Truth About Tech: Solutions for Digital Well-Being

Truth About Tech: Solutions for Digital Well-Being

every generation has been skeptical or fearful of the technology of the new generation maybe there's a reason that there's this apprehension and this fear because maybe we are further and further away from our humanity we talk about addiction we tend to think oh this is just happening by accident culturally like what are the kids doing these days but we miss is that this is happening by design they wake up and they just have to get right back to it I've got my phone you know check my Instagram snapchat cake Twitter Tumblr they believe it's it's one of their human rights to have one of their devices attached to them 24 hours a day seeing actual kids sort of disappear from the world is nothing short of terrifying you're more likely to use social media compulsively you want to keep on it to keep getting the good feelings if my parents saw some of the things that I saw on social media I think they would be very shocked it's known as tick-tock settling allegations it violated children's privacy laws the tech was teased in advance on social media in live stream for 17 minutes on Facebook we spent a million dollars harvesting tens of millions of Facebook profiles as the basis of the algorithm of Cambridge analytical itself and that was a big mistake and I'm sorry this is changing our culture and this is not a partisan issue the central goal for us is to do a multi-year campaign that educates parents kids and everybody about the addictive quality of cell phones and other devices a landmark report has just been released into how kids in the US between eight and teens spend their time using media and technology Common Sense Media charity promoting digital privacy for children push for this new legislation I think that it's time for us to have a very important national conversation you need to educate kids and parents you need to pass laws and you also have to hold the industry's feet to the fire details on the next version of Apple's operating system which will have a number of ways to cut down on screen time recently Google introduced various digital well-being tools as leaders of governments as decision-makers in business and as citizens we must ask ourselves what kind of world do we want to live in and those of us who believe in technology's potential per rule must not shrink from this moment we want our students to be great 21st century learners but also learn how to be safe how to protect themselves they just need the tools they just need a chance

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