The Diet Myth | Eric Edmeades

The Diet Myth | Eric Edmeades

I think it’s time for us to talk about
the diet myth. The diet myth is a pervasive myth, and it’s one that I
fell into for a very, very long time, until I learned a few things that I’d
like to share with your right now. The first is that the word “diet” is
unique in our use for humans. This is what I mean. You see,
animals in the wild have a diet. Humans go on diets. This may seem
like a small change of semantics, but I want to really get into it with you
here for minute, because it’s important. You see, the original meaning of the word
“diet,” the old Greek and Latin words, what they meant were lifestyle.
So diet was something that someone had as a lifestyle. It was not a temporary
alteration to their eating patterns in order to fit into that outfit for a
specific event. It was not a temporary change to their normal habits.
A diet was something that they lived into and lived through. Now,
we’ve taken that word and we’ve changed it, and that causes all
kinds of problems. Like I said, every animal in the world has
a diet. Elephants have a diet. Cheetahs have a diet.
Leaf-cutter ants have a diet. Mosquitoes have a diet, don’t they?
Think about it. Like an elephant’s diet is eat 200 kilograms of grass and fruit
and bark and that sort of thing, and drink about 70 liters of water every
day. That’s their diet. If they’re on it, they’re more healthy. If they’re off it,
they’re not. If you look at something like the cheetah, you’ll find that the
cheetah’s diet is to eat about 2.5 kilograms of fresh meat every day.
Their diet is so specific that they won’t even eat meat off an animal that’s
already dead, say, like a hyena will do. Their diet is quite specific.
And the leaf-cutter ant’s diet is not leaves, you might be surprised.
What they do is they go off into the jungle and they collect up leaves and they
bring them back to their home and then they use those leaves to farm
fungus, because they’re fungivores, they eat fungus. What I’m trying to say
here is that every species on Earth has a diet, and we are no exception.
We have a diet. And yes, there are some subtle differences between
people’s metabolism systems and men and women and that sort of stuff,
but here’s what we’re really wanting to say, right, everybody needs
vitamin C. Everybody needs calcium. Everybody needs iron.
Everybody needs certain fats. Everybody needs certain proteins.
Our needs are consistent across the species. We might want to
make subtle changes within those needs, but our needs are consistent across the
species. And so when someone fools us into or manipulates us into going into a
temporary diet, what they’re really doing is asking us to create imbalance.
Most diets work on the basis of creating imbalance. For example,
somebody goes on a diet and then they eat less food and they start to starve
themselves. How long is that going to work? For some people, a day or two;
for some people, a week or two; for some people, a month or two;
but in almost every case, they’ll end up slingshotting back and
putting the weight back on plus some. Other diets rely on creating imbalance
through focusing on a particular food, a particular food that may well stimulate
weight loss, but that particular single food does not meet the full spectrum
of nutritional requirements that a human needs. And so the diet works
for a period of time, until eventually, the body is screaming for the missing
nutrients and that triggers cravings, which then go out to create a problem.
And that problem is the yo-yo diet. What I want to be very clear about is we
are now in an age that it is time to move beyond the diet. And we’re in an age
where it needs to happen quickly. Look, these days, there’s all this
political debate about universal health care and how it should be funded and
should the government be involved. I want to be really clear with you.
We do not, in the developed world, have a health care crisis.
We have a self-care crisis. What does this mean? Look, are
you going to eat better so you can live forever? No, but what about
your quality of life right now? Would you like more energy on a day-to-day
basis? Would you like your memory to work better? Would you like to sleep
better? Would you like to have a more powerful sex drive? Would you like
to have more energy in the afternoon, when everybody else is getting tired?
Would you like to be healthy more often? And how about this? This is kind
of sad but really think this through. A hundred years ago, cancer
and heart disease weren’t even near the top 10 killers in the western
world. And today, they count for 66% of death, 66%. One in three people that
you know, unless they start making some lifestyle change, one in three people
that you know are going to die from heart disease, and another one in
three, from cancer. This is not something to put off until next year. This
is not something to put off until tomorrow. This is something to think
about now. So what does that mean? It means starting to get rational.
It means starting to get knowledgeable. It means starting to take steps
toward improving your diet. And that does not mean worrying
about cutting out all kinds of things. It means worrying about getting your needs
met. You see, your health is far more determined by getting your nutritional
needs met then by removing the toxins. When you’re really well-nourished,
your body has a tremendous capacity for cleansing itself of toxins and
when you’re really well-nourished, your body doesn’t crave a lot of
those nonfunctional foods anymore. And so the steps that we need to take
right now dramatically increase your intake and your quality and quantity
and variety of fruits and vegetables. Fruits, maybe a little more rarely;
vegetables, in an unrestricted way whenever you can. Get high-quality
proteins from the best possible sources you can. Make sure you’re drinking lots
and lots of water. It’s the only thing you need to drink. And if you want to have
a little bit of herbal teas, go for it. Once you’ve achieved all of that,
you might find that you change your relationship with some of the less
functional foods. That’s fine, if it happens. It’s not the most important
thing. The most important thing is that you get what you need to be healthy.

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55 thoughts on “The Diet Myth | Eric Edmeades

  1. What are some of the myths about diets that you've succumb to in the past?

    Watch the free WildFit masterclass here and learn more >>

  2. DASH diet is the best recommend diet. You can modify it according to your taste and needs, and at the same time you can cut out on the unhealthy stuff.

  3. Actually Carnivores say that they don’t need much or any at all of vitamin C. There is a theory/reason behind that if you look it up. Lots and lots of water can deplete your body of essential electrolytes unless you reintroduce them back into your body. I am not famous like him and do not claim to be an expert but lot of what he is saying is everything most of us know already and many things that are proven to be not true or not valid or actually not so good like drinking lots and lots of plain water.

  4. Basically you mean to say we must eat variety of vegetable, meat and fruits every day to keep our body full of every required nutrients. That will automatically keep our body in shape and perfect weight.

    I already did it and it worked. Thanx.

  5. Hello Eric Edmeades,

    I see a lot of your content on YouTube points towards how the industry is lieing to us about food (and I agree). Do you have any content on what foods and the frequency in which an individual is recommended to consume better foods?

    I believe I eat pretty well, but I also believe I could eat much better.

    I drink three to four litres of clean water (no other chemicals added) per day, and eat as well as I can afford. I am getting the feeling I am missing something. Will you fill in the gap/s please?

  6. Ugh, I've literally been saying this to the people around me, for months. Cutting out food groups is not sustainable! You need to go on TV or billboards or something, because I could scream at people lol.

  7. Great information.. I suppose that everyone want it inherently.. But they are disoriented with marketing messages, and daily tensioned lifestyle

  8. Vegetables destroy my digestive track. How can they be healthy? I forced myself to eat them for over a decade and suffered endlessly.

  9. diet to me is nutrion wat you put in body. not dieting but u r spot on as our bodies react to type of foods. no process foods fresh foods. the earth has provided us with all sorts of foods. never diet. but change wat you put in.

  10. I don't understand… We in Pakistan have always AL-FUCKING-WAYS eat food cooked and eat it with whole where flat bread… That's what I bloody am eating… Some days vegetable some days veggies and meat mixed and some days meat only…. Some days rice some days grains legumes… Etc… And I'm still getting fat… Fuck this logic
    ..this doesn't work… It's a pile of bullshit.

  11. Can we please be provided evidence for the statistic claims made in this video? I, as I'm sure many others do as well, find your claim fascinating, and would love to explore the studies you mentioned that back those claims up in more detail. Can you provide this to us?

  12. Hi speaks common sense. Most problems are caused by eating too much; eating too little and/or eating the wrong things. We are meant to eat all foods in order to get the variety of nutrients required by our bodies. I had surgery last August and for 6 weeks after my appetite was very much diminished. I ate proper food but less of it and I didn't eat at night. I lost 6 lbs not even trying. As my appetite came back I made an effort to keep portions under control and to not eat after dinner. Today I'm down 28 lbs and still losing. I eat what I want; I eat out occasionally; I avoid sugar I when I can and I don't drink much alcohol. I'm over 70 and not very active so this is truly a feat for me who has much experience with weight loss programs. They don't work long term – never have and never will.
    I've always had a sweet tooth but I no longer have cravings – either sweet or salty but if the mood strikes me, I will. It's all about moderation; whole foods, good fats and staying away from processed and empty carbs.

  13. But there are some people like women who have hormonal imbalance and suffers from PCOS problem in that case we need to avoid lots of good foods so how can one eat all plus can anyone suggest me plus I need help 😊

  14. great video but this music just destroys it and makes it look unserious. also its too loud you guys should get rid of it

  15. it would be very helpful for you to also trace the life expectancy 100+ years ago (it's for free, on wikipedia). you will see that they did not live to develop cancer, so I'll call this bullshiitake.
    as for the rest, I fully agree.

  16. You made a great point when you said when you feed your body the proper nutrients it needs it has an amazing capacity to heal itself and that's getting stronger and that's becoming able to rid itself naturally of the toxins so many of us go on these I need to rid my body of toxins rid my body of toxins will yes course but the number one focus should be on building up my nutritional Supply so that my body can rid itself of toxins naturally I love it it's a point I haven't heard yet great video and I'm really digging you

  17. I love you program…but the food today is cloned and the water have flouride, GMO.Aspertine.monosodio glutamate. Meet glue. Pesticides. Preservatives etc. You know we don't have $500 or 300 to get a program the works
    My ancestors was eating so healthy and natural but conquistador came and change everything. Is easy now to say to reverse the bad habits, my grand mother used aluminum cups they told them plastics was better….now they billioners and now plastic is bad and is killing humans animals and the planet.
    We need people powerful like you to stand for what's right.. thank you for what you doing….

  18. But my diet is way simple but still I am continously getting weight and more in depressing days because I am not able to swallow a single bite and I skip and sleep less
    Reason :- maybe Cushing syndrome

  19. Is this guy some kind of vegan-veggie whatnot?

    I think he is sneaking around the issue trying to hide his hidden V-agenda, to keep Westerners enslaved to malnutrition.

  20. So fruits, vegetables, high quality protein and only water or tea as drinks. But what exactly is this high quality protein? And I think nuts should be there too.

  21. Eat what is natural for you n locally available to you. It could be meat, grains or veggies.. eat local foods, eat what you have grown up eating.. eat freshly cooked home food, not more than 4 hrs after you cook food.. eat in peace, avoid TV n screen time

  22. I REALLY LOVE ALL THAT YOU SHARE WITH US THANKS… CAN I SHOW THAT IN MY Social networks I am @ketolanders and I so happy because I found you

  23. 4:35 but doesn't that mean our lifespans are getting higher? I know there are risk factors to them, but surely there's a scare tactic on your part, isn't there? If not, please tell me why, I'm really interested in your videos.

    Edit: Before someone writes a hate speech on me on about how I'm wrong and I'm just picking a very specific part of the video, I want to clarify this: I do agree with most of what the video says, I just want to know if, just like any business around, they used some type of scare tactic, and if that information is related to the other info he stated.

  24. I saw an ad posted by this channel, and the sucker badmouthed "Milo" a cocoa product as being full of sugar. You guys are so full of crap, go make an ad showing a bottle of Coca Cola and talk shit about their excessive sugar content instead, not Milo.

  25. getting your nutricional needs med then by removing the toxins , when you are well nourished your body wouldhave the tremendous capacity of clensing itself from the toxins and the body does not crave a lot by the nonfuctional foods

  26. This idea is not faire enough for example for somebody that is not healthy due to overweight or obesity because Even eating lots fruits, vegetables and water, if they don't eat less calories than what they waste daily or weekly, they won't be healthy just by simple logic. You just cannot loose weight if You don't eat less than what You waste.

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