Troubleshooting and 1 Year Review Update Chapin 24 Volt Li-Ion Backpack Sprayer 4-Gallon

Troubleshooting and 1 Year Review Update Chapin 24 Volt Li-Ion Backpack Sprayer 4-Gallon

thanks to name guys the pest and longitude this is my updated review the shape and backpack 24 volt sprayer let's move over the pros and cons of the Chapin 24 volt rechargeable backpack sprayer design-wise I'm not really super stoked about it the wand I do like that it has a brass tip I do like the fact that it's got a filter here I do like the fact that it's got a strainer here and then we have an additional filter on the inside here as well they really try to go the extra mile to make sure that sediment doesn't pass through here it's pretty awesome now the dysfunction that I have the major dysfunction is that the the pump is down below it's not up top the other major issue with that is is when you do get a line break having the battery here this all gets wet and it has problems so prevention is your biggest friend in this whole process other than that it feels good on the back the straps are me you're only paying somewhere between 129 dollars and 160 dollars depending on where you buy it so you really can't expect much it holds up to four gallons of liquid happy with that now one of the biggest problems that I personally face and if I fill this backpack sprayer above this line right here I do not get any pressure through the line and it causes a lot of problems now one of the other issues is is depending on how good how well you tighten these lines here you can also get back pressure and you will have to prime the hose line now for some reason you can't get the liquids coming out of this line through here you just need to take this off and you need to put liquid through the hose from the top and get it down through the bottom so just lift it up now like a lot of you guys out there I was looking for an inexpensive way to replace my backpack sprayers that was both effective and efficient at spraying for weeds and lawn fertilization now I've been using these Chapin backpack 24 volt rechargeable backpack sprayers for about going on three seasons now and there's some do's and don'ts with these backpacks this one here it's all gummed up and I want to show you exactly what's going on all right so my backpacks all charged up let me show you what happens when I spray this kind of comes out then drizzles now if I turn it off for a little while and I turn it back on I can get it to spritz but I can't get an even spray out of this thing I know a lot of you guys this happened to at home so let's dig into this now this happened to me a couple of times and it's usually because this is a residential backpack sprayer it is not self-cleaning it gets gummed up I haven't done my due diligence on cleaning it out every night I've really not taken good care of this thing but I want to open it up and just kind of show you what's going on step number one on the processes we're gonna add about a half a gallon of water into the tank I've already triple rinse it out to get any chemical out our next step is pretty simple we're going to turn the backpack sprayer on and now we're gonna try to figure out where it's gummed up at so we're gonna take the wand off by unscrewing this attachment and then we were gonna spray to see if there's debris either in the wand or in we're coming through the handle so as you can see it's still struggling so that brings us on to our next step and we can eliminate the one being gummed up so our next step in the process is just check the filter to see if the filter is clean looks like we're pretty clean and clear and just do a visual inspection of down to where that filter connects into I'm not sure I'm gonna get the right camera angle but it looks clean as a whistle we are chasing the problem backwards so next step on the list is to remove the gun and check to see if we have pressure so we're going to end up turning this on and just seeing what happens see here they actually have a filter so while we're here we're gonna check me inside check the outside and it's gummed up Oh looky there we've got pressure so easiest thing you could do is grab a wire brush pipe cleaner get it in there you don't want to be too abrasive otherwise you're gonna ruin the plastic around the filter and the reason why this filter is here so you don't gum up the nozzle of your gun because that's even harder to clean so this is actually a pretty okay problem to have and this is very common you know a lot of you guys at home aren't troubleshooting and these are residential so if you don't clean them out this is kind of what happens but you should be cleaning your filter about every third to fifth use in my opinion sometimes if you're lazy like me you can go a year without doing it and this is what happens but it ends up calcifying getting really hard to get out okay put it back together the opposite way that we took it off don't make any sense okay let's give it a go on button whoo yeah we have a consistent spray problem solved now maintaining and cleaning that filter is a large percentage of the problems I'm sure a lot of you guys say these Chapin backpack sprayers backs just for not checking the filter there's a couple of things that you want to do right out of the box before you use your Chapin let's check it out now before if you guys end up going off in the comments let's all remind ourselves this is a residential backpack sprayer it's one of the cheapest on the market you want something that is going to be more reliable spend more money it's this that simple now I'm gonna use this for over a year but there's some preventive measures that you have to take right out of the box now the first thing is is you want to tighten the hose line all the way from the pump all the way up the line for some reason from the factory they come loose Chapin doesn't pay any of these people when you take them back to fix these backpack sprayers so let me show you a real quick how to take this housing off and to fix this simple issue so we're gonna take the battery off so I can kind of show you here and then we're gonna end up taking this housing off and exposing the line underneath here we're using a 5/32 allen wrench and as you can see the screw is ridiculously long so we'll see in ten minutes okay now that we've got this exposed we actually have two hose lines there's your output hose here and then your tank into the pump line down here now both these need to be tightened up you can do that just using a simple flat-head screwdriver and you just want to give it a go now this you need to pay attention to about every month or two because once these lines start leaking they do you a nice solid favor and they get on the electrical which goes down to the battery and it ruins everything and this is part of the dysfunction that I have with the whole design now I lose track I bought in four or five of these units and I will tell you two of them right off the bat we smoked them like dead in the water technician came back and said hey I can't do anything the funniest thing is we just had pest control in these no essentials plus nothing that would possibly come up and alls it came down to was we overextended it by not doing these preventive care measures now personally I feel like it's a little ridiculous that these hose clamps aren't tightened from the factory but I promise you if your butt is getting soaking wet this is the problem there's a couple of issues with this problem or the hose clamps not being tight you get back pressure in the pump then it over extends the pump the pump heats up the electrical wiring gets wet and the whole thing just goes out now this is happening to a lot of you think the Chapin be smart enough to do this but a lot of you guys out there cheapos like me you're still gonna buy this so you might as well do this preventive care so you don't have these problems I've been using this backpack for this one particularly for almost twelve months now I take the winners off so it's just sitting there in my garage getting gummed up but it's fairly reliable if you take the preventive measures now with all this said I want to show you how well the Chapin backpacks sprays I've actually been pretty impressed with it but see for yourself so the chain that sprayer is pretty personal you can go from a mist all you have to do is twist the tip a lot of you guys are familiar with this technique get'em integrates prey so you go a little bit heavier or you can open it all the way up and this this might impress some of you guys at home how far you can really spray okay let's measure that out and see how far it goes twenty-four foot spray guys out of a Chapin 24 volt backpack sprayer I mean this thing a really pumped now we're to spray just directly into the air it's about 15 feet but it still works really really well up to 12 feet no problem now in order for a sprayer to be excellent it needs to be reliable is the Chapin sprayer reliable well it is if you're doing your part if you are tightening up the nuts and bolts it will spray and it will spray well I've done plenty of output tests to make sure there's spraying at the rate that it's supposed to and it does until it gets gummed up now at the end of the day I want to make this clear you get what you pay for however if your cheapskate like me you don't mind doing a little bit of maintenance the price it's just so cheap I know a lot of new sprayers coming out but they're not a hundred twenty hundred dollars to one hundred and sixty dollars however the 24-volt backpack sprayer once it's spraying it does really really well you just have to make sure that all the nuts and bolts are tight now guys you guys have any questions or concerns hit me up in the comments love to help you guys out till next time guys repress the lawn

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33 thoughts on “Troubleshooting and 1 Year Review Update Chapin 24 Volt Li-Ion Backpack Sprayer 4-Gallon

  1. Great video! I have the 20V model. I opened up the case at the bottom where the pump is located and noted that the hose clamp was SUPER tight. And where the other tank-to-pump hose was located they have a plastic hose and it doesn't have traditional hose clamps. In other words, I think they have made a fix to the connections at the bottom. I didn't know there was a filter inside the handle! Mine was slightly gummed up with N-EXT. I ran vinegar and water through my system and all is good!

  2. Thanks so much for this review. I have been tempted by the price but I have read from many about these leak problem. You answered that issue perfectly! I may just give one of these a try. Thank you, sir!

  3. Ginga, i have question. I'm trying to eradicate a couple of clover patches in my lawn. I applied tenacity in those spots with surfactant and blue dye. That was 11 days ago. The clover is showing signs of dissipating: lighter green color, some white, frayed leaves. But there are some leaves that look pretty healthy still. Should i apply another dose of tenacity or be patient and wait longer? Thanks!

  4. Heads up. I just inspected inside the housing and found the the ground connection for the switch was barely connected. I don't know how the unit was working. Also, the wiring is a bit different in my unit; it doesn't have that black coupling with the red wire like yours. I can't tell what kind of hose is connected from the pump to the tank on your unit @7:58, but my unit has a rubber elbow that connects the pump to the tank and it doesn't use the cobra clamps like yours. Tip: If anyone decides to go into the housing, the allen bolt is 4mm.

  5. I have several of these as well, all of mine have problems with the lids, they are hard to get on, or maybe it's me, not sure? I switched over to the Flow Zone sprayers, units are around $300 but $ well spent. 💵

  6. My nozzle gums up while spraying. I tap it on my foot and it un jams. Any idea what is causing it to gum up so quickly? This goes on and on while doing my yard. I'm using liquid humic acid and iron together and it's premixed.

  7. Heya, Ginja!
    Thanks a ton for this vid. After watching it, first thing on today's list is tightening hoses.
    Quick tip…I find it more satisfying to use a whole hand grip to twist my nozzle.

  8. Maintenance is paramount to anything you buy and if you don't do it be prepared for the consequences and repercussions. I've had mine (20v) going on 2 years and clean all chemicals out after each use and all is good. This is for home use. However, you have to be careful and not let all the liquid spray out while using it or it will not produce the proper spray pattern (i.e. gets air in the line). If this happens, all you have to do is remove the wand and spray until you get a strong stream and you're back in business. I only use the Chapin for light stuff like herbicides, insecticides, iron, some N-Ext products. I'd use the Ortho hose end sprayer for the thicker stuff, but it's good to know that it can be done and if I did use it I would get a different size nozzle for the job.

    What is the ID of the hose? I'd like to get a longer hose. Thanks

  9. Another great video with green info. These season I bought the 20 volt lWamart art version of it and so far no problems but I don't expect it to be this way for long. Thanks Ginja

  10. Hey man,

    I need a mower recommendation. I have 3/4 acre lawn of tall turf type fescue which is growing fantastic. Thanks to many of your tips over the past year. Do I need a commercial push mower or is there a residential version that will do what I need. I want to strictly mulch.


  11. You’re such a cheap ginja! 😂
    Good review and tips, been looking at getting me one of these for my in laws yard, front is 30k sq ft. Think that’s the best route?

    Pete GCI Turf just revised and built a new back pack sprayer, I think it might be a good one. You should check it out or order one and compare!

  12. I've given up on mine. The battery being below the pump that water gets into has failed me twice. I have moved onto Strom sprayer and love it.

  13. I had a Chapin, I didn't have it long enough for anything bad to happen. I could see the fatal flaws and sold it after a few uses. Besides water running into the battery, my lid constantly leaked spilling chemicals all over me as I walked. I purchased a sprayers plus, twice the price and better quality, but that also has some annoying design flaws. I'd look at another brand.

  14. You are the best Ginja!! Happy Fathers Day!! I want to thank you for all your advice! It makes us appreciate the fact that you share all your knowledge with us!!

  15. Ginja- love your beard brotha, looks great! Do you have any experience with the Sprayer's Plus 2 gallon battery sprayers? Better or worse quality than the Chapin in your opinion? I am looking for a 2 gallon sprayer, as the Ortho Hose end sprayers keep giving out on me. I might make the jump to a battery powered sprayer if they can last.  

    Keep up the great work Ginja. Hope your kids and wife spoil you stupid good on Father's Day!

  16. A battery for this one, a charger for that one. I'll stick with a pump sprayer until I can get one compatible with my current crop of batteries. But I do like the review videos.

  17. Great advice & an honest review. I get mad when I read the ones starting "I bought this for my dad for his birthday and he just loves it…"

  18. Great tips. I have a Black and Decker but it looks exactly like the Chapin. And I definitely had the wet butt issue!

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