, hemos leído varios artículos y libros del Dr. Michael Greger y realmente son un valiosisimo aporte, tanto para los Profesionales de la Salud coma para el público en general. Muchas bendiciones con esta hermosa Misión. GRACIAS

  9. are you kidding me i could eat like 9 sweet potatoes a day with huge loads of butter salt and herbs adn thats oK??????????? really? come on come on

  10. This makes no sense… How could boiling be better than steaming… If you boil and drink the water like soup do they mean??? What's the actual method of boiling??? What temp how long??? This doesn't tell us squat… Details matter

  11. So scientific of you to tell us how much makes people turn yellow. May do this, might do that. Just in love with the sound of your own voice.

  12. Boil or bake 'em in their skins not cut up like you show in you vid. You can peel 'em after; schlock doc

  13. Did you talk like this as a child, on into schooling and adulthood, or is it just contrived since you've put on a white coat?

  14. I chop into wedges, massage with a little coconut oil and herbs n spices and bake until crisp at 200'C 25 mins done. Its the tastiest way atleast for me. Its probably healthier at lower temps but takes 2-3x as long. I also like steam them mash 🙂

    Pressure cooker is said to retain nutrients better than other cooking methods. Although i think raw is best because you can eat sweet potatoes raw. I blend them up in smoothies to replace carrots sometimes never had a problem.

  15. Yikes frying slices in coconut oil is the way I've been eating sweet potatoes going to boil them from now on

  16. I always refrained from boiling for fear of the nutrients leaching into and being tossed out with the water. Is this really something to be concerned about or does the increased bioavailability of these nutrients out-weigh it? Thanks!

  17. I used to like the Doctors videos, but now he seems more interested in keeping the information for his books. Very disappointing

  18. Here in Hawaii we usually eat the purple ones. I haven't had an orange one in years and I don't think I've ever had yellow. Also if you're from Hawaii and you are craving laulau and you don't mind having salt from time to time, I've found that they are delicious when used in place of the meat.

  19. I put the sweet potatoes in the😇😇 oven covered with aluminum foil.when l see that the potatoe is not very hard or very soft list l put a little olive oil or coconut l put spi y and cinnamon is delicious

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