Travel Safety Tips for Visiting London

Travel Safety Tips for Visiting London

hi everyone and welcome back to the sunny in London YouTube channel I'm sunny and this is a Florida girls guide to finding Sun and fun in London actually today's video is not very fun it's very serious today's video is very serious not really I just really I wanted an excuse to wear these hats and borrow them for my friends at the Met Police so yeah we're going to come up with some kind of tips and no really I have some tips for you whether you're visiting or living in London that are pretty important let's start with tip number one tip number one is actually for Americans who are visiting London you need to know if you have to call emergency services while you're in London you dial nine nine nine that's the equivalent to 911 so whether or not you bought a data package for your cellphone or you're going to use a UK SIM card when you get here just make sure in your head you know that if anything should happen 999 is the number that you want to call this brings us to tip number two which also involves mobile phone use and yeah Londoners I'm really talking to you it took me actually I'm going to get a little loud here get it get a little loud make sure everybody's listening and change it up a bit it took me a whole five minutes outside three different tube stations to get examples on camera of people using their phones wrong in London watch it's pretty common for people as soon as they walk out of a station to check their phone whether that's to check their messages check for directions or check for Pokemon people without their phones as soon as they walk out of the station now if you're a criminal who wants to steal somebody's phone it's pretty easy to stand outside some of the more popular stations like Westminster or Oxford Circus which is a popular place for tourists to be who are generally delirious and confused you stand outside the station and it's very easy just to rip somebody's mobile phone right out of their hand and run down the street so Londoners visitors please be careful with how you use your mobile phone in the street for example I don't always know where I'm going when I get outside of a tube station so instead of pulling out my phone go into some kind of coffee shop and check directions there at the very least go and stand with your back against a building and use your phone there then at least you have a better view of what's around you because you can kind of see right to left and somebody's not going to run up from behind you if you don't believe me it's real easy after you've watched my video to do a quick search on YouTube of mobile phone theft in the streets of London it's pretty simple to find a video of some poor guy having his phone ripped right out of his hand as he's walking down the street talking to whoever now number three goes specifically to the ladies if you're travelling at night on the Underground by yourself sit in the front seat of the first carriage if it's available British Transport Police is going to tell you any seat on any carriage is just as safe as the others I'm not going to argue with them but what I will say is I personally feel safer in that front carriage because if something dodgy happens at least I know I can start screaming or bang on the door hopefully the driver will hear me tip number four is gonna sound kind of funny and that is beware of hugger buggers yeah if you've never heard that term before let me explain it a hugger mugger is somebody who stands outside a pub and watches for people who are visibly drunk yeah you Americans you tend to have one two maybe three too many when you're here and you don't quite know how strong the beer is you get a little drunk when you walk outside some random hugger-mugger might come up to Z hey mate you know whatever and grab you and give you a hug here thinking British people are so nice and you've just had all your stuff stolen let's not forget that pickpockets have a long-standing history of being really good at what they do in this country they will target you especially when you're drunk now some things you can do to avoid accidents like this or putting yourself in a balanced situation keep your wallet on an inside pocket in your jacket and just you know what don't be stupid you're gonna like tip number five in fact tip number five is the whole reason why I did this video and that is beware of people impersonating cops not not ones that just looked like you know hot strippers like me quickly but just at that yeah not ones that look like hot strippers like me anyways in all seriousness be aware that there are people out there who in well they probably have has to maybe fit actually they probably don't be aware of people who impersonate cops something you need to know is a real London met police officer must carry what's called a warrant card on his or her person at all times so I'll show you a little example of one of those that I'll pull off the internet somewhere and don't ever be afraid if somebody approaches you in the street claiming they're I'm a police officer because chances are if they approach you they're gonna be in plain clothes because they can't get well they're not as cool as I am and have friends in the middle with these but they can't get hats or you know the full body uniform like you know that iconic uniform that you see I was gonna say in movies but like you actually what they wear most people who are impersonating cops can't get those like actually nearly none of them can so somebody might come up to you and plainclothes pretending to be a cop ask him or her to see the warrant card because that's their identification they have to have it all the time and they'll probably be pretty proud to show it to you yeah so that's something you you want to be aware of there are people out there who will impersonate cops and you know trying to take advantage of you which you know would suck number six goes again to the ladies and I'll be honest as soon as I learn this tip it not only kept me safer but it actually saved me money I'm not kidding and that is when you are purchasing a hand bag make sure you purchase one that zips closed not just a snap and definitely not one that's completely open so pickpockets you know when you're creating a crowd a tube can just shove their hand right in it and take all your stuff make sure you have a handbag that zips closed now how did this save me money when I go into Michael Kors and there's like a sea of purses I want to buy I can eliminate them immediately and only look at the ones that have like some kind of way to close entirely yeah so same for you girls who are trying to figure out you know what handbags bring on your trip to London pick the ones that actually like fold clothes or zip or yeah you get the point now something really stupid really stupid it's look at the other side of this bag what a jackass yeah um I uh I bought this bag before I moved to London I love this bag but uh it doesn't work out so well if you're walking down the street with a bag like this because it's just kind of screaming that you think you have money which I don't so I you know watch them that message to possible criminals so if you have a bag with some big ol logo like this you could do what I do and that's you know I carried this bag when I except for one I mean you know Chelsea in like Kings Road or you know somewhere really posh that I like pretend that I'm something bigger trap like that but most the time when you see me I have the bag like this because you know why advertise that you may have even more expensive things inside your purse yeah so I I don't want to say that I don't like Gucci because good she sent me some bags you know they had maybe a little bit more indiscreet of a logo I will proudly wear them and put them on my blog but you know anyways point being is you know don't don't this you should leave this one really at home or carry it the other way because you just tell people to take your stuff now we're at our last tip number seven which is really really really important and that is these things cost like six or seven pounds maybe ten and this is a handheld panic alarm and I always have this in my purse it's not the smartest panic alarm tab because as you can see it looks like a USB stick and I'll come back to that I would suggest and you can find all kinds of different shapes I would suggest maybe that you get um you know something like this so it's a little bit thicker in your purse but you know when I leave the tube at night what I do is I kind of wrap this around here like that and you have this in one hand and my keys in the other so you know if somebody approaches me I can just pull this in it is really loud how do I know this that's why I wouldn't recommend necessarily one exactly like this because thinking it was a USB stick once when I had started a new job in the office I accidentally pulled this too hard so it made quite the impression on everybody there needless to say I found out it does work but the final tip is you know it's a pretty good idea to invest in a small handheld panic alarm yeah so that brings us to what could be the end of the video it's the last tip I have I really I really don't want to press stop on there a car because I think it's really cool to see myself and this hat if right what doesn't fit but um yeah it was speaking of that I want to thank my friends seriously at the London met police who let me borrow all these hats you know the more I look at it maybe I will do like you know the stripper thing for Halloween and you know right at least you know for Halloween and well that'd be a good video know wouldn't it haha it's not one I'd ever put on YouTube anyways thanks for watching and you know of course you can find me on Twitter and Facebook and snapchat and Instagram and Pinterest and yeah mom on all of them if you live in London if you could share these tips will that'd be great if you're visiting London I hope this was useful in any case it would be really great if you shared these safety tips with people so yeah that's it and you know the biggest thing besides thanking the Met Police for their help today is um thank you for watching don't forget have a blog sunny and London calm that I regularly share tips for great restaurants events attractions how to save money in London know hotels and things to do that might be worth you know checking out – I have a newsletter there stay safe and thank you for watching

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50 thoughts on “Travel Safety Tips for Visiting London

  1. Ask a policeman about crimes and you will hear about crimes and no doubt they exist somewhere but apart from pick pockets that exist in any city London is safe. As for impersonating the police? Garbage. Only on CSI London. 250,000 tube journeys per day all on cctv and I bet not a single moped gang phone snatch. Children use the tube in safety.

  2. We Don't have enough thieves/idiots in Britain,so we import them in from the EU & Africa,etc,etc!!… 🙂 Our Left wing MSM Try their best to de-stabilise the country as Best they can!!… 🙂

  3. I'm a 67-year-old female who uses a motorized wheelchair for mobility yet I have come and stayed in London alone in Notting Hill area every summer for the past several years. Never have I had any of these problems! Of course, I am aware of my surroundings and don't take unnecessary chances but I do ride the bus all over London at all times of the day and evening. London at midnight after the theater is wonderful! Don't let fear stop you! My ticket for 2019 was just $241 one way on Norwegian so why not join me! You won't be sorry!

  4. We do have fake police it's a problem never allow yourself to be controlled by one always ask for a uniform officer to attend if your stopped if your not allowed because of some sort of Reason it's a lie demand a uniform officer ask for there Sargent don't give them anything untill your attended by uniform officer's if no official uniforms arrive in police trainsport leave

  5. Regardless of the videos on YouTube, having your mobile phone (aka cell phone) stolen by being snatched out or you hand is not that commonplace. What is more common is distraction type thefts. I.e. If you are at a restaurant/bar/coffee shop with your mobile or camera or purse on the table or chair next to you, a thief may wait for you to be distracted so they can pickup you item and quickly walk off with it. Some times they may have an accomplice to help distract you.

    You should mention that our police are very helpful and approachable. I understand the police in other countries are less approachable but ours are usually very friendly.

    My advice for tourists: try not to look like a tourist. Look confident that you know where you are and what you're doing. Try to avoid looking lost (standing there with a big map open and looking puzzled). If you are lost, ask someone for directions, Londoners are usually happy to help.

    Ref: the panic alarms. You really don't need these silly things. Sorry, but you have to leave the fear of being a victim back home in America. You are usually as safe as anything in the UK. You are much more likely to get run over looking the wrong way whilst crossing the street than be a victim of violent crime. Stats show in London there are more injuries to tourists falling off the Lions at Trafalgar Square than to violent crime (the lions are deceivingly a long way up with a long drop down to a solid paved ground, yet people keep climbing on them).

  6. American paranoid nonsense. West London (the touristy bit) is extremely safe. Go there, you will see how chilled the place is. The bad crimes really only happens in the bad areas of London and they are usually headline news. Impersonating "cops" is seriously not a thing. The punishment is really not worth being caught…. Unless you are a serious organised criminal (i.e. trying to kidnap/murder a rival drug dealer/gangster)

  7. Fun informative, posted comments seem very critical. This is great info for a greenie who has not been to London. Thx

  8. Personally, if i'm travelling late on the tube alone. I prefer to sit in an empty carriage (anywhere on the train). If somebody comes on I watch them like a hawk …subtly.

    When I was a teen I used to carry one of those personal alarms in my bag to school. However, I have this paranoid fear of it going off in my bag (or something like your office story) so I've stopped carrying one in my adult life.

    Loving those hats, Sunny!

  9. A bit late, the stotry of my life these days, but while the UK classic 999 number works, it may be better for people to get used to the Europe wide 112 number. It (still pre-Brexit) is so easy to pop over to the mainland where 999 won't work.

  10. impersonating a police officer is a pretty rare crime, in the overall scheme of things. Also, most of these things are pretty generic and not specific to London.

  11. As a Londoner born here A MAJORITY of this information is true apart from the fake police OBTW 999 is for "EMERGENCY ONLY" All other offence should be reported by dialing 111

  12. i was just in London (May 2017 & Feb 2018) – single female traveling solo – this seems like a load of crap made up for content for a new video.

  13. Complete drivel, not one word of what she’s saying is true. Gee, Americans, London is 100 times safer than any city in the states.

  14. Haha, so many angry comments. Damn Sunny, why don’t you just follow anecdotal evidence like (apparently) everyone else!

  15. To all those who are doubting the existence of "fake police", I have personally been mugged (in the Belgravia area!!) by some while bringing family around London. When we reported it at the police station, they were well familiar with the scenario we described, so my experience definitely wasn't a one-off incident

  16. Listen up I am a true Brit and let me tell you Sunny am clear that this report is not one of your best .All tube carriage s have panic alarms these are just by the doors when one alights from the carriage .Secondly in my beloved country we have constables not offers of the law . May I go on to say the word constable means up holder of the law not maker of the law . Third Sunny you have forgotten to mention The British constable on the beat or street level is not armed something we Brits are very proud of . Sunny you have been told off today but look on this as a one off. Cheers.

  17. Fake Copper?? Have you been dreaming.? Also, nNobody steals phones anymore, not for years!, Why would you need a panic alarm?? What a strange pointless video.

  18. I have been travelling in London for over 50 years , and I have never heard of someone pretending to be a cop !

  19. Glad I found your videos, I've just subscribed. We're hoping to take our first trip to London next year. I haven't had much luck locating your police stripper video yet. LOL

  20. Be aware pickpockets tend to work in gangs (no offence to any innocent Eastern Europeans for what I'm about to say), they tend to be Eastern Europeans-Romany Gypsies, they ride the buses and underground and walk around Regent, Oxford streets and Piccadilly Circus looking for victims to rob and they always work in small groups. Also there are the pickpockets who will ride up close to you on their mopeds and steal your purse or your phone out of your hands and speed off.

  21. Hi Sunny New Yorker coming back to London after 25 years! So excited. Anywho, SkyNews UK on 3/8/2017, just did a piece on the moped thievery occurring in London. Im gland I decided not to get a iPhone 7 for my trip and will be using an old model just incase this happens. Great videos, really helpful for this RETURNER!

  22. Something that might be of interest to visitors, besides the metropolitan (met) police, there is the city of London and British transport police forces operating in the capital. Also, and not exclusive to the capital, there are more visibly armed officers on patrol, specially at ports of entry & high security risk areas.

  23. 911, 112 both work in the U.K. As well as 999 for the emergency services. Use the same number as your home country save time.

  24. Fake cops to be honest are more likely to turn up at your door to rob you than to be approached by one in the city, and even that is quite rare. Those panic alarms are a handy bit of kit to carry around especially when you are out alone and phone snatching is becoming more of a problem now so it's better to be vigilent. We recently had a British tv star who had his phone snatched out of his hand by two guys riding a moped so it does happen. Saying all that London is a fantastic city to visit and enjoy.

  25. Hi Sunny, is phone theft that prevalent these days? If someone stole my phone, it would be useless to them.

  26. All pretty common sense information for any big city anywhere in the world. Some people still need the advice though.

  27. Have you lost a bit of your accent. As its not a strong American one. You talk and look a bit like carol vorderman

  28. Banging on the wall will not get any reaction from the driver. You're safer sitting near other passengers. They will intervene if anyone tries to harm you.

    Seriously, though, you seem paranoid. You really need to stop living in fear.

  29. rob a phone and run down the street in Westminster or Oxford st, are u buggin , way to much police ad CCTV for that to happen

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