The Perfect Matcha Latte with Andrew | Ancient Nutrition

The Perfect Matcha Latte with Andrew | Ancient Nutrition

hi I'm Andrew Moceanu and I work on the customer experience team if you've ever called him we may have spoken but I'm gonna be giving you an awesome run-through of my morning routine and sharing some of my favorite product with you so my regular lifestyle routine I'm very interested in reading learning eating very go-go-go person so a lot of the products I use will be catered towards keeping me energized so we'll first start off with the ancient omegas and this is a great product I use it every day just a great source of omega-3s and really helps overall cognitive function then we've got the ancient probiotic ultimate and I use this one it's a very powerful probiotic has about 18 different strains in it so I'm really gravitated towards that because I've used probiotics for a long time and this kind of has a range of strains that you don't typically get and it works extremely well and lastly we've got the ancient multi men's and this is a great product because it just gives you a well-rounded on diverse group of nutrients multivitamins um a lot of stuff that I don't normally get in my regular diet so it's just great to have a great resource here where I can supplement some of that into my regular routine alright and I'm gonna be showing you guys my favorite morning drink containing our Kido matcha and our multi collagen protein vanilla some really awesome flavor the matcha is just great because I really love matcha it's a clean source of healthy energy and this one specifically has some MCT oil in it and some really great adaptogenic herbs just to amplify its effects and just give you all great support usually mix that in with about a half cup or so of hot water it tends to help the matcha just mix better the vanilla just has awesome flavor the vanilla collagen and a splash of that whether it's a full scoop or a half the scoop is great if you get that great flavor with it and you also get the awesome benefits of collagen this awesome tool it's like a hand for author makes life really really easy just give it a little work it really mixes your drink really really well it makes it really easy it only takes a few seconds that is mixed right in there and it'll normally do to give it a more creamy texture it already has a little bit of a creamy texture because the MC tees but I'll splash like a little bit of an alternative milk in there maybe a coconut milk almond milk er this time I'm using oat milk which is really awesome has great flavor and that's it thank you guys so much for watching we have an awesome team in-house and we love speaking with our customer base so if you guys ever reach out on you can see the number below and we'd be happy to help you out I look forward to talking with you again soon and have a great day

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  1. I also love matcha! I have been adding bone broth protein burst to it but when I went to reorder it was gone😢- it’s my favorite product … will it be back ?
    I absolutely 💖 ancient nutrition products! Great job!

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