The Panel Discussion March 2019 – Part 3 – Hype

The Panel Discussion March 2019 - Part 3 - Hype

way to talk about culture and pressure I guess that's been bubbling underneath the surface have something I prefer to use to do is pipe down pipe true when is it better now what are your thoughts that's good I mean I see the pipe I mean let's take it back to Ezz suits and stuff behind it was massive on them now you can barely get the money back on from right I mean I've seen him go for less than 180 which is why I pay for up there so you're lovely even push about there 200 families used on it I don't see it going I don't think the bullet ever end from honest I always think about you know it's awesome to be out there's always going to be massive I see people always going to be making reset one so really I don't think I'll ever know I do see a diamond but I don't think it never called I think it's like like labor comes out how betrayed depends Thank You mr. Ross as long as it says cry tears you've got other social platforms that did help us theater sports any kind of life makes that our heat light that across a lot of people didn't really like well it was it was everybody kind of went after some people weren't invited you're upset that it'd be different if you stop higher powers that before the social play less sports activity cut up you do sleep so it's always going to be – like tools that generate that like offspring or others or by retailers so what we need to need to be that person to my kind of woman what that sure those things I guess it's been faking actually touched off in interesting point which I want to throw to Jonathan do you think social media dictates sneaker relevance and just following on from Chris's point yeah I think in short yes maybe not everyone in this room to the mass market that seems to get away thinks going we went through the period of but the Levi's denim drug that was just a shambles master with the cold he have spit mad nurse but then of the back of that we have to be served as a Osprey and them now every week they're posted shoot and the minute they propose the shoe everyone's on it they commented back whatever though the raffle those stairs or all that stuff and I think that kind of drives in people's consciousness what is a good shoe or what is the shoe that defines the moment that we're in now like the last time we met were told by gr great no one's looking for that stuff like the clearly sit that's the stock now let's head on the derailleur that we're all gonna be looking for because we don't see it when you go on this trip you don't see the jion's did you see the stuff that everyone's supposed to think is the next shoe so yeah definitely sure hype definitely with social media drives what if it is the copy shoot to happen following along you guys making some serious points following from Yahweh and I want to direct this that Hannah how much influence do you think retailers have in terms of how they release use and do you think in your opinion retailers have an influence in terms of culture in terms of stories the narratives they generate from releases like so [Applause] [Applause] either they even start priority so you would be open this yeah thanks these are thing in midnight the rest are soft you will get like a fox a celebration because they've got white just like that so they can be served with so I guess it's better say they have negatively impacted the culture so I guess it had like being a beautiful thing you would are either in terms of drops releases they should really be a democratic process the such person exists because I remember I'm sure as most of us but we knew the stuff we would go you'd have easy access not have to write a name on a list try and gain a wristband right if you make if you live in the conversation that we've had new people like we're number six used to be it just bit my car away you make friends they would let you know that this props coming up if you want it is that holding for you to have money right that doesn't exist then you've got freedom key places where you can just go and say hey but now the corruption bloodied bricks [Laughter] the whole fashion industry of the whole they've always look to certain influences say like David Bowie smile oh that you look a certain was fashion strength you will offload your product to that person who's cool and use for them influence amongst the world grow a company with G machine back of the day which was huge and then find certain brands certain brand ambassadors who you didn't have it's a fact that even if you're on a magazine or a shoot you would let that to the stylist to get your name out how much has that really changed nowadays but you'll spend influences and giving free stuff to influences which is a bigger marking and instagrams about that it's not really changed that much otherwise human stop his Lewin sirs are actually setting trends and and giving stuff to people for free via backdoor just to show but I mean you're better off supplying us because we have DNA in terms of everything that's probably out there yeah but now we we as a group could be around the industry for long enough and around certain things you have within this room huge influences so that makes a big difference but it's not people who research as people who are identifying with industry culture and give it back to it as well so it's it's it's finding the right people to give it to it today so once they see this I think there's a fine line here they'll be treated like let's beat that without the country someone gives everyone in this room no shoes someone out there still going to be salty or offset right because it's like you just replace you can call it resellers those guys that are not giving it to anymore and now they come in to collectors but it's still the same feeling so I think what people need to most of all appreciate if you collect traitors I hate that word but if you collect traitors they must have been here for a while of course to these guys earlier on and I remember one of these two and one poster Haase printed and they said post on the collection and people go mad because like I won the shoe but I can't get the shoe as I don't have a clue and their response I think was probably one of the best responses that are sending here will decide well we have to one sit in and score every week the people don't touch ho people don't come looking for the GRS but nobody's interested so I think we'll totally flipped the market on his head there's always going to be a group or a somebody who is getting something from people and then everyone's upset about it so I'm gonna I'd love to get stuck with three people hate me just don't want you to sit there about offsprings were bad rivers yeah we have GRC in store you know who what why should I have to have a collection of draw the ones to be what why do you think that you have any power that anyone or myself to go to dictate whether that's going to be my argument so said that was once your right hand you might happen to like particular just a food okay now but just because you like it did you have G which is there at the time so it again until what you're saying for a disagreement buying something monthly quarterly yearly and then got a new fan base that actually want the final product but they haven't been into your product in the beginning which he tends to have and is a new fan base type working in a product yeah that's that's not safe that actually saying that they have to earn their way into me that's not how life works the same thing but it was a different one I remember they did post and it was about air forces and about spanks window gunner we didn't come out on the first day and they said you have to post my previous puts or see Gina gr gr Nikes I wear a black man for my life is happy should we get out so get involved so that can be eligible to get both of what a collection of the shoe is just not purchased with you I might have one I just believe had that 16 purchases over us Knesset together I think it's a hard make it speak with you what you're saying what you're saying this is where that us bring up in certain situations they're trying to keep the trying to find the balance you know it's better than most run and don't reach I was trying to do I try to keep the oh geez happy at the same time to try to earn the new people that may not have that you know give them a chance so I'm really trying to keep that balance and it's a hard one I don't keep everybody happy you can go to every single PhD hunting if you're a seasoned CEO god but when to go to one game you can buy to give done okay this box you need to do that so why should it be different why do I have to opt into something completely open well one day cost went to the gym what laughter then sent a 12-month contract to go to the gym every week because on let's go on talking about that particular issue was limited to some extent so obviously that had factors involved as a new selector or Huberman armistice leakers wanted that who may not necessarily have for the ones prior examples given that they have the poverty are children of the shell why what okay you may know about them that should be personally about why didn't you go for a different colorway why does it have to take limited one comma you to them and say okay I want that one you should retailer to go back to first come first serve that solves the problem I think it's down to the responsibility of the retailer and the people that are there there has to be punished in the correct way we obviously my shoes petition to the government and you know we disguise so everyone has to know who's got one all it is is about making sure that wouldn't be Taylor unless visited fucking loads of other retailers if you can go by that shoe problems it's not you can get it elsewhere all that they're doing is making something less of what they put out is witho because that comes back right them as well so I think what the court they've done is one that's only offspring that are doing that and all it's about it's just making sure that it's an active stance again let me just be clear I'm not handsome offspring because I actually like summer something fun do you disagree with someone all the stuff you mentioned about it you mentioned you mentioned a really good point about yeah so you said that I feel like that kind of pissed off a little bit because you said that you know we all know that okay everyone in the raffle winner who or who picks em they're winners but he's picking up witnesseth Mallory it's essentially the same thing his pitcher I mean just for example there's 300 pairs of spring power and it is hard to do power to hundreds place the people tended around in steel that she was there are please picking the Raffles if they gave kind of back food or whatever it will still be do it out like if there is no complete fair way to do this until the retailer to the brand they're the people that being a hundred percent completely honest because I'll be honest with you when I was a storm on the job I use the wire what if it was a you know a shooter for example like their Maps ma stop I didn't get a pic but why should I not be allowed to get everyone else I would get there shouldn't give this drop addictive that none of us differently younger you have to wait you have to pick your battles you have to think Sherlock out by actual chance to get this one let's really go for it let's make an effort it's the same to accept the offering of doing okay we see you've got a certain amount of this pair you're obviously a fan for me as a paraffin I didn't get I had to pay resale for the parents on a huge para patent doesn't matter on a huge aim as one fun but my big paraffin I've got a huge crashing of skateboards watches certain things from that t-shirts just because I'm not a x1 fan does that mean I'm not suck up the effort in and maiden a decent image of what I was doing but it goes to the fact that you don't always get you one and unfortunately all of us start out the getting to us because that's how we got instruments it doesn't have to be a limited edition that's not the way to start your collection is actually easier to get things so yeah well ceiling starts at the end but in his love what's happening where to go for those less people and now it's a bigger thing you have to you have to get up you know that's gonna be a bigger drop you know there's people people interested yeah fuck your ideas up and make a bigger effort yes [Applause] starting out in this gaming was too sick she had no other options about platform to keep it took maybe days off your job wasn't as serious as it was now so is it mine skipping days we'll talk weeks off would adapt now if that's the same I don't know that we'll take the Mars and if a example we know is coming out the six things they're coming up the sixteenth we will know today Tuesday you've just started work in the new here part they've got at least outside the store is that fair to you as a consumer who may or may not have a big selection a night you saw just once this one night in it but due to commitments enters the life in general you can't get now bear in mind I'm coming from a place where I met a lot of people in this wing who queuing up and put in at the dedication but it can't always be that way so we're saying on one hand by it's not fair the ruffles they're doing it's kind of better to lose how in your in the comfort of your own home trying to apply for a mouthful then you hear the shoe comes up and choose that you run or the cutest started on the Tuesday first you coming up on Saturday you run down there are you longer 58 and they when you've got flaky pairs so no one's ever going to be happy but I suppose he female gosh it looks like that you've lost and there's going to be there's always another job always for we're in a generation now we hear about it we want it comes out there's another job we hear about it we want it it comes out there's another job we always want everything accessible right now but then two days they know something else comes up we've forgotten about the previous thing a raffle that I've seen as a bad thing we're home we're nice and warm in that need to spread that week out and you're good to go with networks actually write and sign up they make and actually they could do it like that that's producing about no Atmos edison's they could do something like that it's higher just to make sure everything what's that she actually obviously you make sure you look for sin to about you can't win every time and I think certainly begin to what we've been saying about how the graphical system and you know Stephanie I'm a bit surprised on a Tuesday the problem is as we get older in this game see our circumstances changed and unfortunately the generation coming up now we were talking about disintegrate they're going through a phase where they're not taking any losses and they are winning every time and the problem with that is if they're not learning the discipline from what comes within and this is far the better for them because say you every single Jew you go for it might be six in a month you get every single time and you keep with it and you keep you keep within the brand or you know you've got lucky enough raffles or whatever it's good not common time in that person's life and it might be later in their life to do with their job or their relationship or something where they're gonna take a loss and they're not gonna know how to do with it nothing the younger kids in this generation they're not learning and it might be such a small thing is that not winning a trainer but they're not learning how to balance wins and losses because all they're doing is gaining gaining gaining the raffle system is the fairest way that since they it gives every single person opportunity to go through the chute if you want to enter it ten thousand times that's your business you're giving yourself ten thousand more opportunities but you have to be in it to win it and and I think as we get older like I've said our circumstances change I've can't afford to go to other places I know all that would be the industry but if we could only place there and it is still an issue but I'm not going to talk for a moose to do it but if you should first standard graphic about entering because that's my opportunity to work because just some contradictions when you first so now because of but the whole idea was to win a tuna to buy a pair of shoes is is ridiculous in its sense anyway but it's the fairest way for a ruffle system bombs in your washroom ask you to that time was then go and get all of your tools and ones and close them together and put them together and make a picture and it for me to decide maybe you're the one collection is worthy enough for you to be able to into a preference that stipulation for that flyby every single problems with releases so what I suggest as a group must not is try and think of a solution so what we should do as a group as the panel if we solutions together and we can all have victim and go right that works because this book is thing this is how this is what the industry want to hear from us in general we talk about the industry should do their to do what they tried a million different things and all of us could agree this room now that they have an alien so if if we will think of something better I think we should come to come to some sort wit and maybe the English person to us I guess the hype train shows no sign of abating I guess it's clear the social media today's a rillette preeminent role within culture moving the scene but I think fundamentally is important work I guess retailers and outlets pay attention to what's going on in a marketing place actually taking on board comments the feedbacks in terms of the various impacts that they are having within the scene and I guess use them use that as a source of trying to make seen that better place would we all agree with that yes yes awesome on that note we have been the panel that extend my supreme thanks to all of you giving up your time if we can try again with your that Pat like so and your right hand like so put together [Applause] we are done

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6 thoughts on “The Panel Discussion March 2019 – Part 3 – Hype

  1. Good to see the real players like Kambition, Solelove1, Van Willz and my mate Rory! Been a long time since I've seen them. But the way the sneaker scene is nowadays I had to back off and stay at a distance. I semi-retired from collecting 3 years ago but I still get what I want when I need ๐Ÿ˜‰. Just not my focus at the moment. I'll be back one day! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. When it comes to GRs v. Collabs/limited, the GRs are lazy 90% of the time. That's a big part of the reason that they sit. If the same energy and attention to detail went into GRs as Virgil puts into his line, GRs would be more popular.

  3. Big ups all the panelistโ€™s and the panel for having us. Great discussion and people. Looking forward to seeing some more โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพโค๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

  4. the line that sums up today's sneaker game:
    you here about it, you want it, it comes out, there is another drop

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