Things to consider on a lawn estimate – $$$

Things to consider on a lawn estimate - $$$

hey guys coming here with Texas veteran power outdoors we just pulled up to the house and we're gonna do an estimate so it's not too bad it is a little gnarly we got this tree that's just nasty but we got some overgrown stuff a lot of some edging work we have to do here we got some leaves now here's the thing about what got going on here that I want you guys to pay attention to when you're out doing estimates okay you see these leaves right okay so you could do this one or two ways if the customer wants a thorough job and they want it to look incredible you're going to have to take your blower and you're going to have to do that right there that's gonna get those leaves out of that grass get them up out and then you can mulch them up or bag and whatever you want to do they don't want that then you just run over with your mower what's there is there so of course you have some edge and work okay now what I like to do in a yard like this that isn't so bad is after I edge everything and trim everything I blow it back into the yard because then that allows a couple of things that will bulge cut everything up that you blew back into the yard and that's less you have to blow afterwards plus if you don't blow first on this type of yard for what's overgrown and then you want to blow in the yard after it's cut it's gonna look horrible or you're gonna have to sweep it up in the bag you don't wanna do that so you're saving yourself a step in time you're gonna be blowing twice but the second time you go to blow it's gonna be literally like one minute if even that so we got there are some tall weeds the grass hasn't grown a whole lot but you have some tall weeds you got you know that stuff they're right in here then you got down the side of the house now they also want an estimate on these bushes okay now these bushes aren't really thick so that's gonna work in our favor but we got from there to there that's you know maybe 2025 feet I don't I don't measure by feet I don't do it like that when it comes to trimming bushes but for me to bust out the hedge trimmer in this guy boxed-in looking good and get it bagged and I'm gonna leave the bag here for trash pickup so for me to do this normally my minimum on bushes is like thirty or thirty-five dollars as a minimum but I'm already here doing the yard and it's gonna be a kind of a cleanup on a yard so you know I'm not gonna charge a whole lot of these bushes plus the bushes are real easy to get to it wouldn't take long at all so I'm only gonna charge 20 bucks on this so actually uh I'm gonna charge 25 we'll go up five dollars remember this year we got to stick to our guns about what we want to charge you know so whatever price you come up we go up a few more dollars you know and then that way if the customer says ah man it's a little high okay well you know what were you thinking well you know stinking and it might have been back we originally had in your mind anyways but that's something I'm gonna do this year I need to be asking for a little bit more money because I'm too gracious in what I do and I'm too you know man you know I just want to do that you know it's gonna look great I strive for excellence sometimes you know I don't get paid what I should that's because I I work too damn hard so this year we're gonna just be putting that dollar figure out there a little bit more than what we normally would okay so we got whatever got going on here what the trim around that guy then we got up there we're not gonna do anything in the flowerbeds we're just gonna edge lawn sidewalk we'll knock those weeds down you know we'll trim that Bush up there okay got all these pine needles now here's the thing about these pine needles so you could also take these pine needles and then just blast them right into the RC you got here you know I'm not gonna bag anything I don't think these are gonna be people who want me to do like a super duper job spend time with all these panels up wolf will blow it into the yard and what the mower gets the mower gets alright now let's take a look at the side now they did say there's a lock on the gate oh just peek over well she knows a lot of the yard we may not be able to see so I'm not sure if I could get a proper estimate on that but we don't have a whole lot on the side here you know it's kind of soggy over here oh okay see I don't know what's on the other side I don't know how bad it is so easy what I'm gonna charge because I don't know what's over there this shot won't take long to do the z1 will fit through that gate just fine so I'm looking at $65 just for the mowing the mowing the trimming and edging $65 and then another 25 on this guy but you know let's see that's 75 85 that's 90 bucks now that's a good deal because you know there's a lot of work involved and you want to do it good but I'm again you have to think about okay you know are they gonna pay that and the other thing to think about is how bad do you need the money and when you guys are out doing estimates that's one thing you have to think about see the guys who are in the beginning stages of their business and you know there's a lot of a lot of us out there you know you can say ninety dollars right okay and the customer says oh okay all right we'll let you know like okay well I mean I definitely appreciate the call but we really would like to take care of the yard for you you know what you know we can get it done today what number were you trying to be around you know it all it all just depends on how they say it on how you want to react to that so on how bad you need the money now some of you guys may do all of this for 65 some of you may do it all for 15 whatever there's no right or wrong in any of it it just comes down to how bad do you need the money do you have time on your schedule and you know are they willing to pay whatever the price is okay that you're comfortable with there's no right or wrong okay so like in the wintertime when things slow down a little bit I don't mind dropping my price just a little bit just to get I don't have to work a lot of time but just to keep money coming in so I can do whatever I want to do with it in the summer time when I get real busy you know my price go up and you know people are fighting to be put on the list to have work done by me so you know that's that's the other side when you

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10 thoughts on “Things to consider on a lawn estimate – $$$

  1. I charge what I think is a fair price for what I need to get to stay profitable. Any reductions in price is dependent on the lesser quality/imperfections they are willing to accept, which is usually none. I don't want to act like the stereo typed used car salesman of pricing high to be negotiated down. I price high for the unknown variables (risks) about the job and those risks don't go away by negotiating the price down. I treat lawn care the same my home remodeling & repair business.

  2. Your dam right its a good deal, its the Texas badass deal. When your yard is looking strange, who you gonna call? Texas Veteran Power Outdoors. Lock and load the proton mowers. Feisty yard, about to be mulched!

  3. You know a good way to do an estimate? Eat a kitkat bar while you investigate. HEHE Some people might say, what would you do for a klondike bar? I wouldn't do nothing, I don't like Klondike bars. What I do like is money, so lets get this yard done to make that mula to put in the bank. It won't stay there long I know, but we still want it. Am I right, or am I right? Your dam right I am right. This yard is a good candidate for a lawn treatment.

  4. Looks more like a clean ups so the price is Right to me. Again is depend how bad you. Red the money you can bid for less 😂

  5. I’ve quickly learned to charge more on overgrown jobs. It quickly becomes more than expected once you start getting in there.

  6. Great video.
    I also find myself sometimes charging a little less on overgrown jobs due to the excitement of getting that job for my own before/after results satisfaction.
    That job will look real good if you end up getting it

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