Trump Issues Executive Orders On Healthcare, Iran

Trump Issues Executive Orders On Healthcare, Iran

busy day for president Trump issuing two executive orders one aimed at the health care system the other at the leadership of Iran today's action follows a series of aggressive behaviors by the Iranian regime in recent weeks president Trump signing an executive order authorizing new sanctions against Iran they target the nation's supreme leader the Ayatollah Khamenei preventing him from using the US financial system or accessing any assets in the US the Supreme Leader of Iran is one who ultimately is responsible for the hostile conduct of the regime the u.s. accuses Iran of shooting down a drone over international waters last week and sabotaging oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz though the president backed off a retaliatory military strike CBS News has learned the president has approved a cyber attack on Iranian computer systems for rocket and missile launches while at the same time reaching out to Iranian leadership I look forward to discussing whatever I have to discuss with the president also signed another executive order this one on health care requiring insurance companies hospitals and doctors to give patients more information about the cost of their care and there's no consistency there's no predictability and there's frankly no rhyme or reason to what's been happening for so many years the president says for too long Americans have never known the prices of their health care and they face obstacle shopping for the best care at the best price we will empower patients with the information they need to search for the lowest cost and the highest quality care in other words they'll be able to seek out their doctor seek out the doctor they want and they'll be given vast amounts of information about those doctors now mr. Trump did bash some Democrats including Bernie Sanders on the issues saying he's for a socialist takeover of the system but he also insisted he was not playing politics of health care

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