The Difference In Healthcare Between The Philippines & Here In The States

The Difference In Healthcare Between The Philippines & Here In The States

and we are here right now in parking lot waiting for Claude Smith next appointment for his haircut it's gonna be an hour so I don't know what shirt good here we'll just go someplace else we're also gonna go to the back but then it's closed so I didn't know we're gonna go somewhere else probably just drive around and um we'll go to that Chinese or lower or Cambodian store it and see if they got those noodles with the coconut milk so I don't have to buy them online and by that time I'll be ready for me here okay okay this past two months April and May it's been bad mostly like right now it's gloomy and it's been raining this morning Lester Stillwell we're gonna go to the Arboretum but then it it was really gloomy very cold so we just didn't go there and I think the flower blooms on me so if we go there June probably June is gonna be sunny but because it's gonna be summer day so April and May is still spring right so I don't know maybe we'll able to catch the flowers but last time we go there was like me and then it was already sunny it was day this year it's been cold most of the time for this past two months and for that outdoor activity is not really good cuz it's either cold or it's raining right now it's a little well it's been raining this morning but it's not that cold anymore but if you like when I go to outdoor like outdoor activity it's gonna be muddy walking in the mud it's not gonna be fun so I don't know no outdoor activities yet for this month it's almost end of May who's your doctor's office oh it's very different here when it comes so like going to the doctor here in other countries but here you get a hub and insurance for you to be able well you can go to the doctor like without your insurance but it's gonna cost you a lot of money but here to have an insurance you gotta have a job do they give it for free like if you can't afford or you don't have a job no like you don't have a job and you can't work can they give it for you for free or something I don't think so unless you're illegal if you're here illegally apparently you get free health insurance okay so here like for instance I'm if you are not working and we just came here in this country and and then you don't have insurance it's gonna cost you a lot of money to go to a doctor because you're I think we have percentage that it gets if you are like having any charettes like we got copay like for instance I got $15 when I go there and you have more stuff like if you don't more stuff you pay more and then there is percentage will that surance be pay and yeah in developing like if I did go to the doctor in the Philippines it's gonna be more expensive if you go to apprise a clinic than a public clinic like government-owned clinic because um private clinic they're gonna charge you more when I was there I had my teeth cleaned by the by the government own clinic political appointment something like that but it's I think it's the same it's just there when it comes to public or governmental clinic stuff is a bit rude yeah that's the thing I think I haven't really been in a oh I did I didn't go to a private class in our town for my teeth well it looks like if I I paid hundred fifty to get my to get my teeth it's hundred fifty pesos well it's cheaper when it's in the province see this is the difference if you get your you know medical thing work in the city it's gonna be more expensive because three dollars to have one tooth pulled yeah I cost like almost a thousand dollars here yeah well it's it's it's very different there that is what insurance already yeah well I don't know it depends if it's covered under your insurance because now that I have your teeth pulled it's not considered a dentist doesn't pull teeth anymore here you have to go to uh whatever to have your teeth pulled and they're gonna charge you I had one tooth pulled and it cost me $800 and that was with insurance I had my teeth pulled I was like in high school two of them I guess so yeah here I think I have something like for instance if you're gonna have like braces here it's gonna cost you so much money then just go wait there in Philippines but I was like talking to Kody about that I said like let's go to the Philippines I'm gonna have my braces on but then he said no doctors is gonna do that here like if you did it from other doctors well if you're gonna get braces you have to have them adjusted yeah I know but they're not gonna if you go to another country get braces and that comes to the United States no dentist is gonna I highly do they're still gonna charge you just to adjust the braces you have to have it done whatever country you're in yeah most of my co-workers braces and the Philippines is it's let's say it's cool in the Philippines it's like if you have braces that means that you can afford it that you have you're like you have money or something that's why it's like most of the people that are with praise its onto the beauty – for the Filipino for the Filipino perspective like if you have braces it's like you're I don't know your school you're are they even open you're cool or something here it's there it's not open the one we're going to the Viet Thanh market about races so here when you have braces the same as weird that's just so weird that we see a different so anyway here yeah it's gonna cost you a lot of money most of my co-workers there are most people I know have braces done you know to fix their teeth it's cool you know their teeth are straightened out you know it's not crooked I could have done it when I was there with my EP but I was like supporting my family so I have no time to fix anything I have never done my hair oh I just give all my money to them I had not time fixing stuff like that I could have afforded though no master but I wish I have done it but I'm here now so probably when we go back there probably have it done but now all I can okay guys wanna buy a restaurant Chinese this the journey here it's its buffet unlike their crab rangoon stir I don't know I haven't traded sushi I've been to a China Buffet in the south and I've been eating their sushi just their sushi last time I was there wasn't my birthday I didn't really enjoy it for some reason I did like their crab round good where's what where you are up with Memphis sure oh okay lady that cuts my hair merly Eastown are they open now they're open though this isn't a stone where are we this is target s we walk in there nothing really interesting it's all good it's like mole or something you guys you're nothing interesting a target and it's very loving all right guys good haircut da the salon coal is called barber shop the barber shop it's like for men I don't remember I look at their website if they have one and I'll put it here I was gonna film it but it's pouring rain and I don't want to get to it usually their customers are mine and but I do my hair there she cut my hair the girl who cut cause hair and I think yeah it depends on the person who's cutting the hair you know if she agrees to cut your hair but this one here is particularly for men only and it like store here called essential oh it's called the bar ship the barbershop a hair salon for men the girl that cuts my hair she used to cut my hair at a different place than she's work she started working there but she would cut women's hair guys hair she did everybody's hair so that's why I asked her if she could cut your hair if I brought you in there and she said sure so it's not against their policy it's it just depends on the person here on be cut Bath and Beyond and target I thought it's nearly stone but it's not tonus right there oh okay it's baloney it's it's behind east town that's why me and your mom was looking for the the journey it's behind Easton okay it's not behind it it's right alongside of it okay it's really pouring rain right now so we weren't gonna go at this you know look at the Arboretum but we're not doing that pouring rain it's the animart if you have seen the video that's the East down here Boston store Sears those are expensive stores by the way and we are now going to the back and after running around today I did bake some cookies and to them a pecan one and I'll show you it's baked this one and this one also baked nothing yeah there is it I burned it guys and I think it's not coming up that good so this one was at the bottom and this one was on the top I don't know what happened it's a blueberry muffin I'm still gonna eat it closes he's not gonna eat this one I'll try to eat this one that didn't came out good I think the way I mixed it it's not that good cuz it's not supposed to look like that you know I don't know I follow the instruction and it says it's 400 under here and then I bake it for 18 minutes this is 18 minutes to 22 minutes I don't know how it's gonna taste like rice um Claude researching about microphones you know the recording because our audio sucks but he thinks it's not so I think it sucks anyway we look at Amazon and Amazon eBay and you wanna check it on he called a fast pipe and they're the only half it's like a Sony recorder so an online ticket for 99.99 like hundred dollars they have the recorder only on Best Buy so a single thing $400 but online you can have the microphones I think you is you sdcard I don't know it's come with the stuff which I'll show you here I'll just get started here so buying online with that kind of stuff we're just gonna buy it online instead of buying another store

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