The Cheapest Deals You Should Grab At Costco Every Time

The Cheapest Deals You Should Grab At Costco Every Time

Are Costco’s bargain-priced products and services
really all that? Maybe so, maybe no. We’ve gotten to the bottom of the warehouse
stores cheapest offerings, and broken down whether or not they’re worth putting on your
Costco list and picking up the next time you’re there. There are a ton of different kinds of olive
oil on the market, and one of the most popular olive oils around is sold by Costco under
its Kirkland label. Not only is Kirkland Signature extra virgin
olive oil priced fairly low, but it also gets rave reviews for its taste. In fact, there is actual scientific evidence
corroborating Kirkland Signature’s oil quality: A 2010 report released by the University of
California-Davis found that Kirkland oil was the only one of 19 extra virgin olive oils
tested that met taste standards set by the International Olive Council and United States
Department of Agriculture. What’s more, Kirkland organic extra virgin
olive oil even got a shout-out from celebrity chef Samin Nosrat, who declared it to be her
favorite olive oil for everyday use. Have a party to organize? Wondering how you’re going to feed a few dozen
cake-loving kids without breaking the bank? Costco has you covered. Yes, their cakes are basic and yes, they only
come in two flavors. None of your trendy elderflower/lemon, champagne/strawberry,
or passionfruit/guava flavor combos at Costco, here you get chocolate or vanilla, straight
up. But, what these cakes lack in flavor variety,
they make up in size, weighing in at a whopping 9.5 pounds. Costco is sure to note that the industry standard
is only 6 pounds, so it really is a monster cake that you can always buy plain and dress
up any way you’d like. Two pounds of that is filling, vanilla cheesecake
for the vanilla cake, and chocolate truffle mousse for the chocolate. Needless to say, when it comes to cost, Costco
blows competitors out of the water. One average half sheet cake from Costco is
about the same price as a quarter sheet cake from Walmart. You might not think of making a special trip
to Costco just to check out their cheese selection, but maybe you should, especially if you stay
away from the more unusual types while you’re at a more traditional grocery store. Cheese can be expensive, after all, but Costco
has you covered, with everything from sampler packs to some seriously delicious parmesan
crisps. Should you wish to branch out and explore
different types of cheese, you can do that, too; they carry a wide variety and it won’t
break the bank. Bonus? Even if you’re forced to buy in bulk to get
a deal, most cheese is easy to freeze. And there’s good news for cheese-loving brides:
Costco also sells a bargain-priced 24-pound wedding cake made entirely of cheese, too. At $440 it is a pretty great deal for a whole
wedding cake. Go ahead, be different! One thing Costco is justifiably famous for
is its $4.99 rotisserie chicken. Ummm, not such a big deal, you say? You may have seen rotisserie chickens for
sale for $5 and under elsewhere, but at Costco, you’re getting at least 3 pounds of chicken,
while those other retailers’ birds tend to come in at 2 pounds or less. Costco CFO Richard Galanti was interviewed
by The Seattle Times in 2015, and he admittted that the chicken sales have been driving a
lot of foot traffic. 87 million chickens were sold in 2017, and
what’s the likelihood that any of those chicken shoppers walked out without buying anything
else? Exactly. “Three words for you: treat yo self.” When it comes to name brands, Costco does
typically beat the prices at your local discount Boozemart. Where the real bargains are to be found, though,
is with Costco’s Kirkland Signature-branded wines and spirits and, as it turns out, these
may be pretty darn good. Tastings, the website of the Beverage Testing
Institute, has rated 17 different Kirkland Signature wines and five different spirits
as Gold Medal Exceptional at 90+ points. What’s more, Vice interviewed a number of
bartenders who all claimed a secret (or not-so-secret) passion for Costco-branded booze, one even
advising the readers to, quote, “…take off your pants and pour yourself a tall glass”
of the stuff. Umm, okay, but please close the curtains before
you do the pants thing, okay? We don’t need to see those Costco Kirkland
undies on display. Actual, real-deal maple syrup tends to cost
quite a lot, and it’s Costco to the rescue. When Consumer Reports tested eight different
brands of dark maple syrup, they chose Kirkland Signature organic maple syrup to be among
their top picks, despite the fact that it was significantly lower-priced than the other
brands. But how does this syrup taste, you might ask? Consumer Reports describes it like this: “Clean [and] complex…with caramelized, slight
vanilla, woody flavors, roasted/toasted notes and a hint of molasses.” So there you go. It’s good stuff, and just what your pancakes,
waffles, and ice cream call for. Load up, enjoy, and don’t worry about the
price tag. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. I love Costco products and brands. Unfortunately, the Ontario section Canda doesn't have any booze or wine selections. I truly hope it comes down here soon cause the could make a good fortune out of it.

  2. No. They try to avoid using security cameras to ensure higher shoplifting convictions. This makes your kids and even yourself a higher target for kidnapping.

  3. Y'all should thank us, that work for the Costco Distribution Center. If it weren't for us, working overtime. Y'all wouldn't have your beloved products.

  4. I think Costco 's organic peanut butter and virgin coconut oil are really good and reasonably priced. I buy these whenever I can.

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