The Only Way To Deal With Health Anxiety | Carl Vernon

The Only Way To Deal With Health Anxiety | Carl Vernon

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31 thoughts on “The Only Way To Deal With Health Anxiety | Carl Vernon

  1. How can I switch my focus when my symptoms are so severe. Shortness of breath severe and feeling as if I'm dying daily. It's so hard to distract myself when I feel so awful. Every day is a struggle. But thank you so much for your tips and sharing this awareness.

  2. I believe these issues developed from all the commercials constantly talking about diseases. They put it in our heads and we physically manifest it. Because we fear getting these diseases it gives us health anxiety. My parents and their generation didn’t think and talk about about disease constantly and they also barely watched tv and didn’t have internet. Another thing is loneliness and boredom that comes from loneliness. Those things manifest depression and depression manifests anxiety. At least that’s how it works for me. Good luck to everyone. One thing that really helps me is CBD oil, it really calms the nerves naturally. Be blessed!

  3. I have a headache right now and all alone and feel so scared that if something happens to me ill be all alone and cannot get help i cry so much about these feelings every little sensation i think somethings going to happen and start like hyperventilating

  4. For me it’s chest pains, been to the doctor so many times thinking I have a heart related problem, and physical activity that accelerates my heart gets me extremely scared that my heart can’t take it, I’m always rubbing my chest because I feel a bothersome hum on my chest, I am healthy and got checked with x rays, bloodwork and ekg. I know how you guys feel

  5. Hi Carl. You had a video on obsessive thoughts with health anxiety and I can't find now. Had it been removed? Thanks

  6. My question is when you feel fine mentally but still have experience then I get anxious again why this like muscle twitching etc

    I’ve been to 4 doctors and they said anxiety


    Anxiety is unbelievable. It's amazing to see how much anxiety can make you feel. For real.

  8. Thank you for you video. Nice to know I am not alone. I have been suffering from health anxiety for 25 years on and off. It is particularly overwhelming these days. I’m so tired of being afraid. It is such a horrible cycle. I do try very hard to fight it but it is just something inside me. Will try and take some of your advice and see if it will help. Thank you again.

  9. This one Really helped me big time.
    Thanks a lot Carl.
    It's really a big relief to know "I am not the only one struggling with this".

    God bless everyone (including me) who's fighting OCD n other mental disorders.

  10. Many say make sure you've seen your doctor before assuming it's anxiety. A hypochondriac has new systems daily /weekly, going to your doctor before having peace of mind it's anxiety not a serious illness goes against CBT seeking reassurance. If you run to your doctor for every new symptom to be checked how is that not seeking reassurance ? which we both know only feeds the fear and therefore strengthens the anxiety. Sorry but I think you need to re think what your saying, especially to anyone suffering with hypochondriasis/ health anxiety. I suffer with hypochondria and those comments worry me, what do you think?

  11. I’ve had health anxiety over years on and off had tests been A&E 1000 times everything ok, now I been getting ear issues Can anxiety cause ear problems like buzzing sound pressure in the ear sensitive to sound dizzy 🤷🏻‍♀️🙏🏼 I don’t get it I’ve just had more bloods and normal,

  12. look up @ .fight anxiety ,epilepsy ,pain,depression,ptsd,insomnia ,diabetes etc with cannabis oil

  13. Hi, i have occasional pain in my armpits and groin, and stomach, went to the doctor to get checked out and he told me the good news is that i had no lumps, i had no temperature or night sweats my blood pressure was normal etc.
    However i didnt believe him so i went to google the symptoms, and guess what all of my symptoms pointed towards lymphoma!!!!😥😥 now i worry about it every single minute. Google everything to do with lymphoma and watch youtube videos about it. I hate it !!!! What should i do

  14. Hi…i have struggled with this for 5 years and it has dismantled my life…hurt my bond with my daughter…lost my gf…cant work…ive had the worst of thoughts….im aware this is my mind trying to keep me safe but it wont shut off…my main worry now is that ive lost the love and support of my gf….something i didnt want to lose i am afraid that i will never heal from this because i know i lost her…someone so important to me….basically i know its my mind tricking me and to not believe it and focus on things i need to get done or make new routines but knowing she is gone and with her ex now and knowing i let my anxiety get me so weak i quit on her terrifies me to be alone without her in my condition…its something i cannot change now but i know 1000000% if i had just a bit more clarity and strength i couldve stayed with her….it kills me….ive always known to accept things i cannot change but this change was caused by anxiety and not the real me… is the truest cruelest definition of life not being fair… thankyou for the beautiful message sir

  15. Can you answer this question please… on many blogs or podcasts from yourself and others they say its all your mind playing tricks convincing you that your ill when really its just anxiety symptoms. However when do you know when its time to go to the doctor and get it checked out, if you go to soon that is seeking reassurance and frowned upon. So i guess you have to make a rational decision like most others if a doctor needs to see you or if it is all in your mind. The problem is a person with health anxiety does not think rational when it is about health. So the scary part is do you run the risk of not seeing a doctor incase it is purely anxiety or do you go with every sensation. Just need a persons opinion who has managed to overcome this dam thing.

  16. shifting your focus into other productive things, take a decision, give yourself time, be patient, compassionate and practice to love yourself and take control ….thank you soooo much for opening my eyes and giving me hope

  17. I am diagnosed with hypochondria, GAD, Depression, ADD and Dissociative symptoms.
    My most recent worry is that my ability to create my friends voices in my head (which is something I have done all my life) is actually auditory hallucinations. It's not like somebody is whispering on my shoulder or anything, it's just me creating future convos in my head. Does anybody else experience this?

  18. My health anxiety is horrible, I am afraid to go to the doctor for anything. Not for blood tests, colonoscopy, mammogram, eye tests, etc. I just fear the doctor will say the tests show I am very sick, even if I don't have any symptoms. Sometimes I make appointments, then change only to cancel in the end. Then I know if the day comes when I am really sick with an advanced sickness, I will hate myself for not doing the right thing all those years. I also BELIEVE that if I don't torture myself with fear and worry, that's when I will get really SICK. Please help, subscribed today.🌻

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