The Importance of Communication in Healthcare: The Time is Now

The Importance of Communication in Healthcare: The Time is Now

in America today health care professionals have at their fingertips an array of resources undreamed-of throughout human history advanced technology innovative treatment and pharmaceutical options and exponentially expanding knowledge of the human body and the nature of disease yet one of their most effective tools is as old as human civilization itself communication the healing human relationship between patient and provider the great founder of modern medicine dr. William Osler said it long ago listen to your patient he is telling you the diagnosis every healthcare interaction begins with the exchange of information and the quality of that exchange is critical to every aspect of the diagnosis treatment and eventual outcome does the provider have enough and the right information to make an accurate diagnosis does the patient feel as if he or she is being taken seriously and that the provider cares is there an ongoing sense of trust respect and openness on both sides throughout the diagnosis and treatment process and is there effective communication across the entire healthcare team positive answers to these questions matter greatly not only for the individual patients and health care professionals but for the future of health care itself research clearly points to the benefits of in of patient provider communication more accurate diagnosis fewer errors and reduced malpractice risks better patient adherence to treatment reduced expenditures lower hospital readmission rates increased satisfaction and improved experiences for patients and providers in other words better healthcare outcomes all around every patient who walks into a healthcare setting has a story to tell and a desire to feel cared for and cared about the quality of the care they receive and their satisfaction with that care will depend largely on the willingness and ability of healthcare professionals to listen and to understand that story but while the evidence is clear that better communication means better care there are many challenges to creating compassionate healthcare environments every healthcare provider wants to make the correct diagnosis see the patient improve and recover yet the pace of modern medicine is fast and demanding the sheer volume of patient encounters in a typical day requires that information be gathered quickly what seems efficient to a clinician may seem rushed and uncaring to a patient since its founding the American Academy on communication in health care has been at the forefront of efforts to improve communication and relationships in health care from disseminating research to providing training Aach recognizes the need to expand both awareness and communication skills within the medical community and beyond it today more than ever there is a crucial need for improved healthcare communication as a front and center issue healthcare costs continue to soar the healthcare infrastructure is changing communication is evaluated in quality reports and real and initiatives to measure communication and patient experiences make care comparisons more visible and institutions more accountable now is the time to take the issue to a new level of engagement and impact and explore opportunities from American Academy on communication in health care from interactive training programs hosted on-site at your institution and customized to meet your needs to online learning tools Aach is committed to improving communication building relationships and enhancing quality experiences for all listen to your patient he is telling you the diagnosis more than a century after an innovative physician offered this advice health care providers are rediscovering the value of these words and looking for ways to build relationships through communication caring and compassion for more information visit you

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