Traffic safety with POLI | EP 01 – 13 | Robocar POLI | Kids animation

Traffic safety with POLI | EP 01 - 13 | Robocar POLI | Kids animation

the cars are zooming away [Applause] thankfully jaywalking is dangerous oh please it's 50% off super Ranger today while supplies last that sounds like a pretty good deal to me a super Ranger off price sale whoa hey don't you know that's dangerous you know this isn't a crosswalk this is a bad situation I just have to have a super Ranger please if we don't get to this door today they're all gonna be gone away why not because I bought you a new toy last week but mom that wasn't the super Ranger hey you promised me when I got you that boy you said you'll study hard with your sister and put all your toys away remember that not really okay well if you can't remember then I'm sure you'll forget all about super Ranger in a day or so too I remember oh my we're out of vegetables huh I need some juice and a quart of milk too I suppose I'll have to go to the market today huh what's all the rush well I thought we could stop at the toy store on the way there I don't know what is that chin this it's super Ranger but ghin you're not a kid amber for your information at don'ts give me fans of super Ranger too a rescue team this is Jin aiya Jin oh hi cap guess what the store's having a super Ranger sale that's why I called there's lots of people go into the store and some of them aren't crossing at the crosswalks if we don't do something there could be an accident we're on our way I'll go Jin me too Poli all right but you have to keep your promise don't worry I will we have to use the crosswalk huh I don't see a crosswalk hey that's great crossing at the crosswalk house okay you have to Oh No I'll take I've got to stop that cement mixer [Applause] we all should be glad that kevin is safe jaywalking is not only dangerous and sets a bad example but it's illegal guess I wasn't thinking Paulie when children see adults jaywalking they think it's okay and that could lead to some terrible accidents remember Kevin be smart whenever you cross the street use a crosswalk an overpass or an underpass and always obey the lights yeah but what if the crosswalks really far away Poli the important thing is safety even if it takes more time when you're in a hurry it doesn't matter if a ball pulls into the street or if someone's calling you there's never a good reason to jaywalk you're right Poli I was holding his hand but somehow he got away that happens quite a bit man but there's a much better way to hold on it's pretty easy for kids to get out of hands so hold their wrists for a better grip I'm very grateful to the both of you yeah this is for you I'm sure he's your hero that's really nice but I want a bigger hero than super Ranger what's your super Ranger yep sorry Kevin but I'm afraid I'm not on sale never jaywalk and always cross at the crosswalks see you next time how to cross the street safely Kevin Kevin were late hurry up hey Doug hi meet Jenny this dinosaur myself huh was she's not gonna like it oh yeah well let's see what you got her sure I got her a present any girl would love to have show me Oh a gift for Jenny Jenny won't appreciate a beetle as much as me I bet she likes it more than she likes your dinosaur are you serious uh yeah why don't we go as Jenny which prison she likes better okay watch over mine first coming through boys crew besides leaves poop birds on the road a busy day so many deliveries let's go guy I don't have all day can you speed up look how to drive that sure was a close one Cooper you've gone past the stop line oh holy what if someone had run into the crosswalk sorry my bad whenever you come to a crosswalk slow down okay Wooper I will Poli green light I'll see you later Poli Wooper I'm not sure he's learned his lesson to wait for the light you stop cuz that was running faster excuse me I was way ahead of you yeah well I was just gonna pass yeah oh yeah fine let's see who's the fastest one great but it's not gonna be you yeah that postie he's always putting me behind schedule there he is he won't block me this time district get really dangerous [Applause] Wooper you should have slowed down oh you boys okay Kevin Doug you should never run across the street like that even when the light is green but Poli I thought it was okay to cross when it's green yeah me too green means go but just because the lights green doesn't mean it's safe to run across some cars might miss the light change and not be able to stop in time what are we supposed to do when we have to cross the street Poli we'd fly if we could be kids I know just remember three steps and you can cross the street safely and easily step 1 always stop at the curb before you enter into a crosswalk and wait for the green light and even if the light is green stop and look in all directions first step to make sure all cars are stopped before you cross make eye contact with the drivers and check that all cars are stopped as you cross step 3 don't take your eyes off the cars while you're crossing always keep watching to make sure that you see the cars and the drivers see you okay pretty simple right guys yeah just remember it's not about how fast you cross it's about how safely you cross got it my dinosaur it's better right a beetle that's alive is way better what do you mean Jenny school bus safety I sure wish Jin would hurry the kids will be out soon oh right that should do it what did you make this time Jin school B asked me to come up with a boarding guard so what's a boarding guard well it's a safety device that'll help kids get on and off the bus safely Oh Oh what time is it I was supposed to get this to Scooby I'll take it to him Jin I'm going out on patrol now Thank You Poli Scooby will be so pleased I hope so don't sticking your heads out the window is something you should never do he was right wasn't he yeah why can't you two just sit still when we're in here what's the matter with you I'm listening to you please settle down I need to focus on driving please get men to your seat Jenny yes [Laughter] what's this hey don't touch him that's mine this is the belt I wear for type one no Taekwondo yep I'll show ya tie what please stop it boys Scooby I get off here oh okay Jenny are you all right boys excuse me whoa a red belt we're at the gym Kevin you need to get off here too that's right me too wait for me yeah oh token Kevin are off what a relief that is see you tomorrow Scooby oh yeah hey wait up guys what's wrong Kevin Oh Scooby sorry didn't see your belt get caught are you okay yeah I'm okay hey guys wait no Kevin wait Kevin you know you should never run into a crosswalk it just isn't safe yeah but I didn't see the car coming Poli that's my point you didn't follow the safety rules huh okay can we go through them again yeah when you get off the bus a motorcycle or bicycle might be coming always look both ways first then get off slowly after you get off the bus never run around the front to cross the street drivers can't see you and that's dangerous always remember that the doors on a bus or van can be very dangerous to it loose clothes or bags or even belts are hanging out they can get caught in the doors don't let that happen to you always wait on the sidewalk for the bus never step into the street playing fighting loud talking and leaning out the windows can distract the bus driver and cause accidents so sit quietly and always wear your seat belt Scooby I'm sorry yeah me too I promise I'll behave from now on thanks boys and I promise to pay even more attention to safety Oh Scooby a present for you not a plane [Laughter] streetwise Wow thanks but this one isn't for you it's a surprise present for mrs. rora it's her birthday today if she so should I don't worry I'll bake for you too yeah well I'd like to trade mom's pie for someone mrs. Morris chocolate-chip cookie I'm supposed to deliver the pie but he's running a little late it's going to get cold I can take it to her huh really huh it's not too far please let me go all right and while you're gone I'll bake a pie for you okay I'm going to come too what do you mean it's too far Suzie you just said it miss afar oh yeah okay kids wish mrs. rora a happy birthday for me mom I don't want to take her if Susie listens to you there won't be any problems right Kevin Oh No will you listen to Kevin yes huh go straight to the main road Kevin Susie hurry up will ya the pies gonna get cool this is the shortcut to mrs. war us but mom told us to go straight to the main road it's okay I know the way better than mom okay cab you're all set I feel like new amber oh whoa boy gotta run an errand for Kevin's mom ViCAP will see you again soon whoa this beer why did the cars come so close we'll see this is kind of a road okay dokay pal back up I came in first what are you talking about I was I think this way might be faster I've taken for a while oh thanks Susie what happened cab oh it's okay I'm sure that mrs. rora will be very happy that both of you are safe cab I'm surprised you know you need to be extra careful and watch for pedestrians and alleys like this I'm sorry it's all my fault Poli Kevin SUSE there are some simple rules you should always follow when you walk in places where there's no sidewalk and I'd like to teach them to you okay first always walk along the side of the road not in the middle if you walk in the middle you can't see cars coming behind you and that's dangerous second always stop and move to the side when cars want to get by walk after they pass drivers can't always see you always stop and look carefully before crossing never run out third when you walk on a narrow road don't walk side by Sun always walk and alive and it's not a good idea to carry anything on the side the cars are on if one gets too close a little bump can cause a big accident so follow the rules spend even a walk down a narrow road can be a lot safer for everybody okay that's great but the PI's ruin that's right surprise thoughtful come on in look out for blind spots oh I'm really tired today okay tighten just one more load and we'll be done okay mr. bilder hmm I'm so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open better take a quick nap hmm right here is good what's that chin oh this is my very latest invention it's a rear view mirror that lets you see everything sounds interesting it is amber with regular mirrors you can't see everything behind you but with this you'll even be able to see the top and bottom of the car Oh Jim is that really necessary of course with this mirror there are absolutely no blind spots are you okay Jim maybe you should concentrate on what's ahead of you where'd he go Oh always doing a safety check at the construction in the park I think Poli would look much better with this than me yeah 19:20 here I come gotcha Oh guess not she must be around here somewhere let's check over at the playground okay huh hey boys sorry but the playground is under construction mr. builder have you seen my sister Susie Susie no I haven't seen her for weeks what happened we were playing hide-and-seek but we can't find Susie has she been gone long I know I saw Susie walking this way get out of there that's not a safe place to hide I wonder how long I slept I better get going Susie Susie they're in danger all clear and back hey what did you do that for sorry Titan but look are you two okay so you're both alright I'm so sorry I should have been much more careful I think we're all very lucky that nothing terrible happened but kids there are some things you have to remember okay never play around cars or trucks or underneath them right because they have blind spots well there are certain spots around cars trucks and buses that drivers can't see called blind spots the bigger the vehicle is the bigger the blind spots are if children like you walk or play in these blind spots the drivers can't see you what would happen if a truck moved with you in its blind spot blam just terrible yes that's why you should never play or run around any vehicle right holy what should I do if our ball goes under a car or truck yeah if that happens you have to ask the driver or an adult to help you if you try to get it out yourself and the truck moves an accident could happen got it thanks but no thanks not for me rainy day dangers weird oh great I forgot my umbrella don't worry Jenny I'll share mine with ya nice try and even though I don't really want to I guess I can share my umbrella with a classmate hate it when I act like for no reason well now you can give your umbrella to me why should you ok postie sure thanks homie hey Polly boy hello spooky postie you alright heard your day's not going too well yeah roads can get slippery especially on rainy days like this one so drive carefully don't worry I'll take good care of our friend postie Thanks be safe spooky well Roy I'm heading over to the school yeah I guess classes are over by now right and I want to make sure the students all get home safely you be careful too Poli will do this rain just won't go away hurry I can't see I'm sorry Poli I warned you about driving on wet roads it's dangerous you were right I'll keep that in mind Kevin and Doug you should have been more careful too especially since it was raining ah still when it rains it takes more time and distance for a car to stop because the roads are more slippery than usual don't walk too close to the curb it's safer to keep your distance from cars when it rains it's also a good idea to stay back a few steps from crosswalks if you get too close a car could hit your umbrella always hold an umbrella higher than your eye level so you don't block your view an umbrella you can see through is even better use a shoulder bag when it's raining to carry papers books and other things so they don't get wet when it's dark and rainy it's safer to wear brightly colored clothes and use a bright umbrella dark clothes and darker fellows make you hard to see and make accidents easy to happen it's the same on snowy days but don't wear white clothes when it snows they make you blend in too much that's true but now you know how to get things right as rain yeah Jenny you've got nothing to worry about today you can't share that tiny umbrella with him here I'll share mine thanks guys but I'm covered okay [Laughter] the cars are zooming away [Applause] rules of the road beautiful day yeah the amusement parks gonna be packed on a day like today right if we're gonna go let's hit the road you need to fasten your seat belt Susy if you don't buckle up we're not going anywhere now everybody's ready for a big day of fun oh I hope they're not all going where we're going dad what are we gonna get there there must be something wrong yeah maybe an accident Helly how's the situation out there bad Paulie bumper-to-bumper all the way Roger you take charge of traffic we're on the way I'm on it Paulie you see anything looks like a big accident I think we'll be here for a while hold it up please okay you can go please Susie oh my goodness are you all right Kevin why it wasn't my fault it was hers Susie you've got to stop crying all done here I was traffic there heli everything's moving freely Poli in that case we're heading home okay good job guys well traffic's clear so we should be there in no time really need to stop can you wait Kevin there's no bathroom here too late it's gonna come out I can't hold it anymore all right keV I'll pull over here what's going on Kevin not that size Oh [Applause] boy Terry's in trouble that was a close call Kevin you okay Kevin yeah luckily Roy and I are used to handling emergencies that's what we do oh it's my fault I shouldn't have parked where I did why don't I go over some of the very important auto safety rules I'd be great Poli first you should use the sidewalk side when you get in and out of a car it's dangerous to use the road side because it puts you in traffic and could create an accident second it's the rule to always fasten your seatbelt whenever you're in a car whether you're in a booster seat or a regular seat you must buckle up remind adults it's the rule 2/3 remember the children should always sit in the back seat the front seats the most dangerous place to be if accidents happen it's even more dangerous for children to sit in someone's lap in the front seat without the protection from a seatbelt serious accidents can happen and kids never fight or play rough in a moving car okay we're finally here get out of the car now oh yeah you go ahead play ball safely whoa cool the ball how'd you get it I thank for it then my parents finally had to give in Wow let me see it nice and bouncy feels just right well what do you want to do look at it or play with it play I guess let's go – okay oh sorry boys I tried to stop in time but you shouldn't play with a ball near the road that's bad was Kevin upset yeah well I'm sorry his ball burst but it's lucky there wasn't an accident you're right but the boys are so disappointed I've got to do something Poli hmm I think I have an idea great what is it ha they're good as new ah this looks awful sorry next time you should be more careful learn from your mistake don't play with it near the road don't worry we won't hear don't you remember what my mom just said oh yeah sorry it's so boring just holding the ball give it to me I'll carry it no it's mine I'll do it let me Kevin and Doug must have gone home Oh Kevin stay there Kevin are you okay yeah thanks a lot holy Kevin Doug this is your second near accidents so far today I know but I really tried to hold on to the ball this time Poli Kevin you can always get another ball but you can't get another life yeah can you remember a few simple rules for when you play ball sure don't play ball where there are cars nearby play in the park when you're focused on the ball you might not realize when a cars coming and that's dangerous if the ball goes out into the road never run out after it just wait until the ball comes to a stop cross safely and then pick it up or ask an adult to get the ball for you okay holy and now it's a ball back you carry your soccer ball in this and you don't have to worry about it rolling away when you carry a ball in your arms there's always a chance that can get you into danger when you don't have a ball back use a plastic bag instead here Kevin this is for you well actually the balls from dump the truck he said to say that he was sorry about running over your ball wow that's nice yeah hahaha here it goes you better catch it on dog [Applause] safe cycling we finally had bicycles mom this is a fight for a lady not for a boy don't be silly this happens to be the latest style in bicycles just look at that darling basket it's perfect for shopping there's no way I can ride that thing why not all you have to do is adjust the seat to your height okay oh this must be your new bike huh keV your new bikes a bike for a lady oh yeah well this happens to be the latest style yeah mom said so that's right just look at this basket it's the greatest new thing and bicycles sitting the Tom wheeler Suzie don't mama going to the park to ride my new bike okay rescue team this is Jim really the signal I just broken okay we'll go check it out the traffic signal on 12th and park isn't working a lot of children play in that area so that's really not safe we'll check it out Kelly let's go ready Poli Kevin maybe that bikes a little too big no way yeah this bike fits me just perfectly yeah well it looks big to me Doug do you want to race to the park yeah I I'm going slow on purpose if I go fast from the start I'll get there soon okay this is a lot smoother than that sidewalk is hey where'd Kevin go hope he didn't pass me I better hurry I'm tired Polly I'm over the broken signal going in to check it out okay Helle I'll be there soon Oh What's Wrong Ellie [Applause] Oh Kevin you should have known better you could have really been hurt I didn't think I was doing anything dangerous well that's why it's extra important for you to learn the rules for bicycle safety okay only ride your bicycle in designated places such as bicycle lanes or playgrounds where there are no cars around regular streets can have lots of traffic if you get into an accident it can be a very bad one always wear protective gear whenever you ride a bike a helmet elbow pads and knee pads can offer a lot of protection in case you fall or get into an accident on your bicycle and make sure the height of the bike seat is properly adjusted so you can balance and pedal comfortably riding a bicycle that's too big or too small or not adjusted which means you won't be as safe as you should be oh and remember to do basic safety checks every time you ride your bike test the air pressure in the tires to avoid a blowout make sure your brakes and chains work properly bicycle fun starts with safety keep your bike in shape so you can always enjoy the ride that's the right seat height for you Kevin get some protective gear and you're ready to go are you sure that's really your bike yeah totally well I think it's your mom's totally it's not my mom's fine that must mean it belongs to Susie danger in the dark flashlights flotsam juice oh and maps chocolate bars Doug we need more than drinks and food we have to prepare for a snack attack whatever you say your business really maybe the teacher will think differently oh Jenny why because we're going out to look for fireflies guide oh you know where to find fireflies yes I heard there are lots of fireflies in our forest so we're planning a firefly adventure tonight great I'm going with you okay this could be dangerous I know that's why I'm coming you need someone who isn't a coward oh cool huh bring even more stuff to eat this hey guys hey Kevin you're late Kevin sorry well let's see the map right Doug get the flashlight right here it dougie that's a sausage that's funny I forgot to bring it I'm sure I packed it in my bag this didn't work I'm going home hey wait Jenny don't go we don't need the map are you sure I'm sure just follow me well the adventure starting Kevin just disappeared well Susie said she heard him leaving a little while ago huh and I found this paper lying on the floor Oh what kind of picture is this it's a map fireflies Oh Weizhou forest nobody so scary dog no no a headlight I better get out of this place fast before the other headlight goes out at me Kevin this seems wrong I think we went too far no way they should be around here well maybe we can at least see the forest monsters I don't like monsters nice wait that looks like one big light yeah [Applause] while spooky I'm surprised at you you know you should slow down when it's dark I know Poli but I was really scared I'm sorry it's important to be extra careful whenever you're in the dark when it's dark people and drivers can't see each other very well when you're in a dark place it's best to wear brightly colored clothes or something reflective that drivers can easily see if a car is coming don't panic just stop move aside and let the car pass before you continue on that's the safe way for both you and the driver and there's one more thing never ever go out at night unless your parents say it's okay a street you may know very well might seem much different at night and it's easy to get scared and lost I think we'd better head back your parents are worried about you okay when accidents happen we're doing our homework at Jenny's today come by and three o'clock okay but three o'clock my snack time boy duck hoots all you talk about don't worry Doug I'm making a batch of delicious cupcakes for us okay uh-huh I'm not eating any cupcakes you week that means more cupcakes for me YUM Doug you didn't eat your snack that's okay maybe I could eat that snack after I have Jenny's cupcakes sorry wait yes I need directions where to do you know how to get to the hospital the fastest way is you turn up at the corner then you turn way down over there then you turn these details turn there then there do confusing oh sorry I'll just take you there follow me oh thank you well here it is thank you very much okay see you around bye bye I'm gonna be late I'd better hurry Coco please come down what's the batter Mary Doug my cat Coco is up in that tree and we'll come down I'll get Coco down for ya here she is Barry are you okay well better get going now thank you Doug sure I better hurry or I'll miss those Cup uh I have to make this light my turn you should never run across like that I'm really sorry do you think you broke anything no I'm okay I have to go hey wait come back this is serious he just ran away yeah I told him to wait and I couldn't follow him down the alley this boy could have some kind of injury he didn't tell you his name no but he had brownish hair he had a few freckles on his face and a white shirt with blue stripes brown hair freckles white shirt stripes what took you so long did you stop for a snack no I was whatever let's just get started with our homework right what happened your knee is bleeding down yeah I kind of got hit by a car what what are you doing here that's the boy so it was you know no politte I know I made a mistake but please don't arrest me don't worry dumb I'm not here to arrest you I'm just worried about you let's make sure you're okay everything's good but Doug just because you're okay doesn't mean you should ever run away from an accident I guess I didn't know what to do there are a few things you should do if you get hit by a car so will you listen as I tell you what they are yes if you ever get hit by a car try to stay calm don't panic as soon as you can let your parents know what's happened and go to the hospital with the driver get the phone number of the driver and write down a description and the license plate number of the car and ask for help from anyone and clearly saw the accident and who can describe what happened to so kids remember what I've told you and stay safe and you I just saw my friend in the hospital but if you hadn't guided me here that wouldn't what happened that's good to hear hi hey Mary forgetting cocoa out of that tree for me well Doug aha I guess you were late because you were slacking after you should have told us you were busy helping everybody in town oh no way way past your snack time let's go back to my house and I'll the cupcakes I mean can't wait to taste them Jenny I may have some too no you won't [Laughter] safety mapmakers ok you know the assignment each of us is going to make a traffic safety map of our town what I'm not doing that it's too hard Kevin's right how do we even make a safety map it isn't hard at all on your way to school keep track of how many times you cross streets whether there's a traffic signal and if the roads are safe dangerous then mark it on your Maps it's easy no it's not well what if I told you this homework assignment gets you 5 fries stickers if you do it right whoa really yes so we're going to do it okay okay so we'll all go back home then meet up later at school right let's see what gets done first me what's up with boys I'm going to win hmm there's a traffic light and the crosswalks short so I'm marking this as safe ah this way is safe as long as I have money to go into the bakery and buy something to eat come on like change [Applause] ah yeah I remember that was another close one well huh mark this one is a little dangerous even though it has a traffic light whenever I cross put my hand up and make sure the cars see me you're still not finished fixing the park Wow where can we play soccer our game was supposed to be here today huh bad spot never stand behind the truck it's a very dangerous blind spot Thanks never play around cars or trucks or underneath them because they have blind spots there are certain spots around cars trucks and buses that drivers can't see called blind spots the bigger the vehicle is the bigger the blind spots are if children like you walk or play in these blind spots the drivers can't see you what would happen if a truck moved with you in its blind spot that's right hey when will you be finished here mr. builder says it's gonna take at least buy more day bye-bye thank you you're welcome Doug I was here first back up I'm not backing up I have the right-of-way this happened once shortcut to misses for us it's too dangerous so I'm putting down to take the long way because it's safer right it should be extra careful here because there isn't a traffic signal fixed it Poli not by much what are you doing here boys there's no school today I can explain we all had some homework homework well you all did a great job of showing safe and dangerous ways to get around town if we had a few more mapmakers like you I might not have very much to do anymore [Laughter] okay Mina streets extra safe haha that simple stands for a muffin why you mustn't my favorite bakery's on that street any Street with a bakery on its way too dangerous a place for you why I'll be thinking of our muffins instead of the traffic you're right I have an idea why don't you and your family make a traffic safety map of your neighborhood to the mystery of the corner boys careful there need to be paying attention to this don't worry Scooby catch me Doug [Laughter] huh hello cleaning why are you in such a hurry Holly I'm late to clean up Orange Street all right be careful okay you okay yeah I'm okay Poli you should remember to be extra careful when turning the corner I will I have to be going now Dover again who keeps doing this what a pain huh hello cleany hello Scooby whoa what happened here well somebody keeps knocking down this trash can and making messes uh what trashcan this is the third time today goodness I wonder who could be doing this oh hey could you please move I'm sorry um good luck cleany goodbye oh not again this has to stop rescue team this is Jin hell no cleany what the trashcan yes it's happened four times so far don't worry cleani we'll check it out right away what's going on Jin Oh cleany just called in to report that somebody keeps knocking down one of the trash cans on Orange Street knocking down trash cans that's not very nice but who would do such a thing we should go check out the scene Roy let's go okay Poli boys listen could you do me a big favor and behave yourselves today and please can you be extra careful when playing around trash cans understand yeah whatever we'll see you tomorrow bye no you don't huh huh look there what's this Poli of course Roy I think I know who's knocking the trash cans down that's great Poli uh-huh Kevin and Doug whoa look out here we go I'm so sorry Wooper I'm glad you're sorry but if you forgotten that when a big vehicle like you turns the corner the rear wheels rotate inward one what do you mean inward Kevin Doug I think you should know this too when cars go around the corner the rear wheels always rotate farther inwards than the front wheels the bigger the car is the more inward the rear wheels need to turn this is why it is very dangerous to play around at intersections and at smaller intersections it's even harder to avoid cars so you need to be extra careful also when you ride bicycles you should avoid turning the corners with other cars and you should keep a good distance from trucks since your clothes or bags can actually get snapped so always stay back got it yeah we got it Poli I understand I promise I'll be careful from now on Poli you know that means that this isn't a good place for this trash can that's right ah it was you boys doing this cleaning cleaning it's not how it looks you are very bad

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