The Executive Programme for Global Health Leadership Testimonial – Penny

The Executive Programme for Global Health Leadership Testimonial - Penny

my name is penny Walker Robertson and I work for the UK Department of Health I previously worked for the UK department for international development over the last two and a half three years I've been working to deliver the UK's Fleming Fund which is a 265 million pound program to tackle antimicrobial resistance particularly in low resource settings low middle-income countries but with this large program and one of the hottest issues at the moment I felt somewhat exposed at the same time as excited and taking on that additional leadership challenge not only of the budget and a team but also how this program would be delivered how the vision could be enacted in multiple regions and multiple countries and for me that was a really really high high bar to meet so what I've done by coming to the global health leadership fellowship is actually empower myself more make sure that I have the skills and tools at my disposal so I no longer feel exposed going into meetings setting strategy delivering the program but I feel equipped to do so here in the week in Geneva but also in London through coaching and fellowships I feel like we've had the opportunity to see the wider context of global health how our issues and our programs fit within that wider piece we've also had a chance to actually game out and exercise the skills that we've been learning and critically we've had the opportunity to hear from CEOs and heads of organizations assistant director generals and those who really see the vision and have delivered it through some of the most challenging circumstances and actually are some really personal questions how do you get through the day how do you trust your team while keeping control how do you manage your work-life balance how do you keep motivated and both in a formal and an informal setting here those answers from them and really workshop what that would mean for our own leadership so it's been an incredibly valuable experience one that I can honestly say would not have been able to do my job without and I hope to look forward to the next couple of weeks and months with the rest of the fellowship

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