The cardiovascular benefits of plant-based eating

The cardiovascular benefits of plant-based eating

Over 600,000 Americans in
2015 died from heart disease and over 300,000 died from coronary heart disease. And while the trend
in general was downward for several years to the point where we were
approaching cancer, the two most predominant dietary strategies that have
been shown to be beneficial are the Mediterranean diet which is you know
more focused on you know obviously the same kind of fruits and vegetables: nuts, legumes, but also fish as a primary meat animal source of protein. Olive oil for cooking purposes. Red wine things like that and then a more of a plant-based whole food plant-based dietary strategy. As a vegetarian for instance you primarily are just avoiding meat containing products. So animal-based meat
products. As a vegan on the other extreme you’re talking more about avoiding anything that comes from an animal source, so milk, cheese as
well as animal-based meats and things like that. Certainly a plant focused diet is one where the vast majority of your calories are gonna come from plants and legumes and nuts and things like that and you
would avoid animal containing products when possible but certainly it wouldn’t
be as rigorous or is dogmatic as a true vegan lifestyle Some of the specific benefits to transitioning to a plant-based diet are certainly weight loss. Because the vegetables and fruits that are involved in that kind of dietary strategy have so few calories but take up so much space in your
stomach it’s really quite easy to eat almost anything you really want without
having to pay too much attention to counting calories and things like that
and still have weight loss as well as feel full. In addition, all the nutrients
and protein and vitamins and things that are needed for your diet are found in
plant-based sources. People talk about you know when they go to family gatherings and there’s no vegetarian options. They go out to eat and it’s all
meat containing options you know when you’re busy and you work a lot and
you’re on the go and I don’t have time to chop up vegetables for 45 minutes and
things like that I mean I think these are all real concerns. The good news you
know from my perspective is as I made my transition from being more
of an omnivore probably more honestly a carnivore to a whole food plant-based
dietary strategy was is that you know the grocery stores have gotten
more hip to this kind of transition. I think that there’s a lot more options out there for people that want to avoid animal protein sources. You know I’ve been pleasantly surprised actually that there’s a lot more patients out there
that are they’re receptive of this kind of an intervention and want to know more
about it and so if you talk to people that have been able to make this
transition successfully they would tell you they feel better, they’re
sharper mentally, they’ve lost weight. They’ve either cut down or eliminated the
medicines they take. They’re able to exercise more, feel stronger, their
relationships are better. This is what you have to gain by making this change, and for me personally, I would never have known the the taste profiles that were
available out there with a plant-based diet if I’d never made this
transition. You know meat containing products
steak chicken, very predictable very dependable. You know what you’re going to get. You know you may be able to
change what you put on top of it but the taste is predictable and I just never
would have looked passed the meat section when it came to eating at a
restaurant or things like that and had all these amazing foods I’ve had the
opportunity to try at this point in time that now get to enjoy on a daily basis. And I think I owe that to the fact that I took the plunge and decided to do
this for myself and so hopefully that will be the experience for people to try this.

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1 thought on “The cardiovascular benefits of plant-based eating

  1. I went whole food-plant based and lowered my total cholesterol from about 220 to what now is 124 and LDL from 120 to now is 75. It's stayed at this ideal level for over 3 years now. It happened within a few weeks of starting, also. In addition, I came off my blood pressure med with doctor supervision. That med was used to control my high resting heart rate over 100. Now, heart rate is 71 and blood pressure is near 120/80, sometimes slightly higher, sometimes slightly lower.

    Lost 55 lb, and still down 45 lb later. I'm a total believer now of course. I kept off the weight.

    I eat the same meals repeatedly: mix of whole wheat pasta and black beans without salt, with cayenne pepper and garlic powder. I include 5 ounces of raw spinach daily. I drink tea and coffee, as well as sometimes eat bananas and blueberries. I will bake whole wheat bread on occasion but it's too good.

    Program is Starch Solution. For simple free description google "Mcdougall Color Picture book".

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