This Organic Edible Florida Nursery Will Absolutely Amaze You!

This Organic Edible Florida Nursery Will Absolutely Amaze You!

what’s up guys so welcome to my nursery
I’ve noticed that I get a lot of questions about the nursery what do you
carry in the nursery I’ve never done any videos on our nursery here so I’m
sitting in our oldest nursery here on the farm we’ve been here for about six
years and some of them tell you guys right now I am getting ready to start
shipping plants again so we’re working on the online store I just literally
finished an entire inventory here for the farm we have about 17,000 plants in
stock I’ve kind of gotten a little crazy I’ve got a whole nother nursery area to
show you guys I’ve got a shade nursery so let’s get to work just here behind me
this is gonna be the tropical zone so as we go into winter I’m actually gonna put
some big hoops over this entire end of the nursery over here and kind of have
more of the subtropical species in here so I can protect them in the winter time
we are no zone 9 B we get Frost we get freeze so some of these species that I’m
growing not supposed to be growing you know a lot of the times we’re doing
installs further south so I you know it’s a lot easier to have these plants
on hand a lot of this stuff I actually broker in. I wean off of chemical
fertilizers there’s a good portion we’re starting to propagate and we’re trying
to step up our game they’re starting to do a little bit more grafting but some
things just aren’t worth it so everything you see over here on this
side the combination is some bananas on the end bay rum allspice lots of
Barbados cherries rollinia, atemoyas, lychees, longan, star fruits and
we’re talking all different varieties I have you know six or seven varieties of star
fruit. I have three or four varieties of lychees. As we move over to
this side, I have maybe eight to ten varieties and mulberries. I
have some loquats coming up as seedlings that we’re gonna use as rootstock
there’s peaches there’s plums there’s pears. I even have some
eucalyptus trees over there we have a lot of the perennials and herbs here
along the front you know very very kind of entailed nursery I’ll show you guys
just a few more things growing on around here I even have a special variety of
rose. A good friend of mine ,shoutout to my buddy John Starnes. He’s a epic rose
collector this is a Florida cracker variety it doesn’t have any nematode
problems it seems to bloom a lot probably one of the best roses here for
Florida so not everything we grow is edible. Pete how do you maintain all
these plants well I don’t maintain all these plants by myself I have two
awesome nursery girls Katarina who been with me had come back and her
daughter Selena actually works with us now so they really they pull the weeds
as they propagate they maintain they keep this place looking pretty because I
don’t have time for it so these are giant milkweeds these are Brooksville
guavas these are parlor maple hibiscus pigeon
pea coral honeysuckle blue Porter weed I have a yellow variety of the Muntingia “strawberry tree” I have the red one over there
Stokes aster, all different types of plants I could go on for days a lot
of the things are for bringing in you know beneficial insects predatory
insects just flowering species I don’t grow any really just plain
ornamental stuff but everything does have a purpose in the system these are
Brooksville guavas these are all nitrogen-fixing trees this is a spider
web these are all herbs some cotton this is an edible leaf mulberry really good
for forage that’s the Thai dwarf mulberry we’ve got the world’s best
we’ve got the Pakistani we got the Peruvian we got the white we got the
lavender we got the regular everbearing you know mulberries for days like I said
lots of different varieties you know this is our hoop house I’m gonna make a
video on this here very soon In Florida in general, greenhouses, there’s not a lot of use for a
greenhouse in the summertime. This is really just to keep the water
off with our heavy monsoonal rains from washing out these trays during
propagation I don’t have to close this up to build humidity or obviously very
hot here so greenhouse video coming soon don’t worry about that lots of passion
fruits and down here on this end you know I have a whole drip section over
there lots of plants don’t like to be on overhead irrigation this isn’t ideal
like I you guys know I’m here on 11 acres in Central Florida the only place
to have irrigation on the farm is in the nurseries I try to use as much drip as
possible it’s just it’s very expensive to use drip so I’m usually where it’s
it’s most needed olives don’t like overhead irrigation
avocados don’t like overhead irrigation Jaboticabas don’t like overhead
irrigation white sapotes don’t like overhead irrigation so that’s mostly
what we have kind of up in this little section of that in this area then on the
tables working our way this way we’ve got rosemary Society garlic garlic
chives I even have a variegated Society garlic lots of varieties of Turks cap
hibiscus because they have a beautiful edible flower
passion fruit for days everybody should be growing passion fruit my favorite
varieties probably the bounty or the purple possum lots of purple possum here
and as we come back into this area this is all perennial vegetables you know
Thai ginseng variegated jewels of okar we’ve got a lot of milkweed in here
longevity spinach Sisoo spinach, edible leaf hibiscus a
couple different varieties of that and I do a lot of propagation over here on
this side this is kind of like my personal area so all these plants say
NSF on them not for sale or NFS not for sale so a lot of this is this kind of
trialing things a lot of things that I’m gonna grow out maybe eventually sell but
I’ve picked up through collectors you guys ready for the next nursery let’s go
as I showed up from work about two weeks ago and this area just popped up kind of
unauthorised Katarina ran out of space in the nursery and these are all Dancy
tangerine citrus seedlings from that video I did up in North actually
Brooksville just north to here these were all citrus trees growing the
understory and this dance he’s supposed to be true to seed it’s mostly not even
fruit in like three years from seed so I’m growing out a bunch of seedlings
we’ll see what happens all right we’re in the shade nursery so starting over
here we’ve got shampoo ginger, lesser galingal galingal, spiral ginger
I’ve got some different varieties of regular ginger I’ve got a bunch of rare
gingers that were not actually shipping out yet I’ve got black tumeric here this
is a yellow cone spiral ginger perhaps um Xanadu left over from a job you
didn’t see that. I have some Farfugium monstera which makes the edible fruit
next little section these are all Jaboticabas we just got done potting
all these up into 15 gallon and seven gallon pots they all just went from
seven to 15 or three to seven then over here on the tail end we keep all of our
miracle fruit and coffee bushes kind of up here on this side we’ve got some
different flowering species that I’ve got a variegated variety of the spiral
ginger pagoda flowers lots of different Surinam cherry seedlings and as we get
our win over this way another variety of ginger alright and we grow a special
variety of canna lily this one has an edible flower and supposedly an edible
root I haven’t tried that as we get over this way I’ve got lots of different
varieties that dragonfruit lots of different varieties of pineapple
and edible core pineapples I have heirloom pineapples there’s all
different types of pineapples then as it wraps around over here on this side I’ll
show you guys some of the things growing on so some of the pineapples human have
pineapples over here we’ve got malanga and taro you know not only does this
make an epic root crop but it’s a beautiful plant in the landscape very
aesthetically a pleasing it looks just like the elephant ear – everybody likes
the plant also has an edible factor I did forget the Chinese finger ginger you
guys have to know I mean I have blue tumeric I have green tumeric I got the
regular orange tumeric I’ve got white tumeric I’ve got black tumeric I’ve got
a green blue tumeric there’s all different varieties and types I’ve got
some different China’s over here another variety of spiral ginger and then
finally at the end my last two varieties a ginger that is
the green in the blue so I’m ready for the next nursery alright so we’re in our
last section of nursery here and everything from this way north is on
drip everything from this way South is on overhead irrigation and it takes four
zones to run this little small section of drip ones known to run all this
overhead irrigation you know this area cost me a couple thousand to set up this
area cost me a couple hundred to set up so there’s another reason why you know
we use drip and overhead irrigation typically you know we try to leave these
plants and overhead no more than six months maybe a year tops at that point
they get discounted and we you know we try to move them fast and constantly
just replenish this with new plants so over here behind me we’ve got all
different types of heirloom varieties of sugar cane ones that I’ve collected not
quite ready for sale yet I have a sweet variety that’s actually a Louisiana
sweet I got from my buddy Luke that one is available all different types of
clumping grasses we’ve got melee grass so we’ve got vetiver grass we’ve got fakahatchee grass, we’ve got lemongrass all different varieties of bananas I’ve got
probably ten different varieties here two or three on the other side so maybe
13 available at all times this is some Roselle I have a perennial Penta have a
dwarf fire bush cranberry hibiscus these are all different varieties of tropical
sage there’s probably you know from red to a white to a pink all different
varieties going all the way down more Society garlic more sages and as we get
over to the next road we’ll probably have ten different varieties of figs the
figs definitely don’t love the overhead irrigation we try to move these through
here every six to eight months lots of sweet almond lots of the true
native fire bush the purple flowering things you see over here in the center
that would be vitex or chaste tree and then all the way over here on the edge
is where I have all my ground covers so lots of perennial peanut lots of
sunshine mimosa and I do probably about 50/50 with that depending on how big the
job is we grow a portion of those we broke her in a portion of those I was
trying to grow bamboo I thought it would be something great to keep in the
nursery it’s just honestly a lot of work puting that stuff up all the time and
keeping it in the right size pot so I’m kind of been blowing out the bamboo
we’re focusing on more different varieties of fruit trees that need to be
on drip for that section all right so we’ve got six or seven varieties are
grafted persimmons over here behind me mostly the Asian varieties the fou use
the sage Oh Tanaka all different types all different
types of grafted loquats and as it gets all the way to the back over here I have
some of my rare varieties of bananas that I’m kind of growing out trial here
if I like them maybe it will end up you know starting to sell those down the
road in the future so you’re like Pete you showed us all these epic plants you
showed us your nursery how do we get this stuff so to see you guys know I
don’t have an actual retail location we hope to be offering online shipping here
again in the next two weeks so that’s coming very soon I offer delivery and
that you allow pickup on larger orders by appointment only so drop me an email
maybe I can help you out with the pickup definitely can help you with the
delivery and I’ll be shipping here soon so if you guys enjoyed this video please
give it a thumbs up be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already most importantly

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100 thoughts on “This Organic Edible Florida Nursery Will Absolutely Amaze You!

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    Your gals are doing a fantastic job! 

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