The REAL Reason Apple Cider Vinegar Works for Losing Weight – MUST WATCH!

The REAL Reason Apple Cider Vinegar Works for Losing Weight – MUST WATCH!

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100 thoughts on “The REAL Reason Apple Cider Vinegar Works for Losing Weight – MUST WATCH!

  1. There is a book printed many years ago directly relating to what the Doc is talking about. It was called “Vermont Folk Medicine” by a country doctor up there named D. C. Jarvis. It also discusses honey and kelp for potassium. I bet Dr. Berg read this once. Great video!!!!!

  2. 5.49 my eyes nearly popped out of my head but I can't remember if it was my left or my right eye that I got constant twitching from, for months it last I was driven mad by it

  3. Ok doc, you have me sold 🙂 I’m going to drink the ACV+lemon before every meal for this whole month and report back. I’m looking forward to it! 🙌🏻

  4. Thank you so much for sharing, Can you please tell me if adding bicarbonate is good or not? I’ve heard that helps but not sure if that’s true, I’ll start drinking this today and will comment as soon as I see the results, thank you again

  5. Doc, I don't know if you have realised that you have 11 million views here…Artists with hundreds of thousands of dollars can't reach that number despite their promotion!Well done, keep up!

  6. I wonder what can I put in my apple cider water to help me with the taste. I did add ginger and lemon, but was worse tasting for me. I rather take it naturally than a capsule.

  7. I’ve asked this b4 but no one has answered me. Would lemon juice have the same effect?? Why Apple cider vinegar?? Does it have something extra special??

  8. The bodys PH balance is extremly essential. I was struggeling with cronic urinary tract infection for years,the doctors gave me antibiotic every month for 6 years..i had so much pain,every month i got the ut infection back ,then it was a new round with antibiotic-every month the same,,,after getting no help from numerous doctors and specialists i discovered the applecidervinegar who cured my cronic UT infection for good. The doctors didnt have a clue what to do with my cronic illness, and applecidervinegar cured it! lemons in water and/or ginger in water also helped ,as it makes the bodys PH more alkaic. If you know someone who is struggeling with ut infection tell them to drink these things on regular basis.

  9. While I agree a whole vitamin c as presented in nature is prob best, (accompanied with all the usual flavinoids etc ), you can’t say ascorbic acid is no good, when that is what the body does to vitamin c in order to use it. It’s changes it into ascorbic acid??
    So I think it’s a bit obtuse to write it off all together and simply call it fake. It’s chemistry that the body uses. Nothing fake about that.

  10. Thyroid was removed in 1990 or 80% of it. Take synthroid now for life. Is this concoction still going to help me lose weight? I've been fasting at 24 hour intervals which is slowly helping but anything that will speed up the weight loss would be a plus. And by the way, I have little patience for anything so perhaps I expect too much, but I've tried other remedies I see on YouTube that don't work and I think, shysters. However, I'm going to try this vinegar lemon juice thing. I'll put it in my gelatin drink in the morning. I've gotten used to the taste of the gelatin without adding flavoring but maybe you're mixture will help. We'll see

  11. Amazing. I have drinked apple vinegar cause someone told me and I tried…. Together low carb … and I fell good… but no one explain me so well how it works !! Thank you, You have knowledge and great didactics. 👏👏👏

  12. I do lots of positive things since I started low carb living a year ago. I'm 73 and had all the negitive side effects you just mentioned BUT not anymore, I don't look like a old dying person anymore. There really is a better way to take care of yourself. 🙂 ps. Yes Dr. I am trying to add more vegetables.

  13. Your blood is ALWAYS PH 7.365 IT'S so tightly controlled by the body. If it isn't that pH about7.4 you have a very serious problem.

    It's controlled by homeostasis very tightly.

    What apple cider vinegar has is a bacterial mother culture plus the acidity will contribute towards healthy digestion

  14. You said that Apple Cider vinegar contains no real nutrients and that the only important ingredient is the acetic acid, so won't any regular vinegar work exactly the same way?

  15. I've heard this before and am willing to try, however my grandfather died of esophageal cancer. I witnessed him drink Apple cider vinegar mixed with water and honey every morning.

  16. So that's why I have a twitch in my left eye? AND I have heartburn, AND my wife says drink apple cider vinegar. Ok, ok I'm gonna do it.

  17. I had massive heart burn problems for over 20 years then in Jan 2019 I saw one of Dr. Bergs videos about ACV and for the most part my heartburn is gone. If I dont use it for a few months and drink Guinness it can come back but then I go back on the ACV. I honestly believe that my weight gain had a lot to do with the heartburn as I used to eat to relieve the pain. It's great stuff

  18. After probably 40 years suffering from heartburn, I started taking apple cider vinegar after watching one of your videos and it had changed my life! I do seem to do better taking it after meals though.

    Thank you! 👍🤓💖

  19. Just discovered why I have some of these problems. I would like to say thank you Dr. Berg I am a first time listener and believe it or not just last week I bought a bottle of apple cider vinegar why I don’t know never bought it before but I felt this might be helpful I do know why I bought it the Lord put a desire in my heart to get it now I’m gonna open it and take some how much should I take ? I’ll have to finish listening to learn so let’s get back to the show. Oh by the way thank you and remember God loves you give them some love back by giving him some time every day in your life. Thank you Pastor Paul D

  20. Acetic acid is a basic food which joins up with coenzyme A to go straight into the citric acid cycle to make ATP. Acetic acid bypasses glycolysis because it's already in an acceptable form. It's one reason why ethanol warms a fellow up so fast.

  21. Dilute the ACV and use a straw too, to protect teeth. Also rinse but do not brush right afterward.
    I used to take meds for GERD, which have many dangerous side effects, especially long term.
    Since taking ACV, twice a day, no more reflux.
    Thanks for all the wonderful info you put out.

  22. White distilled vinegar is mostly acetic acid. What is so wonderful about vinegar from apples? What if I substitute ACV with plain cheap white vinegar… and… eat an apple?

  23. This is simply wrong and contradicts real life observations of any clinician. Yes, sure, the pH is extremely important for correct enzyme activities and basically everything going on in our metabolism and like for all other mammals, too, it's pretty sure that our species hadn't made it thus far if evolution hadn't supplied us with a near perfect pH regulation via buffer systems, CO2 ventilation in our lungs and renal proton elimination. As a consequence, the pH usually stays perfectly between 7.37 and 7.43. All other people are usually dead, septic, suffering from acute kidney failure, diabetic crisis, hyperventilation in an acute panic reaction … etc. All such circumstances are rare extreme events that have nothing to do with our daily lives. Outside ICU's all this fuzz about acidosis or alkalosis is no more than a nice fairytale. Gladly our bodies are more reliable than that.
    Next thing: about potassium. This is wrong, too, because actual(!) alcalosis doesn't lead to potassium loss (=it doesn't leave the body), but to a shift from extracellar to intracellular (potassium/proton antiport). It's still there, nothing is lost and it will shift back the second that pH is corrected.
    Similar with calcium: short term alkalosis (because prolonged alkalosis does not exist) e.g. due to hyperventilation or after really heavy vomiting increases calcium binding to serum proteins like albumin, but it will diffuse back into the plasma the second that pH turns back to normal.
    Btw.: Inflammatory tissue like locally in arthritis is slightly acidic! Alkalosis in theory would even be a relief for the symptoms!
    Shall I continue? So many other wrong details here.
    I really like many of the videos on this channel, but here you really lost me!

  24. I've been taking 4 tablespoons in 2 litters/quarts of water every day for about 5 years. It does NOT help with weigh loss. I actually got fat.

  25. I realize, well, the good gut bacterias would be wiped out with repetitive acidic fluid in the stomach. It does actually do not make sense to me. There is a need for bacterias the good one to proliferate in the stomach to promote digestion so actually we do need those bacteria to be alive to fulfill its duties but acid will kill them all, does it sound logic what I am saying??

  26. We would all be a little healthier if not for Big Pharm trying to keep us dependent on meds for every single health issue out there!!!

  27. I wish there were more doctors out there that had natural solutions to our problems! Thanks for being the type of doctor that wants to fix problems without prescribing drugs!!! Again. Thank you!

  28. a great alternative to soda is ice water 3 tbsp ACV 2 Tbsp pure maple syrup and 2 tsp cinnamon. It hydrates and gives you a lot of energy.

  29. Going to try this. I have symptoms of the eye twitch, high levels of anxiety the doctors kept trying to medicate me. Nothing was working my ph balance is always off from meds, stress and then my cycle. Ive been having horrible time finding help. I will try this with my mate( he needs to loose weight) i will post a video of the results

  30. Omit the cranberry and add a teaspoon of honey and warm it up and it’s what my family drinks for a cough it will help get rid of a sore throat

  31. Doc thanks so much for this. We've been taught the wrong things for so long. Keep the videos coming Doc. Ur a life saver. Thanks again!!!!!

  32. Just bought ACV to experiment with: I have Diabetes T2 + a Heart ‘condition’. I’ve been advised to take 2 tsps in warm water, first thing? Starting tomorrow.

  33. Is any of this backed by peer reviewed research? I’m all for apple cider vinegar but to say that most people are overly alkaline seems like a stretch. Most arterial blood gases I see at work do not have a pH greater than 7.45

  34. this is false information . Acetic acid is an weak – organic acid -CH3COOH. Organic acid can be metabolize to water and carbondioxide . and you can breath CO2 out . Once you eat acetic acid pKa 4.7 , you metabolize and breath out CO2 . you get acetate base ( CH3COO-) which is pKb 9.2 .
    Yes. you eat weak acid and in return you get weak base . This is true for every weak/ organic acid. But you can't breath out mineral acid ( HCl). you can not breath Cl out, only carbon dioxide. Most of us have too much acid ( animal protein break down), eat acetic acid will help put more base in the body.

  35. I bought a stainless steel pitcher with an alkalizer filter thinking it would be good for me. Is the opposite the case?

  36. I feel like this is nuts. I mean do you want people to become even MORE acidic????? Yes we ARE acid enough! Gosh we're all going to get cancer!

  37. Is there any way to make it not taste like liquid garbage? Even when watering it down a ton, it still gives me the "yucks".

  38. Yes,apple cider vinegar is acidic but it metabolizes alkaline in the body.Your body uses alkaline minerals like calcium and magnesium while metabolizing the vinegar,raising ph in the urine..

  39. Your videos are amazing and really informative.

    I had some weird symptoms which have been on going for years, I watched one of your videos which explained everything in minutes.

  40. How can any one put a 👎🏻on any of what he does! He knows so much and breaks everything down,and helps us understand everything! Thank you for taking the time to do this so we can understand are bodies more!

  41. Hi Dr. Berg,
    I have high acid reflux problem and whenever I am stressed my acid reflux goes very high. Also my left eye always twitches.
    Do you still suggest taking apple cider vinegar to cure this?

  42. Agree but regarding lemon juice pressed weeks or even months ago and put in a bottle is not even close to the real thing pressed seconds ago.

  43. All this videos are amazing, they are, but if you have to eat, drink and intake everything you need daily, you will finish unhealthy or fat, that is if you have enough time in 24hs for do it, put all the daily beneficial suggestions all together and you have day like this:
    First thing in the morning this, this, this and this.
    Eat every day this, this, this, this and this, sorry this to!
    Drink every day this, this, this and this, this is optional but is recommended to bla bla bla.
    Come on!

  44. he is teaching lies..people that are acidic have calcifications ..the problem is the acidic not alkalinity ..he is just as nuts as ignorant

  45. If I understand the clip correctly, I'm to take ACV and lemon juice 30 minutes before a meal. But what about during a meal – can I have sips then? This is important as I'm taking supplments/meds that need to be eaten with meals.

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