TUSD1 – EEF Hygiene Pantry

TUSD1 - EEF Hygiene Pantry

we wish to congratulate greater Tucson leadership class of 2019 on the grand opening of the hygiene pantry we are excited to share with the community that we're opening a hygiene supply the country to benefit to a see students and their families the purpose of this is to also be being the pressure TSD educators and staff and having to spend their own money to supply these products we really wanted to look at where there was an intersection between high student need and where TSD educators and schools were spending money and the number one thing that fits both folks criterias are hygiene supplies if you are a TST employee you will be receiving communications shortly from us and from the district about how to access this for your students and families if you are a TUSD student and/or family visit your school because the purpose of this is to really have these supplies at the ready and on hand at our educational sites the items that you see behind me right now have actually all been donated by the community through drug hygiene supply drives if anybody in the community would like to have their own visit our ETF Tucson org that's what we need and that's what we know students and families need and that's what we're trying to provide there

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