Trump Swears He Will Have A “Phenomenal” Healthcare Plan In A Few Days

Trump Swears He Will Have A “Phenomenal” Healthcare Plan In A Few Days

Great News folks. We have a healthcare plan right around the
corner that is going to save us from the abomination that is Obamacare and hopefully put us on
a more affordable path forward. That's going to leave no American citizen
behind. Of course, none of that is actually going
to happen because this alleged plan that's just right around the corner again is coming
from Donald Trump and the republicans. Earlier this week, Donald Trump's swore that
he was going to unveil a quote, phenomenal health care plan within the next two months. In fact, he says, we already got a framework. You know, we've got a couple ideas kicking
around and put it. It's going to knock your fricking socks off
once we finally unveil this to you, but it's not ready yet. Totally not ready. I know Republicans have been bitching and
moaning about Obamacare and wanting to repeal and replace it since the year 2010 they've
only had nine years, folks. They need another two months to finish it
up, right? It's utter nonsense. Republicans are not going to come up with
a healthcare plan. We have been hearing this same song for two
and a half years. You know they had the White House, they had
the house, they had the Senate, they have the supreme court, they have the courts all
across the country and they still couldn't do a damn thing. And why is that? Because Republicans have no new ideas. Haven't had one since 1980 actually every
policy they have pushed forth since then has just been some kind of reiteration of the
ideas they came up with in 1980 and 1981 under Ronald Reagan. It's been the greatest hits of the GOP ever
since. Nothing new, just the same old song on repeat
ad nauseum. But here is what Donald Trump specifically
said. This is part of his ABC interview with Stephanopoulos. He said if we win back the house, we're going
to produce phenomenal health care and we already have the concept of the plan hold up. So you have a concept of a plan. So it's not even a concept of of how health
care is gonna work. You have a concept of a plan and then the
plan is going to give us, the health gets good God, uh, but it'll be less expensive
than Obamacare by a lot and it'll be much better healthcare show. He has no specifics for us, right? It's just going to be phenomenal. It's going to be better. It's going to cost less. And we have a concept of a plan that may or
may not give people healthcare here in the United States. Ladies and Gentlemen, stop listening to this
man and stop listening to the crazy talk coming out of the president's mouth coming out of
any Republicans mouths about the issue of healthcare. They have had more than enough time. They have had the super majority is to get
crap done and they failed every single time because they're not serious about this issue. And if they did come up with a plan as we
did kind of see one time, it's going to be something that actually screws over more American
citizens than it helps. They want to kick people off insurance. They want to take away protections for preexisting
conditions. They don't want to lower prescription drug
prices. The only solution to the healthcare problem
here in the United States today is Medicare for all. That's it. We have to get to that point and I can promise
you neither Donald Trump or any member of the Republican Party are going to be the ones
to get us there.

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37 thoughts on “Trump Swears He Will Have A “Phenomenal” Healthcare Plan In A Few Days

  1. Oh no we can't give up on Obamacare. I love paying 1/4 of my salary for healthcare. I love these high premiums and deductibles.
    You people may not know it but Obamacare is dead since the Mandate forcing you to pay for healthcare even if you don't have it has been ruled unconstitutional..
    Still looking for Obama's Legacy has anybody seen it

  2. "if we win back the house"…..You see, he's clearly campaigning, urging his White Racist base to vote early and often. He's also sending dog whistle words to the corrupt system called the ameriKKKan government.

  3. Trump watched an old Chris Rock standup special. So he's going to give out free Robotussin for everyone. Got cancer . . . pass out the 'Tussin! ! !

  4. President shit for brains is so full of shit the rape-publicans had years to come up with a healthcare plan and they did jack shit. President shit for brains is a pathetic pathological lying piece of dog shit do believe that bullshit from brainwashed zombie clones trump supporters or president shit for brains

  5. One idea they had and it worked was how to screw over Americans and cheat their way into the White House.

  6. This sounds like it's going to be even better then the second giant tax cut Trump promised just the middle class would get by voting for Republicans in the last mid-terms. Can't wait.

  7. Tramps new shrink the herd plan…..let all sick people die….all the ones that can afford it don’t get it…..

  8. I thought he had this in the last campaign pledge and I quote, "We have a beautiful replacement for Obamacare that we're going to sign into law on day 1!" If you pay attention at all, not necessarily to donny dingus, but specifically over the last 38 years you will understand that the truth about US politics is what George Carlin told us long ago! That is our government is owned by those with all the money! You want an example? Fine! It doesn't matter who's in government at whatever level, the people lose every time – no matter the issue! The uber-wealthy are having their way with US! Who's to blame? WE THE PEOPLE because 33 and a 1/3rd of US have turned our backs on education, even celebrated being dumbed down to the point that those "people" will believe ANYTHING anyone with more money in their pockets tells them ESPECIALLY if they're standing in front of a pretty red, white, and blue backdrop while telling them (wink fox "news")! The uneducated rust belt and evangelical alley have conspired against US to give US drumpf, a.k.a. donny dingus! The rust belt wanted manufacturing jobs back (they're NOT coming back) and the evangelicals just want to burn this MF'er down because they believe they'll be the ones scooped up by their sky daddy in "the rapture." Imagine the arrogance!

  9. I'm for certain that the world is laughing at this government and this president. I'm just curious what they will be saying if the people (definitely not me) would vote him back in for a second term.

  10. More SnakeOil promises from the Conman Grifter! Whatever happened to that “Middle Class Only Tax Cut” , that Comrade Rump promised right before the November Mid Term Election ?? 🧐

  11. Here is the solution:
    1. Insurance companies are only allowed to offer better deals than what you can work out yourself.

    2. Transparency: medical services are required to disclose, up front, all costs in full on line, in a friendly searchable standardardised manner by EVERY PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL SERVICE, and must be linked to any outside sources they may refer you to in order to disclose full cost. No hidden costs, taxes, or fees, ever.
    3. Under no circumstances will surprise billing after services, months later, be tolerated. All billing must be standardized and itemized in a layman readable way.
    4. Non-medical products services such as "alternative medicine" must come with the warning "THIS IS NOT MEDICINE" in big red letters on a black background across the all visible sides of the packaging clearly readable from a distance of 10 feet away by those with 20/40 eyesight. The packaging must also have a disclosure form stating "This product may cause harm, or do nothing at all. This warning does not indemnify the makers of this product, manufacturers, or distributors from any litigation due any reactions to use as instructed and/or abuse of this product.
    5. Supplements will be subject to random screening for both ingredient quantity, quality and effectiveness of said product. Supplements that fail to meet or exceed this regulatory standard will be pulled from the market, recalled, and the producers of the product must then either bring up the quality/quantity/effectiveness of the product to or above standards, or be barred from selling/giving away the product. Companies that make or distribute products that fail to meet the effectiveness guidelines (at least 10 long range, large sample (more than 100,000 participants) scientific studies from independent laboratories) will be subject to class action from consumers.

  12. Trumpet really believes his 2016 playbook is all he needs to win office again. His followers are proving to be the dumbest America has to offer.

  13. The only time "phenomenal" is mentioned in the same breath as IQ45 is in reference to his infantile twitter rants.

  14. Some of Nixon's proposals were even more ambitious than Obama's (Nixon for all his flaws had some good health care ideas)… So they could go with those, but that would require them actually giving a shit about the people.

  15. Republikkkans sure dont mind wasting peoples time and money to distract from what? Something big is being hidden while all eyes are on dukkklips

  16. They will propose a plan with low premiums that covers almost nothing. Stupid people, upon whom Trump depends, can be conned.

  17. He could provide a solution that only works for his base. If they get sick or injured, all he has to do is tell them 'you're not actually sick/injured, fake illness/injury' and their cognitive synchronization will MAKE them believe that they are no longer sick/injured! He'd probably still charge a lot for that though…

  18. Didn't he campaign about getting rid of the ACA and new healthcare reform happening on day 1? 2 years later with single party rule and they've barely dabbled. A few months ago it was 1st thing my next term and now it's a concept of a framework of a plan in a couple months and if we get the house. Clearly he's making it up as he goes. There's been some chatter about insulin price reform but that's a symptom of a bigger problem. They want to fix arterial bleeding with band aids.
    Facts is, the only healthcare reform Republicans have ever been interested in is abolishing abortion.

  19. Well, it hasn’t happened yet & he’s three quarters thru his disaster of a presidency with nothing to show other than Ma-Hoooive tax cuts for multi billionaires who wouldn’t even miss the money they’re getting…
    and trying to destroy the legacy of his predecessor.
    ( whisper ) hey Donny, if you’re going to destroy stuff President Obama did for the benefit of the citizens of America, YOU shouldn’t be seen doing it because YOU will be blamed for their failure NOT Obama… Got IT?
    And by the way, THIS fantastic healthcare promise you’ve made has about a year before it has to be up and running or the cretinous people that follow you will finally realise you’re lying your Ass off( as usual).

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